A welcome guest – Chap 2: The story continues

Virginity story: A welcome guest – Chap 2: The story continues

by Pars001

Genres: Fantasy, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Female/Female, Group Sex, Male / Females, Male/Female, Mind Control, Threesome, Virginity

Within the realm of the Egyptian gods, Ra looked down on his daughter, Bast. “Bastet how goes the campaign,” came the booming voice of Ra.

Looking up Bast smiled at the use of the old form of her name, though she still was having a hard time with speech. “Good, father. Man ready, spreading seed, started, was good.”

Isis Ra’s queen smiled at her daughter if this was going to work they would need all she could do. It was terrible they had to kill the human later but that was how things always were, had always been. Looking into her daughter’s mind she saw that she had chosen very wisely indeed. The male was handsome and quite virile for one of his advanced year. Hmmm Isis thought maybe they might not have to destroy him after all.

“We need him to spread as much as he can within the next 12 cycles,” Isis told her daughter. “All depends on this even with the one that he has sown already, we are still weak, go my daughter. Make sure the man has contact with as many as possible and the strength to keep going. I am afraid that you will have to engage in much, much more fluid exchange with the male.”

Bast smiled widely then just as quickly hid it from view but not before her mother saw. ‘Hmmm interesting,’ Isis thought, ‘this might be the start of a truly creative time.’

The man was still a little in shock after finding out all that he had at the library, and then there was of course the encounter he had at the supermarket! This was obviously what Bast wanted him to do, though the thought of getting torn apart by several women wanting him at the same time wasn’t appealing.

Looking out the window he heard a noise causing him to turn toward the back yard section. Breathing a sigh the man waved to his neighbor’s 19 year old daughter Tina. Looking up the young woman was waving then quite suddenly dropped the shears she was using and started to walk toward the window he was looking out of.

A moment later there was a knock at his back door then nothing for a moment then his door opened. The young shapely teen advanced upon the man and smiled. Quickly she removed her clothes and then started in on his. With deft almost expert fingers she had him naked in no time.

Pushing the man down on the floor the teen took his hard member in her mouth as her suction was quickly bringing it back to life. Smiling the teen stood and thrust herself all the way down on his shaft. Screaming, the teen orgasmed as she started to thrust harder and harder.

“Tina?” The man heard then heard the sound of steps up his back steps. “TINA! What in the hell do you think you are doing to my daughter!?” The man heard looking at the back door he saw the girl’s heavy set mother standing there with her hands on her hips. “I’m calling the police, they…” The woman stopped all motion as she stared at the man’s face. Then without another word she also removed all her clothes and kissed the man as her daughter Tina brought the man closer to his release. With a roar the man felt his seed flow and fill every inch of the tight teen’s vagina. Satisfied the girl got off the man whose member was still extremely hard. Smiling wider the mother hiked a leg over the man and with a whoosh of air sunk all the way onto the man’s hardness. The daughter latched onto the mother’s lips as the mother started to move faster.

The man noticed that they both had a glazed look in their eyes. An almost permanent smile was on their faces that grew them closer to bringing him to his release. Damn the man thought were they all going to be that easy for me to screw them?

Unlike the daughter the mother was by far more boisterous immediately starting in with loud squealing and grunting. The longer the woman went the harder she seemed to thrust until she was almost pushing the man across the floor. Damn the man thought it has obviously been a long time since this one has done anything. Suddenly the woman drove her sex as hard as she could into the man’s groin as she experienced an orgasm. Then immediately afterward she started back in again thrusting as hard and fast as she could.

Finally to the amazement of the man, only 20 minutes later the man cried out as he again emptied his seed as deep as he could into the mother’s vagina. With a satisfied sigh the woman and her daughter both kissed the man. Getting up they both dressed and left locking the door behind them. The man could only lay there his shaft still as hard as when the young woman Tina had started all of this.

Finally getting up the man made his way to the bathroom making sure his door was locked on his way there. Shaking his head, he washed off in the shower more than half expecting everything to hurt or at least be sore. To his utter amazement it was not only not sore, but was still stiff ready for more apparently.

Stepping out the man thought of all the women he’d wanted to screw all his life. They were either too uptight or downright snobbish to him. Smiling he thought with this it was about time for him to exact a little revenge. Smiling wider he thought Bast had said for him to spread his seed right? Who wasn’t to say that he couldn’t get a little revenge along the way?

Dressing quickly the man made his way to his car thankful it was inside. Tina was again out in the back trimming, when she yelled a greeting he only waved to her avoiding meeting her eyes. Smiling he’d could go all day with her but SHE wouldn’t like that that much. Making his way to the richer side of town, the man went to the local country club, smiling, he thought ‘this best place to start.’

The man knew of at least three here that he had been itching to get in their pants. They had of course never really given it up ’til they met rich husbands. The man smiled that was going to change today he’d make sure they were sore as hell when he was through with them.

The man smiled when the man at the front stopped him and told him the price to enter, pulling $1000 from his pocket the man handed it to the shocked man then walked in. Looking around the man was a little disappointed that none of the three women were in sight. Sitting at the bar as close to the bathroom as he could, the man smiled he could wait.

It was at least an hour later that he saw the first of the three enter. She was soon followed by the other two who smiled their fake smiles and made their way to the restroom. Smiling wickedly the man walked as quickly to the women’s restroom locking the door behind him as he entered.

All three of the women turned their mouths open as they stared at the apparent male that had entered their domain. “We don’t know who you are but your ass is as good as in jail.” Looking at the other two they nodded. “Though we might let you go if you have enough to pay all of us.”

“Yes,” another of the women said, “it will only cost you $10,000 each for each of the five of us in here.” The second woman smirked more confident then she felt.

The man still looking at the floor shook his head no, all three of the women’s mouths dropped open this one was a bold shit they’d give him that. “Oh you will pay that’s a given.” Again the man shook his head no. Just then two other stall doors opened making the man smile. The other two women were surprised but got sly smiles on their faces.

“Look here sir, there is no way you are getting out of here without paying, so fish it out!” the first of the three said.

The man finally looked up making eyes contact with all three of the women he knew and one of the others. The all stopped and started to remove all their clothes. The man looked at the three he knew huh he thought. So women tried to make up for what they didn’t have like men. All three of them had small breast though they did have good figures. The four advanced upon him though why the fifth didn’t disturbed him. Reaching into her pocket she put her glasses on and stopped.

The man smiled at the last woman as she also started to remove her clothes. Ah the man thought so they had to ACTUALLY see him! Finally naked, the first pushed him to the floor and drove her tight hole all the way down his shaft a look of surprise on his face. Within minutes he was blasting a load deep in her with a satisfied sigh she moved for the next woman deeply kissing her as she went by.

The second woman was almost as tight damn the man thought and here he thought they were all sluts. That’s when he saw the third and first licking at the holes of the older, other two women that were in the room. Surprised the man lost his second load only 5 minutes later, what the hell? The third woman kissed the second as they traded places and she climbed on.

As soon as she drove her hole on him the man knew she was a virgin. He hadn’t been in something this tight in over 40 years! With several grunting screams the woman came in record time as she began to thrust harder. Again within 5 minutes he was blasting another load of seed deep inside the woman.

The third woman smiled at him and kissed him deeply. She then went after the hole of the first woman as the fourth, older woman climbed on his still hard member. Smiling the man thought well at least I won’t be as fast with these women.

At first the woman started in slow then she started to thrust as hard and fast as she could. Damn the man thought she is as bad as the mother next door to me. Again within 5 minutes he was blasting deep within the older woman.

Climbing off the woman kissed the man deeply then the woman with the glasses, as she then also climbed onto the man’s still as stiff as at first, member. This time as she sunk down onto him she let loose a deep satisfied groan. Actually sitting there for a minute, it seemed the woman was trying to remember what to do or just enjoying the feel of something she hadn’t in a long time.

Then she started to move slowly as if savoring the feel of every inch of the man that she felt slowly slid in and out of her. The man could swear that the woman was feeling the most pleasure that she had ever in her life. The problem was as slow as she was going it might take quite a while for them to finish. That’s when the man saw that the woman’s eyes weren’t glazed over! Holy shit she wasn’t under the spell!

Starting to get worried then the man heard a voice near his ear. “Good, husband. Finish, have time.” A huge smile lit up the man’s face as he laid back and actually enjoyed the woman as she slowly drove herself to her first orgasm. A huge smile lit up her face a smile that the man could tell hadn’t been there in a very long time.

Finally after what had to be 20 – 30 minutes the man felt a monstrous orgasm building. The woman had her second as an even wider smile crossed her face then she felt the man tense up and then she felt him filling her with his hot seed. Groaning again it had been so long the feeling to her was so delicious!

All of the other 4 woman stopped and came to the man kissing him deeply then they all got dressed and left as if nothing had happened. The fifth woman eyed the others as they left then turn to the man. Bowing she stated, “I am Rene, a humble servant of the goddess Bast. I was honored that you chose me to receive the special seed of you and my mistress.” Handing him a card she stated, “Call me if you need help with her mission, husband of Bast.” With that the woman tenderly kissed him then left the restroom.

The man was a little shocked he didn’t think she still had followers especially in the states! Escaping as quickly as he could; all he could do was smile. He could see those bi women trying to explain to their sugar daddy husbands how they got pregnant. He found it especially satisfying when he knew that they never went to bed with their husbands at all.

Driving home his smile got wider and wider, maybe there was something to all of this. Then again he knew that there would be a price to pay, somewhere down the road he knew there was a price. Getting in he barely made it in the house before the mother next store came out watching him. Though he wasn’t tired he laid down, for some strange reason he’d felt compelled to.

He closed his eyes as suddenly sleep fell heavily upon him. It was a few hours later when he awoke. Looking around the room he expected to see Bast. Finding nothing he sighed deeply. A soft feathery voice floated to him, “She will be here later mortal.” Looking at the window he saw a woman, Woman? Hell she was gorgeous a goddess like quality to her, like Bast.

Trying not to stare, he saw that she also had pale clear skin. Even though she was older than Bast, she had a beauty that he couldn’t put into words. “I don’t understand who are you? I have only ever seen Bast.”

The woman smiled and the whole room seemed to light up, “This we know. We have seen something in Bast that we must investigate.” Waving her hand the man was suddenly naked, his legs spread eagled, his arms pinned at his side. Reaching down the woman roughly grabbed his genitals tugging them this way and that. She looked at every aspect of them then let them go much to his relief. “I still am not seeing why, I must investigate this further.” With that she waved her hand and was totally naked!

Again roughly grabbing his genitals she took his shaft all the way down her throat, eliciting a deep groan from the man. Nodding she removed her mouth and climbed onto the bed hiking her leg over the man. Slamming her sex as hard as she could grunting as she bottomed out on his hips. Suddenly she was thrusting far faster than the man had ever seen a woman do before. Within moments the man felt his scrotum beginning to tighten as his orgasm started to build.

The look on the woman’s face was almost impassive the whole time, as she started to literally pound her sex as hard as she could. Finally unable to take the friction any more the man let loose a growl as he started to pump his seed deep into the new woman.

The woman’s eyes suddenly grew wide as a scream unlike any the man had ever heard issued from her lips. Climbing off the man the woman smiled for only the second time, even as the man’s seed started to leak from her hole.

Again in an almost whispering voice the woman told the man, “I see that my daughter chose very well indeed.”

“You’re Bast’s mother? So just who are you?” The man asked almost afraid of the answer that he was about to receive.

“I am Isis, wife of Ra. Be still mortal, all will be well there are many places we can use you. Be still you are safe.” the new woman told the man, and then was gone.

Holy shit the man thought I just screwed the mother of the gods! Then again he had to admit she was very good!


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