I Saved It For You

Erotic Stories: I Saved It For You Part 1. Author: Candyaa. I recently moved back home after completing a two year degree in Industrial Robotics. This was an intense program that required me to take all sorts of advanced math and carry 16-17 hours a semester plus 12 hours over the summer between the two years and again after the second year with graduation from the program coming in August.

Erotic Stories: I Saved It For You – Part 1

Author: Candyaa

In other words it was really three years of course work compacted into two and half. The payoff was a job at a family friend’s company that manufactured industrial robots. These things cost millions of dollars, and are used in high tech and highly automated manufacturing environments. My job is a tech. I know that doesn’t sound very glamorous, but in a lot of ways it is a killer job.

I travel all over the country whenever one of our robots breaks down or needs routine maintenance. Typically how it works is I fly out to the major airport that is closest to the customer’s site. On the breakdown jobs the first day there I trouble shoot the problem usually this just takes a couple of hours. 80% of the time it ends up being some sort of mechanical failure that requires a part. I call my company and they ship out the part.

Generally there is two days of downtime in a hotel waiting for the part to get on site. Once the part comes in I go back to the customer’s site and fix the machine. The fix generally takes a day or less. At 21 I get to travel and see the country. The downtime provides me plenty of time to sight see or do whatever I need to do.

In a typical month it is not uncommon for me to be gone three weeks in a row and then have a week off. Now most weeks I get back home every weekend, but by Sunday evening or Monday morning it is off to the airport again. The job pays great 60k a year right out of college with just my 2 year degree plus a nice expense account for when I am out of town.

The downside of the job is that it is almost impossible to have a girlfriend as not many girls would put up with a guy being gone that much, and I am told the turnover is really high because of this. Even the guys that manage to find a willing girl eventually want to start a family and have kids. The schedule definitely becomes a no go once kids are thrown into the mix.

So all in all this has given me an opportunity to reconnect with my family as other than Christmas and Thanksgiving I hadn’t seen much of them since I was 18.

I have one sibling, a sister, her name is Makyla and when I moved back into the family home in September she had just turned 18 and started her senior year of high school. Growing up we had always been close. Don’t get me wrong we had the typical sibling rivalry when we were younger fighting over toys and getting into petty arguments, but by the time I had turned fourteen she had became my little buddy and constant companion.

By the time I left the house at 18 we were really close as the last couple of years she had often tagged along with me when I went out with my friends and even my girlfriends. I never considered her a burden as a lot of folks seem to consider their younger siblings growing up and I always enjoyed having her around.

I vividly remember the day I left for college. She cried and cried, then she screamed and cried some more. She told me I was her best friend, her brother and that she loved me. She begged and pleaded for me not to leave her. It was painful when it happened, but when I would think back on it when I was away at college as I often did it was one of my most treasured memories. It had made me feel special, and it cemented my bond with my sister. I knew at that time in her life she loved me more than anyone or anything. Even though I was only eighteen when it happened I suspected nobody would ever love me as much as she did.

When I was away at college I missed her more than my parents. The only time we got to spend together was on the holidays. I did stay in touch with her via Facebook and on the phone. We often talked for hours about what was going on in her life and in my life. Our long phone conversations were always the highlight of my week. She would always ask me if had a girlfriend and I’d always tell her no. Because of the difficulty of my course work and the time commitment required I really didn’t have much dating time in college. The occasional hook up was all I got.

Erotic Stories: I Saved It For You Part 1. Author: Candyaa.

Image for Illustration purposes only. Erotic Stories: I Saved It For You Part 1. Author: Candyaa.

In my absence Makyla had transformed from the ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. When I left she had pimples, braces and wore glasses. When I came back home the pimples, braces and glasses were gone. Her body had also underwent a miraculous transformation. She had been waif like before and now she was incredibly curvy. She was a raven haired beauty with big green eyes and what looked to be D cup breasts. Even though she is my sister and I wasn’t supposed to think of her that way I couldn’t help but notice her beauty, her incredible body and that her entire package just oozed pent up sexuality. I may have been her brother, but I wasn’t blind.

When I first came home she and my parents lined up to greet me and I hugged each of them. She was last in line and I whispered into her ear as I hugged her, “my god you are such a hottie.”

When I pulled away from the hug I noticed her eyes had lit up and her face was bright red.

When I was wasn’t working we started spending a lot of time together again. I would go with her friends and her to the movies and then when we were home we would hang out in each other’s rooms or watch TV together. Most of the time we just talked about life in general. After about a month of living back home I was curious as to why I had never seen her out on a date. I thought she was awfully damn cute to never have a date. So while we were sitting in my room talking one Sunday I asked her, “how come you never go on dates?”

She looked at me and said, “I am very selective.”

I said, “come on there has to be more to it than that.”

She gave me a crooked smile and said, “I am a virgin.”

In shock I asked, “you’re kidding?”

She said, “no I am not, I have messed around with guys a little, but I haven’t given it up yet. I have been saving it for someone special. You sound disappointed?”

I said, “no I am not disappointed at all I think it is great. I am just a little surprised your stunning and you have a wonderful personality. I am surprised you don’t get offers all the time.”

She smiled and said, “I do and sometimes they are tempting, but I am saving it for the one.”

I smiled and said to her, “your incredible sis.” I thought to myself what brother wouldn’t want to hear that his incredibly hot sister was still a virgin and she was saving herself for someone special?

She blushed got up, walked towards me, gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, “Noah, that is why I missed having you around.”

I was blushing now, and she knew it.

She walked out of my room and playfully winked at me. I realized after she walked out I was hard. I told myself it wasn’t because of her. I also told myself surely she didn’t notice even though when she came over to kiss me she would have seen it if she happened to look down. I ended up locking my door and finding some porn on the Internet to take care of my needs.

As I started stroking it I found thoughts of Makyla creeping into my head. In fact when I had popped it was her face I was thinking about. It was an incredibly powerful and intense orgasm, but afterwards I felt very guilty. I asked myself how could I beat off to my baby sister? I tossed and turned all night racked with guilt and I had to be at the airport at 7:00 am for my departing flight.

I didn’t get back into town until Friday afternoon. I got home from the airport at about 4:00. I noticed my mom and dad weren’t home. I saw Makyla in the kitchen. She was dressed in a pair of short shorts and a half shirt. She had her hair up in two pony tails and I also noticed for the first time that she had a navel ring. She looked incredibly sexy. I tried my best not to look, but I couldn’t help myself. I let my eyes wander up and down her body. I knew my mom and dad must not be coming home anytime soon because they wouldn’t let her dress like this even for just lounging around the house.

I asked, “hey, where are mom and dad?”

“Did you forget dad had his high school reunion this weekend? They won’t be home until Monday so it is just you and me this weekend,” she said with a smile on her face.

“So what do you have planned this weekend?” I asked.

“Nothing much I thought I’d just hang out with you,” she answered.

I questioned her, “your 18 years old, a Senior in high school, your parents are out of town and you want to hang with your older brother all weekend?”

She said, “yep.”

Then I saw her look down and she started giggling.

“What are you laughing at?” I asked.

She smiled and said, “nothing.”

Then she walked out of the kitchen and went upstairs. It was then I realized what she was laughing at. I was rock hard and my cock was pressing up against my pants trying to get out. I was shocked because first off this reminded me of my high school days when I couldn’t control my erections and secondly, I was hard for my sister again. She had definitely seen it this time. Fuck, fuck and fuck I thought. When I moved I felt some dampness in my underwear and realized I had been leaking precum.

I grabbed my suitcase and went upstairs to my room. I noticed Makyla had went into the bathroom and was taking a shower as I could hear the water running. I took my clothes off except for my boxers. As I stood there in my boxers I debated what to do. I felt like I really needed to take care of myself especially if Makyla was going to be around the house all night as I didn’t want her to see me get that way again, but I didn’t know if I had enough time to get off before she got out of the shower.

I heard the water turn off so I decided to just go into the bathroom after Makyla came out, take a shower and do it in there. Just as I was getting some cloths together my door popped open and Makyla walked in. She just had a towel on and her boobs were pressed up against the terry cloth like they were going to pop out at any second.

She looked at me and asked, “did you see where I put my phone down earlier?”

Fuck it was happening again. I was getting hard and I was just in my boxers. I bent over awkwardly and put my hand in front of my crotch. I nervously said, “no maybe you left it in the kitchen.”

She took a step towards me and pulled my hand away from my crotch. She said, “Noah, I am not a little girl anymore I know what a boner is you don’t need to be embarrassed.” Then she took a step back.

I turned red, stammered and stuttered, “uh, uh, but…”

She cut me off, smiled and said, “I am flattered.”

Then she started to walk towards the door and stopped right before she took the last step out. She turned her head to me and said, “I hope it is ok I used your computer while you were gone mine was acting up again. I had a project I needed to finish up.”

“Uh, uh, …that’s fine.” I had given her my password and told her she could use my computer whenever she needed to because hers was old and on its last legs.

“Look why don’t you take care of that so you won’t be so distracted,” she said with the biggest grin on her face as she walked out the door and closed it behind her.

I asked myself did my sister really just tell me to beat off, and was she really down with me being hard for her? I just sort of staggered over to my computer as I couldn’t really process what had just happened, but she was right I had to take care of this or I was going to be worthless for the rest of the night. I clicked the mouse and entered my password. On my desktop I noticed there was a new folder. It was named “Makyla’s Stuff.” I couldn’t resist the temptation of knowing what was inside so I opened it.

It was full of pics. The first several were just standard head shot selfies with her making funny faces. Towards the fifth or six pic things started to get interesting. They were still head shots, but she was sticking her tongue out kind of like she was waiting to take a big load on it, and then there were other pics of her doing things that could be taken as sexually suggestive with her mouth and tongue. I told myself my sister wouldn’t do that she told me she was a virgin for god’s sake. I had convinced myself she was just playing around and didn’t understand the things she was doing with her mouth could be taken that way.

Then I opened the next pic and I just about died. She was topless and those were her boobs. My god they were incredibly round and they were perfect they had to be Ds. I pulled my cock out and started stroking it. I clicked over to the next pic and it was a pic of her sitting in my chair with her pussy spread. Her fucking shaved pussy! I was looking at my sister’s pussy and I was stroking my cock to it. No matter how wrong it might have been I couldn’t have stopped if I had wanted to. I had to have release.

I clicked on the next pic she was up on my bed in a doggy style position. I could see her pussy and her asshole. I also realized this wasn’t a pic she could have taken on her own. Did she have some fucking boy up in my room on my bed while I was gone? Oh fuck the thought of her getting fucked right there on my bed I couldn’t take it. I shot my load and it was another super intense orgasm one of the greatest releases I had ever felt. I grabbed the tissues and wiped up the mess.

Now the question was what do I do about these pics? Do I delete them and not say anything about them as she obviously took them with some boy or for some boy or do I tell her I saw them? I decided to look through the rest of the pics. In the next one she was on my bed spread eagle with her finger knuckle deep in her pussy. Then there were a few more: two fingers, finger on the clit, and one really hot one with the tip of her little finger up her asshole and an erotic look on her face. Then I got to the very last pic. I opened it and it was a pic of her naked on my bed and flat on her stomach. It was more of an artistic nude as it showed her whole body with the highlight being the curvature of her ass. There was a line of text on top of the pic and then one on the bottom.

The text at the top of the pic read, “I saved it for you.”

Then as my eyes scanned down the text at the bottom of the pic said, “I love you Noah.”

To be continued in Part 2

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