Incestuous Harem – Chapter 4A: Seducing My Virgin Sister

Incest story: Incestuous Harem – Chapter 4A: Seducing My Virgin Sister

by mypenname3000

GENRES: Fiction, Domination/submission, Female/Female, First Time, Incest, Male / Females, Male Domination, Oral Sex, Spanking, Virginity

Clint sends Meloody to seduce his little sister and ready her to have her cherry popped.

Melody Samuels

“You understand?” my half-brother asked me as I pulled on my panties.

“I do,” I said, winking at him. My brother. I had a brother. Clint wasn’t just my cousin like I had thought for the last nineteen years of my life. His father, the man I thought of as Uncle Clinton, was also my father. I couldn’t believe it. I was still reeling from the revelation that my mom and her sister, Aunt Cheryl, were lovers and had shared Clint’s dad—my dad—since they were my age. And now Aunt Cheryl was Clint’s mommy-slave.

I always thought my father was a scumbag, the sperm donor as Mom called him, who ran out when Mom was pregnant with my younger sister Lee. I was only a baby when it supposedly had happened, so I had no memories of that time. I believed her. And the truth that my handsome, strong, loving Uncle Clinton was my father made me excited at the same time it made me sad.

Sad because he had passed away six months ago before I knew the truth. It only came out as Clint and I enjoyed fucking his mom this morning. Aunt Cheryl had spilled the truth after Clint had dominated her and turned his mother into his submissive slut.

I guess I was his submissive slut, too. I would do anything for my sexy brother. As I wiggled on my jeans, I couldn’t help but smile at him, looking so handsome and strong, his mother cuddled up to him, her large tits pillowed across his chest, her bleached-blonde hair fanning out. He stroked her arm splayed across his torso, a satiated smile on his lips.

Of course he was satiated—he had just fucked my ass. And that was magical.

“I’m counting on you, Melody,” Clint said, his dark eyes strong.

He made my heart flutter and my pussy clench. “Have I ever let you down, Clint?”

“There was the time we went camping and you forgot to pack any food.”

“Well, that was in the backyard,” I said. “The house was just a few feet away.”

“And the time you bailed on us building our tree house.”

“Mom took me shopping,” I protested. “You don’t have to be a dick about this.”

He grinned. “And what about when I needed backup in the snowball fight, and you were too busy making snow angels.”

“They were pretty angels.” I put my hands on my hips, his eyes hot on me, my naked breasts jiggling. “Clint, those were all when we were kids. Have I let you down since I turned eighteen?” We were the same age. Well, I was a month older. It was why we were so close. We lived next door and were the same age, so we did everything together. It helped that I was a tomboy and would rather get dirty playing with the boys then have fake tea party with dolls like my bratty sister Lee would do with Alicia.

“Well,” he said a grin spreading on his lips, “what about our project in the ninth grade? You completely forgot to write your half of it.”


“And then in Biology—”

“Okay! I get it. But I won’t let you down this time,” I said, tossing my blonde hair. “Trust me. Your little sister will be ripe and ready.”

“She better,” Clint grinned at me. And, damn, he was so sexy. I snagged my tank top, pulling on the tight cloth that molded to my braless tits, my nipples tingling against the fabric.

I moved to the bed, leaned over him. “Love you.”

He kissed me hard, his tongue brushing my lips. “Love you, too.” Then he smacked my ass, hard, and grinned, “My little sister awaits.”

“Mmm, she does,” Aunt Cheryl moaned, wet and excited for Clint to pop her youngest daughter’s cherry.

Our family was a little messed up. But it was so hot.

My ass stinging, I sauntered out of the door. I had never seduced a girl before. But there was a first time for everything.

I passed my eighteen-year-old sister’s bedroom. Her door was open. She was off, probably running around the park. That girl had too much energy and was really into fitness. I stepped out into the warm, autumn morning and cut across my front lawn to Clint’s, passing beneath the shade of the large chestnut tree growing before his house.

The Ellistons’ house was bigger than mine. It was three stories tall. Clint’s bedroom was in the attic and while Alicia’s, Zoey’s, and Aunt Cheryl’s were on the second floor. I pulled out my key—the same one worked for both our houses’ locks—from my pocket and was reaching for the doorknob when it opened.

Busty Zoey blinked at me, about to step outside. “Oh, hey, Melody. I don’t think Clint’s home.” Her eyes flicked down to my tank top, a smile crossing her lips. “That’s different. You’re dressing like a girl. What’s changed?”

My cheeks went crimson as I faced Clint’s older sister. My older half-sister. Zoey was taller than me, her hair brassy and curly, falling about her face. We looked similar—not shocking considering our mothers were sisters and we had the same father—but she had a more…predatory cast to her looks, a hungry beauty like a vixen on a prowl. And she had the body for it. Like Aunt Cheryl, Zoey was stacked, her belly shirt stretch taut over her large breasts. Clint was always ogling her.

And I had always been jealous of how beautiful she was. Twenty and so adult. So mature. She carried herself with such confidence. I know Clint loved me, and I was fine sharing him with all the women in our family, but Zoey worried me.

What if he had a taste of her and didn’t want me? What if she possessed him? She had that look. A man-eater.

“I’m not here to see Clint,” I said. “He asked me to talk to Alicia. He’s…worried about her.”

“Squirt is?” Zoey asked, raising an eyebrow. “Who would have known?”

“He cares about our families,” I said, my eyebrows furrowing. I folded my arms.

Zoey’s eyes narrowed. “You’re fucking him.”

“What?” I spluttered, my cheeks going red.

“I didn’t think Squirt had the balls to actually make the moves on you. Or did you…?” Her eyes flicked down to my top. “Did you finally have to show him you were a girl? Did you have to beat him over his thick skull to see you as a woman before he fucked you?”

“No,” I said, back arching. “He took me.”

“Well, you admit it.” She pushed past me. “Have fun fucking Squirt.”

“Clint,” I said, turning to glare at her as she headed to her car. It was new—not the car itself, which was an 2003 Saturn Ion, but it was new for Zoey—purchased with her first paycheck from her new job working at Dairy Queen. “His name is Clint, not Squirt. He’s the man of the house now that da…Uncle Clinton is dead.”

Zoey threw back her head and laughed as she unlocked the car’s doors with her fob, the lights flashing and a loud beep echoing. She opened the driver door, slid in, and gave me a wave that could only be called bitchy.

My hands clenched. I should kick her ass. But I had a mission. Sweet Alicia was upstairs, alone in her room, bursting with questions about her brother, her virgin pussy hot and bothered for Clint. Hearing her masturbate on the phone only fifteen minutes ago when I talked to her about last night, Clint popping my cherry, had been hot.

I put Zoey out of my mind and headed inside.


Alicia Elliston

“Clint,” I moaned as I humped my bare, virgin pussy into the large teddy bear lying atop me. He was my favorite stuffed animal—I had many—and my eighteen-year-old pussy tingled as I humped against his soft fur. “Clint, Clint, yes. I love you so much!”

I squeezed my eyes shut, not caring that my glasses were slipping on my face, as I humped harder and harder against my teddy bear. He was so soft atop me. I hugged him, my nipples tingling as I ground my pussy on him.

I wanted Clint so badly. I wanted him to claim me like the men in the romance novels I read. To make love to me, to pleasure me. I wanted him to go down on me and make me cum so hard. I wanted to gasp and moan and reach new plateaus of pleasure.

My conversation over the phone with Melody, where I embarrassingly masturbated as she talked about her first time with Clint last night, had left me horny for another orgasm. I needed it. So I ground so hard on my teddy bear. I moaned and gasped, my eyes rolling back into my head.

I stared into the teddy bear’s black, button eyes. “Yes, yes, Clint, you know what I need. Oh, you’re the best big brother.”

My pussy clenched. My clit tingled. The little bud ached as I humped against him, the furs tickling me. My bed creaked. Outside, a car started. I didn’t care. I just wanted to explode on my teddy bear, to satiate the horny ache inside me so I could get back to reading.

I was so close. I trembled. My toes curled. I was on the verge of erupting. The waves of pleasure would flood through my body at any moment. I loved that moment of release and ached for Clint to deliver me the same pleasure.

My pussy clenched. The pressure built. And—

Someone knocked at my door.

I let out a startled yelp, throwing my teddy bear off of me, my heart hammering. “Yes?”

“It’s Melody, Cupcake,” my cousin said. “I think we should talk.”

“O-okay,” I said, panic fluttering through me. I pushed my teddy bear to the edge of my bed—the right side lay flushed against my wall—joining my other stuffed animals. I pushed down my top and scrambled to grab my jean shorts as the doorknob turned.

“Sweetie, it’s locked,” Melody said.

“Just a moment,” I groaned, grabbing my jean shorts. I didn’t have time to find my panties. I yanked up the shorts, my body shuddering. I was so close to cumming. Why did she have to bother me now? No one ever bothered me. They let me stay in my room and read, lost to my books.

I didn’t need anyone. I had my books to keep me company.

I fumbled with the jean shorts’ fastener as Melody knocked again. “What are you doing in there, Cupcake?”

“Nothing,” I gasped, my face flushed. I pushed up my glasses, my pigtails bouncing about my shoulders as I crossed my room and twisted the doorknob, the lock popping.

Melody stood on the other side, a mischievous smile on her face that made her almost look like Lee. I used to be close with Lee—she was only a year older than me—when we were kids, but she got into sports and running while I liked books. So, according to her, she couldn’t be friends with a nerd.
But Melody never teased me. She never really noticed me. Too busy playing with Clint, running around with him, her clothing always dirty, her knees skinned. She could climb our chestnut tree like no one else.

I blinked at her. Today…she looked like Zoey. Not as busty, but dressed to show off her body. To please my brother. My cheeks warmed as she stepped in, glancing at her round breasts molded by her tank top. I bet Clint loved her breasts.

I didn’t have any. Not really. Just little A cup bumps. Puberty, it seemed, was skipping me. All the other women in the family had tits, even Lee, and I was left with a slim body with hardly any curves. No wonder Clint loved Melody and hadn’t even noticed me.

She inhaled, and her smile grew. “Doesn’t smell like nothing in here?”

My cheeks burned hotter. It was a little…musty in here. My eyes flicked to my teddy bear and the obvious wet patch dampening the fur of his crotch. I wanted to melt into the floor as Melody moved to my bed, hopped on it, and grabbed my teddy bear. It was as tall as her when she sat down. Dad had won it for me at a carnival when I was ten.

“I heard girls masturbate this way,” Melody said. “Humping against plushies.”

“Melody,” I groaned, closing the door. I knew we were alone in the house, but still, I didn’t need anyone hearing about what I did in here just in case.

“What’s it like humping against a stuffed animal?” Melody asked. “I just use my fingers and sometimes a pencil.”

“Nice, I guess,” I said, standing stiffly. Melody leaned back into my teddy bear like he was the back of a chair. It almost looked like the toy embrace her, his stout arms about her waist.

“Do you pretend it’s Clint?”

My eyes widened. “Of course not. He’s my brother.”

“And he’s so sexy, right?” Melody said, patting the bed beside her. “Come on, Cupcake, don’t just stand in the middle of your room. Sit down. Let’s talk. Girls do that, you know?”

“I know,” I said. “I just…didn’t think you would… I mean, you’re such a tomboy.”

“But I’m still a girl.” She smiled. “Clint knows that, too.”

I bit my lip, moving to the bed.

“It’s okay if you masturbate to Clint, Cupcake. I think it’s hot.”

“You…do?” I swallowed and sat down on the edge of my bed, looking at her.

“Come on, lean back against your wall of stuffed animals.” Melody glanced at them all. “Uncle Clinton bought you most of these, right?”

I nodded. I moved back into them, feeling them against me.

“Did you ever masturbate to your dad?”

Her hazel eyes bored into mine. I swallowed, feeling so naked despite being clothed. I folded my hands over my lap, my pussy still so hot and itchy. I wanted to get back to masturbating. And now she was making me think of Dad. Clint was Dad but younger.

I nodded my head once.

“It hit you hard, his death,” Melody said, putting her arm around me, pulling me closer to her. I smelled something musty around her. Similar to my own pussy’s scent. But there was something else, something salty and yet almost like bleach.

Was it Clint? Did they have sex recently?

“I miss him,” I admitted, my heart hammering. She turned her head, her blonde hair brushing my light-brown pigtail. Melody was the only blonde in the family. Mom’s hair color came out of a bottle. Dad liked her that way.

Does Clint also like blondes? Should I bleach my hair?

“Clint’s missed you,” she said. “You spend all your time in here. Alone. Closeted up.” She smiled. “Masturbating.”

“I don’t spend all my time masturbating,” I protested.

She grabbed my kindle lying on the foot of my bed. “Right. You do it all the time to all those naughty romances you read with that subscription program. I bet some of them are hot. Your pussy must be wet so often.”

How did she know?

“I like to masturbate, too,” Melody purred. “Every girl does. I know, sex is supposed to be bad, but it’s not. It’s so much fun in all of its forms.”

“You like having sex with Clint?”

“I love it,” Melody breathed. “He’s my man, Alicia. I would do anything for him.”

“Anything?” I gasped.

“I would let him fuck my ass.” She leaned in. “In fact, he did that this morning. I’m still sore from it, but I came so hard.”

“Wow,” I breathed. Some of the romances I read, especially the naughty ones, had anal in them. “I’ve…stuck my finger…back there.”

“You naughty thing,” Melody laughed.

“What else would you do for him?” I bit my lip.

“I’d share him,” she said, her head leaning closer to mine. “If he wanted another girl, I would let her into his bed. I would love her with him.”

My heart thudded faster and faster. “You wouldn’t be…jealous?”

“It makes me happy serving him. It’s how I show him my love. And he shows it back by telling me to do things.” Her hand brushed my cheek, fingers so soft. She lifted my head, her lips lowering. “I would love to bring a girl to him. Someone beautiful and sexy and aching for her first time with a sexy man.”

This couldn’t be happening. I stood frozen as her lips moved closer and closer to mine. Was she talking about bringing me to Clint? Sharing him with me? Flat-chested, short, scrawny, glasses-wearing me?

I breathed in, smelling that musk. That scent of sex. Her and Clint mixed together. And then her lips touched mine.

A girl’s lips. They were so soft on mine. I trembled as her lips slowly worked against mine, kissing me, making me shiver in excitement. Tingles raced through my body. Her lips kissed me a little harder, a little bolder, almost begging me to kiss her back.

My lips moved. I shuddered. I was kissing my cousin. A girl. I was kissing a girl. This was so much. I couldn’t believe this was happening. She really wanted to share me with my brother, her boyfriend.

My pussy clenched again. I struggled to breathe as we kissed. All these wonderful sensations rushed through my head. They made me dizzy. They made me shudder and shake. My hand reached out, grasping her arm, holding on to her for support.

Melody broke the kiss. “Mmm, you are so sweet, Cupcake.”

I blinked, dazed, not sure what I should say.

And then she kissed me again. My eyes closed. Wonderful heat rushed through me. Tingles of delight. I wanted Clint so bad, and if she wanted to share him with me, then I would kiss her. I would let her do anything to me.

I didn’t fight her as she pressed me down on the bed, our kiss growing hotter. Her tongue brushed my lips. I knew what she wanted. I parted them. And now we were French kissing. I trembled, savoring her hot tongue in my mouth, brushing mine. This was so amazing. Some of my romances had lesbian sex in them, and those scenes had always made me tingle.

But I never knew I would actually do anything with a girl. I was straight. I had to be. I wanted Clint so badly.

I moaned as her hand found the hem of my shirt. She pushed it up, her fingers caressing my skin. Downstairs, the door opened. I could hear two people enter the house. Footsteps thudded up the stairs, heavy.


Was he coming to my room.

Melody’s hand pushed up my top to expose my small, left breast. Her hand cupped the little mound, her thumb rubbing across my nipple. My small nub ached. I groaned, kissing her harder as my ears strained at the sounds in the house.

Clint reached the second floor and walked down the hall. He was coming. He was coming to make love to me. My pussy clenched. I moaned into the kiss, savoring Melody’s thumb massaging my nipple, my eyes locking on my door, hoping. I left the door unlocked. He could walk in.

But Clint passed by my door. He headed up the attic stairs to his room.

Melody rolled my nipple. She broke my kiss, smiling down at me, her blonde hair brushing my cheek. “Mmm, you are getting good at kissing, sweet Cupcake.” She looked down. “And that is the cutest nipple.”

“Thanks,” I breathed. I heard a TV come on upstairs. Clint was watching TV or about to play video games. Maybe he didn’t know about Melody bringing me to him. Maybe I would be a surprise.

Melody pulled out her phone from her pocket. “I need a pic,” she smiled, snapping a picture of me. Her fingers played with her phone for a moment. “Mmm, I want to show Clint.”

“Yes,” I breathed, nodding my head.

Melody pushed her phone back into her pocket and leaned down, sucking on my nipple. I gasped, my body undulating as her mouth loved my nipple, her cheeks hollowing. Such delicious delight raced through my body. I squirmed and gasped, my eyes fluttering as footsteps walked up the stairs.

Was it Zoey or my mom? I didn’t care. I loved Melody’s mouth sucking on my nipple. I grit my teeth, not wanting to call out as the footsteps reached the second floor. A rush of excitement shot through me.

I always felt it when masturbating, hearing people walk back and forth down the hallway, oblivious that I was in my room humping my teddy bear or rubbing my pussy. No one bothered me. The family ignored me.

“Melody,” I moaned. “That’s so—”

My bedroom door opened. Mom walked in. “Alicia, I was wondering if you wanted to… What the hell!”

Melody’s head popped up from my breast. “Aunt Cheryl!”

Mom stood in the hallway, her blonde hair framing a livid face. My body went rigid. “What are you two filthy girls doing? You’re cousins! And you’re…doing disgusting things together.”

“But…” Melody started to protest.

“No buts, Melody.” Mom’s eyes fell on me. I cringed. “And you, Alicia… I thought you were a good girl, not some sex-mad fiend fucking her cousin.”

“Mom,” I tried to say, flinching at her language. So coarse.

“Don’t Mom me, young lady. Both of you are in so much trouble.” She planted her hands on her fist. “If your father was alive, he would tan both your backsides. So I guess Clint has to do it. He’s the man of the house now.”

“Clint,” I squeaked.

“Aunt Cheryl, I’m older than Clint. He can’t spank me.”

“Move your butts, young ladies,” Mom hissed, her face thunderous. “Now! I won’t take any more backtalk. We’re marching up to Clint’s bedroom, and he will spank you both.”

Tears burned in my eyes as Melody rolled off of me. I stood up, trembling.

“Pull your shirt down, Alicia,” Mom snapped. “I can’t believe it. My daughter and her cousin. Fooling around.”

I covered my left breast and stumbled after Melody, my stomach twisting. We both walked with our heads bowed.


Clint Elliston

I smiled as I heard Mom’s shouts coming from downstairs. She was playing her part perfectly. My dick ached as I played Call of Duty. But it was hard to concentrate on the game as I heard Mom lead Melody and my little sister through the house to the attic stairs.

“Someone frag that asshole camping spawn,” a voice snarled through my headset.

“You do it, cocksucker,” the crackling voice of a young kid shot back.

A knock came at my door. I pulled my headset off my ears. “Yeah?”

“Clint, I caught your sister and your cousin acting like a pair of degenerates,” Mom said, pushing open my door.

“Degenerates?” I asked, trying to keep a straight face as Alicia and Melody entered, my little sister trembling. She was so cute, her pigtails and glasses combined with her petite frame made her so innocent. So yummy.

I couldn’t wait to devour her.

“They were having lesbian sex with each other,” Mom said, pushing both girls in. “Committing incest.”

“That’s pretty serious,” I said, setting my controller down on my leg. “I mean, I’m just shocked that they would do that.” I gave my sister a stern look. She shrank.

“You’re the man of the house now, Clint.”

“So you want me to, what, spank them?”

My mom nodded her head, a smile on her lips. Alicia was before Mom, staring at the floor and had no chance of seeing Mom’s true expression. “Yes, you need to spank both their naughty asses. Just like your father would.”

“Aunt Cheryl,” groaned Melody as she trembled, her hazel eyes flashing.

“You first,” Mom said, pushing Melody forward.

“Fine,” Melody said. I set down my controller and headset on my nightstand then moved to the edge of the bed. “This is so embarrassing.”


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