The Hypnoticon – by Hopeless_Addict

Adult story: The Hypnoticon by Hopeless_Addict. Paul Martin looked around his new office with a grin as big as the Cheshire cat’s; he was amazed how he had managed to get here in only a few weeks.

Adult story: The Hypnoticon

by Hopeless_Addict

Genres: Fiction, Male/Female, Mind Control, Oral Sex

Just over a month ago his life had hit the skids, things couldn’t have got much worse. Feeling maudlin and desperate he had returned to his old university, where 5 years earlier he had had the best years of his life. He had bumped into his old professor, now an old confused man, and had gone back with him. That’s when his luck had changed.

The muddled professor seemed to think he was Carl James, his favourite ever student and told him about a fantastic pendant, ‘the Hypnoticon’ he called it. He had told him all about it and its power to put anybody into a deep and powerful hypnotic trance, so deep a trance that they could be commanded to do anything, even things they would never consider.

Paul tapped the pocket of his suit jacket feeling the pendant nestling against his chest, a sort of warming comfort coming from it. He hadn’t believed the doddering old fool of course, that was until the professor had shown it to him. The pendant looked old, the chain looked possibly silver and delicate, whilst the jewel at its end sparkled and seemed to emanate a power. Paul realising his chance took the pendant, all sorts of possibilities running through his head. He thought about testing it on the prof, but decided it wasn’t a real test .Saying bye he went out to find a victim.

Remembering the uni from prior days, Paul headed to the Library. It would be quite so that he could pick out someone easily enough, and get them on their own, but not so quiet that he wouldn’t find someone to fulfil his fantasies. He saw several female students that looked like they would match his requirements, before picking out the one.

She looked about 5’ 9”, blonde and looked really pretty. She was wearing a baggy top and quite a long skirt, the sort you often saw on the tree hugger type, but he could tell she had a good body under there. She was looking in the astrology section, and at the moment at least was on her own. Paul walked over to her, trying to figure a way to start this experiment.

Reaching her still no plan had come to mind so inwardly sighing decided to just go for it and see where the dice fell.

“Hmmm…, excuse me miss?”

The pretty blond turned to him, an obvious look of distain on her face.

“Yes ?” came her terse reply.

‘Perfect’ Paul thought, she hates me, this will be a real challenge.

“Did you by any chance drop this?” He held the Hypnoticon in front of her face, and watched as her eyes start to stare at the somehow pulsating jewel.

“No, That’s not mine, never seen it before.” she said, and with some effort started to twist her head away. Not giving her a chance, Paul moved the slowly twisting Pendant to stay in front of her eyes.

“Are you sure? Just look at the way it shines and glistens, isn’t it wondererous. You could look at it forever, getting more and more relaxed as you do”

“mmmm , yes I can feel it , so very relaxing , it’s so pretty , so very pretty” she replied , her voice now sounding a little distant .”

He had her, now to real her in.

“Listening to my voice makes you feel more and more relaxed. As you stare at the pendant your eyes grow heavier, growing sleepy.”

“Yessss…. Sleeepppyyyy….” The blonde said, almost yawning.

“I’m going to count backwards from 5, you will be getting more and more sleepy as I do and on reaching 1 you will fall into a deep sleep completely under my power. Do you understand?”

“I undersssstanddd, yesss”

“Good girl. “ He grinned

“5…….4….lean back against the book shelves they will support you as you sleep….3…..2…So incredibly sleepy, and 1” And with that the girls head flopped onto her chest, as she slumped against the book shelf.

Pocketing the pendant Paul continued “You will listen to my voice and do everything I say, obeying only me. In this state you are my slave, and I am your Master, Understand?”

“Yes … Master.” Came the reply.

“ok , when I say the word ‘Awake’ you will wake up and follow any instructions I have given you as if they were your own Idea, and when ever I tell you to ‘Sleep now’ you will instantly revert to this trance state . Understood?”

Again came the reply of “Yes Master” this time though with more reverence.

“Ok when I tell you to you will wake up and be very happy to take me to a quiet place where we can be together alone. You will be excited about what you think is about to happen. Ok … ‘Awake’”

She stood up and opened her eyes, eyes glistening with happiness and expectancy. She reached out and grabbed Paul’s hand virtually pulling him along as she set out. “Quick this way, I know just the place.

Only a few minutes later Paul was locking the door behind him of the office he found himself. The room was only just bigger than the desk and chair held within.

“Sleep now” he commanded and was gratified to see her instantly dip her head and enter the trance state.

“When you wake up, you are going to be very turned on, incredibly horny, wanting me desperately. You will do any thing I ask and be happy to do it. You will Cum easily to my touch and whim.”

“Yes Master!!” She squealed, already seeming to get into the situation.

“Awake now”

Barely were the words out of his mouth, before she was on him, arms wrapped around him, her lips pressing against his, moaning softly. She pressed her body close to his, her hard nipples pressing into his chest and the top of her pelvis rubbing against his hard, straining cock.Paul groaned as he rubbed himself against her tightly held body, but he had more in mind to do.

Reluctantly breaking the kiss and pressing him away from her, he placed his hand on top of her head, gently forcing her down

“Time to use those luscious lips of yours on another part of me”

She grinned back up at him, kneeling as she did. Raising her hand she rubbed Paul’s cock under the material of his trousers, teasing, before unfastening his belt undoing his trousers. She gasped with delight and pleasure as Paul’s solid 6 ½ inch cock leaped out of his pants to stand erect, its tip glistening with precum.She kissed the tip of his circumcised prick , moistening her lips as she reached out and took his balls with her right hand , gently squeezing , eliciting a groan from Paul .

Holding his cock in her left hand, she ran her tongue all over the head of his cock, savouring the taste, before running it up and down the shaft .His cock now good and wet, she slipped her lips around the head of his cock, and slipped his length as far into her mouth as she could, holding for the second when her mouth was full.

Paul grunted in bliss , she had most of him in here warm , wet mouth and it felt fucking great .She now started in earnest , here head bobbing up and down , as she sucked , her tongue swirling around the cock head as she did .He placed his hands on her head and started buck his hips , fucking her mouth .

It had been such a while since he’d been with a woman, and he knew he wouldn’t last long, and so good at this she was, he soon was blasting his spunk into her mouth with a final lunge and grunt. The first spurt took her by surprise, she chocked a little, but quickly recovered and at his command, tried to swallow all of his cum, with only a little spilling out of here mouth to run down onto her chin. Pulling him off his deflating cock, he looked down at her, the little cum resting on her chin a turn on.

“Ok, time to get those clothes off; I want you to do a sexy striptease for me.” Paul said as he whipped of his trousers and pants, and then sitting in the rooms only chair.

The pretty blonde took no time in starting to sway as if listening to some sexy music in her head, placing her hands on her baggy top and slowly, seductively pulling it off. Underneath she wore an unflattering white bra, but Paul didn’t care – she had some marvellous boobs. Next she dropped that long skirt on the floor, and as she stepped out of it, flicked it with her foot so that it landed on top of the desk.

‘That’s more like it’ he thought, seeing she was wearing skimpy, lacy knickers. Pressing those gorgeous breasts together she leaned toward him as slide the bra off, keeping her tits covered as it dropped to the floor. In a flourish she removed her hands and thrust out her chest towards Paul, showing them of to his admiring gaze, and to let him see how big and hard her nipples had got .After playing with her tits and hard nipples for a little longer, she slowly turned and shoved out her ass, aiming at his face as she oh so slowly pulled down her knickers in front of him.

Paul had been watching all this happen in front of him, as he stroked his again hard cock, loving the show .She had not quite got off here pants, before he decided enough was enough, and he rose and grabbed her .Twisting and pushing her back onto the desk, pulling the panties off the last little bit, he climbed on top of her and instantly slipped his rock hard cock into her soaking , tight pussy.

She let out a gasp as he slammed into her, an orgasm ripping through as the shaft slide in. She spread he legs wide; to give him more space to get his cock deeper and harder inside of her .He sank his face between her boobs, sucking and licking at the flesh, enjoying the feel of the hard nipples on his tongue. He fucked hard and fast, using her for his own pleasure as he humped his dick in hard and fast .He grunted as his dick, slick with her juices, slid in and out of her tight pussy.

She cried out as yet again another orgasm ripped through, this one even more powerful than before. His hypnotic suggest about her coming hard and often working like a dream. Her walls contracting in her throws of orgasm, tighter and rippling down his cock were enough to push him over the edge and with a final powerful thrust and grunt he came inside her filling her to the brim. The feel of his seed pumping inside her pushed her own orgasm on to ripple again through her.

He lay on top of her , panting trying to get his strength back , his now flaccid cock still inside of her , and his face smothered between her now sweat covered tits . She gave a moan he took as one of reluctance as he slid out of her to stand next to the desk, looking down at her freshly banged pussy, his cum starting to ooze out between those swollen pussy lips.

“Better clean my dick up” he said to her.

Grinning at him she quickly swivelled round and took his penis in his mouth and started to remove their combined juices from it, savouring the taste. Her mouth felt great around his cock, and he felt a slight stirring in it, unexpectedly giving him hope of another erection and more fun to be had. He placed his hand below her chin and pulled her up so that she stood.

He leaned forward so that he could kiss her. She kissed him back, her tongue instantly sliding between his lips, searching out his. He slides his fingers between her legs, and rubbed her clit with his thumb; bring a moan deep within her throat. She repaid the favour by stroking his dick with her hand. He could feel it working, his penis once again hardening to its full length. He kept playing with her clit, sliding his thumb over the delicate bud, knowing full well that he here present hypnotised state it wouldn’t be long before she came again. It wasn’t.

As he felt her tremble as she came yet again, now both their joined Cums dripping out of her as he again grabbed her, by the hips this time. He twisted her round so that her stomach was against the desk , pushed her forward over the desk , and entered her from behind , his dick easily now sliding into her fuck stretched pussy .

She moaned , writhing her hips as she pressed back meeting his thrusts. He pounded at her in his lust, his cock penetrating her deep and hard, her pussy walls so slick. She came several times as he fucked her, each time her cunt would clasp his dick harder. The feeling on his cock was fantastic, mind blowing. Pounding her as hard and furious as he was, this being his third erection he was able to keep the onslaught on her poor pussy going for a good while.

He was becoming exhausted with the effort off fucking this blonde bombshell , the sweat was thick and musky on them both .Finally though he felt the familiar building in his cock , and so with one giant thrust , diving as deep in her as he could , holding himself as he came again . As his cum filled her up, she was hit with the most powerful orgasm yet. So strong was it that she yelled out, slumped forward and passed out.

Paul slipped out of her looking down at the gooey mess dripping out of her and smiled. He slapped her hard on her ass, leaving his red hand print, marking her .Looking round, he saw her baggy top which he picked up and used to clean himself up. He was just finishing dressing when, with a groan, she came to her sences.She struggled to stand, her legs so weak from her exertions, her pussy fucked red raw. She turned to speak to him, but Paul already had the Hypnoticon out and had her back into a trance.

He took his time, making sure to do this right; he wanted no come backs for his actions. She would get dressed, except for her panties which Paul was taking as a trophy, curl up on the desk and sleep for an hour, to give him a chance to get away and so she could recover. On waking she would remember meeting him, their sex session and how much she had wanted it .It would be such a great memory, but it would be a one off, she would never try look for him or find him. Also it was a deeply personal experience, so she would never tell anyone. Thus prepared he left the sleeping girl and slipped out.

He never did ask her name.
Back in the present Paul grinned to himself He was ready to start his new life as a hypnotist, helping people with their problems, and of course taking full advantage of them whilst under his control.

He reached out and flipped the intercom switch

“Ok Mrs Grint, you can send the first client in now”

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