A mom-son Christmas – Chapter 5

A mom-son Christmas – Chapter 5 Thank you, Son, she said, smiling even broader. “That makes me happier than I think you realize to hear.” My mind was muddy with arousal, but I still realized there was some significance to those words. There was also the way she kept calling me “Son”, like she wanted […]

A mom-son Christmas – Chapter 4

A mom-son Christmas ( For Adults Only) – Chapter 4 Yeah, but only me. Well, it’s not all bad then, Margret said, sounding much more cheerful. Mom watched her nemesis with obvious suspicion. You can share this then, she continued. “Like I said, I come with a peace offering.” She held up a tray of […]

A mom-son Christmas – Chapter 3

A mom-son Christmas ( For Adults Only) – Chapter 3 I’m in college, Mom. I think I can handle more than you. I returned her smile. Hah, we’ll see about that, she said, as if challenging me. The mood certainly got better. Mom got us another round of drinks as soon as we finished the […]

A mom-son Christmas – Chapter 2

A mom-son Christmas ( For Adults Only) – Chapter 2 I’m so lucky I’ve got such a strong man here to help me, Mom retorted with an overly dramatic sigh. And don’t you forget it, I said, winking at her. We both fell into a bout of laughter at our silliness. That was what I […]

Empty Nesters – Part 5

A new incest sex story: Empty Nesters – Part 5 You deserve better than that. I never knew any of the details of your life with him I guess. Let’s not dwell on all that now. Let’s go out and enjoy each other on this beautiful day. We both went into our bedrooms and put […]

Empty Nesters – Part 4

A new incest sex story: Empty Nesters – Part 4 Are you sure we can do this? she asked excitedly. We can go how ever slow or fast as you desire. We can stop any time you say. I responded. “I think I’ve always had a small crush on my big sister. I don’t think […]

Empty Nesters – Part 3

A new incest sex story: Empty Nesters – Part 3 I didn’t really know what to do. I felt bad, but I didn’t have much control over how my body was reacting to the physical contact she was giving me. Slowly the swelling was going back down. I decided I’d go in and work on […]

Empty Nesters – Part 2

A new incest sex story: Empty Nesters – Part 2 I just wanted to say it I wanted to say it yesterday when you opened the door. she paused and looked about to tear up again. Then pushing it away with her hand she continued, “I guess I’m still going though what you went though […]

Three Demons – Chapter 2

A new sex story: Three Demons – Chap 2 I appreciated the comments and feedback on the first chapter more than you all could possibly imagine! I ask for the same responsive nature in my readers with this chapter as well. I woke to the feeling of something nuzzling my neck and licking at the […]

Adventures with my Daughter – Part 2

Adventures with my Daughter – Part 2 Part Two: We get to know each other better. Saturday morning came early for us both. I admit to a little apprehension due to what had taken place the evening before, but Pammy was having none of that. She opened her eyes, broke into a smile, and then […]

Pantie Mom – Part 2

An incest stories: Pantie Mom – Part 2 “See you when I get home, honey.” I leaned over and gave Tim a quick kiss goodbye, and noticed him peeking down my shirt, stealing a brief glimpse of my breasts inside my lacy black bra. Clearly he was still interested in me sexually, and although it […]