The Cheerleader Harem – Part 8

Adult stories: The Cheerleader Harem – Part 8

by Rich Richardson

Fiction, Bi-sexual, Consensual Sex, Males / Females, Threesome

This is the first new chapter I’ve put up since reposting the series. Hope you all enjoy it. Happy Reading 🙂

Those next few days were the longest of my life. Every single hour seemed to drag for me, and, to make matters worse, Stacey kept sending me sexy pictures of the two of two cheerleaders licking and fucking each other.

My not being there hadn’t stopped those two from mating like rabbits. By the time Saturday rolled around, it had been less than a week since Kacey had agreed to become intimate with her girlfriend. However, the two of them had racked up a lot of pent up sexual energy since they first started dating, and considering how frequently the pictures were coming, it seemed like they were determined to release all of it as quickly as possible.

“This is either going to be the best night of my life, or go horribly horribly wrong.”

I kept repeating that to myself as I prepared to head over to Kacey’s house. She lived in a Sorority with nine other girls, several of whom Stacey had tried to invite into bed with the two of them, but it made me wonder how we were going to keep from waking them up. I also kept trying to figure out how I was going to satisfy two women, which one I should start with, what I should wear and what I should bring with me.

“Is it normal to bring flowers to a threesome?” I asked myself, as I strolled down the sidewalk, walking as fast as my legs would carry me. Stacey had told me to be there at five, but I didn’t want to seem too eager. On the other hand, my cock was seconds from exploding, so one minute after five was the latest I planned on showing up.

“Help!” said a female voice nearby. It was just after sundown, and I had thought this part of campus would be abandoned, but soon the cry rang out again. “Help!”

I sprinted towards it, and found a girl being shoved aside by four men, while they walked away with her purse.

“Give it back, assholes!”

One of them turned and shoved her to the ground, which immediately set me off. Without thinking, I ran up and kicked the nearest goon in the back of the knee, and punched another one in the gut.

“Who the fuck is this guy?” said another of them, as I backed off and raised my fists, ready to fight.

I know that you’re probably expecting some kind of dramatic act of heroism, or for me to tell you how, like a true knight in shining armor, I knocked out all four men and maybe even stole their wallets as trophies.

I mean, this is a pretty fantastical story after all, so I know you expect me to tell you about the karate moves I unleashed on them, and how I fought all four men, and then a bear showed up and I fought that too, with just enough time to spare to make it to my threesome with two beautiful cheerleaders.

Boy, I’d sure like to claim that that’s what happened.

I woke up with a pounding headache and the sounds of a crying girl filling my ears. She didn’t seem to be hurt, but I could see that she was definitely upset, as I got up and hobbled towards her.

“You alright?” I asked.

“They took my purse. Now I don’t have my phone or ID.”

“Well, you can get a new one.” I reached up to wearing my head was hurting the most and found that I was bleeding just above my hairline. “How long was I out?”

“Don’t know.”

“Are those muggers gone?”


“Did they hurt you?”


“Can you at least look me in the eyes when you give me these shity one word answers?”

She looked up, with mascara running down her cheeks. “My mom said this would happen. She said I shouldn’t leave home. She said that the people here would all be violent and crazy-”

“Calm down,” I told her, before she could get hysterical. “You’re safe now. Once you get home, you can get a new ID and a new phone. They’re not that hard to replace.”

She stood up and seemed to be a bit relieved, but I could still hear her whispering to herself, “She said this would happen.”

“Where do you live?”

“The corner of First and Park Street.”

“Perfect. That’s right next to where I live. I’ll get you home safe.”

She smiled and thanked me as the two of us started walking. In reality, her home was almost five blocks away from Kacey’s sorority and nowhere near my apartment, but she didn’t need to know that.

“You’re Alex, right?”

“Do I know you?”

“I’m Kendra. I’m on the cheerleading team with Emma and Annie.”

“Oh, great. Another cheerleader getting me into trouble,” is exactly what I wanted to say, but she’d been through a lot so I just settled for, “Oh, that’s nice.”

We continued the rest our walk in silence, but I secretly watched her the entire way. Kendra always seemed to be shaking and looking around like a monster was waiting to jump out at her.

“You don’t have to be scared,” I told her, as we walked up the steps to the two story house where she lived.

“I’m not scared. I’m just… I don’t know. I always tried to believe that the world wasn’t as horrible as my parents said it was.”

“Are your parents part of a cult or something?”

“Of course not,” she said, but then changed her answer when she had had a moment to think. “I mean, I don’t think so.”

For an entire minute the two of us just stood there. Kendra seemed to be deep in thought.

“The world is a rough place. Trust me on that,” I said, holding my side. “But you don’t have to be scared of everything. Bad stuff happens everywhere.”

She walked inside without saying anything in response, and left me alone on the porch.

“Ok. Good talk.”

I quickly shot Stacey a text saying that I was going to be late, but didn’t get a response at any point during my walk to Kacey’s sorority house. Making it those five blocks was a challenge, but I eventually managed to haul myself over there, and called Stacey on her cell. It took two tries before she finally answered.

“Where the fuck have you been?”

“It’s a long story. Can you let me in? I need to lie down.”

“You stood us up. We both fell asleep waiting for you. Give me one good reason that I should let you in?”

“Because I’m bleeding.”

There was a long pause on her end of the phone, but moments later she told me, “I’ll be right down.”

Stacey showed up at the front door wearing an oversized hoodie and a pair of baggy shorts. She still looked angry when she opened the door, but that dissipated when she saw the cut on my forehead and the bruises on my knuckles.

“I hope the other guy looks worse.”

“So do I, but I wouldn’t know. There were four of them, and once they got me on the ground there wasn’t much I could do.”

“Oh my God,” she said, with the utmost pity. “Come upstairs. You should rest.”

Kacey seemed just as concerned after she saw me, and after I explained what had happened to both of them she quickly brought a rag and started dabbing my forehead.

“Man, I wish all nurses dressed like you,” I told Kacey, referring to the lingerie she was wearing.

“It was supposed to be a surprise for you. If I’d known you would show up injured I would have worn something more comfortable.”

She quickly pulled my shirt off to take a look at my chest, and found that the bruising was pretty bad, but nothing life threatening.

“You’re going to be pretty sore for a couple days.”

“I’m sore right now.”

She gently brushed her fingers over my stomach, making me wince for a moment.

“I’m so sorry. It looks painful,” said Stacey, leaning in close to me.

“Shit happens.”

As she reached out one hand to stroke my cheek, she planted a soft kiss on my lips. However, soon that soft kiss turned into a firm one, and not long after my hands began to roam her body, she was straddling my lap.

“Hold on a second,” said Kacey. “I know we had plans tonight, but these are pretty significant circumstances. I’m still game, but Alex, are you sure you have enough strength for this? I don’t want us to hurt you.”

Before I could even think, Stacey, in a single motion, reached out and unhooked Kacey’s bra, and after seeing her swaying breasts and my massive erection she said, “I think he’ll manage.”

As Stacey began to unzip my jeans, Kacey moved in close behind her, smelling her female lover’s perfume as she lifted the hoodie over her head and tossed it aside.

It turned out Stacey was wearing a matching set of lingerie, which Kacey quickly disposed of, determined to get her naked so that she could feel every inch of Stacey’s body, unimpeded.

My jeans were pulled off sharply, which made me grunt from the pain of shifting my body.

“I’m so sorry, honey.” Stacey knew just how to make it up to me, moving her gentle fingers up my bruised chest and down my arms, before pulling my hands up to her breasts.

Her supple skin seemed to get softer every time I squeezed, and I could feel one of Kacey’s hands guiding my cock toward Stacey’s waiting cunt.

“I want to watch him penetrate you,” she whispered into her girlfriend’s ear. “I want to hear you moan as you’re filled with cock.”

As she continued to guide me, I gave Kacey exactly what she wanted, and we both listened to Stacey’s moans of pleasure as she stretched to fit my full length inside of her.

“He slid into you nice and easy. I’m not surprised. You’re so wet that you’re dripping.”

“I always get that way when you touch me.”

Kacey began pulling on Stacey’s hips, lifting her up and slamming her back down until she was riding me like a bronco. My ribs were hurting, but that pussy was too good for me to resist.

I slid a hand down to Stacey’s clit and started rubbing it as Kacey grabbed her nipples and twisted them until they turned purple.

“Don’t hurt her,” I said, concerned.

“Oh, don’t worry. She likes it rough. Isn’t that right?” Kacey ended her sentence by loudly spanking her girlfriend, and Stacey could only moan in response. She was in too much pleasure to form words.

“Let’s go ahead and get you off,” said Kacey. “I need him to save some energy for me.”

“What are you-” Stacey was suddenly cut off. Right in the middle of riding me, as she came down onto my lap, Kacey thrusted two fingers far into Stacey’s ass, and as she cried out in pain, I felt her cunt tighten around my dick so hard that it felt like a vice grip.

“You’re a bitch,” Stacey said, tired and out of breath.

“You did the same thing to me yesterday. I’m just returning the favor.”

Stacey crawled over to give Kacey access to my cock, and allowing me to dive, tongue first, into her cunt.

“Oh shit!” She obviously hadn’t been expecting that, nor did she expect Kacey to lick her sore asshole, so that we could double penetrate her with our tongues.

“Fuck, my pussy is gonna be sore.”

Kacey pulled out of her girlfriend, and I expected her to begin working her way down toward my cock, but when I didn’t feel anything after several moments, I pulled away and saw her just looking down at my chest, which was starting to turn black and blue.

“It doesn’t hurt that much.”

“This shouldn’t have happened. Not to you, anyway.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I don’t know. I just… somehow, I feel responsible. Maybe if I had told Stacey to change the time or if we had called you over earlier-”

“That’s completely insane. None of this is your fault. Besides, what’s important is that everyone turned out safe, and I got in a few good hits.

Hopefully now those guys won’t be mugging anyone again.”

She smiled, leaned down and kissed every individual bruise, before she told me, “I’ll make you feel better, my wounded warrior.”

She straddled my cock, which was still wet with her girlfriend’s juices, and pushed it past her pussy lips.

“You guys aren’t going to leave me feeling empty, are you?” asked Stacey, and we responded by both plunging our tongues into her, once again.

Though my hands rested on Kacey’s hips, she did all of the work. I simply laid back and rested my aching body on her bed, while she fucked my throbbing cock and I tasted her girlfriend.

“Fuck, I need to get injured more often,” I thought to myself as Kacey and I came closer and closer to cumming.

I tried to hold back the flood building inside of me, while she kept forcing me deep inside of her. “I’m about to cum,” Kacey said, leaning closer to me. “I’m almost there.”

“Perfect.” In one swift movement, I reached around the cheerleader’s body, spread her ass cheeks and forced both of my index fingers into her ass, driving her to further push her face into Stacey’s asshole.

However, the fingers in her didn’t quite get her to climax, but as she continued riding my manhood and repeatedly forcing my fingers inside of her, I knew that she was getting close.

“Is it safe to cum inside?”

“Yeah, fill her with your cum,” Stacey said, and I did just that. Kacey could do nothing but moan as ropes of semen painted the walls of her pussy, and I could see the look of pure satisfaction she got as my cock slid out and our juices slowly dripped out of her.

Stacey curled up next to me and turned to dig through one of the dresser drawers, while Kacey nuzzled against my other side, smiling and sated.

“Here you go.” Stacey threw her a box that I recognized as Plan B.

“She’s not on the pill? Why did you tell me to come inside of her?”

“It’s a huge turn on for her. It’ll be fine.”

I didn’t like being tricked, but they were prepared for it and Kacey seemed happy, so I let it go.

“What now?”

Stacey answered. “Now, we get some sleep. I have to be up early tomorrow.”

“Why is it that I can never go more than one round before you two have to be somewhere?”

She laughed and jokingly said, “Well, I’m sorry that this threesome wasn’t up to your incredibly high standards.”

“We’ll do this again soon,” said Kacey. “Or, if all else fails, I might sneak over.”

“Save some for me!”

“You don’t even like when guys cum inside you. You should be letting him save up for me!”

“Oh great,” I thought to myself. “It’s Emma and Amanda all over again.”

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