The Curse of Magic Mansion – by BDLong

2017 Incest sex stories: The Curse of Magic Mansion – by BDLong. Three siblings and their parents find themselves lodging in a spooky mansion with a mysterious wizard who preys on their carnal desires. Genres: Fantasy, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Bondage and restriction, First Time, Incest, Male/Teen Female, Monster, Teen, Teen Female/Teen Female, Young 2017 Incest sex […]

God is a Slut – by White Walls

2017 lesbian sex story: God is a Slut – by White Walls. If you ever read any of my Queen Yavara stories, you’ll recognize the format. CAPITAL NAMES mean the story is being told from that person’s perspective. I did not add dashed lines to highlight the sex scenes this time. 2017 lesbian sex story: […]

My diaries – by Senpaisloth

2017 Lesbian sex story: My diaries – by Senpaisloth. Please dont be mean or judge harshly these are my real diary entries from this year. I have been in love with rope bondage and suspension for awhile now, only have had the pleasure of being tied up three times by a previous dom. 2017 Lesbian […]

Grandma’s Secret – by SquattingEagle

2017 top rated incest sex stories: Grandma’s Secret – by SquattingEagle. A grandmother’s untimely demise brings to light an unexpected story about an apparently normal family. 2017 top rated sex stories: Grandma’s Secret – Chapter 1 by SquattingEagle Genres: Fiction, Blowjob, Hardcore, Incest, Lesbian, Male/Teen Female, Teen Male/Teen Female Earlier this month, my grandmother passed […]

Chico Series – by Shady Lady Julie

2017 Lesbian sex story: Chico series – by Shady Lady Julie. This story is inspired by conversations I have had with lovely young lady I am having the pleasure of getting to know. For those who don’t get the title Chico is the name given to a small boy in Spanish, the Chico in this […]

The New Economy by Mojavejoe420

Lesbian story: The New Economy by Mojavejoe420. “I’m afraid that’s right ma’am,” the mechanic was saying on my phone. “Seven hundred and forty eight dollars. And 57 cents.” Lesbian story: The New Economy – Chapter 1: The Cash by Mojavejoe420 Well, shit! That was about 700 more dollars than I had in my checking account. […]

The Girl – by Alter Ego Twoface

Rape stories: The Girl. Author: Alter Ego Twoface. Could a young girl moving in do anything good for a marriage? The story is including Essay, Cheating, Discipline, Male / Female Teens, Romance, Spanking, Teen, Threesome, Wife theme. Rape stories: The Girl – Chapter 1 Author: Alter Ego Twoface The Mom was a beautiful woman approaching […]

Lonely Mothers Milk

Incest sex stories: Lonely Mothers Milk. Author: Nancy The good daughter. This is including: True Story, Female / Girl, First Time, Incest, Lactation, Lesbian, Masturbation, Written by women, Young genres. My mother, myself, and a story that started our mother/daughter sexual encounters. My name is Jasmine (name changed), I’m currently 18 years old but my […]

I helped a bordello and got a good fuck in both holes in return

True sex stories: I helped a bordello and got a good fuck in both holes in return. Author: AnnaSiciliana. This story is including: True Story, Anal, Blackmail, Cum Swallowing, Domination/submission, Female/Female, Fisting, Job/Place-of-work, Lesbian, Prostitution, Threesome, Toys, Written by women genres. True sex stories: I helped a bordello and got a good fuck in both […]

The Academy

School sex stories: The Academy. Author: DK54. The story is including: Anal, Ass to mouth, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Girls domination, Group Sex, Latina, Lesbian, Male / Female Teens, Mature, School, Teen, Young genres. School sex stories: The Academy – Chap 1 Author: DK54 Who said school was boring. Jasper barely caught the bus this morning. […]

Dynamic Adventure – Gay 18+

Gay sex stories: Dynamic Adventure. Author: Dani JayJ. The story is including: Dark Fantasy, Bi-sexual, Female/Female, Gay, Job/Place-of-work, Lesbian. This is my first story. I wanna see what people think of this long back story but good sex. More to this series to come if there is a good rating. Gay sex stories: Dynamic Adventure […]

Possesion – Prologue

Lesbian sex stories: Possesion – Prologue. Author: lezzylover97. The story is inclulding: Fiction, Female/Female, Incest, Lesbian, Teen. Kylie finds an old book of magic, and tests a spell on her Aunt. Lesbian sex stories: Possesion – Prologue Author: lezzylover97 Kylie had found it in her Aunt’s hair salon. Working part time there after school took […]

The Lesbian Debt – Chap 1 – Laura And Erica

Lesbian erotic stories: The Lesbian Debt – Chap 1 – Laura And Erica. Author: All These Roadworks. The story is including Dark Fantasy, Female/Female, Humiliation, Lesbian, Male Domination Genres. A lesbian discovers she is willing to fuck much more than just her girlfriend when faced with debt and blackmail. First chapter is F/F only but […]