Dark Arts – Chapter 2A: Sympathy – by MrPhantomille

Sex stories: Dark Arts – Chapter 2A: Sympathy – by MrPhantomille Genres: Fantasy, Mind Control, Teen Male/Teen Female, Virginity Okay guys, the next one is going to be AWHILE, but hopefully you guys will enjoy it. Thought I’d give you this chapter, though. Jonathan discovers a new, deeper use for the Gift, and starts his […]

Life in Pieces – Chapter 3 – by Dark Triad

Incest stories: Life in Pieces – Chapter 3 – by Dark Triad Kelly broke my trip down memory lane when she pulled away and walk over to her sister Julie. She bent down and kissed her hard and passionately. I could see Julie’s hand come under her sister’s dress, the back was up still exposing […]

Life in Pieces – Chapter 2 – by Dark Triad

Incest stories: Life in Pieces – Chapter 2 – by Dark Triad Kelly’s moaning an pulsating pussy squeezing my cock as she orgasmed brought me out of my day dream. I pushed deeper into her and squeezed her breasts kissing hard as I pumped her full of hot cum. I stayed deep inside her until […]

A Hall Pass – Chapter 2 – by Finkent

Cuckold story: A Hall Pass – Chapter 2 – by Finkent Dark Fantasy, Anal, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cuckold, Cum Swallowing, Males / Female, Oral Sex, Threesome, Wife Husband lets his wife off the lead for a single hour of unbridled fun but she wants more. Is there a solution? She didn’t see Mr. 106 when […]

Body Swap – Chapter 2

First time xxx stories: Body Swap – Chapter 2 by Rebecca Vaughn Genres: Fiction, Incest, Masturbation, Teen Male/Teen Female, Written by women, Young It is important to read Part One before reading this story. Part One offers exposition and clarity that will make this story, Part Two, more understandable. This story has a lot less […]

Kyle Roberts Hypno-Therapy – Chap 2

Incest stories: Kyle Roberts Hypno-Therapy – Chap 2 “Doctor why did you take your shirt off!” Mrs. Roberts yelled. “Mmmmm…. Kyle how does that feel?” I cooed. “Mmm so good, I love titties so much”. “Hopefully by increasing his stimulation, this whole process can move on much faster. I have rather large breasts, so hopefully […]

Kassidy – Chap 2

True xxx story: Kassidy – Chap 2 by Red Czar Genres: True Story, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Teen, Teen Male/Teen Female, Young After our last adventure in my bedroom, I couldn’t wait to continue the fun. I finally was able to arrange some time for us alone For the next three weeks I hoped Kassidy and […]

Frank & Elyse – Chapter 16 – 17 – 18

xxx stories: Frank & Elyse – Chapter 16 by Burnt Redstone Elyse had been stunned to see Michael down on one knee and Frank standing over him as she rushed around the end of the driveway. She’d watched in horror as Michael swung the bottle into his head and leapt up to beat on him […]

Frank & Elyse – Chapter 14 – 15

xxx stories: Frank & Elyse – Chapter 14 by Burnt Redstone Elyse quickly got freshened up. As it was getting cool outside she put on a black yoga top, black leggings, then her cream color oversize turtleneck sweater which reached mid-thigh and dark brown, low heeled knee high boots as they’d be comfortable for their […]

Frank & Elyse – Chapter 13

xxx stories: Frank & Elyse – Chapter 13 by Burnt Redstone The morning sun was hidden behind the most beautiful fog Frank had ever seen. Granted his impression may have been colored by the bliss of having spent one of the best nights of his life with the most beautiful woman he’d ever had the […]

Frank & Elyse – Chapter 12

xxx stories: Frank & Elyse – Chapter 12 by Burnt Redstone Leaning back against the inside of her front door she thumped her forehead with her fist in frustration. She’d been moaning! Out loud! God, how embarrassing! It was bad enough that she kept finding herself standing in the kitchen doorway watching him work. Then […]

Frank & Elyse – Chapter 11

xxx stories: Frank & Elyse – Chapter 11 by Burnt Redstone The bicycle moved under him in perfect synchronicity, responding to his aggressive pedaling with a surge of speed as he danced on the pedals to accelerate himself up the hill at a rapid clip. He was breathing hard and his heart was pounding but […]

Frank & Elyse – Chapter 10

xxx stories: Frank & Elyse – Chapter 10 by Burnt Redstone She made quick work of assembling her bed frame now that she had tools to do it. After she lifted her mattress up onto the frame she sighed with relief as she hoped this would allow her to wake peacefully. This morning had been […]

Frank & Elyse – Chapter 9

xxx stories: Frank & Elyse – Chapter 9 by Burnt Redstone Waking early was built into Frank’s brain. He couldn’t sleep in if he tried. He’d gotten used to it and used the extra time to work out. He looked out the window and the morning was looking bright and clear. An excellent day to […]

Frank & Elyse – Chapter 7 – 8

xxx stories: Frank & Elyse – Chapter 7 by Burnt Redstone Knocking on Beverly and Rick’s door just a little before 7PM, Frank took another quick glance at his ‘dressy casual’ outfit. A nice pair of dark grey slacks and a blue pinstripe dress shirt open at the collar with the sleeves rolled up his […]

Frank & Elyse – Chapter 5 – 6

xxx stories: Frank & Elyse – Chapter 5 by Burnt Redstone He couldn’t get over how advanced bicycles had become. The old clunker he’d left in New York was an anchor compared to the one he’d just bought. Frank stood in the bicycle shop waiting for the mechanic to bring out his brand new mountain […]

Frank & Elyse – Chapter 3 – 4

xxx stories: Frank & Elyse – Chapter 3 by Burnt Redstone Three weeks after he’d stepped out of his lawyer’s office Frank stood watching a delivery truck pull away from his new home in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, a beautiful small community of artists and writers. And the occasional nosy neighbor. Walking down the sidewalk towards him […]

The Ten of Them – Chapter 30

Adult story: The Ten of Them – Chapter 30 by Hard93 During our last chapter, JJ and Marshall discovered making love to their wives now definitely has a different element. Both Kathryn and Misty are nursing. After arranging for alternative methods of feeding their children, they allow their husbands to nurse. Both JJ and Marshall […]