God is a Slut – by White Walls

2017 lesbian sex story: God is a Slut – by White Walls. If you ever read any of my Queen Yavara stories, you’ll recognize the format. CAPITAL NAMES mean the story is being told from that person’s perspective. I did not add dashed lines to highlight the sex scenes this time. 2017 lesbian sex story: […]

Asmodeus – Demon of Lust – by steelkat29

2017 sex stories: Asmodeus – Demon of Lust – by steelkat29. 20 year old virgin gets abducted by the demon of lust and becomes his bride… Tied down. My arms stretched above my head, aching in their relentless restraint. 2017 sex stories: Asmodeus – Demon of Lust – Chap 1 by steelkat29 Genres: Fantasm, Bondage […]

The Cove – by intimate_dreamer

First time story: The Cove – by intimate_dreamer. There is a Cove in the old lava rock on the island of Oahu. The girls from UH would come sun bathe there on the weekdays, when most of the local residents were at work. Many of them would remove their bikini tops and lay out on […]

Life in Pieces – by Dark Triad

Incest stories: Life in Pieces – by Dark Triad. Beginning of series about the life of a twisted man and the lives he destroys along the way. Incest stories: Life in Pieces – Chapter 1: A Husband for her daughters – by Dark Triad Genres: Fiction, Blackmail, Coercion, Domination/submission, Humiliation, Incest, Pregnant, Romance, Wife, Young […]


Rape sex stories: Slave wife Tanya for rent. Author: Manpower666. Tanya’s husband rents her out for the weekend to a hunting party of sadistic men with big cocks, big dogs and cruel intentions. They pay dearly for the beautiful slave wife and want full profit from their investment. Tanya is bound for a long nightmare […]


Slavery stories: SLAVE WIFE TANYA – THE GORILLA SPECIALIST. Author: Manpower666. Beautiful slave wife Tanya has very special skills and a very special occupation. During a nude photo session she gets blackmailed and raped by a sadistic photographer. He forces Tanya to reveal her inner secrets. Beware! If you do not like these themes then […]


Incest stories: SMOTHER ME. Author: blueheatt. She was a beauty. We’d have to hurry so we didn’t get caught. I loved the way she said them breathlessly in my ear. That meant she was horny and she wanted a quick fuck. We had done this before and we were good at it. We could fuck […]


Incest stories: LOVING A SISTER. Aurthor: blueheatt. …ohhhh i looked at her…. My fondest memory was something that happened when I was younger. My older brother Wil, had built a clubhouse in the back yard. I use to sneak in when he was gone and look around. It took some snooping but I found pictures […]


Incest story: SNEAKING A LOOK. Author: blueheatt. …ohhhh look at that . For years I fantasized about fucking my beautiful aunt Mindy. She was so sexy to me, and was always ‘extra’ friendly. We were only 4 years apart in age. When we were younger, she would always put her arm around me, hug me […]

Unwanted attention

True sex stories: Unwanted attention. Author: young_Jasmine. The story is including: True Story, Bondage and restriction, First Time, Hardcore, Humiliation, Male Male/Teen Female, Oral Sex, Rape, Reluctance, Spanking, Teen, Virginity, Authoritarian, Blackmail, Coercion, Domination/submission, Masturbation, Non-consensual sex, Teen, Teen Female Solo, Young This is a story of how it all began for me at an […]

What Mom Doesn’t Know Will Fuck Her

Free incest sex stories: What Mom Doesn’t Know Will Fuck Her. Author: jasmine walker. This story is including Dark Fantasy, Coercion, Incest, Male / Older Female, Written by women Genres. Son masquerades in Dad’s costume to fuck unsuspecting Mother. What Mom Doesn’t Know Will Fuck Her NOTE 1: A special thanks goes to Estragon for […]