Favorite Aunt – Chapter 13: Honey mooning

Incest story: Favorite Aunt – Chapter 13: Honey mooning

Author: Trainman5771

As the weeks passed, Ben gained strength back as his therapy allowed. He was walking with a cane or walking stick depending on where he was going. If down to the barn to say hi to Gypsy, he’d take the stick. It was his preference but when it came to dining out, he would use the brass topped cane. Eventually he could walk without a limp or either cane or stick.

Ben and Alexandra had already attended Jean and Daniel’s wedding. Daniel and Jean had already been on their honeymoon and returned for Ben and Alexandra’s wedding as Daniel was Ben’s Best Man. Alexandra sat with Ben during the ceremony to wheel him around. Jean knew their bond was incredibly strong and understood the reasons. Jean was thrilled to be Alexandra’s Matron of Honor. They spent much of their honeymoon in Cancun, Belize and the Caribbean Islands. It was the best three months Jean had ever hoped to experience and it showed when they returned.

Ben and Alexandra married the weekend after his therapy was declared officially over. They held an open ceremony on the grounds of a little church on the outskirts of town with several townsfolk attending. Ben looked magnificent standing there in his black tux and bow tie. Jean winked at him and smiled as she took her place.

He smiled and winked back then turned his attention back down the isle. Alexandra came into view and his mouth dropped open momentarily. At the other end of the isle was his modern day medieval princess in her two inch strapped, sleeveless empire cut dark green satin gown. It was exquisite to say the least with a pleated bust, tiny gold chain embroidered lines crisscrossing around her waist in diamond shapes and flowed flawlessly over her hips to the floor. The embroidery filled the space from just underneath her bust line to the top of her hip line giving the appearance of a bustier gown.

The removable train was embroidered with the same crisscross pattern as the gown and attached like a tear-away skirt around her hip line with a satin belt. Gold embroidery laced the hems and shimmered as she began her journey down the isle. He was mesmerized as her slightly tan creamy bare skin contrasted perfectly against the shade of green. Clearly it was tailored to fit her perfectly and accentuate nearly everything she had to offer him.

As he held out his hand to receive her, they looked into each other’s eyes for a moment. When she took his hand, that now-familiar electric tingle jumped between them. They turned to face the Reverend and continued to hold hands. The Reverend noticed and smiled giving a slight nod of approval and opened his Bible to begin the ceremony.

With their vows made and each having said their “I do’s”, the reverend pronounced them husband and wife. Ben lifted her veil and kissed his new bride of 34. The bird seed flew with cheers and applause as they quickly made their way to the limo for the reception at Jean’s home. When the reception was over, Ben and Alexandra took the Limo to her house. After releasing the driver, Ben swept his new bride off her feet and carried her across the threshold to their bedroom where they would consummate their union.

Alexandra held her arm around his neck and kept staring into his beautiful hazel eyes. She wanted to dive into them and be lost in them knowing where she was the whole time. He craned his head and kissed her as he held her like a princess in the middle of the large master bedroom.

I don’t know what I like more, holding you or looking at you. He said softly. “You’re the most wonderful and beautiful woman in the world and I can’t imagine my life without you.” Alexandra grinned.

I too find you impossible to imagine without. I cannot decide whether I like being held like this or looking at you either. She said. They laughed then kissed with passion. Soon he let her down gently to her feet as they locked themselves into the kiss. His hands moved slowly around her back and found the zipper. He started to pull it down slowly when she gently stopped him.

They were a bit breathless when they broke the kiss and she reached up and undid his tie and shirt. She moved him to the bed and sat him down. She bent and removed his shoes and socks. Then pulled him up to remove his trousers and shorts. She stood back and took in the sight of him standing for the first time, whole and without bandages, braces or a cane.

I am pleased you are well again Benjamin. Now I wish to please my perfect husband on his wedding night. She said as she reached behind her and unzipped the gown. When she slipped the straps off her shoulders, the gown slipped from her body and crumpled to the floor. She wore only dark green stockings with gold trim. She held her arms out to him, beckoning.

His cock was already coming to attention when she’d undressed him and as the gown fell away to reveal her body, he was ready. Standing there with arms out to him in her gold trimmed green stockings, she was the most alluring he’d ever seen her. Tonight was special not because they’d seen each other naked. Nor was it because they loved each other. Tonight was special in that both of their life’s dreams were coming true once more. Each longed to be in a happy marriage where they could dream and pursue them together. Their pasts fell away as dust and faded as they strove to build a new future themselves and the family they wanted.

Ben stepped into Alexandra’s arms and they embraced him. As he embraced her, the feeling would stay with them for the rest of their lives.

They traveled to her family in the Ukraine for a few weeks to start their honeymoon off. It was important to Ben to get to know the in-laws. After that, they went to Moscow first then toured the Mediterranean. From there they then went to India and the Philippines then on to Australia. They both participated in many of the “clothing optional” camps, parties and resorts while on their honeymoon.

They enjoyed the freedom of optional clothing a great deal and each wound up with an even tan. After Australia they visited New Zealand for two weeks then on to Hawaii. Five weeks in the Hawaiian Islands on a private island available for rent was their personal paradise island. The only way on or off the island was by boat. And the boat came every other day for supplies. They had a radio for room services and emergencies since cell phones didn’t work there.

They thought this was the best part of their trip so far. No scheduled tours, no meetings and best of all, no people. As soon as they were settled and the supply boat left the dock, they ran back to the hut and stripped. The only time they would dress would be when the supply team or room services showed up. After stripping, they put sunblock on each other and ventured outside to explore their little island of paradise.

Where do you want to go first my Island Goddess? Ben asked turning to look at his beautiful wife. With all the topless and clothing-optional activities they participated at in Australia, neither had much in the way of tan lines. His were a bit more pronounced and hers were better blended. His skin was a tad more fair than hers.

Due to her lineage, she was able to tan a little more. Most redheaded women were very fair complexioned and either burned badly or the tanning wouldn’t last at all. She tanned lightly and he knew she wouldn’t be able to keep it very long after they went home but it looked so good on her. Her dark red hair, green eyes, generous red lips with large red areola’s and large penny-sized diameter nipples on her 35C-24-36 figure was magnificent to see. A slight hint of her ribs showed and augmented her flat stomach showing off a softly defined, but not bulging six-pack that were edged by a ‘V’ shape to her mound further defining her hips and thighs.

Further down a very dark red patch was shaped just above her pussy in the shape of a heart. She had it done while in Australia and it pleased Ben. She’d said she wanted to wax instead of getting a laser treatment so she could let it grow back if she wanted. Ben was more than okay with that decision and he wanted at some point to see what her full bush would look like.

Her sensuous hips flared from her narrow waist leading to full thighs that held no gap at her crotch when she stood. The sensuous curves flowed down to her ankles where calves were seemingly sculpted from perfection itself. While Ben was in therapy, she worked out with Jean every day and it showed. She was positively radiant. An absolute Goddess.

When she did have to wear something, she wore a black leather low rider two piece bikini. The bottoms were practically formfitting and it formed to her pussy labia very well. This got her a lot of attention from both admirers as well as the authorities. The panels of the top were so small they barely covered her areolas let alone hid her large nipples. If her nipples did stand erect, there was absolutely nothing left to the imagination. The combination of seeing all of her while still covered was erotic in the extreme.

Alexandra smiled at him taking his arm, pulling him toward the lagoon. They strolled up the path toward the lagoon and the waterfall they could hear. The path was overgrown above their heads, hiding the sky and made for an intimate walk. As they rounded a bend in the path, the scene opened up to a beautiful sight. In front of them across the lagoon was the waterfall.

It spilled into the lagoon that was roughly the size of an Olympic swimming pool. Looking further to the right, they saw a small hut and went to investigate. It held a queen size bed and netting all around with an open front to view the lagoon. They looked at each other and smiled knowing that bed would be slept on often. Maybe even more than the one in the main hut.

Standing in front of the little hut, they embraced and kissed each other with love and passion. When they broke the kiss, Alexandra took off at a run up the path to the top of the waterfall. Ben waited to see what she was doing. A minute later, she was standing at the edge. The fall was maybe thirty feet high and a small ledge jutted out from the lip for diving. She stood there in the nude and he thought she was the most gorgeous creature to be placed on this Earth. He watched as she prepared for her dive.

Her arms came up, breasts standing proudly from her chest, feet together and she started falling forward. She flexed her knees and pushed off. She sailed into the air, tucked in then straightened out and went head first into the lagoon. Any splash would have been washed out by the waterfall but to his eye, it was perfect.

She popped up several feet away and swam toward him on the beach. As she got to more shallow water, she stood and slicked her hair back from her face. She was a goddess to him. Her hips swayed in seductively natural motions. She was his siren of the lagoon. She walked up to him, cupped his face in her hands and kissed him. He felt breathless.

I hope that met with your approval? Alexandra said. Ben just stared and nodded, mouth drooping open. She closed it with her index finger.

You are magnificent Alexandra. He said. “Where have you learned to dive like that?”

I have trained in many sports. I am not entirely a geek. She said. “I take it you like swimming?”

Yes I did. I’m not sure if I should so soon. I still need the cane at times. He said. She looked at him critically.

You seemed to handle the sand well without it. She said then took his arm. “Come. I will help you.” And led him up the path.

When they got to the top, she guided him to the edge. There he could see a beautiful sight. The sun was nearing Noon and the lagoon looked very far down. He felt her arm around his back, holding him to her.

Now you have to keep balance and drop straight or you will hurt yourself badly if you land any other way. She began. He nodded knowing how much it could hurt. He’d done a pancake from only ten feet and it hurt like hell afterwards. She let go as he set his stance. She watched the muscles in his back flex as his arms came up. She saw the muscles in his legs tense and become starkly defined as he stood on his toes and bent at the knees readying for the jump.

Ben dropped lower in his stance and pushed off hard sending him out into space. He rotated in a backwards flip not once but twice then straightened just before plunging into the lagoon. Alexandra watched her new husband’s physique and felt tingly all over. His muscles worked, strained, tensed and he was gone. She watched as his body bulged in places as he worked his flip backwards and finally into the lagoon.

When he came up, she let her breath go not realizing she was holding it. She marveled at his masculinity and wanted him badly right then. She went after him with her own backwards flip and plopped in the lagoon. He waited for her and was surprised when he felt her hands on his cock and balls under water. She came up for air, wrapped her arms around him and spread her legs, wrapping them around his waist.

I want you now Benjamin. You look so perfect to me. She said breathless and they kissed before he could make any comments. As they did, their passion rose as did his cock. Soon it was pressing against her. She reached down and guided into her. She held on, clasping her fingers together behind his neck and leaned back.

Pumping slowly at first, he backed up until he was in thigh-deep water. Her juices were flowing and the effort was less difficult now to penetrate her. In a few thrusts he was hilt-deep inside her as he held her ass up, her legs draped over his forearms. He supported her as she took all of him in rapid pounding movements. His balls slapped against her making the act more erotic for them. He fucked into her harder and faster then slower and more gentle. He repeated the sequence until both were ready to find that place of pure bliss. It was bliss in paradise and the significance wasn’t lost on either of them.

Ben leaned over and sucked on one of her turgid peaks, drawing hard on it with gentle bites. His teeth closed around the hard nub and felt how large it had become in the last few months since he began sucking on them on their wedding night.

I love you Ben. Alexandra said again. Ben smiled and hugged her close to him. They lay on the bed naked, she snuggled into him using his shoulder as a pillow with her right leg over his. With his arm around her, he fondled her right breast, tweaking her large nipple now and then keeping them erect. She cooed at the sensation as she rubbed her mound against his thigh.

I do not remember a time when I was so happy and at peace. Alexandra said with a dreamy look in her eyes. Ben looked out over the lagoon. He’d remember saying something very similar when he was with Jean. Now that he had Alexandra, he had what he really wanted.


40 Years Later

Ben was sitting in his rocking chair on the front porch of the new cottage. It faced the field in the shadow of a few trees at one end. He took in the view and pondered his surroundings marveling at the splendid peacefulness of it all. As he looked out toward his left, he spotted the headstone of his beloved Alexandra’s grave site and smiled. It’s brilliant white marble shown in stark contrast with its surroundings up on the hill just above the creek.

Ben thought of the twenty odd years of blissful marriage to Alexandra before cervical cancer took her. He also thought of the five children they had and raised together. Anna and Emma were the first. Twin daughters and oh so good they were. They both became financial advisors and ran the CPA office Jean built. Ben junior was next a year later and followed in his father’s footsteps by taking over the construction and trucking company.

Ivan came a year after that getting a degree in Computer Sciences and finally began his career as an electronics design engineer for Siemens. Their fifth and last child was born a little more than a year later. Catherine was the youngest and was already very successful architectural design engineer and running her mother’s design company. All were married and all but Catherine had children. Catherine would be due with her first in a little under four months.

He thought of his Aunt Jean and her husband, Daniel. They were both gone now but having lived full lives despite the sudden onset of Daniel’s Leukemia only eight years after they married. By the time it was detected, it had grown to terminal levels. Jean lived on peacefully but never married again. She passed away a few years ago but did get to see him have children. She spoiled them rotten but they still came out okay. She loved his children and more so only living a little over a mile away. She would come over any time and help Alexandra with things. Ben smiled at that thought too.

Ben remembered the old cottage burning down the day he went into the hospital for his knee injury. The investigation found that the oven was accidentally left on and the casserole inside which started the fire. The damp ground and field grass and such didn’t let the fire spread much sparing the forest around it fortunately. A new cottage was built. It was bigger, better and designed by both Jean and Alexandra as a dry-run in how to work together in their new partnership. Since its completion, the July fourth family get together tradition returned.

Ben thought of Alexandra again and her beautiful smile and wonderful little wiggle her hips had when she walked. It was a treasure to behold. He smiled at that thought as he studied the field again. Her dark red hair, beautiful green eyes, creamy skin and wonderful sense of humor all blended into the perfect woman for him. Her sense of architectural “rightness” still amazed him after building a second house on the hill after the first burned down after a lightning strike started the blaze while they were out of town.

They spent a year travelling the globe together after they married. The year long honeymoon ended with her announcement that she was pregnant while they were in Belize. They were only three weeks away from returning home and so stayed in Belize for the remainder of their trip rather than head for St. Thomas. From then on his was a happy family.

As Ben’s eyes shifted again to Alexandra’s headstone, it seemed to be a bit brighter this time than the last. He could see a figure standing next to it waving to him. He smiled and waved back. He slipped forward and walked toward the figure. In no time, he was reaching out to take Alexandra’s hand. They looked into each other’s eyes as they went into the light.

Catherine came through the front door out onto the front porch. “Daddy? It’s time to say good night to the children.” She touched his shoulder but he didn’t respond. She knelt down in front of him, took his hands and held them. She looked at his face and saw it was peaceful. He even had a slight smile. She turned her head and looked in the direction he was looking and saw the white marble headstone across the creek and she knew.

Anna. Emma. Catherine called calmly. Emma was the first to come.

What is it Catherine? Emma asked.

Get the others please. Catherine asked. Emma called for Ben junior and Ivan to come out to the front porch. They came and stood around their father looking at Catherine kneeling in front of him after seeing the expression on Ben’s face.

What’s going on Cathy? Anna asked as she came out on the porch. Everyone saw Catherine’s tears then looked to their father again.

Daddy’s gone home. Catherine said.

The End

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