A Natural Talent The Seduction Of Lisa

An Erotic story: A Natural Talent The Seduction Of Lisa. Author: geilkoekje11: The story is including: Dark Fantasy, Ass to mouth, Female/Female, Written by women, Young content. My name is Lisa I graduated from high school back in May and I had dutifully been looking for a job since then. As the end of July approached, I was becoming desperate.

A Natural Talent The Seduction Of Lisa

Author: geilkoekje11

College was out of the question mainly because once the Tea Party had seized control of control Congress in the 2018 midterm elections they had repealed all Federal Student Financial Aid. I recall when President Paul had a televised signing ceremony of this legislation. He spoke of personal responsibility and how kids need to work their way through college like prior generations had back in the 1950s and 1960s. Never mind that that tuition, fees, books, and room and board could all be had for less than a $1,000 a year back in the good old days.

I found out early on my job prospects were kind of grim. I could work at a fast food restaurant or at a big box retailer. Since congress had also repealed the minimum wage most of these jobs paid $5 an hour or less with the maximum number of hours you could expect to work being 30 hours a week for a pay with another 10 hours a week mandatory off the clock if you expected to keep your job.

Back then, any job opening outside retail or fast food was extremely rare so I was elated when I heard about the job opening at NWO Media INC. They were an Internet firm that did programming, design and marketing. Even though I didn’t have any experience in these fields one day when I was filling an application at Mc Donald’s the opportunity sort of fell in my lap.

As I was preparing to leave after turning in the application, an attractive female customer in her early 30s gently grabbed my arm. “Hey young lady, may I have a word with you?”

She introduced herself as Abby and she explained she was a recruiter for NWO Media Corporation and she saw that I was looking for a job. In fact, she said, “You are just the type of young lady we are looking for.”

She wanted me to stop by Monday at 9:30 am to fill out an application and have an interview. I explained to her that I had just graduated high school and didn’t have any type of training.

That is why I think you would be a good fit at our organization. Once you accept a position in our training program, we can give you exposure to a lot of different fields such as sales, programming, video production, or administrative or even human resources. If you are offered a position we are committed to finding you something you will excel at in our organization. Young people like you accepted into our training program start at 40k a year salary plus there are opportunities for lucrative bonuses that could double or even more than triple your yearly salary. If you are interested just give me your name, let me scan your fingerprint with my phone, take this appointment card and I will mark you down for an appointment on my calendar.

Of course I agreed to the appointment as this was much more than I could make in fast food or retail. Traditionally, any job outside these sectors has thousands of applicants, but I seemed to have an inside track for this one. I was elated on the walk home. I told my mom when I got home and she was so excited for me. The next morning I woke up and dressed in the best clothing I had hoping it was good enough.

When I arrived at the office building the address on the card indicated the building directory directed me to the 51st floor of the building. I took the elevator up and the doors opened up into their lobby. I noticed a large painting of Justice Samuel Alito hanging on the wall. The inscription underneath the painting simply read, “Aut viam inveniam aut faciam.” I thought this was sort of odd, but then again, I was there for a job I didn’t really care about what their politics were.

I approached the receptionist and handed her the appointment card Abby had given me.”Of course you are Lisa we have been expecting you please fill out this application and Abby will be with you in a moment.”

The first thing I noticed was the application was only one page long which I really liked. Most fast food or retail establishments asked you more questions for a crappy job than this one did for a good job. The other thing was near the top in bold lettering was:

NWO Media INC – A Privately Held For Profit Religious Corporation

The questions on the application were basic, your address, the name and location of the last position you held and your highest educational degree. Babysitting and High School where what I answered. I so wasn’t getting this job I told myself. The last few questions on the application were kind of unusual:
Hair Color:
Sexual Preference: Please Circle Your Preference: Straight, Bi, Bi-curious or Homosexual.

The final question on the application was just a short essay. The question read, “If you had the power to help anyone in your life including a family member or family member’s who would it be and why?”

I just wrote how my mom was the most important person in my life and how she had to quit taking her prescription medications the last couple of years in order to provide for me and my sister and that I’d like for her to be able to take her medication and focus on her health without having to worry how much it costs. I also said I would like to be able to help provide for her and my younger sister.

An Erotic story: A Natural Talent The Seduction Of Lisa

Image for Illustration purposes only. An Erotic story: A Natural Talent The Seduction Of Lisa

At the very bottom of the application, just above the signature line the fine print read:

NWO Media, INC is a privately held, for profit religious corporation as defined in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, INC. as such if NWO Media INC offers you a position the terms of your employment will be governed by NWO Media INC’s sincerely held religious beliefs. Sign here to acknowledge you have been informed of the religious nature of our for profit religious corporation.

I didn’t seem like a big deal at the time, so I signed it. Just as I had signed the application Abby came out of a big set of double doors. She was a knockout for sure and she took my application.

“Lisa, today we are going to start with a tour of the 51st floor at NWO.”

As we walked through the double doors Abby said, “This is our main reception floor, we actually have the top 10 floors of this building.”

I noticed on this floor the perimeter of the floor was lined with offices that had doors that closed. The center of the floor seemed to consist mostly of cubicles occupied by female employees. All the girls were in their late teens like me or in their twenties. There were also conference rooms and training rooms.

We eventually arrived at a corner office and Abby said, “This is my office won’t you come in and have a seat.”

I noticed her office provided two impressive views of two different parts of the city. She sat down and then I sat down.
“Lisa I am glad you are here and I need to explain how our interview process at NWO works first I need to tell you it takes several days. However, you will be paid $200 a day for the entire length of your interview process including today. How does that sound?”

Excitedly, I said, “That sounds great.”

Secondly, I am going to introduce you to your mentor Jamie, she is going to take you out to lunch this afternoon and then she is going to take you shopping for some attire. Tomorrow it will be more shopping as well as a day at the spa. Then you will be spending the next week with her as she shows you what sales is all about. In fact, I think you will be flying to the Mexican Rivera on a sales call with her. If you are interested in sales at the conclusion of your time with Jamie we can put together an offer for you. If you would like to try another department you can spend a week with another mentor. That is how our interview process works here it is very hands on. I also want to mention the clothing will be yours to keep, regardless if you accept the position or not. It would probably be best if you stayed at Jamie’s place during the interview process. Of course you can call your mom and inform her and you can have the driver take you to your home later today and pick up any personal effects you may need for your trip.

I was shocked as just to get a job here would be amazing and to have all of these unexpected benefits for just interviewing with them was incredible. Hell, if I didn’t get the job at least I’d have close to $2,000 for the interview process, a free vacation and some new stuff. Abby called Jamie over the intercom and suggested I take a short break to call my mom and inform her of my schedule for the next few days while we waited for Jamie to make her way down from the 56th floor. Abby told me there was an employee break room right around the corner where I could call my mom. I called my mom from the break room and she was very excited for me, but worried I was going to be away from home. I told her she was being silly, but that I would call her later. I went back into Abby’s office and Jamie was already there.

“Hi, I am Jamie, and you must be Lisa, I will be your mentor during the interview process, you and I are going to be spending the next week or so together.”

Jamie was a very attractive young lady that looked to be about 10 years older than me with long flowing blonde hair and a lighter skinned completion. She looked to be about 5’9″, and she had D-cup breasts and a shapely ass. She said, “Come on my dear, I have a lot to show you and teach you.” We walked out back into the lobby and got into the elevator.

“Ok, now one of the first things is you need to know about me is that I am not shy and I will answer any question you ask of me honestly. Secondly, the only influence I have is if you want to work for me in my department after spending a week with me, I can accept you or suggest you would be better off in another department.”

“What does your job involve Jamie?” I asked.

“I work as a sales rep, that is, I meet with clients, determine what their needs are, offer them a NWO solution to satisfy their needs and then I do whatever it takes to close the sale.”

That sounds exciting, but I don’t have any outside sales experience,” I said.

“Trust me when I saw your file come across my desk yesterday afternoon as a potential new hire, I claimed you as my mentee. You have everything you need to succeed in this business,” she replied.

I blushed and asked, “What file?”

“When you agreed to the interview with Abby and she scanned your fingerprint our special search algorithm began compiling a profile of you. It gathered stuff from your Social Media accounts, your high school transcripts, your medical records and basically anything that is out there in the public record about you. BTW, those were some great shots of you in your White Bikini. I wish my body still looked like yours.”

I blushed again and made a mental note to set my Facebook postings to private.

“You see what I like about you is your sincerity. You blush and get embarrassed when someone compliments you. That conveys a sincerity that can’t be taught in any training,” she said.

The elevator opened up on a parking level and there was a limo there ready to pick us up. The driver made sure we got in and closed the door. We went to some fancy restaurant and had lunch. I had wine, even though I was under age.

She asked, “What do you want to know about NWO?”

“Why are they interested in an eighteen year old girl like me with no experience and no training?”

“You are a blank slate. They feel like they can mold you into what they need you to be. Plus physically you’re a knock out: you are petite, you have natural blonde hair, big green eyes and an amazing complexion.”

“Why are you interested in having me in sales?”

“What I see is someone that could close a lot of sales.”

“What are some of the different positions available to me at NWO?”

“I will start off with what I see openings in. I will start with the least desirable to the most desirable.”

The Clerical Pool – Basically the girls that work in this position are here because the company decided they couldn’t mold them into what they wanted. In some cases the girls didn’t want to be molded. Some of the girls are waiting for someone to pick them as a PA. Other than becoming a PA there is very little room for advancement. The salary is the base 40k a year with a $1-5k bonus a year. There is nothing wrong with working one of these jobs. The girls you saw sitting in the cubicles on the 51st floor are in this pool. You would work 40-50 hours a week with all the rules and requirements of any clerical job. You get two weeks off a year and so many sick days. If you run afoul of the rules you will be fired. All in all not a bad “job” in modern America and a perfectly respectable way to earn a living.

A Personal Assistant – Here you end up being a PA to an executive, a star programmer, designer or some other type of content producer. Basically, to put it bluntly your job is being their bitch. You get paid forty plus around another 40k to $100k a year in bonuses, but you are expected to be at their beck and call 24-7. And sort of unsaid is they expect you to fuck them. If you don’t fuck them you won’t be their PA for very long. So if some horny geeky programmer, you are working for is pulling an all night coding session calls you at 2am because he wants some Mt. Dew, you get in your car, go get him some Mt. Dew and bring it to him. Then, once you get there if he wants a blow job you give him a blow job. Hey, I said I’d be honest.

A Human Resource Recruiter – This is probably the closest thing to sales only in this instance, instead of selling services you would be recruiting top programmers, designers and other talent to work here. Just like in sales you would have to be willing to do what it takes to close the deal. All in all not a bad job the pay could be up to a few hundred thousand a year with bonuses and you get to travel and entertain on an expense account. You would enjoy a lot of freedom as far as hours go and you wouldn’t have to be at anyone’s beck and call.

Sales – Personally this is where I think you fit in best and this would be the most lucrative position in terms of pay. You get the base 40k like everyone else, but you get a % of the profit on any contract you sign. I made 3.5 million dollars last year. Your first couple of years you would be working alongside me while I train you. I would expect that you would make a couple hundred thousand a year these first couple of years. You can retire at 35 if you start at 18. Like all the other fields you would get some classroom training where they teach you about some of the technical aspects of what type of services we sell, but then you would be out in the field with me traveling and closing deals. You would have a company car and an expense account. You would get to travel all over the US. and regularly go to other parts of the world.

“Wow,” I said as that was a lot to take in. Even if all I got was a clerical pool position it would be better than anything else I thought. Although I was thinking being a PA and a personal bitch to some geek didn’t sound really appealing. I finally asked, “Well you make the sales job sound so exciting what is the main downside of the position?”

She replied, “It was one of the first things I told you in that you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to close the sale.” She smiled and winked at me.

I was getting the idea that “whatever it takes” meant I had to be willing to fuck the customers or suck their cocks, but I didn’t say anything.

Finally, I asked near the end of lunch, “What do you think my chances of getting hired here are?”

“For any position other than the clerical pool you express an interest in I’d say 100%. The clerical pool is mainly for girls that wash out of the other programs, get into a relationship or are no longer are willing to do what it takes to satisfy their master in the case of a PA, close deals or hire the top recruits. It is not realistic to think there are any starting out positions there. These are washout or waiting positions.”

We went shopping and she bought me everything clothing, bras, panties and bikinis. I felt like Cinderella and that Jamie was my Fairy Godmother. There was one awkward moment when we both tried on bikinis and we were in the same dressing room. She just started undressing in front of me. Her tits were exquisite and I suspected enhanced. She caught me staring and said, “Would you like to touch them?”

I turned red-faced and looked away as she picked up my hands and put them on her breasts. They felt very different than mine, but not in a bad way. I started getting wet and had to force myself to take my hands off of them before I made a mess of my panties.

“I have implants, when you start to get older you start to sag. You can go with the sagging or get implants. I went with the implants now let me see yours?”

I undid my bra and as my breasts came out, she very sensually touched them and ended up rubbing my nipples hard. She smiled and winked at me and said, “You can never go wrong with natural ones when they look like these.”

Oh well, I said to myself, knowing my panties were a lost cause now. After we finished our shopping trip we stopped by my place and I picked up a few personal effects. We didn’t stay long because my mom was at work. I left her a note. In it, I told her I loved her. We headed towards Jamie’s lavish place in the burbs. When we got there she poured me some wine and then she gave me the grand tour. Her home was about 3,200 square feet, had a large master suite with an awesome shower that had four shower heads. It was obviously built for a group. She also had a pool, a hot tub and a workout room. In short, there was everything in this home that you would expect in a home of a single person that made several million dollars a year to have. She poured me some more wine. She said well I guess we need to wash your new underwear and night cloths so you have something to wear. I am going to order diner, we can watch a movie while we are waiting for your new stuff to wash and dry.

The delivery boy dropped off our food. She started streaming some horror movie and said, “Here, sit close to me, I won’t watch these unless someone else is here I get too scared.”

I replied, “Oh, I wanted to see that one.” I moved up close to her. The wine kept flowing. By the time the movie was over my head was resting on her chest and she was stroking my hair. I felt very close to her.

“So, I read on your application you were bi-curious most people aren’t honest on that one what did you mean by that?”

“I have had different boys, I have been in love with and had sex with, but I was in love with a girl once. She was my best friend and one night we were talking about stuff we did with our boyfriends, one thing led to another and I ended up going down on her. We were comparing our stuff and she pushed my head down all of the sudden when I was looking at her stuff so I just started giving her head. She seemed to enjoy it at the time. She even said don’t stop and she came several times, but almost immediately after she had sort of a disgusted look on her face, and she left. The next Monday at school, she said she didn’t want to be my friend or talk to me anymore.”

“Oh my, that is horrible how long did you know this girl?”

“She was my best friend from the time we were in the 6th grade up until we were Seniors.” I haven’t seen her since we graduated Peyton was her name.” I said as a tear ran out of my eye and I started to sniffle.

“Don’t cry Lisa I am sorry she hurt you, but it sounds to me like she just wasn’t confident enough in her own sexuality to know what she wanted. She obliviously liked what you were doing to her. How about we get showers? I’ll go first and then you can.”

She led me to her bedroom. “Here just have a seat on my bed till I finish if you want.” She went in the bathroom with the big shower and she didn’t close the door all the way. I suspected it was an invitation. I let a couple of minutes pass before I walked into her bathroom and she was standing facing the vanity mirror nude. She turned around, smiled at me, pulled me close and kissed me.

She asked me, “Do you like older girls?”

I replied, “I like you.”

We continued to kiss, she was completely naked and I was still in my interview dress. Our tongues sensually tangled. She pulled the top half of my dress down and our bare chests were touching. She continued to make out with me and then eventually she pulled my dress the rest of the way off. She put her hand down the front of my panties and on my pussy.

“Your hands feel so good down there,” I said.

She was the first female that has ever touched me down there. It was so much softer than a guy’s touch. As we continued to make out she was still completely naked and I just had my panties on which were soaking wet now. She kept pushing her hands down my underwear working my clit. At some point she managed to slide my panties all the way off. Then she freely rubbed my wet slit and my scent was starting to fill the room.

“Do you like the way I touch you?” she asked.

I replied, “Oh yeah.”

She picked me up and asked, “do you want me to carry you to my bed where I can lick that pussy?”

“Yes Please… Please,” I replied.

She carried me to her bed, put me down on it and put her head down between my legs. She began licking my pussy much differently than a guy would. When a guy eats your pussy it is generally sort of rough. Jamie was very soft and sensual with her tongue. She would take breaks come up and kiss me, allowing me to taste my own pussy it was hot. She gave me several orgasms with her mouth. I came very hard. Then she did something very unexpected, she motioned for me to get up in sort of a doggy position. She said, “Rub your clit.”

I did, and then she ran her tongue over my asshole. I never felt something so incredible as I had never let any of my old boyfriend’s play with my ass, but here was my prospective female boss licking my asshole. I came hard and fast. I shoved her down, spread her legs and started returning the favor for her.

“Ah, Ah oh yeah eat my pussy I won’t run away from you I know what you want,” she said.

Her pussy was very sweet. I didn’t know what to expect from an older girl as the only other pussy I had tasted was teen pussy like my own. I spent a good twenty minutes between her legs and I made her cum several times. I held her legs up and I kissed her asshole and then I licked it. It was the first time my tongue had ever been on someone’s anus.

She began to show her pleasure as her body began to twist and turn and she was banging her fingers in her pussy as hard and as fast as she could. I could feel her asshole begin to tense up Then all the sudden she emitted a high pitched squeal and her cum gushed all over my face. I thought to myself squirting really does exist.

“Oh my god you have to show me how to do that,” I said, as her orgasm subsided.

She said “Don’t worry, there is a lot I have to teach you, but for now I want to snuggle. We can sleep in tomorrow it is one of the perks of sales” and “before we start our day tomorrow I want to get up and take a shower with you. She gave me a kiss good night. The smell of our pussies mingled in the air and on our bodies.

As we drifted off to sleep she whispered to me, “see I knew you had a natural talent for closing the sale.”

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