A welcome guest – Chap 5: Things are heating up

Virginity story: A welcome guest – Chap 5: Things are heating up

by Pars001

Genres: Fantasy, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Female/Female, Group Sex, Male / Females, Male/Female, Mind Control, Threesome, Virginity

“The second awakening?” The man stated in shock trying to stay hidden in the dark.

“Yes,” the doctor said, “there is a written legend that states that the Egyptian gods will reawaken. Let me find it.” Doctor Markov rummaged through several stacks of papers ’til twenty minutes later she gave a shout of eureka! “I think I found it!” She was rushing toward the man who was trying to withdraw from her. “Oh shit! Sorry I forgot.”

“It’s alright but if you keep forgetting, you will become a willing though not completely, lust filled woman.” The man told her.

“Oh please I don’t think…” the doctor started.

“If you want to find out, we can after this but as I said you will. I also seem to remember that you won’t remember afterward.” The man told her matter of factly.

Sighing the doctor nodded and sat, opening the paper she started to read. “The first awakening started sometime between the years 3150 to 3100 BC. It continued ’til almost the end of the new kingdom of Egypt about 1077 BC. I’m not sure, there was a brief resurgence during Ramses reign later, but it had started to decline.”

The man nodded he was really lost with all the history that the doctor was giving him. All the man really wanted to know was he going to be used then tossed aside as if he were nothing? “That’s all well and good Doctor, though I feel I am screwed either way I go. I am already the object of some affection to the sisters, the mother I am still unsure about.”

“From all that has been written about them, the gods, and goddesses weren’t that jealous. Except possibly in the case of Bast and her sister Sekhmet. Hell even Ra wasn’t jealous of any dalliances that his wife Isis had. One could only imagine just how many he had in thousands of years.” Looking over at the man again she stated, “I really need to get a look at the symbols on you.”

“Alright doctor please remember though don’t look into my eyes. I’ll try to keep them down.” The man wasn’t sure if he could, he really didn’t need another sex slave right now.

Doctor Markov approached the man with a pen light. Looking first at his left inner thigh, there was a sistrum (a rattle), on his right inner thigh was a small ankh symbol. Nodding the woman touched both of them feeling them almost pulse with an uncanny power. Moving up she looked at his lower stomach, a red disk wrapped by a uraeus (cobra) and to the right of them another ankh, touching these she could feel them also pulse with power. The woman gasped loudly in the room whispering, “The sisters Bast and Sekhmet.”

Moving up the woman doctor looked at the man’s neck. On the right side there was a Tjet (a knotted headdress with a loop). On the left a small hawk beneath the moon over the river. Another gasp had the woman shaking with excitement as she whispered Isis in awe.

“Again Doctor Markov, just how screwed am I? If I refuse, I believe that I am toast, if I keep going as I am I also feel I am toast. When I thought I might be falling for Bast she told me that I was safe. She told me that I wouldn’t die that her mother had helped by marking me. Sekhmet also told me that I was marked by Isis, that only family could touch me. She also warned me that Isis had killed quite a few mortals over the years when she got excited.” Sighing the man sat back deeper into the shadows.

Sighing the doctor also sat back she too had heard about mortals and the gods from those times. Many had been Pharaohs though many hadn’t made it too far that was for sure. “Many mortal men who had shared time with the gods or goddesses were men of great power. Though as I remember their rule wasn’t usually that long. Plus I have never heard of them regressing in age.. I believe that your case is rare indeed.”

“So Doctor should I be worried about any other goddesses coming after me?” The man asked.

“Hmmm well let me think, there was Tefnut, Maat, Hathor and Serket. They were also offspring of Ra with different goddesses. Though if what Bast said is true then her and Sekhmet are the only ones that have access to you. Knowing them as I do though, they will find a way around it.”

“Oh shit Doc!” The man shouted then calmed. “You mean there might be 4 others out there that will want a piece of me?”

“Well I’m not sure if you could put it that way, apparently there is something unique about you. Something that Ra and Isis obviously think will help to re-empower them. I also think that it would be an extremely bad thing to refuse to help them.” The Doctor related to the man.

There was a series of giggles that sounded in the room that had both the man and woman looking around. Suddenly the lights came up and the doctor was staring straight into the man’s eyes. Ah shit, the man thought as the doctor shook her head a few times then stood and started to remove her clothes! The man’s eyes went wide my god he thought she was gorgeous! Pushing the man to the floor the doctor started to claw at his clothes to remove them.

With a shrieking scream she sank her hole as hard as she could on the man’s hard as steel pole. No matter how hard the man pushed to try and get up the doctor seemed to have the strength to keep him on the floor.

A devilish smirk crossed her face as she stared at him and Sekhmet’s voice came out of her mouth. “Ah! Just let her enjoy it, this will be the only time she has ever enjoyed being screwed, quit complaining and just lay there!”

With another shriek the doctor started to plunge herself harder and harder her breathing quickening as she grew closer to her release. Unable to take any more the man started to blast deep inside the doctor, as she suddenly yelled and convulsed tightening around the man’s member. Bending low she kissed the man whispering, “thank you but I need it again,” as she started anew. Within minutes she was screaming out in orgasm again bringing the man to his second orgasm as well. Then without emotion, the doctor got off the man kissed him again and dressed.

The man could hear Sekhmet laughing as he scrambled to get dressed. Damn it! Sekhmet was playing dirty huh? He had to figure a way to control this or he was dead for sure. Now he had to wait for the doctor to return to normal. It seemed it was only a few minutes later that the doctor’s eyes cleared and she shook her head. She sat there a moment then her eyes flew wide. “Why… what…,” the doctor gave the man a hard look who only sighed and nodded.

Getting up the doctor ran for the bathroom, the man could only nod and settled in. It was going to be a long night if things like this kept up. Hearing the shower running the man knew it might be a little while before the doctor came back out. Exhausted the man fell asleep his head falling to the side.

It was probably 45 minutes later when the man felt a soft tapping on his shoulder. Opening his eyes he didn’t see anyone, then he heard the woman behind the chair. “Just how many times did we… you know copulate?”

Glad that she was there the man answered, “Technically that’s hard to say. We finished the first time and you told me you weren’t done yet, you started again without withdrawing from me. I figured you would feel messier than usual you took quite a lot.”

The doctor’s face was blood red as she blushed, shaking her head he couldn’t see her. Then again she thought a moment later, he has seen all of me in the light what’s to be embarrassed about? “You say that every woman you have looked at reacted that way?” The doctor suddenly asked.

“Yes, though there was one that was a follower of Bast who wasn’t. Afterward she thanked me for choosing her to receive the special seed of her mistress and me. There was also the three women that Sekhmet had me take into the university women’s bathroom. The first two had finished and were pleasuring each other, the third had just finished. Her eyes cleared and she told me thank you. It had been extremely hard to enter her, the other two had gotten her wetter so I could go in easier.”

“They actually did that? Here I thought that the goddesses couldn’t make a person go against their nature. Then again I know of quite a few of the female students that have tried other females once. Something about most of the males were too immature or unobtainable.” The doctor saw that the man was staring at her. “I hear them talking quite a bit, usually they think I’m not listening”

The man could only nod he’d thought it was hot as hell in the bathroom the last two times it had happened. Here he thought it had been him, them wanting him so bad. “I have to go doc, before others think that I might be here after all. I came in as far as I know unobserved but you never know. You said that your assistant is a follower of one of the goddesses?”

“Yes, the other day she was talking the most about Sekhmet. In the past few weeks though she has also mentioned Bast, Isis, Serket, and Maat. I am unsure of the other two.” Lowering her head the doctor said almost in a whisper. “No matter what happens I wish you luck. this is my number to reach me no matter what. I…,” shaking her head she walked to the door and looked out. “It appears to be clear, though you can never tell.”

The man thanked her and quickly made his way through the alleyways to where he’d left his car on the other side of the block. Getting in he was about to start and leave when he heard another, different voice in his head.

The man thought back, he wasn’t stupid he knew this wasn’t Bast or Sekhmet. Probably one of their half sisters he thought.

<Cost? Why my dear sir it wouldn’t ‘cost’ a thing.> The voice said trying to sound as sincere as possible.

The man thought back.

Came a genuine sound of surprise. The voice said again sounding innocent and sincere.

The man shot back.

There was a sudden rushing of the wind then another pale woman appeared before him in a thin wrap. The fact that she wore not much else wasn’t lost on the man either. Bowing low the woman stated, “greetings husband of Bast and Sekhmet. I am the goddesses Hathor, one of several half sisters to them. I am here at the request of those said half sisters. As with Bast and Sekhmet, we also are in need of your service.”

Here the goddesses grasp the man’s hard cock through his pants. “My service?” The man said as he swallowed hard, holy shit this woman’s touch was electrifying!

“Yes,” the woman said whispering in his ear, damn he’d not seen her move! “As the good,” here Hathor giggled a bit, “and I assume she was, doctor told you, we are coming back. What she wasn’t able to tell you before Sekhmet interfered is that we require energy. Energy of a…”

“That’s enough Hathor!” The man heard Sekhmet yell then she appeared. “We are not allowed! You know that! Any more, and everything will have to be aborted! I know you don’t want that now do you? Unlike you I chose to stay here, unfettered by the excessive use of magic to go back and forth! Now go away! I have already claimed this one!”

“Ha! You think your idle threats will deter me? I am fully here and have just as much as you, if not more. Do you really wish another war? You and Bast’s little tiff started all this back then. You know the rest of us have no problem sharing.” Waving her hand Hathor drew Sekhmet to Hathor’s face. “It’s about time you both got used to it!”

Sekhmet was about to open her mouth to say more, but then thought better. Hathor turned back to the man who had watched the argument with interest. Sighing Hathor seemed to wait for him to say something. “So you all truly need me to restore the power that all of you lost in the war back then.” Looking at Hathor the man stated, “I paid far more attention than you think. I am willing to help, I have a few requests if not demands.”

Hathor bowed to the man she knew she and the others lives might depend on the next few minutes. “Please what is it you require? Power, fame, money?”

“No, nothing so petty as all of that. I only ask that I be allowed to live as a man. To enjoy freedom with or without any of you. I have heard of what has happened over the centuries, humans used and discarded, used up then thrown away. I wish to avoid this, no repercussions by you or any other including you Ra. Yes, I know you are listening something this important I know you want to have first hand information. Information is power and I know you yield the most.”

There was a rumbling for a moment then the same booming voice he’d heard before sounded. “Well put human, if you can provide far more power for us then it will be so. Now a request for you, will you accept all of my daughters to enable this, also as your wives? Hathor, Bast, and Sekhmet you have met. I present Maat.” Another pale skinned slender woman appeared, looking a little like a possibly younger version of Hathor and just as beautiful.

“I present Serket and Tefnut, each brings a balance to the world but none more than Maat.” Here they all heard Sekhmet snort out a laugh. “Enough Sekhmet, if you take of each one of them, provide the energy, then anything you wish will be possible.”

“Wait.” the man suddenly said, “so you’re saying I have to screw all six of your daughters? You’re not only ok with this but ask that I do?”

“Of course,” the booming voice said, “I have partaken of each of them, and I see no problem as they each also wish to have you also. I will be waiting for your answer.” Just as suddenly it was quiet.

Shaking his head the man looked around. There were five nearly naked women standing around him. Each and every one of them were staring at him as if he were a piece of meat. Yes, a choice piece of meat and they were starving ready to attack and rip him apart.

Trembling a little the man looked over the newest four that had appeared they were all slender, at least 5′ 7”, each had pale clear skin. Though the one thing he noticed the most, was the fact that they were all beautiful beyond belief. Well that and the fact that they all wanted to have sex with him!


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