The Girl Next Door – Part 2

The Girl Next Door (For Adults only) – Part 2

Logan makes the move of his life when he finds himself falling in love with his next door neighbor Anna Howell. Part 3 will be out in the next week or so and if it’s still doing this well then I’ll continue it further.

After Anna and I finished breakfast, we went back to our rooms to quickly brush our teeth and convene back in my room. It didn’t take long for Anna to come tip-toeing down my ladder and into my closet. “Hey,” she whispered, opening the closet door. “Hello,” I tried to say back, but my mouth was filled with tooth paste. I spat and washed my mouth out, cleaning off the frothy toothpaste.

“What’s up?” I said, wiping off the water on my face.

“Not much,” she said laying down on my bed, “just a little horny.”

“I bet I could help you with that,” I said, walking out of my bathroom.

Anna flipped over onto her back, her head hanging over the side. I leaned down, bringing her head up to mine by her cheeks, kissing her softly on the lips. She started tugging and playing with her waist band, giving me short glances at her smooth, wet pussy. As our kiss continued, Anna’s fingers started tracing around her clit, toying with the thick strands of her wet juices.

“Is it bad if I want you in… that way?” she asked, breaking out kiss.

“Well…” I replied sarcastically.

“Shut up, I’m really asking,” she said, hitting my arm and turning to face me.

“Anna, I love you, but you shouldn’t ask me when I’m horny,” I replied, kissing her cheek, “Let’s wait a little.”

“You’re right.” Anna said, kissing me and falling onto my bed, “Let’s take it slowly.”

She grabbed onto my hand, leading it down her soft, fleece pajamas. “This isn’t very slow,” I said, as my hand grazed over her excited clit. I started tracing her slit back and forth with my fingers as we kissed, soaking them fully before sliding them in one, then two. Once again, I massaged the top of her with slow stroking motions as she said to. The spongey ridge engorged again as her breathing became heavy and deep.

“You’re getting better,” she smiled, kissing me on the lips.

With my other hand, I slowly pulled down her pants, letting her kick them off entirely. Soon, Anna started squirming around underneath me as she clenched and relaxed her pussy around my fingers. “Oh fuck, you’re making me so hot,” she whispered, kissing my cheek as I rubbed faster. Her hand moved down from my neck to her clit, rubbing it quickly as I fingered her.

“You relax,” I said moving next to her so I could wrap my arms around her thigh to finger her and rub her clit at the same time.

“Oh fuck Logan,” she whispered as I started fingering as fast as I could.

Within seconds, Anna was reaching climax, her cute body squirming and spasming as I continued to finger her as fast as I could. “Oh my God, holy shit,” she repeated quietly to herself. Soon, her moans became louder and then silent as more fluids started coming out of her slit, seeming to gush out all over my bed. “Fuuuuuck,” she finally moaned as her orgasm tapered out.

“You came all over my bed,” I said, making her giggle.

“You made me,” she tried to say, but before she could finish, I leaned in, kissing her passionately.

Our tongues touched lightly, flicking each other’s as they danced. Anna continued to drip a small but steady stream of juice out onto my sheets, but I didn’t care. “I love you,” she said, hugging me closer. “I love you more,” I replied, snuggling my nose against hers. She giggled, kissing me softly as she played with her cum, making herself shake every time she touched herself.

“Time for your reward,” she giggled, kissing me again, placing her small hands on my chest.

I lifted my shirt over my head, tossing it to the wall, letting her feel my chest with her small, cold hands. “You’r hands are cold,” I whispered in between kisses. “I know how to warm them up,” Anna replied, lowering them down past my waste band. Her cold hands touched my cock, making it shrink a little. “Where are you going?” She giggled starting to stroke slowly. Slowly but surely, Anna’s hands warmed up as she brought my cock up.

“Roll over,” she whispered.

I moved over to my left pushing down my pants as I went. Anna’s hands stayed on my length as she rolled to my right side, starting to kiss me again. Intimate, romantic kisses soon turned sloppy as Anna started working my cock faster. Her grip was loose, but still felt amazing as she massaged up the shaft to the head. With one last wet kiss, Anna started moving down, kissing my body down to my cock.

“Wait,” I said, “I want to keep kissing you,”

“Ok,” she giggled coming back up to my lips.

Her slow moving hand rhythmically stroked my length as our kisses became passionate again. I wrapped my right arm around Anna’s neck, bringing her closely to me, while my other hand grabbed onto her stroking arm. “Are you sure you don’t want me to?” she asked. “I just want to kiss your perfect lips,” I replied. Anna’s beautiful smile widened as I kissed her again, tasting that same, sweet cinnamon.

“You can squeeze it harder you know, it won’t break,” I said smiling at her.

Anna squeezed my cock a little harder, handling it with care as she stroked it a little faster. I could feel I was going to explode soon, but I didn’t care to warn Anna this time. This time it would be a surprise. She kept kissing me, introducing a little tongue now and again, but she was shy about it. Our tongues would dance for a few seconds and then her’s would recede back. As much as it annoyed me, it turned me on even more. Finally, as I began shivering from pleasure and she could tell I was ready to blast my load, she french kissed me, tongues touching and exploring.

“Fuck,” I stammered as her hand fell to the base of my shaft, letting ropes of cum shoot out and onto my chest.

“Oh wow,” she giggled as the last bit shot out, dripping down my shaft and onto her firmly grasping hand.

I laughed quietly as Anna took her hand off of my shaft. “Now can I lick it?” she asked. “Go for it,” I laughed. She ran her tongue through my thick cum on her hand, cleaning it off before moving down to my cock. Her cute lips pursed around the head, slowly enveloping it as she licked it clean. “Holy shit,” I moaned as she sucked out the last few drops left. From there she moved on to my chest, licking small trails through the ropes of cum that landed there, kissing my chest at the end of every line.

“I love the taste of your cum,” she said, seductively crawling up towards me, kissing me on the cheek as she kneeled over my abdomen, “Do you mind if I kiss you on the lips?” she asked, biting the tip of her finger.

“Why would I?” I smiled, kissing her passionately on the lips.

“I don’t know, I heard some guys don’t like it after a blow job,” she said a little embarrassed.

“I’m ok with it.” I said, kissing her again, “And let’s get this shirt off of you,” I continued pulling it up over her head.

“Now we’re even,” she giggled, placing her hands on my chest as she kissed me again.

Every time she smiled her beautiful, effervescent smile her pearly white teeth showed through her slightly parted lips. Honestly, if there was one part of her that I could see forever, it would be her smile. It was calming and yet enthusiastic and energetic, bringing me to peace. “I love you,” I said, smiling back at her, gazing into her brilliant, green eyes. “I love you too,” she said, poking my chest, trying to tickle me.

I grabbed her soft cheeks in my palms, gently bringing her head towards mine as we kissed again and again, our light kisses merging into french kisses every once in a while. Anna wrapped her perfect arms around my neck, bringing herself closer and closer until our chests touched. I could feel her fluttery heart beat from her perfect, firm breasts as we kissed passionately, her perfect, pink nipples hardening against my chest. Sweat gleamed on both of our bodies as we continued passionately kissing, softly moaning into each other’s mouths.

“Mmh, what time is it?” I asked, breaking the kiss to look at my clock.

“Where are you?” Anna asked, turning my head to face her.

“Adam’s coming over at 2 and it’s 12 right now,” I said, kissing her.

“We’ve got time,” she whispered.

“Time for what?” I asked suggestively.

“Time for this,” Anna replied, kissing my lips again while she began to grind on my newly formed erection.

“You have no idea how cute you look right now,” I whispered, looking at her beautiful smile.

“I was going for sexy,” she replied.

“That’s cute,” I joked.

“Ha, ha, ha,” she said sarcastically, placing her hands on my chest, “Just enjoy it.”

Anna continued grinding on my length, making me harder as she started making these soft purring moans. “You’re so wet,” I whispered, kissing her again. Small drops of her juices dripped down her slit to my cock and thighs. I grabbed onto her silky smooth thighs as she continued her movements rubbing my head in between her slippery labia. Her tight, virgin pussy wouldn’t allow penetration with the pressure she was putting on me, but it felt so amazing nonetheless.

“You think we’ve waited a little yet?” Anna asked, kissing my lips again.

“I think we’re too horny to answer that honestly,” I replied, kissing her lips.

“I’ve thought about it not horny and I want you to be my first,” she said, stopping her movements.

“And I want you to be mine, but I don’t have any protection,”

“I don’t want protection,” Anna whispered, bringing my cock up to her slit, “Just don’t cum in me or you owe me some plan-B.”

Slowly, Anna slipped down my shaft, letting me enter her insanely tight pussy. It felt like it wanted to shoot me right out, but Anna kept going, wincing in pain. A very small amount of blood started dripping down my shaft as Anna reached the base. “Oh fuck,” Anna moaned in pain as I hit her cervix with my head. “You don’t have to go that deep,” I said, kissing her neck. She smiled and pulled back almost all the way sending waves of intense pleasure through my body. Slowly, she went back down my shaft going only a few inches before coming back up.

“I think the blood is dripping,” she whispered getting off of my shaft.

“I’ll get a towel,” I said walking over to my bathroom.

I placed down a dark towel on my bed and Anna laid down on her back. “Can you do the work?” she asked innocently. “Absolutely,” I replied laying down on top of her. Slowly, I inserted myself deeply into her eager pussy, leaving out a few inches as she stretched out. Her soft whimpers of pain quickly turned to small moans as the pleasure built. I could feel every bit of her perfect vagina as I slowly thrusted in and out of her insanely tight pussy. I barely even needed to pull out, her taught muscles did that almost entirely for me.

“I love you Logan,” she whispered, kissing my cheek.

“I love you more,” I whispered back as I thrusted in again.

Anna’s small, pebbly nipples poked at my chest as I hugged her closer to me, picking up my pace. I looked down briefly as I pulled out of her slit, watching her labia stick on to my cock making soft, wet noises. “I’m close,” Anna whispered, moving her head up to kiss me again. I smiled at her and kissed her back, thrusting faster as the pleasure built. As Anna clenched her pussy tighter in orgasm, I quickly pulled out, blasting my load all over her stomach and landing pad. Small spurts of Anna’s wonderful juices shot out onto my thighs as she orgasmed for almost a minute straight. My load was much less since I had already came so many time before in the day.

“Holy shit,” we moaned simultaneously, breathing heavily.

The pool of my cum became a light orangey-red as it mixed with Anna’s virgin blood. “We should clean this up,” I said, pushing myself up from her. I pulled the towel out from underneath Anna and wiped up my cum form her perfectly flat stomach. “That tickles,” she giggled, using the other end to wipe up her own cum and blood.

“That was amazing.” She whispered, playing with herself, “More perfect then I ever imagined.”

“I’m going to go put this into the wash,” I said, leaning in to kiss Anna’s perfect lips, letting my limp dick graze her perfect body.

“Come back soon,” she whispered, kissing my cheek as I turned to go down the hall to the washing machine.

When I came back after a minute, Anna wasn’t in my bed and her clothes were gone. “Anna?” I said into the open air. I put on my boxers and pants and picked my phone up off of my dresser for any texts; nothing. “Anna?” I said one more time. This time I heard a knock coming from my bathroom. I walked over and found no one inside. Questioning my sanity, I decided to text her.

“Where’d you go?” I texted.

“Other side of the wall dumbs,” she said through the wall, “My mom came home unexpectedly and I had to hurry over.”

“Oh, ok,” I replied. “I’ll see you tonight then.”

“What the fuck are you talking about? Get over here,” she said.

“I don’t want to risk it,” I lied. Truth be told, I was simply too tired for anymore sex.

I decided to take a quick nap with the short time I had left before Adam came to pick me up, but he came early. “I’m here,” he texted just as I began to drift off. I begrudgingly got up and put on the rest of my clothes and grabbed my backpack, hurrying down to his car outside my house. We drove off to Target, our usual hang out place where we bought snacks and talked. Today I was buying a little more than just snacks though. Included in my purchase was a bottle of lube, and a box of condoms.

“Whoa, we’re just friends Logan,” Andrew joked.

“I’m buying these for Anna and I asshole,” I said, punching him on the arm as we walked to the check out.

“You guys need those already?” he asked as the cashier awkwardly stared at us.

“Just getting them in case,” I lied, handing the cashier two $20’s to cover the cost. Damn, condoms and lube were expensive, then again, I probably got more than I needed.

“Nice,” Adam replied.

I took my bag of snacks and other things and Adam and I sat down in the indoor Starbucks as usual. We talked for a while, mostly about video games and stuff, but I could tell he was eager to hear the details about Anna and I. I wasn’t going to give them though, I wasn’t sure if Anna even wanted people knowing she was sexually active. After lunch, Adam drove back to his house and we played games for a couple of hours before he dropped me off back at my place. My dad’s car was in the driveway and so was Anna’s mom’s.

“Thanks for the ride man,” I said hopping out and going into my house.

When I got in to my house my dad was on the couch watching TV.

“Dinner’s ready whenever you want it,” he said.

“I’m good, I ate at Adam’s,” I replied, heading up stairs to my room.

Shut the door and locking it behind me, I threw my backpack onto my bed, letting it’s contents spill out. I quickly put the condoms and lube underneath my bed where I kept my secret stash of food and Dr. Pepper and then turned on my computer to watch a few movies before I met Anna up in the attic.

“Ready?” I texted around nine-ish.

“I’m up here already ;),” she replied.

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