Boating Fun – Part 2B

True story: Boating Fun – Part 2B

by T. Foxal

We pounded hard this time. It was pure animal lust now, almost like her sister did with me. The headboard of the bed was banging against the wall, with each downward thrust inside that heavenly pussy of her. With each thrust, she was loudly making an Awe sound. She didn’t care who knew she was fucking right now, and neither did I.

We didn’t last too long this time. It may have lasted 8 or 9 minutes, but she started cumming again. “Fuck Me Tim. keep Fucking me, I am cumming”

Once she was done, I just groaned out and let loose my last load of cum inside her. Then collapsed on top of her, both of us panting hard.

“Oh my God Tim. That was amazing. Now I know what throughly fucked means. Christ. My body can’t even move. Godddddddddddddd. I love it”

I rolled off of her and we both lay panting, like we ran a marathon or something. We both scooted up and leaned against the headboard. I grabbed our cigs and ice tea, which was now getting kind of warm, but we didn’t care.

It was just now 8pm, and some movie we never heard of came on the TV. After we both visited the bathroom, we had another cig, then she put a bunch of pillows down so we could lay and watch TV. We spooned, with my cock resting between her ass cheeks.

Holding my hand to her breast, she said, “Thank you. This was the best second and third date I ever had. Please tell me this is not a one time deal.”

“I have no plans on making it a one time deal. But, I will respect your decision if you think you don’t want to see each other again. In fact, I want to go out with you next saturday night. Dinner, movie, or just hang out”

“I like that. So yes. But you can also come over during the week too. Monday, Wednesday and Friday though, I work until 9, so those nights are shot, but the other one’s, I’m all yours.In more ways then one, “ Then giggled.

It wasn’t too long after this, she fell asleep and shortly after I did too. The phone started ringing a little after 10pm, which awoke us. Vicky answered it. It was pretty one sided, but by how to convo was going, it was her sister. I knew for sure when Vicky said, Oh yeah, and then yeah, he is still here, laying next to me watching TV. Then she said. Oh my god did we. Then she hung up shortly after that.

“Nosey sister wanted to know how our date went. Of course once I said you were laying next to me, she asked if we fucked. I would have probably gone into detail, if you weren’t still here.”, and then laughed.

We started kissing again, when I told her I better get my sorry ass home, to bed. “Damn. I wish you could spend the night. But I know we wouldn’t sleep all that much.”

I got dressed and she put on a robe and followed me to the door, where we stood and kissed for another 5 minutes. Finally she pushed me away and told me to go, or I would have to take her back to bed and do unspeakable things to her.

The next evening, I was over at Mitch’s and Tracy was there. We were in the kitchen with Mitch’s mom, when she asked what Vicky and I did yesterday. So I told her about the boating and how we had to cut it short because of the rain. Then we watched movies and went to dinner.

“Sure you did. I’m not stupid you know. You better not knock her up.” Mitch’s mom said, the laughed. I sure the hell was going to tell her I fucked her niece all afternoon and evening. I went outside for a smoke and Tracy followed.

“So… You made my little sister squirt huh? Fucked her 4 times too. Impressive.” I looked at Tracy and was at a loss for words.

“Damn.. isn’t anything sacred?” Tracy laughed and said, “Not between sisters silly.”

Then she got quiet for a bit, then spoke again, “You know, this means we are done, unless you two don’t date anymore. I’m gonna miss our fun, but if you and Vicky are dating, just be good to her. Most of the guys she has ever gone out with have been losers, so don’t turn out to be one of them. Oh yeah and, I am not telling her that you and I screwed around. That’s our secret.”

Tuesday evening I went over to Vicky’s around 8, giving her time to relax from her day. She had on a pair of running shorts, very loose in the legs and a t-shirt, no bra. She told me that her monthly friend showed up yesterday. Oh well, no sex this evening.

We just laid on the couch and watched TV, most of the time.We did kiss a lot and fondle each other. At one point, she suggested that we at least get naked to our underwear, saying she loved the feeling of our naked bodies touching together. So we did undress and spooned on the couch. It was hard not to play around, but we succeeded, though I did leave around 11 with a raging hard on. She kissed me at the door and said, “Take care of that when you get home and think of me.”

Thursday evening, I took her to dinner and we made plans for saturday night. Once again, we just cuddled on the couch, since her friend was still hanging on.She was pretty frustrated too, when I was leaving. “Damnit. I wish my period had not shown up. I am so horny right now.” I kissed her softly and said, “It’s Ok Vick. Just part of nature. I’m sure we’ll make up for lost time.”

Ron stopped over on Saturday afternoon, wondering if I was going to use the boat Sunday. I said no, because it was his week for it. He was just making sure, because he wa taking Jeanie out on it that day. My mom asked later, what my plans were for the evening. I told her going out to the boat and may spend the night on it. She floored me when she said, “Yeah sure. Just use common sense and don’t get her pregnant.” Can’t ever fool mom.

I picked up Vicky at 6:30 and we went to this nice restaurant that was over in the next city. I had on a nice pair of khaki shorts and a light blue button down shirt. She was wearing a green printed summer dress, that showed some good cleavage, and surprisingly, no bra. She did look great and I told her so. She said, “Thanks. I thought you may like to see the girls better without a bra.” then giggled.

Towards the end of dinner, she grabbed my hand and asked, “Would you mind if we blew off the movie tonight and just went back to my place?”

“Sweetie, we can do anything you want too. I’m up for anything. We can go another time.” Vicky just smiled then, and we left shortly afterwards.

We got back to her place and it a little past 8. She asked if I wanted a beer, which I gladly accepted.We were sitting ather kitchen table when she reached into her purse and pulled out a baggie. In it, was a few of joints.”Do you mind?” I smiled and told her, “Love too.” She smiled too and said, “Good. I’ve been wanting to get high with you all week.” We shared the first joint and by the end of it, we were both getting a good buzz going.

She went to her door and made sure it was locked, then grabbed my hand and pulled me down the hall, to her bedroom. Once in the bedroom, we set our beers down and then embraced and kissed. She moaned a few times kissing then said, “God I love how you kiss. You make me so fucking horny when you do.”

The blinds were closed, yet there was still plenty of light in the room, but she broke way, and lit a couple of candles.She walked back to me and hugged me again. “We need to talk Tim.” Uh Oh, I thought. Those famous words you here when something is going to go wrong with a woman.

“But first, remove my dress please.” I bent down slightly and found the hem of her dress and pulled it up slowly. I thought I better make this last, it will probably be the last time. Once I had it over her head, I noticed that she was completely naked under it. “Surprise Baby.”

She then undid my shorts and unbuttoned my shirt and threw it on the floor. She reached down and pushed my boxers down and I stepped out of them and was now naked, and my cock at full attention. She then told me to sit on the bed, and then she went a lit up another joint, and joined me on the bed.

We passed the smoke back and forth until it was gone, then she finally spoke. “I know what you are thinking. You think that I don’t want to do this anymore, but that is not it.” I just nodded and let her talk. Who knows now, where this is going.

“First off, you are great to me. You treat me like a lady and never pressure me into anything, especially sex. And the sex, Oh wow, it has been great, even when we just lie around and hold each other.”

“But I need to be straight with you. We are invited to a party in 3 weeks. Not the usual type. My friend from work, Carrie, she is divorced, 35, a tad wild and who I got the weed from, is throwing it. Well at these parties, there is usually 10 to 15 people there, mostly couples, but I have attended single, so there are singles there too, like her roommate, Rich. He works at the salon too. He says he is gay, but I know he and Carrie fuck, so I say he is Bi.”

“Anyways, The parties get kind of crazy at times, and people start making out and fucking too. I won’t lie, I haven’t been fucked there, but I did give Rich a blow job, and…” She quit talking for almost 30 seconds.

“And?” I said. “Well, Carrie and I have had sex together. We have on many occasions too.”

“Ok. so what?” She was looking down at the floor, then looked back up at me. She probably thought I would think she was some weirdo, or something.

“So.. You are ok with this? I mean, someone may hit on me, or even hit on you, or someone could watch us fuck.” She shook her head, and before I could even answer, she started talking again.

“Babe, I am in this experimental stage of my life, and I really want to experience everything I can before I settle down with someone, even if it turns out to be you. I am highly sexual but not a slut who will fuck just anyone. If you go, I promise you are the only guy that will fuck me.”

I put a finger to her lips, to stop her from talking. “Sweetie. I think we both are in the experimental stage of life. Look, I really like you, but I do not own you. You are free to see whoever you please, who am I to say anything about it. Even if we were quote “Boyfriend and Girlfriend” I would never stop you from doing something you like. If you do want to see another guy, then just be honest about it, and we can part as friends, and you can see how it is with him.”

I put my finger to her lips again. “Look, I’d like to view you as my girlfriend, I won’t lie about that. I think I am a pretty open minded guy too. Shit, I didn’t get jealous of Bill fucking Deb. In fact, I thought it was pretty hot to see. But, I have no plans on seeing anyone else, except you. And, I’ll experiment with anything you want too. I’d love to hear what your fantasies are, or things you want done sexually, or anything for that matter.”

Vicky then reached over and lit us both a cig. Then she said sit with your legs out and spread a little. Then she sat down so her legs were over mine, but her knees bent and our groins only inches away from each other. At this point, my cock was back to full staff.

Vicky leaned into me and kissed me softly on the lips, and as she did, her free hand took hold of my cock and held it gently. My one hand went up and caressed her one breast and stroked her nipple, which became very hard.

“I was so scared to tell you this Tim. I really thought you would say no thanks, and then leave. I really like you and I think of you as my boyfriend now too. The people at work think you are. Carrie is dying to meet you, by the way. If I wanted to have a 3way, she would be the one I want joining us in bed” My dick twitched at that statement, and I had not even seen this woman..

“Ohhhhhhhhh. Someone likes that idea. As for some things I want to try. Hmmmmmm. Let’s see. I do want to try a 3some, maybe even a 4some with the right people. I don’t think I would get jealous of you fucking another, as long as I was there too. You fucking someone else without me, I don’t think I would like.”

I bent over and kissed her nipple, as she put out her cig. “What else Lover?”

“MMMmmmmmm, love you sucking my tits Baby. I really want to watch you masturbate, while I am masturbating too. I got so turned on when you told me you did that last week, after leaving here. And so you know. When I am high, my mouth filter is gone. I yell and swear quite a bit, especially if I am being pleasured and aroused, like now. I am so fucking wet.”

I reach down and ran my finger over her swollen labia, then brought it to my mouth and sucked her juices off. I did it again and then stuck my finger to her lips and let her taste her juice.

“Oh fuck Baby. This is what I am talking about. You have me so turned on.” I kissed her again, but this time, our tongues met and we stayed connected for about a minute until I said, “What else do you want to try?”

She sheepishly looked at me and said, “Anal. I want to feel your cock in my ass one day. But, and now you may not like this, but, remember last week, when I squirted?” I nodded, fully remembering that.

“Well, I thought I had peed on you, and told you, and you said no matter. Well I want to try that. Me peeing on you and you peeing on me. I don’t know why, and it sounds gross, but I saw it in a porn movie once. Oh yeah, I like porn too.”

We started kissing again, and in between kisses, I said to her “Baby… (kiss) We can try (kiss) anything you want too (Kiss) But first, scoot back some against the headboard.”

I looked ather. She was sitting up, with her legs spread and I asked her where her toys were. She directed me to her nightstand. It was starting to get dark out now and the candle light was giving us a nice romantic glow. I went and got out her one dildo, that was battery operated and handed it to her.

I sat across from her, with my knees bent and legs wide enough so she could see my cock and balls. I started stroking my cock for her now. Her face got a big grin on it and then she turned on her toy and started rubbing her pussy with it.

“What are you thinking about when you stroke that beautiful cock of yours Baby?”

“How I love eating that gorgeous pussy of yours. The taste and the smell of it. It is so intoxicating to me. You are so sexy right now. I can’t wait to get between your legs and suck your pussy and taste your cum again.”

She let out a loud moan, as she shoved the toy deep inside her. Her ass was wiggling all over. “Oh fuck babe. I know I am going to need your big cock soon. My pussy wants it so fucking bad. When you cum soon, I want you to shoot it all over me. Oh God baby, I am so close to cumming. Your cock is so fucking good to look at it.”

“That’s it Babe, fuck your pussy with that toy. Just wait until you have the real thing in it. When I cum, I will cum all over you, then lick it all up and feed it to you. Cum Baby. Don’t hold back, Cum”

She yellled out, “Oh Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck” and started cumming. Her legs came up so her knees were touching her breasts now. I could see her juices flowing out of her, as the dildo was dropped to the bed.

I kneeled up and stoked my cock faster now, and pointed at her belly. “That’s it Baby, cum on me. Cum all over me”

About 5 seconds later I grunted hard and said, “Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk” and started shooting my cum on her. One landed on her neck, but the rest landed on her tits and belly. 5 long ropes in all, and one small one. All I heard from her was “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

I scurried up between her legs and started licking my cum up. I gathered most of it, and without swallowing, I put my mouth near her and she opened it. I dripped into her mouth. Then she pulled my head down to hers and started kissing me frantically.

As we kissed, my cock, which was still hard, found the entrance to her wet sex, and I pushed in. When I was fully in her, she groaned out, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssssss.”

Then I pulled out and Vicky said, “Nooooooooooooooooooo” I disregarded her plea and went between her legs and wanted to taste her cum now, from before. I really wanted to get her to squirt again.

When my tongue hit her pussy, she let out a loud “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”, then “Eat my Pussy Baby, Eat it good”

As I ate her, she thrashed all over. Her moans were growing longer, and then short breaths, she would take. I then inserted my thumb into her ass and my middle finger from the same hand, into her pussy. “Oh yesssssssss. My fucking god Yesssssssssss. Love your pussy eating ways.” she cried out.

I continued to lick her pussy and finger fuck both hole. I could tell now, she was getting close again, so I grabbed the toy and turned it on and placed the tip, right on her clit. That put Vicky over the edge now. She pulled her legs up so her knees were by her head and let out a long yell.

“Oh Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Cumminggggggggggggggggggggggggg. Fuckkkkkkkkkkk”

I took my finger out and she shot her cum out at me. I drank in as much as I could, but a lot went on the bed too. My face was drenched and her ass cheeks and pussy was covered in girl juices. Her whole body shook and my thumb was still in her ass. I just lay there and started licking her juices up, but left her clit alone, for I knew that would be super sensitive.

After a few minutes, and a lot of deep breaths, she finally said, “Oh my god. That was amazing. Holy Fuck. Come here and hold me Baby.”

I crawled up on her and wrapped my arms around her, and hers wrapped around me and we kissed. They were soft sensuous kisses, with tongues softly meeting.

She broke the kiss and said, “Oh wow, we are so good together. Be my Boyfriend, my lover, and my friend. Stay with me tonight and wake with me in the morning.”

I kissed her lips, then her nose, then her forehead, and said. “Only if you will be my Girlfriend and Love. I am already your friend. And I had no intentions of going home tonight.”

“I got to pee Baby, so let me up, and I’ll get us some tea too.” As she left the room, she said to light up another joint. We’re in for a long night of lovin.

I did as directed and she came back with a big glass of tea, which we both shared. She laughed when she saw the big wet spot on the bed. “Good thing this is king size, or you would be sleeping in that spot mister.”

“Nights not over yet, there could be more spots on the bed.” We finished the weed and fell into each other’s arms, like two lovers craving each other.

“You teased before, but now fuck me Baby. Fuck me like you mean it. I feel so slutty right now. I am your slut. Pound me hard and fast”

“You know that is turning me on when you say those things. I’m your slut too.” “I know it does, and turns me on even more saying it, now bury that big cock in my hot cunt and fuck me till we cum again.”

We fucked hard for the next 15 minutes. She was a slut too, talking dirty and moaning the whole time. Fuck, she was a tiger in bed. Whoever she ended up with in life, was going to be a lucky man. When I came again, and after she came well before me, as we fucked, I went down and ate her out again.

We laid there for a half an hour, just cuddling, then she said, to do her again. I was hard, so being the good guy I am, I followed her instructions. This time I let her be on top and she was glad of it. She loves that way, and can control the action. This time though, it wasn’t a bang style, it was more love making, slow and easy.

We went at it for almost 20 minutes when I said, “Oh God Babe, I really need to cum again”

“Me too Honey. Rub my clit as I fuck this dick of mine” so I started rubbing her nub and she sped up. I could hear our skin slapping together and I could feel my balls start to ache, ready to release my cum in her. “Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Vick. here it comes”

“Me too Baby. Agggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg” As we came, she came down on top of me and we kissed as we came. She stayed on top of me for 10 minutes or so. I thought she may have fell asleep, until she nibbled on my ear.

“I feel so content up here, like this.” I kissed her cheek and said that it feels good too. I looked at the clock and it was past midnight. I couldn’t believe we have been at this for 4 hours now.

Vicky finally moved off of me and went to the bathroom. I followed after she went. When I was done, she yelled out from the kitchen. “Want a snack or something?” “Sure” I said. She then made us scrambled eggs and some toast. We both laughed at the choice, but we were hungry.

After eating, we went back to bed, and she blew out the candles, got in bed, and turned on her side. I snuggled up behind her and draped my arm over her, as our bodies spooned together.

“MMMMMMMMMMM. I could get used to this, all of this Tim. I Like you Honey” She turned her towards me and kissed me, then said, “I’m not ready for the other word yet, but getting real close, so don’t be scared off”

“I Like you too Vicky. A Whole lot, and I don’t think you could scare me off with that word.” I kissed her again, and then she rolled back so she was comfortable in my arms and off to sleep we went.

I know she woke at somewhere around 4am and used the bathroom, then crawled back in bed, and this time put her head on my chest and her leg draped over mine. I kissed her forehead. “I didn’t mean to wake you” I kissed her again on the head and said, “Shhh go back to sleep Babe.”

I woke around 6 and had to pee, so I gently got out of bed and did my thing and came back in and crawled back in bed. At some point, Vicky kicked the sheet off of her. She was lying on her back, with one leg splayed out and gave me a perfect view of her pussy. I was so tempted to just go down and start licking her again, but I thought she may not like that.

I awoke at around 8am. I could feel eyes upon me. I looked over at Vick, and she was on her side, her arm bent up and her head in her hand, Her other hand was on my dick, lightly rubbing it.

“Morning Handsome” “Morning Sweet lady” She smiled at me and asked to give her the ice tea that we still had. As I did, I took a swig of it, to help combat morning breath, and she then did the same. We did that twice.

Her hand was now gripping my growing member and started stroking it slowly. “How did you sleep in a strange bed, because you looked so peaceful?” I chuckled and told her I can sleep almost anywhere, but it was really nice with her next to me.

I asked how she slept. “I was so worn out last night, I slept like a log, even after waking to pee. Sorry if I woke you.” “That was ok. Felt nice with you falling back to sleep on me, like that. Did you hear me at 6 get up?” “No. I was sleeping so good then.”

She leaned in then and kissed me passionately. My instinctively went to her ass and caressed the soft skin. Damn, I love that ass. She moaned in my mouth, then broke away and said, “Make Like to me”

“No” I said. “Really?” “Yes. Really. I’ll make Love to you though.” I pushed her back down on the bed and started kissing all over her face and lips, then down to her breasts, where I spent a few good minutes sucking and licking her nipples. I could her soft mews from her as I did this.

The whole time, her hand was still wrapped around my cock, which was hard as a rock now. I rolled on top of her, keeping my weight off of her, and my cock, which was now released from her grip, sought out the warm tender opening it craved.

“Are you sore down there Sweetie?” She smiled up at me and said, “Surprisingly No.” I then slipped into her slowly. “Uhggggggg” is all I heard from her, once I was fully inside her.

We started real slow, with her hands caressing my back as I slowly pulled out, then sank it in slowly. We started kissing again, and now for the next 20 or so minutes, made slow passionate love to each other.

There was a great deal of soft moans and small grunts from me, and when her legs wrapped around my waist, I knew she was getting close, and so was I.

Her arms went around my neck, and she smiled up at me, “Oh God Baby, I Like You, I Like You, Oh God I Like you.” I started pumping faster in her and with each pump in, I said, “I Like you” This went on for another minute until she shrieked out “Aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”. I could feel her juices coat my dick as it slipped in and out. This then brought me off as I started pumping my seed, deep inside her.

Afterward, I rolled off and pulled her close to me. She put her head on my chest and just relaxed. “I could stay here all day like this.” I chuckled and said, “Sounds like a plan to me Babe”

Then she said to take a shower and get some breakfast. I agreed with her and said let’s go to that little diner down the street from here. So we did shower together, each taking time to soap one another down. I paid close attention to her ass and tits then. She cooed, “You do really like my ass, don’t you?”
“God yes. It is a great ass. Great breasts too. Shit. Fabulous body Honey” She hit my arm and said, “Oh stop. But I am glad it pleases you, because yours please me too”

We went to breakfast and I asked her if she wanted to go to a ballgame today. The Indians suck, but it is still fun to go to the ballpark. She was excited to go. I said let’s stop at my house so I can change, and yes, you get to meet the parents.

Mom and dad were real nice to her. Mom was talking up a storm to her, getting to know her, while I changed. Mom cornered me in the hallway, by my room. “You be good to her. I like her and she seems real nice.”

The game was fun and they even won it, which is a surprise. We went to dinner then and got back to her place around 7pm. We were both pretty whipped and just fell down on the couch.

“This has been a perfect weekend for me. You make me feel so alive and wanted Tim. Last night was amazing, and I loved every minute of it, but this morning, when you made love to me, that was it for me.”

She now had tears running down her face, so I took her in my arms and cursed all the assholes that used her before.

“Don’t cry Sweetie. I am not the other guys. I mean what I say to you, and do to you and with you. Last night was amazing, and I hope we continue that, but this morning meant the most to me. If you can’t tell how much you mean to me, then I can’t show it any other way.”

“I know how you feel for me. I can sense it, feel it, hell I can taste it and it scares me. Can I give that back to you?” “In do time Sweetie, in do time.”

Vicky excused herself and went back towards her room. About 5 minutes later, she came back out and now had on a yellow teddy, with matching panties.

“Wow” is all I could say. She smiled, and took my hand and pulled me up. She didn’t say a word now, just led me to bed.

Once by the bed, she said, “You make me feel so sexy and I needed to show you how sexy I can look. And judging by your reaction and that hard on in your shorts, I’d say I succeeded”

“You look amazing Baby” I stripped down for her. When I was naked, she led us to the bed and slowly kissed me all over.

“Please… Make.. Love.. To.. Me.. she said between kisses.I lay her back on the bed and slowly took off her panties, but left the top on, but exposed her breasts. To me, she was a goddess. I leaned down and kissed her pussy first, then made my way up to her breasts and sucked her nipples, then on to her neck and then finally her mouth. As we kissed, I lowered myself down on top of her. Her hand went between us and guide my dick to her opening, and I sunk in.

“Oh God Yesssssssss” as I went fully inside her. I have no idea how my dick could get so hard from all the work it has had these last 24 hours. I guess all the non use helps.

I then rolled us on the bed, so she was on top. I never popped out, nor did we stop kissing. She started slow, grinding back and forth on me, then went in small circles. My hands were planted firmly on her ass cheeks.

Her head was next to mine, whimpering with each thrust she performed. Then she said it, “I like you” My hands then moved up to her shoulders and held her tight and said, “I like you too” we made slow love from then out for another 10 minutes. She came, but I did not, which was fine.

When I plopped out of her, she stayed right on top of me. “You didn’t cum Babe” “I know, but it felt awesome anyways. Think about how many times I have cummed in the last 24 hours.”

“Well this is a perfect ending to a perfect weekend. I wish you could stay here again tonight. I love waking up with you.”

“How about I stay over tuesday night, after you get home from work? I am off wednesday this week, but have to work saturday.” She didn’t say a word for almost a minute, then laughed and said, “Oh hell yeah. I’ll set the alarm for an hour earlier than I usually get up. If you couldn’t tell, I am a morning person. Well. Actually, morning noon and night sexually.”

We talked a bit more and she asked, “You know that party I asked you too, we don’t have to go. I don’t want you to feel like you have to do this.”

“No Baby. We’ll go. Sounds like it could be fun. And I definitely don’t mind being naked with you, in any setting.”

“Ok then. I’ll warn you now, people get kind of frisky and there will be sex going on, and I know it will turn us both on, and to be honest, I so want to fuck you in front of people. I’d love if you were behind me with this gorgeous cock sliding in me while I ate Carrie out”

“I’d love to just see you do that. I have to admit, I love your naughty, slutty side a great deal.”

“Do you now? What if she ate me, would you fuck her, like I want you to fuck me?”

“Only if you want me too, and she does too. Would you let Rich fuck you then?”

Vicky giggled, “Oh wow, I never thought about that. Yeah, I would as long as you are ok with it and right next to me. Carrie said his cock is like 10 inches, which I know is true because I can’t take him all the way in my mouth. Carrie will let you fuck her, trust me on that. When I told her what we did last week, I think she damn near came in her shorts. But for now, let’s just concentrate on us, and we’ll see when the party comes around.”

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