Boating Fun – Part 2B

True story: Boating Fun – Part 2B by T. Foxal We pounded hard this time. It was pure animal lust now, almost like her sister did with me. The headboard of the bed was banging against the wall, with each downward thrust inside that heavenly pussy of her. With each thrust, she was loudly making […]

Boating Fun – Part 2A

True story: Boating Fun – Part 2A by T. Foxal The next day, after Vicky and I spent an enjoyable evening together, I was going to take her out for that promised boat ride. I doubt it will be like the one I had taken her sister on. I had already been to the boat […]

Homeless – CHAPTER Epilog

Adult story: Homeless – CHAPTER Epilog by senorlongo Jennie had offered me sex—her hand and her mouth–as soon as we left the hospital with Andi. I had looked at her with the total love she deserved, but turned her down flat. “Sex…excuse me, making love is about giving as much as it is taking. I […]

Homeless – CHAPTER 18

Adult story: Homeless – CHAPTER 18 by senorlongo I took a few photos of Jennie and Andrea, emailing them to Toni and Mom almost immediately. Mom called and told me she had reservations to Myrtle Beach tomorrow morning, arriving around one. Then she hit me with something out of the blue. “Would it be all […]

Homeless – CHAPTER 17

Adult story: Homeless – CHAPTER 17 by senorlongo All nerds know how to plan ahead. Let’s face it—that’s what we do best. I had a bag packed for Jennie and daughter by mid-October and had plotted alternative routes to the hospital in case there was an accident or construction. I had run several drills like […]

Homeless – CHAPTER 16

Adult story: Homeless – CHAPTER 16 by senorlongo I become a dad! the conclusion of our story. We woke early the following morning, but could hear that we weren’t the only ones. There was activity in the kitchen and we decided to dress. Jennie walked upstairs while I shaved, dressed, and cleaned up the bed […]

Homeless – CHAPTER 15

Adult story: Homeless – CHAPTER 15 by senorlongo We were traveling first class on Air France—one of the better airlines in my opinion–so we were able to use their lounge at JFK for almost four hours until it was time to board. I could tell that Jennie was excited. She had my hand in a […]

Homeless – CHAPTER 14

Adult story: Homeless – CHAPTER 14 by senorlongo I had one more thing to do to ensure Jennie’s safety and I took the first step on our drive home from the Wilmington airport, stopping at Walmart in Leland for a cheap burner phone. I’d use this phone for one and only one call that I […]

Homeless – CHAPTER 13

Adult story: Homeless – CHAPTER 13 by senorlongo Jennie confronts her stepfather then we take a long honeymoon. I called down to the bell desk once we had finished breakfast. David was there with our limo and the bags were in the trunk as I tipped the bellmen and followed Jennie and Lady into the […]

Homeless – CHAPTER 12

Adult story: Homeless – CHAPTER 12 by senorlongo There were two men in cheap suits standing in front of reception as we walked up. “Detective Garcia,” I asked. “Dr. Preston, good of you to see us. This is my partner, Tim Rooney.” I shook hands lefty and introduced Jennie. We walked together into the Plaza’s […]

Homeless – CHAPTER 11

Adult story: Homeless – CHAPTER 11 by senorlongo Part 4— the rest of our NYC trip; two great new friends. It was almost 3:00 a.m. by the time the police and hospital were finished with us. I suggested that Charlie and Toni stay over at the Plaza as my guests. I thought it was the […]

Homeless – CHAPTER 9 – 10

Adult story: Homeless – CHAPTER 9 by senorlongo I had purchased three tickets because it wasn’t fair to the other patrons to be squeezed because of Lady’s presence. Normally, I consider myself to be polite, well-mannered and respectful, however a woman in our row howled about having to sit next to our dog. “Surely,” she […]

Homeless – CHAPTER 8

Adult story: Homeless – CHAPTER 8 by senorlongo We were up early, as usual, and dressed—me in a suit and tie, Jennie in casual clothes. We walked Lady over to the park and returned to the Plaza for breakfast. It was 9:45 when we left the restaurant and walked to the concierge. There was a […]

Homeless – CHAPTER 7

Adult story: Homeless – CHAPTER 7 by senorlongo My life changes dramatically. Wow, does it ever! Jennie and I had been together for five months. It was now May, one of the most beautiful months in the Carolinas with the temperature in the mid-eighties and none of the stifling humidity I knew would appear once […]

Homeless – CHAPTER 6

Adult story: Homeless – CHAPTER 6 by senorlongo The one good thing about cancelling our trip to Santee was that I was able to phone Jeremy, the head pro at Farmstead about some lessons for Jennie. We met with him on the range at 11:00 Friday morning. I spent an hour hitting balls while Jeremy […]

Homeless – CHAPTER 5

Adult story: Homeless – CHAPTER 5 by senorlongo We’d left the restaurant at 8:45 and the sky had become cloudy and overcast so the night was black as pitch when we passed through Calabash around ten after nine. The road forms a big “S” with a right turn that takes it down near the ICW […]

Homeless – CHAPTER 4

Adult story: Homeless – CHAPTER 4 by senorlongo Jennie moves in. I make some important changes. I usually spent around thirty minutes getting ready in the morning between washing, shaving, brushing my teeth, and dressing. I planned on a few minutes extra this morning because of Jennie. We were dressed, bed made, and out the […]

Homeless – CHAPTER 3

Adult story: Homeless – CHAPTER 3 by senorlongo There was a white panel truck in the driveway when we arrived. “I have the house cleaned once a week. They have a key and they know the alarm code.” I continued when Jessie showed a shocked expression on her face. “And they’re bonded. They have an […]

Homeless – CHAPTER 2

Adult story: Homeless – CHAPTER 2 by senorlongo I set the house alarm and led her out to my Honda. It really was a pretty decent car. I’d bought it new when I moved here last year. There’s a big difference between buying a car in New York and buying one here. For one thing, […]

Growing up Polygamy – Part 2

Incest story: Growing up Polygamy – Part 2 by primo10 Genres: Fiction, Anal, Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Incest, Male / Older Female, Male/Teen Female, Reluctance Thanks for reading ladies and gents. I tried to get this story out as soon as I could to account for the waiting approval period. Anyway I hope […]