DOORS – Chapter 2

2017 latest sex stories: DOORS – Chapter 2

On Sunday afternoon, Ramona came by and mowed the lawn without even asking. She did a very nice job of it, too. Got the trimming around the edges done correctly also. So, I sent Ashley out to pay her, to allay any suspicions that there was something between Ramona and me. After all, I was only fucking the neighborhood girl, couldn’t call that a relationship could you?

Over the weekend I had studied the house plans and done a lot of measurements and I now had identified at least eight of the mentioned extra hidden rooms. I just had no idea of how to enter them. So, when Ashley left town on some family business not related to her profession, Ramona evidently who was monitoring these movements at our home showed up at the front door and without even knocking entered and found me. She then took me by the hand and led me outside to the door to the sex room, as I had named it.

Once inside with the door closed, and with her sitting with her lovely butt cleft centered over my dick, I asked her if she had been in any of the other hidden rooms in the building. She answered that yes she had, in several of them, but she didn’t know where the doors to them were, because she had always been blindfolded whenever she entered any of the ones other than this one. Oh, darn!

She then told me that she hadn’t done enough more to justify another confession, counseling and absolution session in the stocks, but that she wanted me to fuck her proper, because Jimmy was taking her to the beach later in the day.

She without delay, threw off her clothing and jumped up on the humongous bed with her legs splayed apart, impatient for me to do my duty. I moved up to engage her pussy with my tongue and when I delayed there too long she reached down and pulled my little head up to her port and reached down to plug him into her cum port. With that things proceeded very rapidly with him providing the requisite cum drop to accompany her climax and share in the proceeding of her cum drop, too.

She then threw on her clothes and waved over her shoulder as she sashayed out of the room on to her meeting with Jimmy.

With that I took the time to give a more thorough cleaning of the ‘cat’ pee in front of my lounging chair using some Febreze and with that accomplished, moved back to the house to entertain the mysteries of the missing rooms.

He decided to go about this at a more studious manner and so went to an artist’s supply shop and bought a large easel and some large canvases to mount on it. He then settled on a scale to use and drew a square on the top sheet that was exactly the size of the building with the lines out to the farthest reach for each side (forty feet to a side.) He then went outside and measured each indentation from the outside line and drew them in to get a more accurate depiction of the outside of the building. He got only a couple of them done for the day, but felt good that he was now addressing the puzzle in a methodical manner.

When Ashley got back that evening, she noticed the plot plan in development and inquired as to the reason for that. He had no desire to let her in on what he was finding, so he answered that he was trying to get an accurate plan for the house against any needed maintenance or remodels for the future. That made some sense to her and so she dropped the subject and showed very little interest in it from that time on.

Alice showed up that evening at the front door in her cheerleader’s outfit with a box of cookies under her arm and inquired of Will as to whether he would have time for her at present. He said no, but to keep an eye on things here. She said that she would and that there were other girls and mothers who would be interested in playing with him, too. And that Uncle had kept a ledger somewhere in the house with many of their phone numbers, vital statistics and preferred activities. I made a note to find and secure that as soon as possible.

Ashley notified him that she would like a T.V. monitor in the front sitting room so that she could view it while conversing on the phone with her mother and other friends. There was no reason to deny her this, so I made the appointment for the cable company contractor to come by and install it. When he drilled through the wall, I used a wire to probe through it and determine its thickness as an aid to producing an accurate layout of the interior of the house on my plans. I was very surprised to find that the walls were very much narrower than a three story home would normally have. But, I knew that that could be compensated for by building with a lot more wall studs mounted closer together. And that this narrowing of the walls would allow extra room in the house, which could be critical in the very small rooms that these mansions were typically built with. It seemed to me that all of the original walls would also be so configured and even some of the remodeled ones, too.

So narrow walls were added to the refining plot plan of the house. Not all of the corrections of the outside walls had been entered in yet and it had become evident that the plots would have to be divided into stories, since each story had its own outside arrangement. So, I produced another starting square for each story, even the basement. And right away, I identified a possibility on the second floor on the backside of the house away from the street. It didn’t seem that there could be an outside entrance with its location, so I planned a search indoors to find the entrance to it.

As I was eating lunch while Ashley was off on some fool errand, one of the prospective neighbor ladies came up on to my porch and rang the buzzer. I noticed that she was pretty, somewhat portly, had impressive breastworks and was extremely friendly in manner. She introduced herself as Mary who lived across the street and she wondered if I as a new resident in this old home needed any sugar to be loaned to me. She even had a cup of sugar with her. I got the message and indicated that I didn’t need any at this time, but would keep her in mind. She smiled at that. She also said that if I had any extra sausages around that I could bring one over to her at an opportune time, too. Boy the double entendres were flying all around the porch. She signed off with a gigantic smile and sashayed down to the sidewalk and across the street to my visual fascination.

With my eyes back in my head and mind back on the coming challenge, I proceeded to study the plot plan on the easel to find the indicated hidden room. I found that where ever the entrance was, it was noteworthy that a wall of it coincided with the elevator shaft that rose all the way from the basement to the attic, with stops along the way at each floor. So, my curiosity stirred up I entered into the often used riser and closely examined the panels that lined the inside of the carriage. On first examination nothing appeared to be unusual. But, when I looked over the punch board with the symbols and press buttons, I noticed a button that seemed to not be identified with any of the floors. It appeared to be well used, though. So, I lifted the elevator to the third floor and as it approached the opening of the door, I punched the extra button. The carriage dropped to be In between the first and second story, it stopped and then settled down to be intermediate between the floors and one of the back panels opened up to reveal an open doorway with a set of stairs.

I pushed the stop button to secure the carriage at the current location and then proceeded out into the lit up stairwell. It rose to about level with the second floor and led to a secured door. I out of reflex reached out to the door handle and the door opened on its own. Inside I found a surprisingly spacious room set up as a sort of taxidermy salon. This gave me an instant set of upset sensibilities, especially when I noticed in the corner of the room an obviously treated body of an adult woman. It was perfectly done and dressed in a very beguiling way. This made me feel sick at heart. The thought that my dear uncle might have abused and killed this adult, but still young woman. But, using my occasionally recessive good sense, I took a picture of it with my cell phone and withdrew from the room to think this over. I then planned a trip to the library to try to secretly access information there to determine what had gone on in this case.

That evening, I indicated to Ashley that I had some research to do at the library and she could accompany me, if she would like to do so. They have a very large array of women’s magazines there I informed her. She said that she might like to do so at another time, but had some serious communicating to accomplish while I was gone, so I left and arrived there alone.

I used my secondary membership card under an assumed name for the research that I would never want to be traced back to me. I knew that they cleaned the tops of the keyboards every night, so my fingerprints were of no concern to me. I entered the local newspaper site and looked under missing women. There was a lengthy list, but none of the pictures matched the lady in question. So, I widened out to neighboring towns and soon found what I was looking for. There was an account of a young woman, the one that I had the picture of who had died of an unexpected cerebral hemorrhage a couple of years ago. And the bereaved family was shocked that her body had disappeared from the mortuary where she had been planned to be cremated. There were rumors of an aged lover of hers, but he had never been identified. They just hoped that the body wasn’t going to be used for some unpleasant purposes.

Now he understood. His uncle had been her lover and couldn’t stand the thought of her either moldering in a grave or being burnt up in a crematorium, so he had stolen the body and used taxidermy to preserve it as a remembrance of a dearly loved young woman who had passed on much too early. He knew that he could never do such a thing, but he perfectly understood the motivations of his dear uncle.

He knew that he would never want to enter that room again, and so he closed off the entryway off the elevator shaft and sealed it up permanently.

The next morning about 9:00 am, I decided to deliver the sausage to the lady across the street. I cut an eight inch section off of a kielbasa that I had stored in my fridge and put it in a Ziplock bag. I then left Ashley to sleep off her late night conversations and early morning fuckfest with me, to deliver my offering to the lady in question.

When I arrived, she could see that I was struggling to remember her name and so supplied it to me, Mary. I of course remembered it just as she was supplying it. But she was very good natured about it all, as she probably was about most things. And she then admired the sausage that I had brought over. When she looked it with close scrutiny and admired its size, I froze because I was by no means equivalent in its length or girth. I was then afraid of being deemed guilty of false advertising, but no worry, she backed up to the sink and with her hands braced behind her, she displayed a welcoming pussy to my view. I got the message and installed my private sausage into the offered container and after a brief few minutes added a special sauce to accompany the sausage in the welcoming chamber. With that she shuddered a bit and then leaned forward to give me a gratified and thankful kiss.

She then offered me coffee, after lining her panties with the available paper towels against possible accidents. I sat down to converse with her. And she laid out the lay of the local land in regard to available women in the neighborhood. It seemed that they were delighted to have a semi-single adult man who was still serviceable in residence, if the pathway to his house taken by obvious young women was any evidence thereof. And that their husbands were not at all upset at having their wives regularly serviced, since each of the husbands had their own young pussies to take care of. Many of which will be of his interest as time moves on. So, when he would be interested in mature pussy in contrast to the neophyte examples, all he had to do was to be observant and hints would be passed on to their availability for fun.

And she mentioned a couple of them who would be especially fun. As for herself, she was happy with her life and felt that she had a very good husband. But, with his outside interests, she would welcome an occasional quick fuck to tide her over till the old man came through again, this said with a very wide smile. What a wildly progressive neighborhood, he decided.

Ashley was again out and about with her interests and he was beginning to wonder about that. But, it was convenient when he wanted to pursue his other interests, concerning his study of the house and his carnal pursuits. She had told him to not expect her until late that evening, so while he was studying the increasingly filled in plans, he again heard the front door buzzer go off.

When he answered the door, there was another of the local young teens standing there. She was lightly red in hair color, tall for her age and very slim and evidently athletic. She had a very pretty smile on her face and asked if she could come in and introduce herself. He could think of no reason to deny this and so welcomed her into the front sitting room to converse on whatever topics that she brought up. As soon as she settled down she brought up the hidden sex room and her desire to see it.

“My dear young woman, it is not a public place. It has very specific purposes and activities in mind for its guests. I do not think it proper to introduce it to someone who would not evidently want to get in to the spirit of the room and welcome at least some of the activities enjoyed there.”

“So, that means, NO!”

“Well, don’t you think that, that would be the appropriate response on my part?”

“Perhaps, but I am not refusing to enter into the spirit of the place, I just am not familiar enough with it, to make that decision yet.”

“Okay, I will give a ‘one time’ introductory shot and see what happens.”

With that I took her hand for once and led her to the side of the house and then in behind two newly planted pyramidalis shrubs to the door and tripped the door open. When she entered inside she let out a muffled yell and scanned the scene before her. So, I took to my favorite chair and sat to observe her room search of discovery.

She first moved over to examine the stocks sitting by the bed. She could smell intimate odors on it, but didn’t seem to be offended by that. She then scanned the objects mounted on the walls, she obviously had no idea what most of them were for. She then moved over to the bed and leaned over to bounce her hands up and down on it. As she did this, he could see her panties out from under her short soccer skirt. She probably knew that. Girls that age are much more aware of what was going on than most adults give them credit for. She then came over and sat right down on my lap.

After a few minutes of relaxed cuddling, she looked up to me and asked, “What is the purpose of this room and the things in it?”

“It is a room for intimate fun. Not the kind to produce babies, though that could happen if everyone in here isn’t very careful. But, it is a sexual pleasure palace. A place for experimentation and discovery.”

“I see.”

“Well, if your curiosity is assuaged, we can leave, because if you remain, you must surrender to the spirit of the room.”

“What would that entail?”

“Every female that enters this room must immediately remove all of her clothing and remain nude during the whole time unless she is given permission to don some provided intimate apparel.”

“Does that include me?”

“Oh yes, in fact if you don’t do so immediately we will now leave this premise and not return without your compliance to that.”

“You mean that you would enjoy seeing me naked?”

“Sure, I am looking forward to that if you gift that to me.”

“But, I am only fifteen and a half, skinny with no breasts to speak of and freckled.”


“You mean that you would like to look on that?”

“Actually yes, many men prefer their women younger and thinner. Have you ever looked back on the wedding pictures of your relatives? And if so, what did you note?”

“Yes, and I noticed that almost all of them looked much younger and were much thinner than they are now. And that actually the women had a wide variety of physical types, thin being a very common one.”

“And so what do you deduce from that?”

“I guess that most men like slim women, especially. And that I shouldn’t be surprised if they would want to admire me in a naked state.”

“Well deduced my young lady!”

“I think that I will pass on that for now. Do you mind?”

“Not at all. It is entirely up to you. A simple decision, but one that either way could have very long lasting effects on your life. So consider it well. I would like you to keep this under your hat, though. Even at your age you should be able to keep some confidences, since they could mean a lot of trouble to the one who is the main object of them.”


With that they removed themselves from the room and she went on her way.

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