Tom Makes an Arrangement With Black Waitress For Something Extra

Fantasy sex stories: Tom Makes an Arrangement With Black Waitress For Something Extra. Author: mardare. This story is including: Fantasy, Anal, Black, Cheating, Erotica genres

Fantasy sex stories: Tom Makes an Arrangement With Black Waitress For Something Extra

Author: mardare

My name is Tom and a couple of years ago I found a hooker that gave me amazing blowjobs. Truthfully, it is not really fair to call her a hooker. I met Cece at a restaurant that I had frequented for lunch. She was my waitress. Cece was a skinny 19 year old black girl with big D tits. One day we were talking and I could tell she was upset about something. She confided in me that she was having money problems as she only got 30 hours a week and a lot of the customers were poor tippers. She was going to lose her apartment if she didn’t get some more cash coming in soon. An idea started churning in my head.

I had been married to my wife who is 32 for five years now and even though she still looks great the sex has tapered off quite a bit.

I said “Cece you know I always leave you a 20% tip, but I know of something else you could do for me to earn some quick cash.”

She replied “why don’t you meet me at 5:30 here in the parking lot.”

And that began our little arrangement. I offered her $50 and she gave me the most exquisite blowjob of my life and I got to cum in her sweet 19 year old mouth right there in the restaurant parking lot that day after work. Soon I started meeting her two days a week for a blowjob. However, I wanted more. So I made a deal with her an hour of her time at her place every weekday after work for $200 a week. For that I could get in and out and even occasionally anal. Typically, at first it was just a blowjob and some dirty talk. Eventually, I had started playing with her pussy when she sucked me off, but generally in the beginning the arrangement was that she was there to gratify me. Not that I was mean to her, it is just for a guy getting to cum without having to worry about the girl getting off was a real treat.

She would let me do just about anything I wanted. She could deep throat me and she had a tight little 19 year old pussy and asshole that I loved banging. Sometimes she would just sit up and ride me with my cock in her pussy. She would even do race role play where we would pretend I was the plantation owner and she was a slave.

Since I needed to fund this extra $200 a week somehow and in a way my wife wouldn’t detect I quit eating out. That got me a $100 a week right there. I got the other $100 by quitting gambling. I had a bad habit of stopping by the local riverboat and playing video poker and live poker in the card room frequently. That nasty little habit had been costing me about $200 a week. All in all I managed to turn it into a plus $100 a week and I had managed to cut out two unhealthy habits at the same time.

As the months went by I lost a ton of weight from eating better and my increased physical activity. My boss was happy as my sales were up. My clients just respond better to an energetic happy salesperson. So I managed to increase my commissions by about $1,000 a month.

At about lunch every day I found myself hard in anticipation of my hour of fun with my little black fuck bunny. I usually text her my request so she was ready when I arrived. My favorite game had become when the master has to punish the bad slave girl. I usually started out by spanking her ass until it was red and then I would shove my cock up her tight black booty hole, fuck it hard and fill it up with my cum. Eventually as our relationship grew I started to pleasure her more and I would buy her gifts from time to time. At the one year anniversary of our arrangement I gave her a $200 a week raise. She had made my life so much better. In appreciation of the raise she started including one of her girlfriends in our activities once a week.

The deal was I could have any one of three of her girlfriends, but I had to pay them $100 for the session.

Now I know it seems like I was spending an awful lot on this girl, but truthfully with my ever increasing commissions and the improvement in my health I was still money ahead. I couldn’t see myself going back to the way I was living before. The most enjoyable thing in my life back then was food. Now I had a great sex life, I was happy and making a lot of money at my work.

But what about my wife? She is happier than ever. I have lost a bunch of weight, I am making more money and since my more animalistic desires are taken care of by Cece and her friends I can make the slow, sweet and tender love to her that she craves from me. In return she had starting doing some of the nastier things I crave. She eventually started letting me fuck her tight little white girl asshole on a regular basis which in the past I typically only got to do once a year on my birthday. Now I get it every weekend and sometimes twice in the same weekend.

Cece recently told me how found of our arraignment she is. She was only making 12k a year at the restaurant before I met her. Now she is guaranteed an additional 20k a year tax free plus she gets to keep her public benefits. I recently treated her to a four day trip to Las Vegas which is our annual sales reward if we meet our goal. My boss didn’t mind I took my mistress as he takes his every year. Wink

In fact he was very happy to meet the girl that made his new VP of sales the person he is today.

So I don’t really spend a lot of time thinking about the morality of my situation. I am happy, Cece is happy and my wife is happy. I am physically fit and make more money than I ever have before. I think all three of us were just muddling through our daily lives before.

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