SEXIE DADDY – by BlueHeatt

Incest stories: SEXIE DADDY. Author: blueheatt. the girl wanted me. Daddy would be real unhappy if he knew I was telling this story. None of my friends would believe me anyway, so what the hell….. Incest stories: SEXIE DADDY – Chapter 1 Author: blueheatt My daddy was having an affair with the lady down the […]

TOUCHING ME – by blueheatt

Incest stories: TOUCHING ME. Author: blueheatt. It finally happened. I’ve never told this to anyone. I want to tell it now, and get it out. I’m sitting at my mom’s personal computer so I can write down what all happened. The story is including fiction, Incest theme. Incest stories: TOUCHING ME Author: blueheatt Sometimes I […]


Incest story: THREE on a TRAIN. Author: blueheatt. The story is including of Fiction, Blowjob, Coercion, Incest theme. Incest story: THREE on a TRAIN Author: blueheatt ___I’m Darin. I have a hot girlfriend, Zina, I have been living with for about 2 years. To look at her she appeared to look good, nice face, body […]


Incest stories: FAMILY SECRETS. Author: blueheatt. She was a beauty….It was Sunday. Dad was up and thinking about the hot sounds her heard from his wife’s bedroom last night. He grinned to himself. Sunday night is when he usually went and snuck into Missy room and they fucked good, but now since mom had her […]


Incest stories: TOUCH ME. Author: blueheatt. she was drawing my attintion ….Our mom was so cool, she was the best in my sisters and my mind. Dad only came home every 3 months due to his sea job. The ship had girls ‘provided’ for the men which mom knew about. Sis and I provided for […]


Incest sex stories: OUR BREATHING WENT WILD. Author: blueheatt. The story is including of Fantasy, Coercion, Cum Swallowing, Female exhibitionist, Incest theme. Incest sex stories: OUR BREATHING WENT WILD Author: blueheatt …she pushed deep… ….She had full tits, a hot figure, smooth legs and she wore nothing under her nightgown. I watched her snuggle up […]


Free incest stories: TAKE MY PICTURE. Author: blueheatt. ….hold real still… …Molly was a hot bodied beautiful mom. She had a super high sexual point in her life when she was younger. The event memories surfaced when her young son wanted to try out his new digital camera, by wanting to take some pictures…of her…. […]


Incest stories: LOVING A SISTER. Aurthor: blueheatt. …ohhhh i looked at her…. My fondest memory was something that happened when I was younger. My older brother Wil, had built a clubhouse in the back yard. I use to sneak in when he was gone and look around. It took some snooping but I found pictures […]


Incest story: SNEAKING A LOOK. Author: blueheatt. …ohhhh look at that . For years I fantasized about fucking my beautiful aunt Mindy. She was so sexy to me, and was always ‘extra’ friendly. We were only 4 years apart in age. When we were younger, she would always put her arm around me, hug me […]