Slavery stories: SLAVE WIFE TANYA – THE GORILLA SPECIALIST. Author: Manpower666. Beautiful slave wife Tanya has very special skills and a very special occupation. During a nude photo session she gets blackmailed and raped by a sadistic photographer. He forces Tanya to reveal her inner secrets. Beware! If you do not like these themes then please read something else. The story is including of Dark Fantasy, Anal, Authoritarian, BDSM, Bestiality, Blackmail, Bondage and restriction, Coercion, Cruelty, Discipline, Domination/submission, Extreme, Humiliation, Lactation, Male Domination, Non-consensual sex, Prostitution, Rape, Sado-Masochism, Slavery, Spanking, Violence, Wife theme.

Slavery stories: SLAVE WIFE TANYA – Chapter 1: The Monkey Business

Author: Manpower666

John, the famous international fashion photographer heard the front door slam and watched his latest customer Ms. Obutulezi approaching the studio wearing a long white coat and high heels. And she was white! Judging from the surname he had thought she would be black or dark.

Her husband had called a few days ago and asked for a series of “erotic pictures” of his wife. The photos were not supposed to be pornographic, but rather of a “promotional nature” intended for commercial use. Detailed instructions would follow by letter. They agreed on a full afternoon session – six hours – which would become very costly. John mentioned his price and Mr. Obutulezi did not even try to bargain.

From a distance she did not look anything but ordinary, but as the brunette came closer he sensed something unusually attractive about her. Her slender body, easy way of moving, her big expressive eyes and an aura of watchful nervousness made her look like a deer ready to flee on the slightest provocation. She definitely triggered his hunting instinct. He had to concentrate on the task he had been given.

Slavery stories: SLAVE WIFE TANYA - Chapter 1: The Monkey Business

They shook hands and presented themselves. She had long slender fingers like a piano player. John could not help imagining them caressing his big throbbing cock.

“Welcome to my humble studio. Let me take your coat, Ma’am.”

She unbuttoned the thick winter coat and revealed a voluptuous body with a full bosom and long legs. He took the coat and pointed towards the bar.

“Please take a seat, Ma’am”, he said and admired her perfect bubble butt as she walked away from him. She was such a perfect MILF. Her age was difficult to judge, somewhere between 35 and 45.

“Thank you, Sir”, she said with a nervous voice. A very sexy voice, he noticed. She sat so elegantly with her long legs in stockings crossed. Apart from heels and stockings she only wore a tight black dress, so it seemed. She had a beautiful natural tan and skin, only using a minimum of cosmetics. So perfect. As a fashion photographer John appreciated women with a natural complexion.

“Have you ever been photographed like this before, Ms. Obo..ehh..Obeletuzi?”

“No Sir, never. Please, just call me Tanya. Much easier”, she said with a smirk.

“Thank you. Your husband has given me detailed instructions on how he wants your promotion pictures. I assume you know the details? They are quite unusual, I must say.”

“No, Sir, I don’t, actually.”

Could you tell me what the pictures are meant for? That would make my job easier.

Honestly I do not know exactly, Sir. My husband has various business in Africa.

“What did he tell you about this session?”

“Only that I should follow your commands….ehhh instructions, Sir. That I would have to be rather undressed, as African men love white women. And that I must wear a bowler on all pictures, Sir.”

“And why is that? A bowler is quite unusual for a woman to wear?”

“For my husband it is an important symbol of power, Sir.”

“A symbol of what, if I may ask?”

“That I belong to a rich and powerful man, Sir.”

“Never heard about that before?”

“My husband is African, Sir. From Tanzania. Hats have other meanings in Africa.”

“I see. You make me curious. What do you mean by “belong to”? That he owns you in some way?”

“That’s the African way, Sir. A wife belongs to her husband, Sir.”

“Sounds like a form of slavery to me, if I may say so, Ms. Tanya.”

She hesitated, her beautiful eyes looking downward before she replied.

“It is African tradition and my own choice, Sir. I love him very much, Sir.”

The photographer decided to leave the subject since it seemed to embarrass Tanya. But he could feel a growing hard-on. Being a professional photographer – and a good one – John had seen hundreds of high class female models before, most of them more beautiful than Tanya, but her deer like aura and submissive expression really turned him on. Big time.

Trying to act businesslike, John opened the envelope he had received after the phone call from Mr. Obutulezi. It contained a sheet of paper with a short instruction and a check with five digits.

“There is an odd instruction in your husband’s letter to me. If you do not “fully cooperate and follow instructions”, I am supposed to call him. Why is that?”, asked John.

Suddenly she looked terrified. Her wide open eyes and mouth expressed deep horror.

“Oh NO Sir, PLEASE do not call him. That will not be necessary – I ASSURE you, Sir! I will do ANYTHING you say, Sir!”

“You seem scared? What will happen to you if I call him?”

“Oh, Sir, I can’t tell you. Please do not ask.”

The photographer jumped at the opportunity. This was too good not to take advantage of. He looked her straight into her eyes and said in a stern voice;

“Now you ARE misbehaving, aren’t you Ma’am? You refuse to answer my question!“

Tanya’s big blue eyes filled with tears and she started to cry. Suddenly John had to struggle with a strong urge to rape this incredibly sexy and submissive woman, right here and right now.

“Oh no, Sir! I will reply (SNIFF). My husband will punish me, Sir, if you call him. But please don’t tell him that I told you this! I beg you!”

“So how will he PUNISH you? That sounds a bit ugly to me.”

“Oohh, Sir, this is getting so embarrassing……(SNIFF).”

“TELL ME, bitch! Or I will call your husband.”

“OH NO, SIR! PLEASE DON’T! (SOB) I….I…..I will be spanked, Sir…..(SNIFF):”

“SPANKED? In which way? Over his knees or what?”

“Oh, Sir, I am not supposed to tell anybody about this. Usually they spank me with a cane, Sir. It hurts SO MUCH! (SOB SOB).”

“A CANE? Outch! That sounds bad. Who are “they”?”

“The African servants, Sir. They usually punish me, Sir, if I have been misbehaving (SNIFF).”

“Now that sounds medieval! Why do you submit to that? Why don’t you call the cops?”

“I always do what my husband says, Sir. And if he thinks that I should be punished, then I deserve it, Sir (SOB).”

“You really are submissive, aren’t you, bitch?”

“Yes, Sir, I suppose I am, Sir.”

“So you like to do what men tell you to do, bitch? You like to OBEY, right?”

“Errhh….I…I suppose so, Sir.”

“You SUPPOSE so??? That is no reply. ARE YOU A SUBMISSIVE SLUT OR NOT?”

“Oh, Sir, please! Please don’t call me that. (SOB SOB)”

“I better call your husband then, and discuss some caning with him.”

“NONONO, SIR! PLEASE DON’T!! I AM submissive, Sir (SOB SOB).”

“And you are a SLUT, aren’t you?” John wanted to push her all the way.

“(SOB), Yes…..Sir, if you insist (SNIFF).”

“And you like to obey men, right?”

“Yes, Sir (SNIFF).”

“Get over here and suck my cock, then. On your knees. NOW!”


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