Change Can be Good – Chapter 5: Five Years Later

2017 incest stories: Change Can be Good – Chapter 5: Five Years Later by NedRanders

Fiction, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Body modification, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female/Female, Incest, Transgendered

This story incorporates a few different fetishes, and will be the final chapter in the series. I hope you like it!

Change can be Good – Five Years Later

Kathleen Casey snapped her laptop closed and turned her desk lamp off. Another day of work for the local newspaper, finished.

She got up and stretched, her tank top forming around her B-cup tits, as she was not wearing a bra this late at night. Her long, thick red hair cascaded over her shoulders, not the artificial red color of her youth, but a natural reddish-brown with a slight curl to it. She had matured well, and stayed in shape, making all of her male co-workers head’s turn whenever she walked by. She loved to tease men with her tits and her shapely rear end, but her preference was for females, ever since she had come out of puberty.

She exhaled and crossed her small apartment to her bedroom, turning out lights along the way. Kathleen liked living alone, except for the occasional lover she brought home, it was ideal for her solitary lifestyle of reading, writing, and exercising. She had realized that she vastly preferred her own company over that of crowds or partygoers back when she was still in high school, and had pursued that goal of solitude ever since she moved out of her parent’s place more than two years ago.

The only person whose company she really missed was her younger sister, Violet.

The two of them had had quite the adventure when they were younger and both still living at their parent’s house. A book found in their father’s library held such strange magic that Violet grew a penis from reading out loud from the book. Trouble eventually came from examining some of the other magical books when Kathleen became pregnant within a single day.

Kathleen stood at the foot of her bed and ran her hands over her breasts and down her tummy. Not a single sign remained from when she had grown a child. They had found the rites necessary to reverse the process, as the second book alluded to terrible things transpiring if the child conceived by magic were allowed to be born.

After that, they decided to return the books to their shelf and never speak of the incident again. Kathleen still sees her sister from time to time, as they both live in the same town.

What her sister didn’t know was that Kathleen had kept the book that allowed one to change their genitalia.

Going over to her modest bookshelf, Kathleen ran her slender finger along the bindings until she came to an old plain volume. Never once had she attempted its spells, although she had read what she could of the nearly illegible script and learned what secrets she could.

Tonight, though…

She grasped the book and carefully lifted it free of the bookcase, taking it over to her bed and setting it on the spread. She slowly unbuttoned her jeans, and shimmied out of them, setting them over the foot of her bed. She stepped out of her underwear, and ran a hand over her crotch, feeling the dampness between her pussy lips and her nub of a clitoris. She frigged herself for a minute or two, bringing quite a bit of moisture to her pussy, and then reached for the book.

She let the book fall open to its marked page, and ran her finger down the page until she found the passage she was seeking. She whispered all of the words she understood aloud, ending with the word ‘penis.’

She stood up straight and looked down at herself. The pair of lips and her clit at the top remained the same. Kathleen frowned in confusion. She remembered Violet saying that the transformation was nearly instantaneous.

She leaned over the book again just in time to see the words blot out as if the ink itself was running all over the page. Kath cocked her head at the magical behavior. Was it supposed to do that?

That was when she felt it; a subtle shifting in her guts.

Her hands went to her flat belly. Beneath her fingertips she felt her internal organs moving about, as though they were automatically rearranging themselves. Oddly enough there was no pain whatsoever, just a liquid sliding feeling.

Kathleen’s mouth fell open as she saw her clit shrink back up its sleeve and her pussy lips become one with the skin around her crotch. She didn’t have long to wait though as she felt a weight descending through the area that she thought her vagina had once occupied beneath her pubic bone. Craning her neck to catch everything, she watched in wonder as a soft penis emerged from her vaginal opening, followed closely by a set of balls. Even though it was not hard, the penis that slid out of her was long and thick; Kath could only imagine what it would look like – or feel like for that matter – when it was fully erect.

There was a bit more movement beneath her balls, and then the transformation was complete. There she stood, formerly completely female, now sporting an impressive set of male genitals.

Kathleen put her hand over her mouth in excitement. Before touching it, she moved her hips in such a way that the member swung back and forth, striking the insides of her thighs. Giggling very girlishly, the young woman finally reached down and grasped the thing with both hands, marveling at its texture and width. The head was purple and seemed to change its size based on whether or not she flexed her dick. It was a very different feeling than flexing her vagina.

As she had been playing with her new addition, it began to swell and grow before her eyes and within her hands. Her eyes widened as it achieved its full length, which she knew to be inches longer than what she could have taken in her vagina, had she a vagina still.

Even though she was more lesbian than straight on the bisexual scale, she still felt an urge to put this beast in her mouth. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she attempted to do just that. If she really stretched, she could barely get the tip of it into her mouth, which was interesting, but required too much effort to glean any pleasure from.

Sitting there on the bed, with her cock pointing up at the ceiling, Kathleen figured that maybe she should invest in a fleshlight; since she has toys for getting her female self to an orgasm, she might as well have toys for getting this monster off. She slowly stroked the hardened beast between her legs, noticing its sensitive spots were on the bottom of the shaft right beneath the head. She would have to keep that in mind.

She stood up, watching as the large muscular shaft bounced on its base. She was about to go and find some lube when she heard something that she was not expecting:

A knock at her door.

Violet Casey stood outside her sister’s apartment, dressed in a low-cut top that gave a nice view of her c-cup white breasts, and a skirt that came barely halfway down her thighs. Her greyish eyes were framed by straight blondish-red hair that barely settled upon her shoulders.

She held a pair of books in her hand; since the girls were both readers, they recommended authors and specific books to one another on occasion. As it was barely seven o’clock in the evening, Violet didn’t think that she would be intruding on her sister with this impromptu visit.

What’s taking Kath so long to come to the door?

She raised her hand to knock again, but there were footsteps, and then the door opened, revealing Kathleen wearing a skirt and a confused expression. The expression warmed to one of joy, as Kath was always glad to see her little sister.

“Vi! You should have called, I wasn’t expecting you.”

Violet explained that her phone had died during her date earlier. Kathleen let her sister into her apartment and closed the door behind her.

“A date, you say?”

Violet blushed a little and sat down; setting the books she was carrying on the table.

“Yeah… This guy Gary had been pestering me for a date for a few weeks now, so I decided to give him a chance. I don’t think I’m going to see him again, he’s too boorish.”

“A lot of guys are.” Kathleen walked around back of a chair opposite her sister, her skirt flaring around her legs. Which were still quite shapely, Violet noticed.

Violet had always been completely straight, and the only somewhat lesbian experience she had was back when the siblings were still living at home and Violet had discovered a magic book in her father’s library that allowed her to grow male genitalia. One thing had led to another, and for a couple days she had fucked her sister until the magic affected Kathleen adversely and they had to quit. Ever since that experience years ago, Violet had been unable to quit looking at her sister in a way that she would admire men’s bodies.

It wasn’t as though she wanted her sister again; it’s just that their brief tryst had given Violet an appreciation for the female figure. So much that she had been staring at her sister’s legs for far too long.

She snapped her view away from Kathleen’s legs and back to her face, where to her surprise; she saw that Kathleen was quite obviously staring at Violet’s cleavage. She abruptly corrected that when she saw that Violet had noticed, pulling out the chair at the table and, with her hands keeping her skirt from moving, sat down. Violet thought that was odd. Kathleen always wore jeans, even in the summer.

“Since when did you start wearing skirts, Kath?”

Kathleen shifted in her seat, made to respond to the question, but interrupted herself to make an adjustment to her skirt. Her eyes darted around uncomfortably for a moment, but then she responded.

“Skirts are easier to get into and out of; better for just lounging around the place.”

Violet nodded in understanding. She reached over to grab one of the books she brought, but her elbow knocked a little figurine to the floor. She cursed and reached for it, but had to get down on her knees to reach the figurine, as it had skittered away from her.

As she reached for it, something about Kathleen’s legs caught her eye. They were freshly shaven, so looked smooth and silky, but there was a shadow between them that didn’t quite make sense to Violet’s eyes.

Suddenly it struck her, exactly what it was about this situation that was causing so much déjà vu for Violet. Kath had-!

Violet started and smacked the back of her head against the bottom of the table. Wincing, she crab walked out from underneath and placed the figurine back on the table where she found it, and looked her sister in the eye in deep surprise. Kathleen looked back, not quite pulling off the innocent expression.

“You- You have-“

Kathleen sighed. “You saw it?”

Violet nodded.

The innocence left Kathleen’s face, and she bit her lower lip with mischief.

“Yeah, I saved the book. I haven’t used it until today, but I’ve read what I could about it.”

Violet took a deep breath, vividly remembering things that happened those few years ago. A bit of dampness stole into her pussy. She leaned in her chair as though to get a better look at the bedroom.

“You don’t have a girl tied up back there do you?”

Kathleen laughed, “No, I was just feeling a little horny, and decided to grow a dick to masturbate with. Why didn’t you tell me how much fun it was to play with these things?”

She shifted in her chair again, “Or how uncomfortable it is to hide it.”

As Violet watched, Kathleen got up, the front of her skirt being pushed out by something long and semi-hard. She walked back and forth a bit, watching her crotch area.

“Makes you wonder how boys keep these hidden in a pair of jeans.”

Violet laughed at that, her eyes never having left the now-obvious bulge at her sister’s crotch. Kathleen paused. “Do you want to see it?”

Violet opened her mouth to decline, but as she did really want to see her sister’s new genitals, she nodded instead.

Kath slowly reached down and pulled the hem of her skirt up, deliberately giving her younger sister a show. Violet felt her heart rate rise as she saw the monster protruding from between Kath’s legs. It looked so foreign, a woman’s body with smooth supple skin everywhere, except for this darker member hanging in front of a sack of testicles. But for some reason, that made it very very arousing.

Violet took another deep breath, trying to calm herself, as there was far too much moisture downstairs. With one hand, Kathleen reached down and stroked the beast, her other hand sneaking up under the hem of her own shirt and grasping her tit. Despite herself, Violet stared at the muscular cock as its skin moved in sympathy with Kathleen’s hand, remembering how her own cock had felt in her own hand all those years ago.

She got up suddenly, conviction entering her mind. She stepped close to her sister, staring into her eyes. “Kath. Let’s do it again.”

A grin slowly spread across Kathleen’s face, and she pulled her sister into a slow kiss, her member pinned between their stomachs. When they broke, Violet’s hand found Kath’s penis, and led her to a chair, and bade her sit down.

“I’ve tasted you before, but now that you have different juices, I want to taste you again.”

Kathleen sighed and stroked her sister’s hair.

Lifting the skirt out of the way, Violet dove on the dick, only taking a couple inches at a time into her mouth, using her hand on the rest of the shaft.

Kathleen gasped at the sensation of a wet mouth on the head of her cock. It was unlike anything she had ever felt while still having a vagina. For the next minute or so, there was little noise but wet sucking sounds, and little to see but Violet’s head bobbing up and down.

With all of Kathleen’s experience of sucking dick, she figured that she would be here a little while yet, as every guy she had ever blown took forever to orgasm when she used her mouth, if ever. But when the pleasure rose unexpectedly after only a minute, Kathleen sucked in her breath and held it, sitting up in the chair in surprise. She let out a little whimper as the first jet of semen shot into Violet’s mouth, and another with the second, pleasure filling her mind with stars.

Violet grunted as her sister’s cock exploded into her mouth, but she managed to swallow every bit of semen as it leaked into her mouth. She pulled the cock out of her mouth with a pop and mock-glared at her sister’s shocked face.

“A little different than a regular orgasm, yes?”

Between heavy breaths, Kathleen nodded. She swiped her hair out of her face and apologized to Violet. “I never realized it would be so intense! Or that I would cum so quickly!”

Grinning, Violet continued to jerk the cock, which was still mostly hard, despite Kath’s explosive orgasm.

Kathleen blew out a breath and locked eyes with her sister.

“Stupid question, I know. Are you wet?”

Violet licked her lips slowly as she got up from her kneeling position, the salty taste of cum filling her mouth and nostrils. She reached up under her skirt, hooked her thumbs around the band of her sheer panties, and slid them down her legs quickly, kicking them against the wall. She then tore off her shirt and bra, which quickly joined her underwear against the wall, and pressed her snow-white breasts together while kneading her own nipples. Kathleen’s breath had become shallow again while watching her sister undress; any trace of flaccidity in her throbbing cock had left, replaced with steely muscle. She beckoned Vi forward with her chin, and Violet obliged, swinging one leg over her sister’s lap and draping her skirt around the huge penis protruding from where Kath’s vagina had once been.

Reaching underneath the fabric, Vi grasped the monster and positioned her hips so that, with a little gyration, the head of her sister’s cock rubbed against Vi’s clitoris, which slowly gorged and edged out of its little hood. Violet’s eyes rolled with pleasure and she slowly exhaled through her nose. Kathleen reached up and caressed her sister’s cheek and neck, feeling her pulse beneath the skin. She pulled her sister down to bite at her ear and neck as Violet ground against the shaft with her vag.

Violet, worked up by all this foreplay, suddenly came out of her pleasure-reverie, and quit grinding and blew out a breath.

“Ok Kath, brace yourself. I’ve only felt what you’re about to feel a few times, but it is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.”

Kathleen grasped both arms of the chair she sat in, as though she were about to begin accelerating in a vehicle, and smirked at her sister, who stuck a couple fingers up her sopping-wet snatch, and painted the dick with her shiny lubricant.

Vi, with her tongue between her lips, slowly eased the head of the monster inside of her canal, feeling it expand as Kathleen flexed. It was bigger than anything Violet had ever taken before, but something about a huge member being inside her only served to increase her arousal. She angled her hips so that the cock was pointing straight up her canal, and sat down as hard as she could.

Kathleen felt every exquisite inch of her brand-new penis sheathed by Violet’s insides. Wet, warm tightness engulfed the monster completely, until she felt the head of her penis push up against what was probably Violet’s cervix, but it gave far enough to allow Violet’s ass cheeks to settle down onto Kathleen’s thighs. Violet gave a little grunt/shriek at the abrupt filling of every inch of her vaginal canal, while Kathleen groaned more and more gutturally the more of her cock that Vi took within her.

As Violet’s skirt pooled around their legs, she could feel the pulsing of Kathleen’s heartbeat within her, right about at the base of her stomach, somewhere amongst her intestines. It was something she had never experienced before, so she decided to just sit there for a moment and feel their heartbeats harmonizing while she got used to her emptiness being filled.

Kathleen buried her face in her sister’s amazing tits, and wrapped her arms around her, breathing heavily. Her sister was right, this was unlike anything she had ever felt. It was so hot and tight. She felt Violet’s arms around her, and her breath stirred her hair as she spoke.

“I can feel your heartbeat through your cock, sis. All the guys I’ve fucked and I’ve never felt their heartbeat.”

Kathleen grinned at Vi’s revelation. She pulled back from her sister’s embrace, and looked her in the eyes again. Both girls’ eyes held something more than lust at this point; their sisterly affection had grown a few measures by this extremely intimate bonding moment.

“Must mean something, yeah?”

Violet licked her lips again and nodded, leaning forward for a long, passionate kiss that Kathleen returned with increasing vigor.

Things would never be the same between the siblings.

They broke their passion slowly, reluctantly. Violet began to gyrate her hips, slowly and sensuously, feeling every small movement of the muscle filling her guts. For a few minutes, there was only gentle gyrations, and the small token thrusts on Kathleen’s part, all that she could manage in this position. They made love to one another, as only sisters in this specific situation could. Violet’s orgasm built slowly but concretely, every movement of Kathleen’s cock stimulating every inch and every degree of her vagina, including her g-spot. Her breath grew deeper, her eyebrows depicting distress as Kathleen watched and felt, and a glorious orgasm flooded over Violet in one great waxing and gentle waning. Kathleen watched the peaking of her sister’s please washing over her, the clenching closed of her eyes and the frowning and opening of the mouth as though to yell out, and then the slow relaxing of all muscles, the slow return of cognizance to her bright eyes. It was a glorious view.

Violet came out of her orgasm slowly, but smiled down at her sister, whose facial expression was one of a job well done. Vi smirked at her sibling, wiggled her behind a bit, and suddenly got an idea.

“Tell me if you can feel this, Kath.”

Kathleen cocked her head and waited. Violet relaxed every vaginal muscle she could, and, remembering her kegel training, clenched Kath’s dick with her vaginal canal as hard as she could. Kathleen gasped as the sudden sensation of Violet’s vagina grabbing and squeezing the monster took her by surprise. She gasped out a few a breaths at the unexpected pleasure, and Violet released her hold.

“Was that your kegels?” Kathleen asked, having never been on this side of a good flexing.

Violet nodded coyly; glad she had taken her older sister by surprise. Kathleen’s mouth pursed and half-smiled, her eyes narrowing in mischief.

“Hang on to me.”

Violet responded and wrapped her arms around Kathleen’s back.

Kath got her legs underneath them both, and putting one arm under Vi’s butt and the other at her lower back, got up from the chair and began to walk towards her bedroom, Kathleen bouncing slightly at every step, keeping her breath short.

Kathleen laid her sister down on the edge of the bed, the cock never leaving Vi’s tunnel. They kissed some more for a moment, sharing in the feeling of their hearts beating as one, through Violet’s abdomen. As they were kissing, Kathleen pulled out a bit and thrust back in, pushing Violet into the bedspread. Violet broke away from her sister and folded her hands behind Kath’s neck.

“Your turn sis. Fuck me good.”

Kathleen needed no further encouragement. She leaned over Violet and began ramming home her still-hard monster member, eliciting a grunt and a frown from her little sister. Like a piston Kath fucked her sister, their breaths mingling between them, each of them smelling the other and becoming more and more overwhelmed by the effects of their pheromones.

Kathleen began to pull out farther before plunging in to the hilt, and by this action, she was pushing directly against Violet’s g-spot as she thrust in. A loud gasp from Vi told Kath that she was hitting the bull’s eye, and maintained that style of stroke. Every thrust in, Violet would gasp louder and louder, feeling her insides burning with pent-up pleasure waiting to burst forth. Finally, with a broken-off shriek, Violet’s legs snaked around and held Kathleen’s hips against her, at the same time leaning forward and embracing her sister as her second, and more powerful orgasm zapped her from toes to scalp. Kathleen held her sister as Vi shuddered and twitched through her pleasure overload, Sensuously kissing her neck.

Violet eventually calmed down and met Kathleen’s necking with her own mouth. Kathleen slowly let her sister back down on the bed and resumed thrusting into her, enjoying every little squeak that escaped Violet’s nose. Kathleen loved her sister’s titties, how big they were and how their felt in her hands. Everything about her seemed perfect at this point in time.

While thrusting her monster into her sister, Kathleen felt a stirring in her testicles and a hot feeling behind her pubic bone.

“Vi, I think I’m- gonna-”

The pleasure hit her all at once, causing Kathleen to clench her eyes and jaw, and push as far into Violet’s insides as she could get. Her testicles were drawn up against her, and before she knew exactly what was happening, long streams of semen were deposited with force up into Violet’s vagina and against her cervix.

Violet who was on the verge of another orgasm, felt her sister’s cock head growing, and then it rammed in as deep as possible, pulsing hot jets of cum up into her. She loved cum, and the fact that it was from her sister made Violet explode with another orgasm which clenched and held Kathleen’s member deep inside her, and which tensed little-used muscles that slightly opened the cervix, allowing the freshly-mixed semen to flood into her uterus instead of merely leak in. But neither woman knew that happened, they were both caught up in their respective orgasms.

Kathleen finally hissed out the breath she had been holding and panted along with her sister, their eyes locked. Violet slowly relaxed her legs and searched for enough breath to speak.

“You- You came inside me?”

Kath nodded, “It happened before I knew what was happening. God it was so hot.”

Violet gave her sister a light kiss on the lips and whispered to her, “I’m not on birth control.”

Kathleen blew her breath out through her mouth and slowly withdrew her cock, which was turning flaccid before their eyes, and sat down in a chair next to the bedroom door.

“I read through that book of rites before growing this monster. The only thing it says about pregnancy is the bit that we tripped over last time, and I tore that page out and burned it.”

Violet, still breathing deeply, supported herself with her elbows and stared at her sister with an expressionless, yet satisfied face. “Can you see any leaking out of me?”

Kathleen leaned forward, and pulled aside a fold of Violet’s vagina, causing her to shiver. She looked at Violet, who was clenching her kegels trying to push out the load, and shook her head. The opening to Violet’s vagina sucked and moved, but not a single drop of male-cum dripped out onto the spread, which was soaked with female cum.

“Oh well,” Violet said, laying back on the bed, “I’ll pick up a Plan B at the pharmacy tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, come and lay beside me, lover-sis.”

Kathleen smiled tiredly and crawled onto the bed next to her sister. They cuddled for a while, spooning like husband and wife, before both falling asleep, Kathleen’s dick held between Violets legs against her pussy.

^ADDENDUM^ (seven months later)

A young woman with reddish-brown hair sat in the local park, reading to herself from a hardcover novel, a newspaper lying on the bench next to her. It was partly cloudy, so the sun would apply shadows to her pages at periodical occasions. She wore jeans, and no space was allowed in the crotch for a cock, flaccid or otherwise, and she sat comfortably in them.

A young pregnant woman sat down at the other end of the bench from her, who failed to notice her at first. The chapter was almost finished, and she wanted to finish it before she left for home. She placed her bookmark and returned the book to her bag, only then noticing the pregnant redhead next to her. They locked eyes for a moment, each recalling passionate memories with equal affection. The brown-redhead scooted toward the other woman, and placed on hand on her swollen belly, the other on her own chest. The pregnant woman nodded with an inquisitive smile.

The book-reader gasped in disbelief. She looked down at the belly, and back into the other woman’s eyes and nodded rapidly.

The pregnant woman leaned forward and they both shared a lover’s kiss.

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