Homeless – CHAPTER 13

Adult story: Homeless – CHAPTER 13

by senorlongo

Jennie confronts her stepfather then we take a long honeymoon.

I called down to the bell desk once we had finished breakfast. David was there with our limo and the bags were in the trunk as I tipped the bellmen and followed Jennie and Lady into the rear seat. I sat back, completely relaxed, as David drove away. We had a relatively easy trip to LaGuardia although there’s never a really easy trip in the city. I had just tipped and thanked David when our bags were carried to the plane. We boarded and got Lady secured, relaxing in the well-upholstered seats.

Ninety minutes later we landed at Wilmington. Rather than stop for lunch Jennie wanted to go home. I did stop at the post office for our mail and I noticed something I’d share with Jennie later today.
She was happy when I drove through the gate to our home, but probably not as happy as Lady. She raced around the property as Jennie and I laughed. Finally, tongue hanging from her mouth, she walked slowly to us. A minute later I had her bowl filled with water and she drank thirstily while I carried the bags to the bedroom.

Jennie had the washing machine running a few minutes later, but we were a long way from being done. Later that afternoon I applied myself to the potential problems Jennie might face when she returned home. My eyes were closed and I was almost asleep when I bolted upright. “Damn! It’s so simple!” I had practically shouted so Jennie came running, thinking something was wrong. I was smiling when she appeared.

“It’s so simple. I should have realized immediately.”

“What, Doug?”

“You have to go back to being Jessie when we go to Iowa. I don’t think we should share my surname so they’ll have trouble finding you. I have another card I can play, but let’s wait until we see how things go.”

“What do you mean…another card?”

“I wrote my first “Idiots” program for my doctoral thesis. It was and still is an excellent program, but that doesn’t make people want to buy it. I had to advertise, especially because I couldn’t convince Walmart or any other vendor to stock their shelves with it. That meant that I needed other work and some of my early clients were…let’s say ‘unsavory.’ I still have some of those contacts and I may use them if I think you might be in danger. That’s all I want to say now. The less you know the better. Get used to being called Jessie for a few weeks.”

I had sorted the mail and found what I was looking for. Jennie was in the living room reading when I dropped the magazine in her lap. “What’s this, Doug?”

“Consumer Reports—the annual car issue. They rank all the cars by category like sedan or SUV. Take a look. Maybe it will help you.” She put her book aside and opened the magazine. She was still reviewing it when I asked about dinner.

“Why don’t you just bring in a pizza and maybe a salad? We overate in New York–at least I know I did.” She rose to kiss me as I pulled my phone from my pocket. I kissed Jennie and rubbed Lady’s ears as I gathered my keys and walked out to the garage.

Christopher’s was about ten minutes from my house so I walked in, paid the bill, and waited about five minutes for my order. I walked in to the kitchen to find that Jennie had paper plates and cold Cokes on the table. We sat and ate quietly until the pie was almost gone when Jennie spoke. “That Consumer Reports is interesting, but I’m more confused now than ever. Will you take me car shopping tomorrow? Please?” I knew I was a goner when she batted her eyelashes at me. She had me wrapped around her little finger and she knew it.

Jennie…oops, Jessie—I’d better get used to calling her that until we return from Iowa—went out of her way to show her appreciation that night, moving me into a “69” and sucking me deep into her throat. We’d done oral on each other, of course, once her bout of Chlamydia had cleared up, but there was nothing to compare to that wonderful night. I felt like a lamb to her wolf. She attacked my body with a vengeance as though we hadn’t been together for months or years. I fell asleep in seconds once she was finished with me.

Jennie was smiling down at me when I woke the following morning. After a quick kiss she whispered, “Better get up old man—we have a lot to do today. I think I need to get an appointment with Dr. Cullen, my OB/GYN, first. Then I think you need to take me car shopping. Where should we go—Wilmington or Myrtle Beach?”

I looked up into those clear blue eyes and asked, “Why are you whispering? Practicing for when we have the baby or are you afraid Lady will hear us?” She gave me an expression of exasperation then grabbed her pillow and began to beat me with it.

“I give up! I give up! Let’s get a shower and I’ll take you out for breakfast. We don’t have a doggone thing here in the house. Oh yeah, I love you like no one has ever loved before.”

She leaned down to kiss me before telling me, “I know. Aren’t I lucky?” She pulled my naked body with her to the shower. I don’t know how much actual washing we did, but we sure as Hell had a great time doing it. I was barely able to keep the bandages on my arm dry.

I was still dripping wet when I let Lady out. Jennie handed me a towel before walking back to dress. She couldn’t avoid shaking her shapely ass all the way down the hall. I laughed. I could afford to—that spectacular body was all mine.

I drove to Calabash to the pancake house there. After ordering I asked Jennie what she was thinking about in terms of a car. “Let’s start with the type then we can talk about brands, okay?”

“Believe it or not I’m thinking about an SUV. I think it makes the most sense. We’ll have room for the kids and room for groceries or whatever else we need to carry. Does that make sense to you?”

“Actually, it does. I read a few weeks ago that the SUV has replaced the sedan as the number one choice of car. Given any thought to how many passengers? Some can seat as many as eight.”

“That’s too big.”

“Okay, then if you want a high-end vehicle you’re looking at Audi, BMW, Mercedes, maybe Lincoln, Acura, and Lexus. We could add Porsche, but there’s no dealership nearby. That could be a problem when you need service.”

“We’re closer to Myrtle Beach, aren’t we?”

“Yes, so that’s where we should start. We can start with Mercedes and BMW is right next door—part of the same dealership, actually.” Jennie just nodded and we were quiet eating our French toast and omelet until we were in the car again. Then I couldn’t get Jennie to stop. She was obviously excited, but I had no idea how the next two hours were going to be.

I drove into the Mercedes lot first, thinking that Jennie would be enamored of the marquee name. She wasn’t. In fact, she told me as we left that she thought the models were “ugly.” We walked next door to the BMW side of the dealership. Jennie walked straight to one of the SUV’s on the floor as a salesman approached me. “May I help you, sir?”

“No, but you can help my wife.” I pointed to Jennie seated contentedly in an X5 that looked to have every possible package and option imaginable. Jennie had the salesman demonstrate how to attach a child’s seat as well as almost all the options. Finally, she said she wanted a test drive in the exact same car, if possible. We went out to the lot to check on their stock. Jennie passed by several, but stopped at one that was a dark metallic blue with white leather seats. The list price was more than $70,000.

I sat totally relaxed in the back seat, amazed by my wife’s control as she cruised down the back streets of Myrtle Beach. Jennie was pretty quiet as she listened to the salesman’s patter, mostly comments about how wonderful the car was—how quick it was, how it accelerated, the smooth ride, and all the other bullshit salesmen learn.

We were back in the parking lot when the guy asked if we wanted to talk price. “Not yet–I want to see something for my husband.” I choked, feeling as though I had just swallowed a cat.

“We never discussed a new car for me.”

“I know that, silly, but I’m buying you a present—a convertible, I think. Wouldn’t you love to drive a Beemer soft top?”

“Well, yeah—but…”

“Doug, how much have you done for me since we met and since we’ve been married. I even tried to give your two million back and you wouldn’t take it.” The salesman looked as though he had swallowed a canary when Jennie said, “two million,” but my wife never missed a beat, leading the confused man back into the lot. The first two models were “too small” or “not enough” according to Jennie. However, she did stop at a row of 6-series cars. I learned by listening carefully that this series of BMW’s were only coupes or convertibles. I had to admit they looked a lot better than my Honda, but—of course—they also cost more than twice as much.

Jennie picked a model in a dark red metallic with the same white/black leather interior her car had. “Okay, now we can talk price.”

“I think I could do it for 130 plus your husband’s car.”

“Oh you poor man; you need to get out of the sun. You’re delusional. Let me tell you something, Jack. I spent five years on the road surviving by my wits so don’t think I’m an idiot. Why the hell should I pay you almost list plus my husband’s Honda? There’s no way that’s going to happen. I’m thinking 100 plus the Honda and, before you say you can’t do it, here’s a question. How often do you sell two cars in a single morning? Never—that’s how often. So get me a manager or we’re going to Wilmington or Florence or somewhere else where they really want to sell a car.” Jennie sat back in her chair while the sales guy looked to me for help.

“Don’t look at me. I have to live with her. If I was you I’d get a manager before she gets up and walks away.” The manager was there five minutes later and after a half hour of dickering the price was set at $110,000 plus my Honda Accord. I cleaned out my car while Jennie proved that she had sufficient funds in her account. I walked into the dealership just as Jennie was writing the check and turning down their efforts to get more money out of her with some extended warranty to cover all the cars’ computers.

“If your cars are so bad, maybe I should be shopping elsewhere. What do you think, Doug?”

“I think you’re right. One other thing—neither of us is signing an agreement to use arbitration if there’s a problem. We’re not giving up our constitutional rights and don’t try to tell us that these people are impartial because they’re not. They rely on cases from dealers for a living. They could deal with a single dealership dozens of times, but a consumer only once. Too many rulings against dealerships and they’re out of business and their kids become carpenters instead of dentists. Forget it!” They took the check and we took the cars.

I can’t say that we raced home, but we were there in bed less than an hour later. It was time for a celebration. I lay next to Jennie kissing and touching her when I asked, “When did you come up with this idea?”

“When you told me you wouldn’t take the money back; that’s when I knew I had to give you a big present.” I just shook my head. I’d been absolutely clueless. “Remember Doug, that I love you so much…certainly more than I can find words to tell you. You’ve been totally unselfish with me. You’ve given me more than I could have ever hoped to have and, most importantly, you’ve given me a child to love and help grow to be the kind of person you are. Do you understand a little better now?”

I did and I showed Jennie that I did by making the most beautiful love to her all afternoon. I began by kissing my way down her body until my tongue found her slit. Jennie still kept it clean shaven and I loved kissing and tonguing her, rubbing her G-spot and causing her entire body to shudder in ecstasy. I had given her two orgasms by the time she screamed for me to fuck her. I did, ramming my organ into her in a single massive thrust. Jennie moved her legs over my shoulders and I bent her in two as I pounded her relentlessly until we came together—Jennie convulsing wildly and me pumping her full of my seed until we collapsed together into a heap on the bed.

I could barely move when we were done and I could see that my wife was nearly asleep from her exhaustion beneath me. I tried to move off, but she held me tightly. “I love my new car,” I whispered, “but I love you more.” The last thing I remembered before closing my eyes was Jennie’s lips lightly on mine.

It was the following morning when I asked Jennie about where she had lived in Iowa. “We lived just outside Waterloo in Black Hawk County. The county courthouse is in Waterloo so we should probably try to stay somewhere near there.”

“What about an airport? Is there one nearby?”

“Yeah, right outside the city, but I have no idea what airlines fly there.”

“I think we’ll charter again. It’s a lot easier than flying commercial, but we have a lot to do before we go.” I explained that we needed our marriage certificate in order to legally change her name. She laughed at that. It was kind of funny in as much as we’d changed her name illegally only a few months ago. We agreed to fly to Waterloo on the tenth and leave on the fourteenth after her stepfather had been sentenced. We saw no need to stick around any longer than that. Other than her friend Amber there was not a single soul she wanted to see.

Our marriage certificate arrived in the mail the following day so we went up to the local DMV in Shallotte. From there we went to my insurance agent to change my individual health insurance to a family plan. Thanks to Obama Care her pregnancy would be covered. The following day we drove to Conway, to the nearest Social Security office for a name change there. When that was done I took Jennie to see my lawyer, changing my will so she would get enough in a trust to provide for her forever. Much of my estate would go to Harvard and MIT to thank them for the opportunities they’d given me.

We had a few days before our trip to Iowa so we went fishing and to the beach one day and played golf together on the others. I also had my stitches removed. The scar was ugly, but hopefully it would be covered eventually by the hair on my arm. Of course, we also made love every single day and a lot of nights and some mornings, too. We flew as scheduled on the morning of the tenth and arrived in Waterloo mid-afternoon, driving a rental Toyota to the Isle Casino Hotel. We had what they called a junior suite, but it was really just a big room with a sitting area and a king bed, quite a come down from the Plaza, but this was Iowa, and a small city in Iowa, after all.

Using my laptop and their free wi-fi, we called her friend Amber, making reservations for dinner—Olive Garden. I may be rich, but I still appreciate moderately priced food, especially with unlimited salad and bread sticks. Jennie (now Jessie again for our stay in Iowa) and I were already seated when Amber walked in. She and Jessie hugged and Jessie introduced us.
I hugged Amber and, as I did, I told her how much I appreciated everything she had done for Jessie. “You’re a true friend. They’re hard to find—almost impossible, in fact. I’m sure there was some risk involved, too.”

“Unfortunately, there was. Jess’s stepfather is obsessed with her. Jess, you’re taking a huge risk coming here. I think he’ll come after you as soon as he’s released from prison. That’s how bad it is with him. He must have asked me at least once a month if I’d heard from you. Of course, I told him I never had.”

“Thank you for telling us. I think I’ll have to go to Plan B. That’s all I can tell you now, but I can just about guarantee Jessie’s safety. Why don’t we eat? Want a drink first?”

Apparently not—we all had iced tea, Jessie because she was pregnant, me because I wasn’t that keen on drinking to begin with. I mostly sat back, listening to Jessie catch up with Amber. I enjoyed listening, but I had little to contribute until Jessie explained to Amber how we had met. Then the conversation was punctuated by Amber’s gasps. We finished our dinner and walked together into the night, promising Amber that we’d get together again the following afternoon.

We had breakfast in one of the casino restaurants and I had to admit it was pretty good. I suggested to Jennie that we might try the buffet tomorrow. After breakfast I asked Jennie to show me around. I wanted to see where she had lived and gone to school. She slowed as she passed her mother’s house and I had my first glimpse of the ogre who had been her stepfather. He was tall, well over six feet in my estimation, but grossly obese. His belly was so big I doubted he could mate with even the most willing woman. His hair was cut in a military-style buzz cut that only served to make his gut appear even bigger. Jennie was shaking when I covered her hand with mine. “You need to leave him to me. I have contacts who owe me favors and they’ll gladly deal with him. You have nothing to fear. He’s not the sheriff now and he never will be again. Trust me, darling; you have nothing to fear, but I want you to keep Lady near you while we’re here.”

We skipped lunch and joined Amber at the casino around two that afternoon. I gave each of them $200, telling them to have fun. Jessie took Lady with her. She and Amber played the slots while I tried my luck at blackjack. They returned three hours later laughing, but broke. I was down, too. I’d lost $50 which wasn’t bad considering how much I was betting–$100 a hand. Blackjack is a game of probabilities and as long as everyone played according to the book, the odds were only slightly in the house’s favor. You might have a run and win, but over the long haul those odds would wear you down.

I joined my love and her one true friend for a dinner on the house at Otis and Henry’s—my reward for having gambled more than ten thousand dollars this afternoon. Apparently they thought I was a wealthy high roller; if they only knew.

With an attractive woman on each arm I strode into the hotel’s high end steak house. This time Amber did have a drink and I joined her. Poor Jennie was still restricted to iced tea. Both women had what looked to be an excellent 10-ounce filet while I had the cowboy cut ribeye, saving much of the fat for Lady to enjoy with her dinner later. After dinner we walked to the bakery where I had two cream puffs while Jessie and Amber had crème brulee. I thought the prices were very reasonable—one of the benefits of being in Iowa where the cost of living was much lower than on the east coast.

We retired to our suite to feed Lady then returned to the casino for more action. This time I did hit a lucky streak, walking out with just over $900 which was enough to cover the day’s earlier loses. We said good-bye to Amber and walked up to our room where Jennie thanked me repeatedly into the wee hours of the morning when we fell asleep from sheer exhaustion.

We drove the following day up to Cedar Falls, spending several hours at the Museum of Art. The displays were interesting, but after the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City it was hard to be too impressed. All the same, we had a very enjoyable day before returning to Waterloo for dinner, again with Amber. Tonight we dined in the casino hotel’s buffet, overeating as always at a buffet.

We returned to the casino after feeding Lady, spending an enjoyable three hours just about breaking even. It would be our final evening in Iowa. Jonathan Harper’s sentencing was scheduled for tomorrow morning at ten.

Our rental Toyota was packed, bags securely in the trunk, when we walked into the court room at 9:25. I sent Jennie into the row first, followed by Lady, with me on the aisle. Jennie wanted to be seen by her stepfather and mother, but I insisted that Lady and I act as a buffer between them. “He’s such an asshole, Doug. He always insists on shaking hands with the people in court or in church and I’m sure he’ll do it this morning in spite of the circumstances.” Jennie was right. He strode in like the cock of the walk instead of the felon he was about to become. He took one look at me and his eyes shifted down the row, stopping when they reached Jennie.

His voice was low, but threatening both in his tone and his words. “You managed to elude me for the past five years, but I’ll find you and get you as soon as I’m out. That’s a guarantee.”

He was about to continue his walk up the aisle when I interrupted him. “Wanna bet,” I whispered with a sly grin on my face. “You don’t know me, but I’m Jessie’s husband. You won’t get within five hundred miles of her unless you’re dead.” He looked me up and down before smirking and walking away. He was joined by his attorneys on the other side of the railing. Ten minutes later we rose to the entrance of the judge, the Honorable Edwin Pepper.

After some preliminary statements from the attorneys, Judge Pepper told the accused to stand. “Your attorney has requested leniency because of your years of dedicated public service. Apparently, I have a higher view of elected office than either of you do. Elected office is a sacred trust between the elected official and the public. You violated that trust not by accident, but repeatedly through a concerted effort by using your employees as workers for your campaign and extorting them into contributing to insuring your reelection through your ongoing threats. Even worse, you extorted a bribe from someone captured in a drug raid. Unfortunately for you he turned out to be an undercover operative for the state police. There is and can be no excuse for your conduct as an official of this county.

“You have reached a plea bargain with the district attorney in which you are pleading to a single charge of bribery of a public official, a violation of Section 201 (1) (b) (2) of the State Penal Code. Violation of this section of the penal code carries a maximum penalty of fifteen years and that is my sentence. I only wish I could add “at hard labor” for your traitorous and criminal behavior.” He banged the gavel and strode from the room as those present reacted to the sentence. Many, including Jennie and me, applauded loudly. Jonathan Harper scowled and screamed at his attorney. Jennie’s mother only cried.

We waited for the court room to clear so Jennie could confront her mother. Lady and I were standing in the aisle when she approached. “Oh, Jessica, thank God you’re back.”

“You’ve got to be kidding, Mother—me ever come back here? Not a chance. I came back so I could finally get one over on that asshole you married and I did. Did you hear our wild applause at the sentence? I would have whistled, but I doubted it would be acceptable in the court.

“This is my husband, Doug. Unlike you, he really does care about my welfare. This is our dog, Lady. She’s a service dog as you can see, but she’s also a guard dog. She’ll rip anyone who attacks us into shreds. She did it once when we were in New York, breaking a man’s arm with her bite.

“Not only am I married to a successful and wealthy man, Mother, but I am also expecting. You’ll be a grandmother before the end of the year, not that you’ll ever see your grandchild. I’d never expose any child of mine to someone like you—someone who would allow her own daughter to be raped repeatedly by her husband. I can’t prove anything now, but I also can’t forgive or forget. Goodbye. With luck I’ll next see you at shithead’s funeral.” I took Jennie’s hand and we walked out the door, down the steps, and into our future.


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