The Quest – by Acfex

Adult story: The Quest by Acfex. The day started as any other. I awoke in my small lodgings while the sun was still set and prepared for the day ahead. Being a knight in the king’s privy council did have its perks but it also came with a burdened-filled barrel that followed me everywhere.

Adult story: The Quest – Chapter 1 – Thief in the Night

by Acfex

Genres: Fantasy, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Job/Place-of-work, Male/Teen Female, Mature

I was head of the knight’s castle defences and was captain of the castle guard. This gave in a disastrous amount of work to do every morning. That morning, I was patrolling the lower chambers when I a guard came running up to me and told me that the vault below the castle had been broken into. This had never happened before. My defences and guards were impeccable and well-trained. We had stopped thieves and infiltrators before.

As I arrived at the vault, I saw that the guards had been killed and were neatly stacked up next to the broken vault door. The metal cages surrounding the inner vault were not damaged even in the slightest. I was not sure what was taken. I called for the castle’s archive keeper, who knew exactly what was in there to be summoned to the vaults so that he could determine what had been taken.

Just then, my deputy, Coleman, a young, new-minted knight arrived from training the new guards in the training square. A fairly handsome young man, he was well-built, as are all knights, had short jet black hair and a tan complexion. He had deep-seated eyes and sharp features. His nose was sharp and his lips were thin and well-defined.

“It looks like the guards were killed with a single blow, sir. Maybe the work of an assassin,” he said as he entered the vault.

“I noticed that the wounds that they died from were the only ones, yes. I think so too. Furthermore, the cuts are not deep, rather shallow. The intruder knew exactly where to injure them to the point of death,” I replied.

“The odd thing is, their mouths aren’t sealed. They should have called for help. Rang the alarm or even shout out, but they never did,” Coleman observed. I agreed with his points and we headed deeper into the vault.

We noticed that the vault bars were not broken or damaged. Coleman suggested it to be the work of a very skilled assassin. I took a different path and observed that the intruder might not have been working alone and had help from a woman or a child. Their frames were small enough to fit through the gaps in the bars and easily get out.

We looked around for more clues. It was then that Coleman discovered a broken ventilation panel. We both concluded that that was the way that the intruder left the vault. I instructed Coleman to head outside the castle to see where it leads and to see what he could find. Coleman headed out and I continued my search around the vault. I noticed several other oddities that were not congruent to any other attack I had studied in the past.

The intruder did not leave note to tempt us to come after him. The guards had not bled out at the vault door. The pool of blood was further, closer to the stairs leading down to the vault chamber. The intruder had taken time to stack the bodies of the guards and had closed their eyelids, a possible sign of remorse, ill-experience or simply the intruder couldn’t stand being stared at by the dead.

It was not long before the archive expert arrived. An elderly man, I was told he was a great knight who had been badly injured in battle. He was an old friend to the king’s father, the then king, so he was given an apprenticeship working for the archives so that he could still be close to the king. A lowering of standards, honour and dignity if you ask me. Though, no one could deny that he was wise and well-learned. We gave him time to look through the vault and to consult his books. While he did that, I instructed one of my guards to head to the throne room and request an audience with the king. The guard obliged and headed up.

It did not take long for the old man to complete his work. He came up to me and began giving me a report of what was stolen.

“There is not much that was taken. From my records, the intruder took maybe two things. The Sword of Cecil and the Map of Caracas,” he began to explain. He spoke slowly, so I began to get impatient.

“What significance do these items hold?” I asked in return.

“The sword was named for its great acts in the Battle of Vermilion. It was wielded by Sir Malcolm Gladwell and was honoured by King Charles III when he returned victorious,” he continued.

“If my military history serves me right, that battle was almost lost had it not been for the party of knights that were sent by the king to protect a nearby village,” I said.

“Yes, your memory serves you well, young man. That sword was crafted in the village and the people of that village insisted that the seven knights ride into battle. Sir Malcolm Gladwell, who was the ranking knight decided to disobey the king and ride into battle. Seven swords were crafted for the knights and they turned the tide when they entered battle. At the end of the battle, the knights returned to the village and returned the swords. The village chief, Cecil, presented Sir Malcolm Gladwell with his sword as a gift to the king, a sign of goodwill and patronage,” he explained. I listened attentively.

“So, why would anyone take it?” I asked, still not understanding the sword’s significance.

“Those seven swords were not made from simple steel and iron. They were made from a meteorite that had fallen near the scene of battle not three days before battle commenced. Legend says that when these seven swords are wielded together in battle, victory is guaranteed,” he explained to me.

“Tell me about the map,” I told him.

“After Cecil died, his son, Caracas recognised that the six swords could not sit together in his village and the seventh sword in the king’s castle. He went on a epic quest to scatter the swords throughout the kingdom and when he was done, he made a map to show the locations of the swords and presented it to the king so that if there was ever a need, the king would simply send his best knights to retrieve them from where they lay. Never before have the swords been brought
together again since the Battle of Vermilion,” said the old man.

In my mind, I already knew the intentions of the intruder. Collect the swords and devastate the battlefield. The old man gave me more information about the swords and the map and I registered it all. He told me that the swords had a devastating effect when wielded in the sun. The swords were kept either in deep, dark chambers or with their sheath on. Even then most, like ours was kept in deep, dark caves or underground chambers. The guard who had went to request an audience with the King returned.

“Sir, the king is busy at the moment and asks that you see him later in the evening, before dinner,” he explained. I was fine with that because I would have a chance to gather more information about this plot before I went to see the king. I told him thank you and returned to my investigation. I relooked at the bodies and noticed something strange. Their necks were starting to rot and were turning black. Upon closer inspection, I noticed two tiny puncture wounds on their necks, near where the colour was appearing. I called for the court physician and began looking around the vault again.

When the physician arrived, he told me that he had ever seen these marks and the poison from one place. Far to the north, near the borders of our kingdom lives a slave trader known as the Dark Lady. Her agents were fond of this poison. I asked him why then they were cut and allowed to bleed to death. He did not have an answer. The poison would have worked almost immediately. After my initial investigations, I headed up from the vault. The castle guard had been placed on high alert and I was glad to see them more vigilant than ever. Coleman finally returned from his own investigations as I entered my work chambers for a quick meal before going to see the king.

“So, Coleman, what did you find?” I asked, sitting down.

“Well sir, the panel leads towards a tunnel that leads towards the lower town’s old market. I asked around and nobody had seen any suspicious behaviour since morning,” Coleman explained.

“I see, and what else did you learn?” I probed.

“Well sir, I also learned that crime in that area has been on the rise the past couple of weeks. Simple crimes though, theft, robbery, house breaking. Nothing too serious really, except one thing,” Coleman explained

“What is that?” I asked.

“Last night, the guards patrolling that district never reported back to their commanding officer this morning. My guess is that if we search, we’ll find them in the same state we found the guards guarding the vault,” he continued.

“My guess is the same. If the intruder managed to slip out in the night, he’s probably out of the city by now,” I guessed, “Nonetheless, have the guards search every person leaving the city. I don’t think it’ll be very effective, but it’s worth a shot.”

“And what are we looking for exactly, sir?” Coleman asked. I had forgotten that Coleman had been away, doing his investigation when the old archivist explained to me what was taken. I quickly explained it to Coleman, who had remembered the legends. It was weird that I had not remembered them. Coleman left to update the city guards on what I had instructed him to do. It was not long before it was time to see the king.

I was terribly embarrassed by what had happened. It was under my watch that the castle vault was broken into. This was all my fault. As I walked towards the throne room, I prepared myself for the worst. I knew the king would reprimand me in a particular way. This was the first time something like this had happened under my charge. Though I was in the privy council, the king was reputable in his fairest in justice and in fairness in the eyes of the law.

“Your majesty, how has your day been going?” I asked, walking into the throne room.

“Well, I’m very busy with matters of state. It is stressful to run a kingdom. This morning we received a delegation from the Duke of Chester. What is this I hear about the vault being broken into?” the king asked.

“Well sir, this morning, I was alerted to a pile of guards neatly stacked near the vault entrance. The vault door was broken so we began to investigate. The vault was not damaged in any particular way but two things were stolen. The Sword of Cecil and the Map of Caracas,” I explained.

“Ah, I am familiar with the legends. My father, the late king, used to tell me stories as a child when I would sit at his feet at this very throne,” the king said.

“Well your majesty, I’ve ordered that all persons leaving the city be searched, I’ve ordered the vault resealed and doubled the guard for the week around the lower town and the castle,” I continued.

“Well sir, the lower town is the way that the intruder left the castle. A broken panel leading to a tunnel to the lower town’s old market. The guards patrolling that area are now missing. We think that they might have been killed by the intruder and we’re looking for the bodies now,” I explained.

“Any idea who’s behind this?” the king asked.

“Well sir, the physician said that the method of killing was congruent to the ones he had seen by agents of the Dark Lady, a slave trader from the north. So far, we have not been able to find any suspects but we’re working on it,” I explained.

“Have the guards’ families been notified?” the king asked.

“Yes, your majesty. As we speak, the bodies are being returned and the families notified,” I said.

“Ok, Sir Helios, it is imperative that you retrieve these swords!” the king lowered his voice and spoke more slowly.

“Sir?” I asked, knowing the king did not believe in legends and fairy tales.

“This legend is a well-known one. I will not have my army, if it ever comes to it, feel physiologically defeated before they engage in battle. You cannot allow those swords to enter battle together,” the king warned me, “Now go and find that sword and the map.”
I returned to my chambers and began to think of a way to locate the sword and the map. The king was perfectly clear on what I had to do. I had no idea where to start. The intruder had not left any clues and I was not about to travel north to fight off a slave trader and her army, which I hoped she did not have. Coleman returned to my chambers as well, telling me that they had returned the bodies and had just found the new dead bodies.

“Where did you find them?” I asked, getting my sword to leave.

“We found them in a canal, but this time, no blood. Just the puncture marks on the necks and the discolouration. The bodies weren’t stacked either. They were just thrown into the water and left to drift. They were caught under a bridge, on the spars holding the bridge up,” Coleman explained as we headed out.

“How many?” I asked.

“Well sir, the officer said that he sent out four men yesterday. So far, we could only find three. We’re still searching for the last one,” Coleman explained.

“Coleman, this puzzles me. There are so many more valuable treasures in that vault. Why take an old map and sword?” I asked.

“I don’t know sir, but faith in legends and tales can be very powerful,” Coleman replied, “but you are right sir, this is really puzzling, and the job was done so professionally.”

When we arrived in the lower town, the guards had already established a perimeter.

“Captain, have you interviewed the residents living in those houses?” I asked the ranking officer there, pointing to some nearby houses, within view of the canal.

“No sir. I’ll get some men straight on it. I’m sorry sir,” he remarked, walking away and ordering his men. They had pulled the three bodies from the canal. Coleman was right, no wounds of any kind. Just the puncture marks and the black discolouration. The canal was not far from the old market in the lower town. I asked Coleman to investigate what was upstream and to locate the possible location where the intruder might have dumped the bodies.

There was not much to learn from the scene so I also headed upstream to find Coleman. I saw him standing on a bridge which crossed the canal. I approached and he began his briefing.

“Sir, I think this is where the bodies were dumped. See these black marks on the floor?” Coleman pointed them out, “I think they’re drag marks from the soles of the boots the guards were wearing.”

“Good work Coleman,” said I as we began to follow the marks. The marks led to a nearby alley where we found no signs of a struggle.

“Shucks, another dead end!” I said as we headed back to the castle. Coleman said that he would check the gates if they had found anything. I decided to head back to the castle and ensure that the guard was doubled. When I arrived, a guard rushed up to me as I jumped off my horse.

“Sir Helios, Sir Helios. News for you sir,” he breathlessly said.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Sir, we caught a young maiden sneaking around the castle moments after you left. She had a bag of gold with her and was on her way out. When we told her to stop, she ran, so we caught her,” he explained to me as we walked in.

“Where is she now?” I asked.

“She’s in the dungeon, we’ve left her in the interrogation room, waiting for you sir,” he explained. I headed to my chambers and took off my armour and sword. As

I was walking to the dungeon, I was praying that she was not some random maid who had stolen some gold but was in fact linked to the intruder and theft.
Once I entered the interrogation room, the guards which were ordered to keep an eye on her left the room. I invited the young maiden to sit as I surveyed her.

She was rather young, with fair skin and a wicked smile. Her straight, drown hair was tied into a bun and she had large baby-like eyes. She was fit and had a slim figure. Her waist was small but her hips were shapely. Her breasts were small, though not that lacking in volume. She wore a simple serving-girl’s dress and had a smug look on her face, only giving me a sarcastic smile when I invited her to sit.

“So, are we going to do this the easy way or the hard way?” I asked.

“Will you let me out of here? I need to leave!” she barked at me.

“The hard way then,” I said, “Ok, you want to leave, missy, tell me who are you and why are you sneaking around the castle.”

“Firstly, it’s not missy, my name is Kayla and I’m a servant to Sir Joseph, the Duke’s knight,” she said, still with a smug look on her face. I recalled that the king had told me that the Duke of Chester had sent a delegation. She must have had been a part of it.

“And what exactly have you been up to, sneaking around the castle?” I asked.

“I wasn’t sneaking around. I got lost and was trying to find my way back to Sir Joseph’s chambers,” she explained.

“With 70 pieces of gold, I highly doubt that. What were you doing with that gold and how did you get it?” I asked.

“Sir Richard had given it to me. For safe-keeping,” her voice began to tremble.

“Really? Shall I ask him?” I asked, getting up and turning towards the door.

“Wait, sir, no, don’t!” came an instantaneous reply as she got up and grabbed my wrist, “I really can’t tell you where I got that gold. But my mother is sick back at Chester and I desperately need that gold to buy her medicine. I really need it.”

“Then, tell me the truth, where did you get it?” I asked again, sternly.

“Would you believe me if I told you that I found it lying around the castle floor?” She asked, putting both her hands on my chest and changing to a more seductive tone of voice. She drew close to me and pressed her chest against mine, bringing her face within inches of my own.

“What are you doing?” I asked, slowly whispering into her ear.

“I don’t know. But I’m sure we’ll find out soon. Let’s just say I’ll scratch your back and you scratch mine,” she said, slowly bringing her hands down to my crotch. Her hand slipped into my trousers as her she kissed me gently on my neck. Her hand gripped around my now hardening cock while my hands made their way around her, one landing on her waist, the other her ass. I gave her ass a quick squeeze, causing her to jump slightly.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked, giving her ass another squeeze.

“I sure do,” she whispered back as her nimble fingers undid the string holding my trousers up. She slowly lowered herself onto her knees as she pulled my trousers down to my knees. She grabbed my rock-hard cock and began stroking it, spitting on her hands occasionally to get it wet. My hands landed on her head and I released her hair, allowing it to fall. When she took my cock into her wet mouth, she looked up and gave me the most innocent look, as if she was a child sucking on a lollipop. This made me release a slight moan as he hands stroked my cock while her tongue wrapped around the head, sucking it hard.

She pulled back, causing my cock to fall out of her mouth with a ‘plop’ sound, she grabbed it and pushed it upwards towards me. She stuck out her tongue and while making eye contact with me, she placed it at the tip of my balls and moved her tongue along the base of my cock till it was at the head again and she put it inside her mouth. This time, she was much more vigorous with her motion, pushing my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth with every forward stroke of her head till my cock was pressed hard against the back of her throat. She began to gag, she caused her tongue to violently slap onto my throat, causing pleasure that I had not felt before but she managed to hold it there. She still had room for her hand to just squeeze my cock, which she did gently before she began to pull back to take a breath.

My cock did not leave her wet cavity, rather she began a forward-backward motion that allowed her tongue to wrap around my cock, allowing me enjoy both her lips and tongue. She began to move faster as my grip on her hair became tighter and firmer. She took in more of my cock and was an expert at sucking when she could not go any deeper. Once again, she made eye contact with me as her mouth was filled solely by my cock, as she slowly pulled out and allowed my cock to fall from her mouth. She grabbed my cock and began rubbing it, pushing it up. I expected her to lick the base again but this time she opened her mouth and put one of my balls into her mouth and began sucking it while using her tongue to wet it. She continued stroking my cock when she switched to the other ball.

“Screw it, just fuck me already!” she ordered as she pulled back.

“You don’t even know what you wished for,” I said, pushing her on the floor. I knelt down in front of her and pushed her dress up to reveal her soft, pink pussy. I let two fingers slip in and she was already wet as a rainy day. I scratched her inside for a few moments while my cock began to twitch. My other hand fell on her boobs, where I could feel her hard nipples pushing against the cloth of her dress. I released both her pussy and her nipple and guided my cock towards the entrance of her pussy. I propped one of her legs above my shoulder and the other around my waist.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her closer to me as my cock entered her velvet cave. When the head was safely inside her, I began to move, pumping my cock into her pussy, deeper and deeper. She began to moan slightly but I was able to begin thrusting before she made any real noise to alert the guards outside. Her pussy was tight and crushing, but she was very wet, which made it easier to thrust. She had her eyes tightly closed, possible from pleasure or pain, though I suspect it was the former.

I began to thrust harder and harder into her, increasing my pace as I went. She had taken to sucking on two of her fingers while her other hand frantically undid the knot that held her dress up. My cock was still thrusting into her when she finally was able to undo the knot. She pushed me back slightly and stood up, removing her dress completely and standing completely naked in front of me. She went back on her knees and bent down, putting her hands on the ground as well. She began to shake her firm ass in the air, in my direction as I stood up and knelt behind her. I slapped her ass once, grabbing both cheeks after.

I re-entered her and began to thrust hard inside her. My cock was able to go all the way in, till my balls were smacking into her soft, smooth, fair skin, which surrounded her glorious pink pussy petals. I reached around and grabbed both her boobs, gently massaging them in rhythm to the pounding of her pussy. It was not long before she violently orgasmed, forcing me to cover her mouth with my hand, turning attention away from her perky tits.

Even though she was done, I most certainly was not. I continued to pound her as my cock began twitching and a familiar sensation began to grow in my balls. I slowly released my hands and she pulled forward, causing my cock to slip out of her pussy. She turned around and gripped my cock, giving it a slight twist. She put it inside her mouth and began to move her head up and down in a rhythmic pattern, causing me to hold her head tightly.

It was not long before I knew I would have to stop or I would blow my load. I had not been with a woman for a long time and my cock was urging to release its load inside her waiting mouth. Somehow, she must have felt it an pulled away, pressing her breast together, she opened her mouth and stared me in the face, breathing heavily, waiting for my load to be deposited into her waiting mouth.

I grabbed my cock and began to stroke it. I began slow and moved faster and faster, pleasuring myself as she waited for me to get ready to release my load onto her. I could feel the pressure build up. I felt a surge of energy pass through me, from my hair to my toes as hot streams of white liquid shot from my cock into her waiting mouth. She blinked each time a stream came, but she kept her mouth open. The last few drops of my thick juice fell onto her breast and hands, drops that she promptly dragged her finger over and put inside her mouth, wiping every drop till it was all gone.

When I was done, I pulled my trousers back up and retied the knot. I sat down in my chair and waited for Kayla.

“Can I go now?” Kayla asked, picking up her dress.

“You still haven’t told me where you got that gold from,” I said, inviting her to sit.

“What? Didn’t we just fuck? I thought we agreed to forget about that!” she lashed out at me as she sat down.

“Nope, I never agreed to anything. We were just two adults having a bit of fun,” I replied, “Now tell me where you got that gold!”

“This is fucking stupid man! I fucked you, so you have to let me go,” she insisted her voice became louder and louder.

“Listen here, I’m going to give you one chance. For your mother’s sake. Either you tell me where you got the gold or I invite those nice guards you saw on the way in and I let them have their way with you. Trust me when I say that I am the nicest of the lot,” I presented her an ultimatum. She took some time to think about it.

“I was taking a pitcher of water to Sir Joseph when I saw a man in a black cloak walking towards the vault door. I followed him but he managed to catch me. To avoid being killed, I agreed to help him. He killed all the guard in the vault room and made in climb through the bars to retrieve a sword and a piece of parchment.
He gave me 70 pieces of gold for my services and left by a broken panel. On the way, out, I saw the guards moving, so I took a random sword from one of them and finished them off. I stacked them up neatly and closed their eyes,” she explained.

“You killed the king’s men. That’s a crime punishable by death,” I told me.

“Oh, please, don’t!” she begged, “there’s more! I’ll tell you more! I did not recognise the stranger but he was well built and was large for his age. He was young, maybe no older than you are.”

“Is there anything else you remember about this sword or map, or the stranger?” I asked, leaning in.

“Well, I took a look at the parchment but I could not make out the language. It was written in ancient script or something. But I did recognise a tiny abbot that had one of seven crosses on it. In fact, I think this castle had a cross too,” she said, looking around the room.

“Do you know where this abbot is?” I asked.

“If I tell you, will you let me go?” she asked.

“I don’t think you have any real bargaining power now, do you?” I returned.

“Ah, alright. It’s located in the Kohen Mountain Range, on the mountain slopes,” she recalled, “now, will you let me go?”

“No, I might still need you for more information. Till then, you’ll stay here with us and be a guest and enjoy the king’s hospitality,” I said, snatching her dress away.

“What?” she screamed as she tried to grab her dress back. I ignored her and headed out, slamming the door behind me.

“Keep her in the dungeon. Do not touch her and keep her alive! Give her enough food and water and make sure she does not escape!” I instructed the guards as I walked out, “oh and keep this. Don’t give it to her. Let her psychologically suffer being naked in the dungeon. You make look and stare but nobody touches her.”

I headed back up to my chambers. I had spent nights there before. This night, I would do the same, but I was not to sleep. I knew I had to embark on this quest to retrieve that sword. I decided that Coleman would continue the search back here while I went after the sword in the mountains. If I had one, it would be impossible to wield all seven in battle at the same time. I began making plans and planning my journey.

Now, all I needed was the king’s blessing.

Next Chapter The Quest; Chapter 2 – The King’s Blessing

I hope you guys like it. As you might have noticed, there are some errors in the story. (A lot I think, but I tried my best) I’m looking for a reader who can help me with editing the grammar and spelling. If you’re interested, do let me know. Thanks.

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