A welcome guest – Chap 4: The story goes on

Virginity story: A welcome guest – Chap 4: The story goes on

by Pars001

Genres: Fantasy, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Female/Female, Group Sex, Male / Females, Male/Female, Mind Control, Threesome, Virginity

Driving like a maniac the man made it home in record time. What in the hell was going on? With Bast at least he knew where he stood but these two new women? I may be dead by the end of the week let alone the month the man thought. Parking his car the man got out and made a hasty retreat for his door. This of course wasn’t going to happen as he saw that his overweight neighbor was waiting for him. She was standing in front of his door with her legs spread in a defensive position. The look on her face was almost a dare to try and get past her.

“I need to talk to you!” She spit with venom as he approached his door. Shit he thought now what?

“I’m sorry,” The man stated, “can I help you?”

The woman smirked at him and was tempted to draw back a hand and beat the truth out of him. Thinking better she took a deep breath. “I don’t know how you did it and really I don’t care. Someone is going to have to take responsibility for this.”

The man was dumbfounded as he tried not to look at the woman’s face. “I’m sorry what in the hell…”

“Cut the dumb ass horse shit! Like I said I don’t know how but I know you did it. Tina was a virgin two days ago now she isn’t! That plus the fact that I felt like I had taken on a hell of a lot of men. I know different so is there anything you want to say? If it was you I’d like another go, Tina though is fucking off limits. That’s the deal you can have me as much as you want but you leave her alone.” She stood there a moment then held her hand out.

“Why do you say it was me? I mean really I haven’t even…” the man started.

With a sigh the woman said, “You are the only man that she has even seen, let alone been around. The last few days she has been in too much pain to leave the house.” Pointing her finger at the man she went on. “I also know that she has a crush on you and would do almost anything just to see you smile or wave at her. Now I’m warning you I won’t forget again like I did the first time. I have it all down on several letters and recordings. So that’s the deal.”

The man stood there trying not to look up, trying not to run hell; trying not to be scared shitless! “I will admit to having sex with you,” the man started. Thinking as fast as he could. “I cannot however admit to having sex with Tina. I do not have any interest in her at the moment, though.” The man almost looked at the woman. “The second part of the deal I will take as I am without a partner or much of anything else. Shall we?” The man bowed making the woman hesitate a moment.

Once they were both inside the woman crossed her arms again. “The deal was to… to…”

The man was staring directly at her watching her. Nodding at the man she started to remove her clothes. “I want you when we are done to destroy everything about this. You will think I am not the one who took her virginity. You and I will continue to do this once a day which you will think was your idea. Now then repeat what I said.” The man was shaking he hoped this worked going to jail was not his idea of a life.

After she had repeated everything, the woman looked at the man with an almost a pained look. “Can I now? I am in such need, may I?”

The man stood still a moment, “What is your name?” He asked.

“Karen sir,” she said as she started to pant looking at the man as he was getting undressed.

So the man thought I do have some control after all. This time when the woman took his member in a full thrust he told her to go slower. Again the woman had a pained almost starving look but nodded. Finishing ten minutes later the woman got up to dress.

“I want you to only remember what I told you before Karen, and I will see you soon.” The man said as the woman again started to get dressed with a huge smile on her face. Shaking his head the man again sat at his computer deciding to do a little trading. Smiling to himself he thought the last time had to be just a fluke. He’d heard about guys that had a real good day then everything tanked after that.

Starting out the man only invested about one quarter of the million he’d made the day before. Then to his shock it quickly turned into two million. Shutting down the man was a little afraid that the FTC might come after him with the two days of extremely superb trading he’d had. Sitting there the man was even more surprised when Sekhmet’s face appeared on his screen.

“Little sister isn’t the only one that can take care of her husband. Besides I thought you deserved a rather sizeable reward for the pleasure you gave me earlier today. By the way that’s four for me though technically, you had that one for my sister also. See you soon… Stud!” with that Sekhmet blew the man a kiss with a huge smile then the screen was dark. Shaking his head the man thought, I still wonder just how in the hell I really got myself into this.

Thinking over his options there weren’t a whole lot he could do, true, there were other professors he could talk to but not without am appointment. A thought hit him, ‘there was one he might speak to, though she might end up trying to grind him into the floor.’ Reaching for the phone he just hoped that this time he didn’t run into another follower of the goddesses.

“Doctor Markov’s office.” Came a cheery voice on the other end.

“I was wondering if the doctor was available to discuss some of the Egyptian goddesses with me.” The man said feeling almost like an idiot the moment the words left his mouth.

“I’m sorry sir but the doctor isn’t seeing students ’til…” The cheery voice started.

“I’m not a student, I know this might sound strange but I think I may have some information that she may need. It’s dealing with several of the goddesses of ancient Egypt. I need her help in what I have found.” The man said still feeling as if the woman was about to hang up on him.

There was a moment of silence then the voice came back on, “Please hold, I’ll ring the doctor just a moment.”

“Thank you,” the man replied. God he hated to be put on hold! He’d seen and used the tactic before to get rid of people. Well he thought, might as well hang up before…

“This is doctor Markov, I was told you have information that I might find vital to my studies?” The voice of the doctor said shocking the man.

“Yes doctor, I have recently been in contact with three people that have a bearing on this. Just this morning I noticed strange markings on my skin they look a lot like Egyptian Hieroglyphics.” The man wasn’t sure what to make of all of this hoping that the woman didn’t slam the phone down.

“I see,” replied the doctor. “As accurately as you can, describe them to me?”

“Well,” the name started, “on one side of his my is a Tjet (a knotted headdress with a loop), on the other a small hawk beneath the moon over the river. On my left inner thigh, is a sistrum, and on my right inner thigh is a small ankh symbol.” He heard the woman’s sharp intake of breath. Then he heard her whisper Bast and Isis.

“You said that there were three people involved these are the only markings you have noticed?” The doctor said suddenly seemingly becoming more than interested.

The man was hesitant; the first two were hard enough to believe but this? Sighing the man continued. “Yes doctor, I noticed a third set a little while ago. On my lower stomach a red disk wrapped by a uraeus (cobra) and to the right of them is another ankh.” Again the man heard her gasp, then whisper Sekhmet.

“Sir, I would appreciate it if you came in and let me examine them.” The doctor finally said, “It seems you wear the marks of three of the ancient goddesses.”

“Uh doc, I don’t think that’s too good of an idea. Since these have appeared on me members of the opposite sex have been almost uncontrollable around me. I have been attacked at times, so I am far more careful. First I have to ask you aren’t a follower, or priestess, for any of these three are you?” The man asked.

“No sir, I am not a follower of any of the ancient religions. Wait you said ALL members of the opposite sex? I am at a loss right now is it possible that we meet somewhere? At least to talk if you are that afraid.” The doctor suggested a little concerned.

“That would be possible but doctor please tell no one and come alone or it is off.” The man advised her.

“I will I am truly interested in what you have told me. Please meet me at the library downtown, would that do?” The doctor suggested.

“Alright I’ll meet you in two hours; it will give me time to prepare.” With that the man hung up as did the doctor.

In the next room the assistant smiled, so all three were present now. She needed to inform the followers though they would have to go extremely careful or they would miss the chance. The doctor got up to leave telling her assistant that she was gone for the day. The assistant told her good bye the a minute later locked up and followed the doctor.

An hour and a half later the man had to make sure he was going to be safe. Watching from nearby he watched the coming and goings at the public place. Near the appointed time the man saw who he thought was the doctor park and slowly walk inside. Not more than five minutes later several more cars pulled up as a multitude of people started to surround the building.

Shaking his head the man called the front desk asking to speak to the doctor.

“Yes, this is doctor Markov.” Came the woman’s voice.

Trying to hold his anger the man spit into the phone, “I thought I told you to come alone! You lost your and my last chance! You can kiss my ass…?”

“I came alone,” the doctor interrupted the man. “The only other one you spoke to was my assistant. Oh my god! I am so sorry! My assistant mentioned something the other day about Sekhmet! Tell me where else we can meet? No I don’t, yes but, alright.” Hanging up the phone with a deep sigh, the doctor left the building twenty minutes later heading to her house. Disappointed, she would have to get another assistant tomorrow. She hated that, the young woman was an asset but it seemed she also had an extremely loud mouth.

The doctor could almost feel the people following her; that is ’til she started to head to her home. Pulling into her garage the doctor sighed, this had been a real chance to study actual proof of three female deities of ancient Egypt. Now thanks to the meddling of her assistant the chance was lost forever.

Getting out of her car the slender, tall light brown haired woman collected her mail and headed in. Inside she just laid everything on her counter and removed her coat when she felt a hand cover her mouth.

“I suggest you don’t scream when I remove my hand. I felt that this was the only way you and I could help each other. Now then,” the man removed his hand then lowered his eyes as the woman doctor spun to face him.

At first shocked, ‘who in the hell did he think he was breaking into her home? She had half a mind to call the police,’ though, she really DID want to get a good look at the symbols. At least the ones that the man claimed were now on his body. “Alright let me turn…” she started as she reached out for the light switch.

“NO! Please as little light as possible, I need you doctor to help me. Not a brainless, sex starved female.” The man said a little forcefully.

“A brainless… look here! How in the hell do you expect me to examine the supposed symbols if I can’t see them?” The doctor told the man a little pissed off.

“Trust me doctor, it only takes a good look at my face for you to become that way. Honestly I prefer you the way you are right now. Though I do have to admit, you are a beautiful woman.” For some strange reason the woman actually blushed at the man’s words. “I need your help doctor, you as I stated, are the last hope I have.”

The doctor was shocked, the last hope he had? What in the hell was going on? What precisely was this man mixed up with?

Sighing the woman nodded, “Alright I’ll see what I can do, but it will be difficult in the dark.”

Nodding the man told her, “I’ll do all I can to help but as I said it only takes one good look then nothing I have seen will break you out of it short of uh…”

The doctor looked up from across the room, “Short of what?”

“I hesitate to tell you it seems farfetched but I tell you it is all true.” The man stated. The woman nodded then indicated for him to continue. Sighing the man continued. “When this first happened it was just once a year one night of passion. This year it all changed Bast appeared and told me I was her husband and that I needed to uh…”

“You needed to what?” The doctor inquired.

“That I needed to spread my seed. Doctor,” The man inquired as he sat forward looking at the floor. “Just how old would you say I am?”

The doctor looked at what of him she could see smooth young skin, no wrinkles anywhere. No grey hair, “I’d say you are young possibly 22, 23.”

The man only shook his head no, “no doctor I turned 55, 3 weeks ago.”

The woman’s face showed her shock. “Now sir I think you are playing a prank on me.” The man shook his head no and pulled his wallet out handing it to her. The license was for a 55 year old man but this was impossible. “When did this… regression start?”

“After the first time last week with Bast. That’s when the symbols on my thighs appeared and Bast told me I was her husband. A few nights later another woman appeared claiming to be Isis. That’s when the second set appeared. Bast said that her mother had marked me and I was safe. The other set appeared today after I met Sekhmet yesterday. She was mad that Bast claimed me and shouted to the air that she claimed me also. A booming voice said so be it but she had to procure also.” The man quieted as the doctor was in shock.

“My god,” she whispered. “It’s the foretold second awakening of the Egyptian gods!”


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