Homeless – CHAPTER 12

Adult story: Homeless – CHAPTER 12

by senorlongo

There were two men in cheap suits standing in front of reception as we walked up. “Detective Garcia,” I asked.

“Dr. Preston, good of you to see us. This is my partner, Tim Rooney.” I shook hands lefty and introduced Jennie. We walked together into the Plaza’s food court where we were seated in a booth. Jennie and I ordered breakfast and they ordered coffee even though I invited them to join us.

“At these prices I’d be broke in less than a week. What kind of work do you do, Dr. Preston?”

“Actually, Det. Rooney—I’m officially retired although I did get an assignment to write a short program last week. That’s what I do—write computer programs. I wrote all the programs in the ‘Idiot’ series.”

“Those are really good. I used one to learn Spanish.”

“Yeah, but you still speak with an Irish accent. I can barely understand you.”

“What would you know? You were born in Brooklyn; talk about an accent!”

Jennie and I laughed. “I suspect life with you two is never dull.”

“We have to make jokes when we can,” Det. Garcia explained. “Sometimes our work can be really morbid. Why don’t we get to business?” He stopped for a moment to stir some real cream into his coffee. “Mmmm…that’s good. Okay…we got the report from the vet on your dog. I’m sure you know it came back clean. We learned that your assailant was high on meth—methamphetamine. He’s still in Bellevue in the prison ward and his arm is a mess. The doctors put several screws in it, but they still think he’ll have trouble for the rest of his life. Of course, the whole thing was entirely his fault so I doubt that any of us have even a tiny bit of sympathy.

“We’ve spoken to the DA in charge of the case and he’ll go to the Grand Jury next week. There’s no reason for you to attend or testify, but I can tell you that he’s going for attempted murder in addition to assault with a deadly weapon. There’ll be some other charges thrown in; there always are. I have your cell number so I can contact you, if necessary.”

“Do you think I’ll have to testify? And Jennie?”

“It’s hard to say. It might go to a plea bargain because he has no criminal record. This guy had a great job on Wall Street so he has plenty of money—maybe too much. I assume your suit was ruined. Any idea how much it cost? We’ll ask the judge for you to be compensated for your loss.”

“Actually, I do know. I had just bought that suit from a tailor in Hong Kong. It cost me $3,000 and the shirt was $250, both of them custom made for me. I’m more concerned with Jennie’s dress. She tried to stop the bleeding and it was covered with blood. I gave it to the hotel for cleaning so I expect to get it back today. It was brand new…just bought that day. Do you remember what you paid, Jen?”

“Yes, just over $2,000 with tax, unfortunately. I loved that dress.”

“Well, if it’s ruined we can see about getting a replacement. We can go to the store and ask them to order one just like it.” Jennie responded by leaning over to kiss my cheek. The detectives left a few minutes later, but not before Det. Rooney said, “I wouldn’t mind getting a dog like this for my family. Mind telling me what you paid for her.”

“I think a shelter pet is more in your future. Lady cost me $65,000.”

Garcia laughed like hell as he slid out of the booth. “Tim, get a goldfish and I’ll spring for a bowl.”
They shook hands with me and left, still laughing.

“They seem like good guys, Doug.”

“Yeah, they probably are, but I don’t envy them their jobs. They see the worst of humanity every single day. We had a neighbor who was a cop when I was growing up. His wife couldn’t stand the uncertainty of his going to work and never knowing for sure if he was coming home alive or in a box. She left him and took his three kids. A few months later he took his own life. I can still remember the sound of the shotgun in the middle of the night.” Jennie’s eyes showed the shock she was experiencing.

We finished breakfast and returned to the suite just in time to see the bellman walking down the hall with her dress. Jennie took it out of the plastic bag, but even I could see that they were unable to remove the bloodstain completely. Jennie was almost in tears when I asked her for the receipt. A minute later I was on the phone with the store. I explained what had happened and, like everyone else in the city, the manager had seen the report on the news. She said she would have to contact the supplier, but would get back to me as soon as possible, probably sometime this afternoon.

After ending the call I sat in the easy chair and gazed out the window. “What would you like to do this afternoon? I think we should do some sightseeing. Most of the people who live here have never been to the top of the Empire State Building or taken a cruise around Manhattan. There’s also the American Museum of Natural History only a few blocks away or the Central Park Zoo. It’s one of the world’s best.”

“Let’s wait until the doctor has examined you. I’m not taking any chances with your health.” And then in what I was sure was her sternest voice, “And neither are you. I’m planning on growing very old with you, having lots of kids and even more grandkids. We’ll have other opportunities to sightsee.” Then to show me how serious she was she leaned down to kiss me.

It was almost eleven when the maid knocked. Jennie answered the door and the maid said she would return later. “No, come in…please; just take care of the bedroom and bathroom today.” I rose and gave her a ten dollar tip. This was a big suite and I always tipped the maid every day. I didn’t think that ten bucks was too much when the suite was running me $5,000 a night.

Jennie and I relaxed as we waited for the doctor to arrive. Fortunately, he was a few minutes early. He handed Jennie a card that gave his name as Henri St. Claire, M.D., Internal Medicine, with a Park Avenue address. He explained that he was technically retired, but kept his hand in by working when needed for the hotel. Taking note of my sling he asked me to remove it so he could examine the wound.

“Ah, I see the doctor inserted a drain,” he said once he had peeled the bandage away from my skin. “That was an excellent idea. These days these kids who think they’re practicing medicine don’t take the time or effort to do things right. It will take only a few minutes to remove it.” Digging into his bag he removed several paper towels and dropped a long thin flexible tube that he pulled from the wound into them, dropping the mess into a waste basket. Then, using his nose, he sniffed all around the stitches before nodding with satisfaction.

“Had there been an infection there would be an odor of mortification…of the decaying pus created by the body fighting off the bacteria. That’s the biggest concern with a knife wound. I’ll bandage it again for you and all you’ll have to do is see your own physician in another week to remove the stitches. Do you need any additional pain medication?”

“No, I still have some and I prefer not to use them. They make me woozy and I can’t stand it. What about this sling? Do I have to use it?”

“I think you might wear it for another few days until you get home again. The city is crowded and you could be jostled.” I was dejected by that, but Jennie was elated. She was going to take care of me even if it killed me. Dr. St. Claire was with me about twenty minutes and left, telling me that his charges of $250 would be added to my hotel bill. I thanked him as he strode out the door.

“See—I told you to wear that sling.”

“I give up; you win.” I was a bit dejected until Jennie carefully replaced my arm into the sling then wrapped her hands around my head and kissed me deeply. The kiss went on and on until she broke it, asking if we could still make it to the zoo. I got my backpack from the closet and put Lady’s bowl into it even though I knew there were places for dogs to drink where we were going.

It was still morning so I suggested we go up to the Bronx. “We have plenty of time so why don’t we go to the Bronx Zoo. It’s bigger and—I think—better than the one in Central Park.” Jennie agreed, saying that she would defer to me since I had much more experience here than she did.

Once out on the street we crossed over Central Park South so Lady could take care of business then we walked a few blocks east until we reached the subway station for the 5 train. Using my credit card I bought a Metro Card with six trips on it, paying for Lady even though I knew she would be entitled to a free passage. The trip north took less than thirty minutes. We walked up onto East Tremont Avenue very close to the Asia Gate of the Bronx Zoo. I knew this area well; it was where my father had often brought me years ago before I learned that he was a serial cheater.

Jennie and I had a ball. She loved the zoo and many of the children asked if they could pet Lady. The highlight of the day came when we accidentally stumbled onto feeding time for the tigers. The trainer dropped a huge slab of what I assumed was horsemeat into an empty cage. It was on the left of three in a row. He lifted and dropped a door that led outside from the center cage. About three minutes later a tiger—a BIG tiger walked in and turned toward the meat. Once he was in a door we hadn’t noticed before dropped between the two cages, sealing that one away. Next the trainer dropped another slab into the cage on the far right. The door outside dropped a few more times and an even bigger tiger walked in, moving immediately toward the meat. Soon that cage was isolated, leaving only the center cage empty. The process was repeated, but everyone present gasped when this tiger walked through the door. It looked to be twice the size of the first.

“Excuse me, sir,” I asked as I approached him while we exited. “Do you know how much that tiger weighs? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cat that big before.”

“You’re probably right. He’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen, too. He was weighed a few months ago…619 pounds. Did you know that the tiger is the largest cat, followed by the lion and the jaguar third? They’re all capable of being man eaters, but the tiger is the worst, by far.” Jennie and I thanked him and went on our way, eager to see what was next in line down the path.

We finished around five and left through the same Asia Gate to the subway. Jennie was confused when we walked onto the platform for the number 2 train. “Doug, didn’t we take the 5 train this morning?”

“Yeah, we did, but this one will bring us closer to our restaurant. We’re going to the Carnegie Deli for dinner. I think you’ll like it.” Walking up to the street level at 59th West meant that we were about four blocks from the deli. Blocks in Manhattan were about three times as long going east and west as they were going north and south. Even at this hour with the sidewalks crowded with workers on their way home, the trip only took us twenty minutes.

We were given a table by the window. I ordered without even looking at the menu. “We’ll split a Zorba and a hot pastrami sandwich…two cream sodas, and can we get some water for my dog?”

The waitress had just left when Jennie whispered, “Doug…splitting a salad and a sandwich? Are you sure?”

I leaned across the table to kiss her. “Trust me. You’ll have more than enough to eat and we’ll definitely want to save room for dessert.” I had just placed Lady’s bowl on the floor by the edge of the table when the waitress returned with two tall glasses filled with ice and the light amber cream soda along with two with water that she told me were at room temperature. Those she poured into Lady’s bowl. Lady looked to Jennie for permission to drink, receiving it just as the waitress returned with a huge Greek salad and two bowls.

I made an attempt to toss the salad and spooned a healthy portion into Jennie’s bowl. There was still some left over when I had filled mine. We had just finished when our sandwich appeared. “Thought I’d better bring another plate for you. Good luck,” she said with a chuckle. Jennie looked at the sandwich with her mouth open. It was easily eight inches tall with lean pastrami piled high between two thin slices of rye bread.

Using two hands I removed one half and passed the other to Jennie. “Try it with some of this mustard. It’s the best.” I scooped a big dollop onto the top on my pastrami and passed it to Jennie.

“I don’t know how to pick it up, let alone eat it,” Jennie said with a smile. She did finally grab it with two hands, following my lead, and managed to somehow get some of it into her mouth. She must have liked it because it was gone as soon as mine was.

When the waitress returned she cleared the table and asked if we wanted dessert. “Of course, we’ll split a piece of cheesecake.” I knew that one piece would be more than enough for us. I spoke again once the waitress had gone. “This place is famous for its over-stuffed sandwiches, but it’s even more famous for its cheesecake. We have some restaurants down our way who advertise that they fly their cheesecake in from Carnegie Deli every day. Boundary House is one. Remember that? It’s great, but it’s so filling that half a piece is plenty.” A few seconds later a six-inch high slab of cold white calories was placed between us. I went first, but Jennie wasn’t far behind me.

We walked slowly back to the Plaza. Several groups of young guys approached us on the way, but shied away as soon as Lady growled. She’s a big dog—well over a hundred pounds—and as we both knew, capable of breaking a man’s arm in two. Once back in the Plaza I scooped six cups of Dog Chow into lady’s bowl. Think she was eager? Only the discipline she’d been taught stopped her from knocking the bowl from my hands. I gave her permission even before I had water in her other bowl. I left her alone to eat while I found my beautiful bride.

Jennie was sitting in the living room, looking out the window at the park. The pathways were lit by street lamps as far into the park as we could see until they were blocked out by the trees. I remembered almost this same view in the winter from the Empire State Building looking north. I’d been there with my parents. I was fifteen and so badly looking forward to my sixteenth birthday. It was just about the last pleasant memory I’d had with my family. Two days later it was New Year’s Day and a week after that was my birthday. Then, less than a week later, I’d walked into my father’s lab and my world came crashing down.

I sat next to Jennie and we waited together in silence. “Is this our honeymoon?”

I almost laughed, but turned her head and leaned forward until our lips almost touched. “No, I hope not,” I whispered. “I had to come here on business and our personal situation made the trip even better. Where would you like to go? We could plan for some time in July after Charlie and Toni come to visit. I’ll take you anywhere you want to go.”

“You know I’ve traveled all over the country, but I really haven’t seen much other than interstates and most of them are kind of similar. I’ve always wanted to go two places, even as a little girl when I read about them in books—Europe and Hawaii.”

“Both are wonderful, but they offer entirely different opportunities. Hawaii is the beach, swimming and snorkeling, whale watching in the winter. Europe is history, magnificent architecture and cathedrals and a better assortment of souveniers. Hawaii has its own style of clothing, some of which goes well at home and there’s island jewelry like pearls, shell necklaces and earrings, and pendants. In Europe we could find sweaters, woolens, handcrafts and jewelry, not to mention fantastic beer.”

“Doug…duh…I’m pregnant, remember.”

“Well…I could tell you about it and we could always go when the child is a bit older. Then you could join in. I have two ideas—European river cruise or a multi-island vacation–your choice.”

“Why don’t you tell me about the river cruise after we’re done?” She rose and pulled me up with her as she fixed Lady’s leash to her collar. The law required she be on a leash, but it was really unnecessary. Lady would stay in position at “heel” until either Jennie or I released her. Most of the time we held her leash with only the slightest pressure. Sometimes I just put the handle in my pocket.

We were back in the suite twenty minutes later, walking directly into the bedroom. Jennie came into my arms, carefully removed my sling then wrapped my arms around her waist. “You can kiss me now, darling. In fact, you can kiss me anytime…anytime you want.” I wanted to then and I did and it was as wonderful as always. Jennie’s lips were full and soft–her tongue ever inquisitive as it danced and dueled with mine.

It was mid-kiss when Jennie began to push me back toward the bed—at least that’s where I hoped I was headed. We had our eyes closed and I knew Jennie couldn’t see through my body. Luckily, I felt the bed behind my knees just before Jennie eased me down onto the blanket. Breaking the kiss, she whispered, “You don’t really think I’d let you fall, do you?” I would have answered had she not resumed the kiss. She moved my arm out of the way and proceeded to “do the doing.” And that’s exactly what she did, rubbing that luscious body over mine and pushing her nipples into my mouth. I suckled eagerly as Jennie worked her magic on me. No matter how often we made love she always made me as hard as stone and as hot as any lover has ever been.

Tonight was no exception. We were filled with lust and love for each other. I thought she would push me back and mount me, but she rose instead and pulled me up with her. “I’ve never done it like this,” she said as she knelt on the side of the bed, presenting her sweet ass in my direction.

My hands on her hips, she reminded me to watch out for my arm. I leaned down to kiss each of her glorious cheeks as I inserted a finger into her love tunnel. A few seconds later I was rubbing the head of my cock into her slit, oozing nectar. My first thrust drove me two inches in and my next all the way until I could feel her cervix, something I knew could hurt my love and something I could never do to her.

I stood up straighter and that must have been right because Jennie groaned with pleasure. I knew the lower side of my cock was rubbing her G-spot with every thrust. Jennie pushed back and soon we were at it like crazy—twisting and turning as I drove deep into her. She almost lost it when I leaned forward to rub and pinch her nipples.

Jennie’s movements showed she was out of control so I wasn’t at all surprised when I moved my right hand to her clit. My hands are big so I could easily tease each nipple with but a single hand while my other squeezed and twisted her clit. Looking down I could see Jennie’s knuckles were white as she held the blanket in a death grip. A second later her back arched and she lost it completely. A low guttural growl oozed from her mouth, growing in intensity as her orgasm claimed reign over her body.

I continued to thrust and rub and twist until I felt she could take no more. By then I had also lost control. I came—hard—as I fell forward, my body covering her back. I had just moved my arm out of the way when my lips found Jennie’s ear. I knew it was her only ticklish spot and she claimed that she hated being kissed there. However, she never once complained. Pulling back, I whispered, “I love you and I always will.”

Jennie was still out of it when she responded, “That’s nice.” Tonight I put Jennie to bed, climbing in once she was settled. Wrapping my left arm around her I pulled her onto my body until she found her usual spot—head on my shoulder and leg draped lazily over my thigh.

We always went to bed early, sometimes even to sleep, so we were always up early, too. We dressed in golf shirts and shorts for today’s sightseeing. I stopped off to see the concierge on our way to breakfast. He had done very well by me with tickets and reservations and I’d done well by him, too. I had tipped him $100 so far and I’d give him another $100 today, our last day in New York. He’d done everything I had requested.

We hopped into a cab for the trip down Fifth Avenue to 34th where we took the tour of the Empire State Building. The displays on the way up told us all about the construction and history of the building, but the highlight was the observation deck on the 86th floor. You can go higher—all the way to the top on the 102nd, but the view isn’t any better and the entire area is enclosed in glass and very cramped. By getting here early and purchasing our tickets in advance we were able to skip the line and most of the crowd. The views here were incredible, almost as good as those from the World Trade Center had been. I lost several friends and even more business acquaintances that fateful day in 2001.

Jennie was excited when she saw Central Park and our hotel. “There’s Macy’s,” she exclaimed when she saw it. “Wow, you can see how big the store really is from here. Oh, Doug, thank you so much for bringing me here.” She punctuated her remarks with a big hug and kiss, much to the amusement of those nearby. We stayed there for more than an hour, buying cheesy tee-shirts with King Kong climbing the side of the building.

Out on the street we stopped at a food truck for hot dogs before hailing a cab to pier 83 at 42nd and 12th for the Circle Line cruise around Manhattan. Down the Hudson we traveled around the Statue of Liberty and up the East River past Wall Street and the South Street Seaport. On our way north we saw the Chrysler Building and the old Brooklyn Navy Yard as we passed under the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges. Jennie was spellbound when we entered the ship canal at Spuyten Duyvil—Dutch for Devil’s whirlpool–where the currents are extremely treacherous. We finished the tour at two and returned to the hotel for a brief rest.

“Where to next, Darling?”

“We’re going to the Bronx again to one of my favorite places. Actually, that’s not quite true since I’ve never been there. I went to the old one plenty of times though.”

“Doug! Please don’t tease me.”

“Sorry, sweetheart—we’re going to Yankee Stadium for the game tonight. Maybe we should take a cab, although the subway from here is a breeze. I’ll have to think about getting back to the hotel because the subway is always jammed. We’d have to wait for maybe four or five trains just to get on the platform.”

“Are we taking Lady?”

“Yes, we definitely are. I even bought a ticket for her. We’ll be right behind the Yankees’ dugout. Maybe we can get a souvenir ball. Oh Hell, let’s go now so we’ll have plenty of time.” Once out the door I decided we should take a cab. It was safer and we had plenty of time. Cabbies always know all the best routes. We had just piled in when I told the driver, “Yankee Stadium…and step on it.” The driver was a foreigner like most so I prayed he knew English.

While in the cab I asked Jennie if she’d like to stay another day and maybe go to a spa. “I’m sure the concierge could arrange it.”

She smiled and leaned over to kiss me. “Thank you, Doug, but I think I’d like to go home. I need to see my doctor and I’d like some time to plan our trip to Iowa.”

“That’s a good idea. We also have to decide whether or not you should confront your mother or stepfather. It might not be a good idea because of your name change. Damn, I never gave a thought at the time that you could go home.”

“I am going home, Doug—to our house…to our home. Going to Iowa is just so I can smirk at that asshole.” I grinned in response then sat back to watch where we were going. Cab drivers have been known to take extra long routes, even driving in circles, to jack up the tab. Fortunately, we were taking a fairly direct route.

We were early so we walked directly through security, enjoying a laugh when the admissions agent saw that Lady had her own ticket. “You don’t need a ticket for a service dog, especially for tickets like these.”

“I know, but I wouldn’t want the other patrons to be squeezed in because I need my dog. This way she’ll have her own space and so will everyone else.”

“I guess…anyway, Section 14B is that way.” He pointed left. We went right—straight to the Yankees Team Store where we bought tee shirts and caps. The shirts we had worn went into the bag. Next we walked up to the Food Court where we bought two hand-cut prime steak sandwiches and Cokes from Lobel’s. I’d read online that these sandwiches were really good and they were—delicious, in fact. Once we had used the rest room we walked down to our seats in Section 14B right behind the dugout. Jennie took our souvenir program down to the fence and got autographs from A Rod, Brett Gardner, Chase Headley, and Mark Teixeira. Amazing what batting one’s eyelashes will do, especially when they’re attached to someone who looks like and is built like Jennie.

The game was fun, especially since the Yanks won, beating the Bosox 5-3. We had a blast, even catching a foul ball. Okay, we didn’t actually catch it—it looked like it went a mile high–but when Jennie went to grab it off the floor two guys tried to push her away. They might have succeeded if Lady hadn’t growled in their faces. Interest in a possible souvenir suddenly vanished. Jennie was all grins as she rejoined me. “This is going on my dresser,” she told me as she dropped it into her purse.

We took our time after the game and found a cab easily. Thirty minutes later we were in our suite where we began packing. Even after expanding our bags to the max Jennie still had plenty that wouldn’t fit. She put the remaining clothes in one of the large bags from Macy’s and we ambled slowly, but contentedly, to bed. The boutique manager had indeed phoned, telling me that we were in luck. There had been a very limited number of dresses produced, but the designer, after hearing our story, agreed to make just one more for Jennie. I had to pay, of course, but once done it would be sent directly to us by Fed Ex.

NEXT: Jennie confronts her stepfather then we take a long honeymoon.


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