The Girl – by Alter Ego Twoface

Rape stories: The Girl. Author: Alter Ego Twoface. Could a young girl moving in do anything good for a marriage? The story is including Essay, Cheating, Discipline, Male / Female Teens, Romance, Spanking, Teen, Threesome, Wife theme.

Rape stories: The Girl – Chapter 1

Author: Alter Ego Twoface

The Mom was a beautiful woman approaching the 40 year mark. She had kept her slim figure. When wearing a skirt to work, her long legs and great ass would make many girls half her age envy. She had kept most of here slender waistline despite giving birth to three children. Her hair was blond in a hundred golden and light shades and had a little natural curl.

Mom didn’t shave her pussy. She trimmed of course and had a neat little triangle of hair, just the right size for her frame. Her breasts were quite small. You have to choose, she had told her husband a long time ago, a slim figure or big boobs. You can’t have both on the long run. It had appeared to be true. Most of her friends with larger bosoms had gone quite a lot wider during the years.

Two careers at their peak, three kids and a house on the countryside not far from Dublin had over the years been tearing the romance out of their marriage. To Mom, Dad did not seem to pay her any attention; he was distant and not listening and turning into a grumpy old man. To Dad, Mom had turned frigid and permanently in PMS mood. Which was the cause and which was the effect will never be sorted out, but both were true.

The last time they had sex was more than 3 years ago. It was not lovemaking, it was mating. At a New Year’s Party, a slightly drunk Mom had asked Dad to grant her another child. And so he did. To his own great regret he succeeded in his very first try. Frustrating as that too was the first sex in a couple of years.

Dad was painfully aware that they had mated without a single kiss. He remembered the discussion between hookers in the movie “Pretty Woman” that kissing a customer is strictly forbidden, because with kisses comes emotions. Dad concluded that the mating on New Year’s was without emotions. Mom just lay there and waited for him to deliver. The last time Mom and Dad had kissed was more than six years ago. This bothered Dad a lot, but they never talked about it.

It happened, that Mom hurt her knee and needed surgery. For a few months she needed a lot of rest, had a lot of exercises to do and should only walk using crotches. That’s why the Girl was hired. She was not au pair, because she was not a foreigner, and she was not a full time nanny, because the kids weren’t infants. She was just a 20 year old babysitter from a town nearby with very long working hours, and just as Irish as the family themselves.

Dad never thought of the Girl as sexy. Even if she was. Both Mom and Dad saw her as the nicest possible person to help with the kids. An angel. A friendly face, big brown eyes and always in a good mood in a calm and relaxed way. Everybody loved her from the start. But she also had long dark brown hair, very tanned and firm legs, a waistline like a wasp and a very nice set of tits, quite big but not hanging – the kind that you only find on very young girls or if you pay for them. (She did indeed have both the slim figure and big boobs proving Moms theory wrong if it wasn’t for the on-the-long-run-clause)

But Dad never thought of her as sexy. Well – as a man he looked secretly like every man does at every hot girl. He was quite aware of her figure and qualities, but in his fantasies there was only room for Mom and anonymous women with no faces. And there were plenty of fantasies in Dads head. Not getting laid he spanked the monkey like he was 15 years old.

Catholic priests turned to molesting little boys out of pure frustration and they didn’t even have to sleep next to the woman of their desire every night. Dad didn’t turn to those thoughts, but he did spend quite some time in the company of his right hand.

No, Dad never thought of the Girl as sexy. Until that Saturday in August. It was hot like hell. The kids were playing in an inflatable pool. Mom was chilling on a sunbed. Dad wasn’t. Being a ginger like a lot of Irish, he didn’t like the sun or the heat too much. And working in an office, he liked using his hands and his body on weekends. So he was building a tool shed – not a prefabricated one, but from scratch.

The Girl had been playing with the kids by the pool but now took a short break on another sunbed next to Mom. From behind the shed under construction, Dad glared at the two women, both lying with their feet towards him. Mom was laying face down, bra unhooked and wearing just panties. Dad loved that ass, and he loved the perfect curve of the back all the way up to the elegant neck which was visible because the golden hair was quickly pulled up with a rubber band. Mom used to do that.

The Girl was on her back, legs just slightly apart. She wore a simple pair of panties. Not laces, not a thong or G-string, just plain white cotton. They were kind of loose and baggy, but very very small. Dad could not make out the contour of her labia, but had not doubt, the Girl was completely shaven. Besides the tiny panties she was wearing a matching T-shirt – too loose fit to be considered a top, but so short, it would not even come close to cover her bellybutton. From where Dad was watching he could stare up under it and see the underside of her ample bosom. Dad always found the boob underside sexier. That is the part that a cleavage never shows.

That was the moment when Dad realised the Girl was hot. Lava hot. The part of him that was stuck in the workwear shorts – the only thing he was wearing – agreed with his eyes. The felt the bulge stretching the fabric. It wasn’t that Mom’s ass and back side wasn’t delicious, but he had watched that over and over again and not getting any – so just for the variation his eyes was glued to the much younger Girl. Feeling a bit ashamed too, he shortly continued working with wood and screws trying to take his mind off that nice piece of woman.

He didn’t notice the Girl getting up before she was standing just a few inches from him.

“I’m sorry,” she confessed in a whispering voice. “But the weather is so frickin hot and that makes me horny beyond my control.” She looked deep into Dads eyes with her big Bambi-eyes. “Would it be okay if I masturbated if I make sure the kids won’t notice”, she then asked.

“Fine by me”, Dad replied, caught so much by surprise that he had no other reaction than to stay cool. “But,” he added, “you might want to make sure Mom doesn’t notice either. I am guessing she won’t take it too well if she has to see you as a sexual being, even though that’s quite obvious.”

The Girl gave Dad a small nod and a smile, and returned to her sunbed. She laid down, just as she did before, only now with her right hand into the front of her panties, the legs slightly more apart and knees bent.

Dad tried very hard not to, but after a few minutes he couldn’t resist looking from behind the shed. Immediately they made eye contact. The Girl was indeed masturbating, but she also seemed to be waiting for his look. She smiled, and with her free left hand she pulled the cotton fabric aside giving Dad a very clear look at what she was doing.

Just as Dad had thought, she was completely shaven. Her labia were glistening and wet and a bit swollen. Her index finger was circling her clit and from time to time led down and between the lips. The Girl continued handling herself while keeping eye contact with Dad, who just stood there, frozen to the ground behind the corner of the unfinished shed.

A few minutes passed. The minute a happy scream from the kids in the pool woke Dad from his hypnosis and he with all the power of will he could muster went back to his work, was the very same minute the Girl once again got up and went to him.

This time she didn’t speak. She went to him, fire in her eyes, breathing heavily. Without breaking eye contact, she yanked his short down. Dad’s dick rose with a speed and determination as if he was 14 years old again. The Girl lifted her left leg as high as she could and placed it with the hollow of her knee in Dads waiting right arm, locking with his elbow. In a matter of seconds, she pulled the cotton underwear to the side, got a grip on Dads throbbing member and introduced it to her own slippery crack.

She then places her hands on Dads hips trying to press him forward. She didn’t have to though. Dad immediately started pounding and hit bottom in the very first stroke. Dad hands found their way under the shirt to the perfect tits. They felt like touching a piece of heaven. The girl gasped and tried very hard to be silent, Mom half a sleep in the sun just around the corner.

She put her arms around Dad in a forceful hug as she had an orgasm after less than one minute. She buried her face in Dads hairy chest trying to mute her moaning. It was easy detected she did in fact come, because apparently she was a squirter. A wonderful clear liquid sprayed from her pussy onto Dad’s belly and dripping to the ground and into his shorts, still hanging between his knees. It was as if she had peed, except for the fact it didn’t look like pee, it didn’t smell like pee and it sure didn’t taste like pee.

Before even coming down from her orgasm, the Girl lifted her leg down and turned around. She bent over, gripping her own ankles. She kept her long tanned legs straight and presented her perfect ass right in the air, not more than a centimetre from Dad’s throbbing member. He grapped her by the hips and once again penetrated her young crotch, hitting bottom in his first stroke.

Her second orgasm came so quickly that it might have been one long, double orgasm. Once again it took just a few strokes, before she squirted – due to the angle of her body mostly backwards and once again on to dad’s crotch and into his shorts. Damn, she was easy to please; Dad thought to himself, while he did not give her any rest but just continued to plow away.

The frantic movements suddenly stopped as the both heard or sensed it – Crotches in the grass, Mom was coming. In a matter of seconds, like it was a ninja movie, both Dad and the Girl did everything right. As Mom approached around the corner to the left, the Girl stealthed around the corner to the right. Dad pulled his shorts up, barely covering the glistening purple head that almost reached for his bellybutton. He grabbed a bottle of water and emptied it all over his face the very second, Mom turned the corner. It would seem he was cooling himself – and in fact he was in more than one way, but he also covered the female cum juice that was all over his belly and shorts.

“Feeling hot?” Mom asked.

“Very”, was Dads short reply.

“Do you know where the Girl went”, Mom asked.

Dad didn’t really know what to answer, and he didn’t have to. A sudden change in the sound carpet from happily playing kids gave the answer. Mom and Dad both looked around the corner of the shed and saw the Girl standing dripping wet in the kid’s pool, which she had just dived into. The kids were screaming with joy and it was impossible for neither Mom nor Dad to avoid noticing that the Girl at that moment could have won every single miss wet T-shirt competition in the world.

A thousand sparks from the sun reflecting in the drops of water falling from her hair and from the splashing kids around her, a face like a smiling angel – combined with another thousand sparks from eyes on fire. A tanned body, a perfect frame worthy of a lingerie model, covered only in white, wet cotton hiding absolutely nothing. Dark areolas, puffy nipples and a smooth camel toe were all perfectly visible. Dad made an effort to take a mental picture of the sight while at the same time pretending to Mom, he didn’t.

Eventually the sun descended lower on the sky, the pool play ended and Dad finished his work on the shed for the day. The barbecue was on and everybody was properly dressed for dinner. Dad was puzzled. The Girl acted exactly as she had always done. She was a smiling angel, paying attention to the kids and doing her part in making dinner a relaxing family event.

Everything was back to normal – with the exception of 20 unusual minutes earlier that day, nothing seemed to have changed. But Dad could not bring himself to see her as he did before. Now he could see her as nothing but sexy. Besides, his balls was about to explode, not having sex for a couple of years and then suddenly fuck a young girl silly without cumming was quite painful. Well, he could handle that in the bathroom with his right hand later, he thought.

After the kids were put to bed, Mom, Dad and the Girl enjoyed one of those summer nights that never gets really dark. A few glasses of white wine contributed to the mood, and they all went to bed around midnight – the Girl went to her room first and Mom and Dad took dishes and glasses to the kitchen and turned in a few moments later.

Dad slept in his boxers only, Moms as always in a night gown. Dad had always liked this one: Very tight and very short with blue and white horizontal stripes, all being very flattering of Mom’s figure. Dad thought about going to the bathroom to take care of his aching balls, but eventually dozed off.

Dads dreams was full of wet t-shirts and bent over young bodies, but at some point he realized that he wasn’t all dreaming. The sounds were too real. He realized his boxers were gone and he was getting a blow job. A good one too. But Mom was fast asleep next to him. He lifted his head. In the moonlight he saw the Girl. Naked. Between his legs. Her head was slowly travelling up and down his entire shaft from the tip of the head all the way to the pubic bone and then back. He was rock hard and man, could she deep throat! His hands found her hair, his head went heavily back onto the pillow and his eyes closed. It was heaven – at least for a few minutes.

Suddenly the light was turned on. Mom had woken. She grabbed the Girl by the hair and violently pulled her away from Dads throbbing member. Mom kept her grip, pressing the Girls face hard down between Dad and herself, pacifying the Girl on her chin and knees, her naked ass pointing to the ceiling.

“What the fuck is going on”, Mom screamed. She was angry. She probably had a lot of emotions cooking, but the one showing was pure anger.

In a way, Dad had expected some sort of a showdown for years. He was ready. He knew he loved Mom. But he also knew that they as a couple had transformed into a family and as such abandoned the couple. They were spouses, but there were no romance between them. He knew he couldn’t live the rest of his life like that. Eventually it had to change – either they would fix it or be separated. He had known that for ages, just never had the nerve or energy to do anything about it. But now it seemed the time had come. For these reasons, Dad was calm. He probably had a lot of emotions too, but none was showing.

“Well,” Dad said. “I’m not sure, I just woke up, you know. But I am guessing, the Girl is blowing me and returning a favour, as I helped her get off this afternoon.”

His calm voice did not calm Mom down. It seemed to fuel her anger even more. She turned her head and let it out on the Girl, as Dad seemed immune to anger.

“Is that so, Bitch, did you get sexual favours from my husband?”

“ I’m sorry”, the Girl mumbled into the mattress. “ I needed sex. Dad needs sex too. We all need sex.”

Mom’s anger turned into a complete rage. She pulled the Girl further up the bed and turned her over. There were tears in the Girls eyes and she looked genuinely frightened. Mom lifted the Girls legs and forced the knees into the armpits, displaying her bare butt. The Girl did not resist at all, but seemed to accept her fate. Mom’s hand found its target with a hard clap and the Girl whined quietly. Mom was punishing her like kids were disciplined a hundred years ago. The Girl was getting her ass whipped.

“So, the little slut was just horny? “ Mom continued to shout at the Girl while the slaps were pouring down on her buttocks. “How does this feel”, Mom wanted to know.

“ It hurts,” the Girl said with a weak, trembling voice.

“That’s right it does” Mom continued. “Still horny?”

“Yes” the Girl cried.

“Well you better get some then” Mom continued. She looked Dad straight in the eyes. “Fuck her!” she commanded.

“What?” Dad replied in disbelief. “This is madness”

Mom’s voice went down a notch which did not make it less frightening. “What is madness is that you will get a blowjob from a girl half your age in our own bed with me lying next to you and that you will not fuck her when I ask you to”.

Mom’s eyes were black like an animal’s. Dad knew that look. He had seen it three times; every time Mom gave birth. He had been so impressed with that primal force of nature coming from apparently nowhere when needed the most. A force used for giving life to another being and showing itself in the look of the eyes creating a pipeline into the very soul of the primal woman.

Now that force had returned, definitely not to give life, but maybe to salvage one. Dad was not in the mood for arguing against that. Besides, he was horny as hell, he had a full boner, and he was just asked to fuck an extremely hot girl, already lying naked in his bed. How bad could that be…

Dad sat behind the red striped ass and easily fit his dick inside the Girl’s pussy once again. She was wet and slippery and his member was still soaked in her saliva. The Girl let out a deep moan. She lifted her hands to support her own legs, keeping her body as receptive as possible. Dad started to move himself in and out, placing his hands on her thighs. He took it slow compared to what he did behind the shed.

“Does you pussy like it? Is my husband’s cock good to you?” Mom’s interrogation continued, but the Girl only moaned in reply.

Mom slapped the Girl right on the clit – not so hard this time, but still with an audible slap. The Girls moan was half pain, half pleasure. Mom slapped again. And again. Moms other hand found a nipple and pinched hard. The Girl cried out in pain, but still not completely without pleasure. Mom was indeed punishing her, but the punishment was clearly sexual – otherwise she could just have punched the Girls teeth out.

Mom was now eagerly massaging a tit with one hand and fingering a clit with the other, still continuing her questioning. Then the Girl finally confessed. The answer to all Moms questions was yes. Yes, she did like it, yes she was horny. As the Girl was merely shouting her statement, she came. Her body spasmed and she squirted all over Dad and her own naked body.

“You slut, you made a complete mess of my bed. Do you just like everything?” Mom asked. The tone was still very commanding, but it would seem the anger had decreased somewhat. “We’ll just see about that. Take her in the ass!”

The last order was for Dad. Mom didn’t like anal and they never did it. Dad couldn’t figure out if Mom was being a pervert and tried it out, only using another woman’s body or she genuinely tried to punish the Girl. Either way, Dad probed the little brown star with his incredibly hard cock. He wasn’t experienced but knew he should take it slow. On the other hand, neither of them could get any more slippery and Mom commanded him not to be gentle. After a moment of consideration he just shoved it in.

The Girl cried out. This time it was easy determined. There was no pain in the cry, only pleasure. Maybe it was one long continued orgasm or a lot of small ones, maybe it was just a very high ride. Either way the Girl squirted and squirted and squirted. With every stroke from Dads cock in her ass, her pussy delivered more liquid to the soaking sheets. Mom’s hands were all over the younger woman’s body, rubbing the love juices into labia, tits and even her face.

“Let her taste her own ass, let’s see if she likes that” Mom suggested.

Dad obliged and moved to let the Girl suck his dick clean. She did, and she did enjoy it. So did Dad. Dad noticed that Mom’s last command wasn’t full of hate. He looked his spouse in the eyes. They were still black like an animal’s, but he couldn’t see any more anger.

At some point it would seem that Mom’s own lust overtook her anger. She removed her own panties and with a hand gesture sent Dad back to the Girl’s pussy. Then she squatted over the Girls face. In fact Mom never said “Let’s see if you enjoy eating a pussy then” even that would be the next logical punch line. She didn’t say it, because both the question and the answer were obvious and the game of punishment had ended. She just sat there for the pleasure of it.

This was the first time in many years, Mom had her pussy eaten. And it was the first time ever she had a girl doing it. It felt sensational, and quicker than she thought possible Mom was taken to an extreme height of pleasure. She looked down at the beautiful young female body beneath her and saw the silk smooth and very wet pussy with her husband deeply sheeted within. Mom came.

She actually never masturbated so it was her first orgasm in six years. Mom was out of herself, still more an animal than human. Her eyes locked onto the coupling between the Girl and Dad. Her head dropped towards it. Her tongue tried the taste of it. That sensation seemed to send shockwaves through Mom’s body.

Whether it was the taste of another woman’s fluids, the vision of her husband’s cock buried in someone else or the fact that she was having the first lesbian experience of her life, Mom climbed even further up the ladder to paradise. She eagerly licked and kissed the Girl’s pussy, sucked on her clit and tried to taste and drink as much fluid as possible. The Girl held a firm grip around Moms hips as she came and sent yet another load of liquid into Moms face and hungry mouth.

To give the Girl a break, Dad pulled out, only to let Mom immediately grab his dick and suck it hungrily to the limit of her skills. She did not have a deep throat technique but came very close to getting one just then.

For a while Dad went a little back and forth between the Girl’s pussy and Mom’s mouth. He even re-entered the ass from time to time. When Mom came down from her third orgasm from the Girl’s talented licking, she finally said, what Dad desperately wanted to hear:

“Fuck me. Oh, please fuck me darling!”

Dad moved to the other end of the bed. He saw his lovely wife on hands and knees, her naked crotch waiting for her husband to enter. To make the vision beyond any dreams, she was on top of a naked goddess in a 69, licking each other. Dad quickly found his place, carefully placing his knees by the Girl’s ears. He pushed Mom’s dress towards her head.

She understood and took it off. Dad took a second admiring his wife’s naked back. She was so beautiful. Her buttocks made perfectly round shapes, and in that position the waistline did not suffer anything from carrying children. The vision was just perfect and Dad took a second to enjoy it. All four breasts were visible from the sides, pressed flat and no nibbles showing, as the two perfect female bodies was clamped tight together. The Girls tongue to his balls woke Dad up, and he quickly slid into his wife.

Despite the fact Dad had been in an out of the Girls every hole at that point; penetrating Mom was a completely unique experience. Both physical sensations and deeper emotions hit him in a pace that did not compare to anything. Mom felt just the same. It was years and years of built up sexual energy that was released in a split second. It was an equal amount of sexual frustrations disappearing in the same split second. And it was an amount of hidden love and affection, sufficient to make the entire population of Dublin happy for a year, finally released.

In the movie trilogy “Pirates of the Caribbean”, Will Turner is confronted with the fact after being killed and undead, that he will have one night with his girl and then ten years at sea. It was supposedly a cruel fate. His reply was: “It depends on the one night”.

This was that one night.

Or another way to put it: They fucked like mad.

Both women came again and again. The Girl was indeed a squirter and Mom seemed to enjoy the splashes in her face as she licked and tasted the younger girl with the primitive energy and vigor that her anger had started. She buried her face in the young smooth labia, inserted her tongue as far as it would go and explored every little fold that area would offer.

Finally Dad came. When it happened he stayed completely still, fully seated within Mom as far as he could possibly go. The final steps to his climax were not from his thrusting, but from Mom’s pussy convulsing and massaging his member and from the Girl, licking his balls and whatever was left outside Mom. The orgasm lasted a lifetime. The squirts were countless. The amount of semen was more that could possibly fit into a woman’s womb. And of course it didn’t.

When Dad came back from the bliss, the Girl was gently sucking his member, still quite hard, but shrinking. Mom’s open pussy was hovering just an inch above and semen dripping on to the Girl’s face. Eventually the Girl let go of the limping member and started licking every drop of semen from the pussy above her head. She did it in a calm and loving way, like a cat licks her kittens. Mom just lay there, resting her chin on the Girl’s shaven vulva, seemingly passed out.

When Dad fell asleep, he felt completely relaxed and completely happy. He had a naked woman on either side, both resting there chin on his shoulders, both putting their upper leg on top of his, and both caressing his dick and balls with one hand.

When Dad woke up, he was in the same position. So was Mom, and her kissing his chin was what woke him. The Girl wasn’t there.

“Good morning my love,” Mom said. “Thank you so much for last night. Why did we not do that any sooner?”

Dad kissed her back. “I really don’t know”, he said, feeling his marriage was saved and only had that one regret it had to wait so many years.” I guess,” he finally answered, “we needed the Girl to make it happen.”

“The Girl?” Moms asked, looking disoriented.

“Yes, the Girl, “Dad smiled. “You know, the young babysitter you first beat the crap out of then fucked senseless with my cock and finally made eat you out. Remember?”

Mom was quiet for a few seconds. Then she punched Dad in the chest. “What have you been dreaming, you pervert,” she accused him. Dad felt confused, but eventually went back to kissing.

The kids were up, so they all got dressed and started a great Sunday.

Dad was puzzled. What had happened? The kid’s pool was out there in the garden. The unfinished shed was there too, waiting for him. But the spare bedroom, where the Girl had lived, seemed like it hadn’t been used for months. And neither of the kids had any memory of the Girl or ever having a nanny.

On the kitchen table Dads eyes rested upon the wine glasses from the night before. He counted them. Then he just stood there. Wondering.


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This story was a wonderful example of how that a loving relationship can so easily get sidetracked over time and complacency. No matter how deeply you love your significant other. That love can be overshadowed by the daily routine and inattention so easily. No matter how hard we try to keep it fresh. We are blinded with excuses that are incorrect.
Again I really liked this short story.