The Ten of Them – by Hard93

Adult story: The Ten of Them – by Hard93. John Joseph Myers, at age 13 has used his genius to become a multimillionaire and this is a story. How it all began that put him in the right place to meet the 10 of them. I will remind everyone again I’m not a professional at […]

Seattle – by Dark Lord of Writing

Adult story: Seattle – A New Beginning (Chapter 1) by Dark Lord of Writing. All characters involved in sexual acts are over 18 years old. Enjoy! The story is including of Fiction, Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Lactation, Male/Female, Mature, Wife genres. Adult story: Seattle – Chap 1: Meeting an Old Friend by Dark Lord […]

Jackson’s Cinema – by Acfex

Adult story: Jackson’s Cinema – by Acfex. A new story because the previous one was an epic fail. Dave just got a new job at Jackson’s Cinema where he meets interesting people and learns more about them and himself. In the first chapter, we meet Dave and the people working with him. Adult story: Jackson’s […]

Deep Winter – by Sparkfur

Violence story: Deep Winter – by Sparkfur. Hello! This is my first story in a while! If you like, leave a comment below or shoot me a PM :). The wind was howling like it has lost a child, and the snow spun as though it has aspirations of one day being at the Cirque. […]

Homeless – by senorlongo

Adult story: Homeless – by senorlongo. My boring life takes an interesting new twist. I was shopping with my wife one afternoon–a frigid day in early January. We had just left Walmart and I drove past a homeless man leaning against a stop sign with a handmade sign exactly like the one I describe here. […]

The Pill – by DesTodes777

Fantasy story: The Pill – by DesTodes777. Take a pill, become the animal you’ve always wanted to be. In the housing development of Mossy Oaks, the lawns were green, and the houses were huge. It was the kind of place that told of success, but that was the outside. Fantasy story: The Pill – Chapter […]

Like a Good Neighbor – by T. Foxal

Adult story: Like a Good Neighbor by T. Foxal. Luke and Maureen discover one another, after both suffer breakups. This story is about a man, who is divorced and his neighbors daughter, and the fact that there is an 11 year difference in age, is no way a hindrance. Like a Good Neighbor – Chapter […]

The New Burning Legion – by Storyup

Dark Fantasy: The New Burning Legion – by Storyup. Anduin and Sylvanas Windrunner broker an Alliance…on one condition. Sometimes, Anduin wondered if his father really understood him. Dark Fantasy: The New Burning Legion – Chap 1 by Storyup The legion had been completely destroyed not 2 weeks when his father had appointed him to govern […]

Playing with Doctor – by hornykip50

Erotic stories: Playing with Doctor by hornykip50. Glen visits his beatuiful doctor and gets more than just a physical. This story is a work of fiction, a fantasy if you prefer. Some characters are, however, based very loosely on actual acquaintances. Erotic stories: Playing with Doctor – part 1 by hornykip50 Genres: Fiction, Consensual Sex, […]

The Artist – by Jax_Teller

Adult story: The Artist by Jax_Teller. Art “The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power “ Or Emotional Power Adult story: The Artist by Jax_Teller Artists often have more than one […]

The Golden Webs Of The Spider-Goddess – by CharlesWolf

Fantasy story: Thorvik Kabot, Succubus-Slayer in “The Golden Webs Of The Spider-Goddess” by CharlesWolf. With one kick from his powerful leg, Thorvik kicked in the door to the secret church of the Spider-Goddess, Kalindraa and, with a sweeping backhand, immediately dispatched of two of the female Spider-Acolytes standing guard. Fantasy story: Thorvik Kabot, Succubus-Slayer in […]

An Irish Family – by KatieTheWriter

Incest story: An Irish Family by KatieTheWriter. I hope you enjoy and there is more to cum xxxxx. It was summer, although in Connemara, Galway, Ireland that only meant slightly less drizzle than other times of the year. Incest story: An Irish Family by KatieTheWriter Genres: Fiction, Anal, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, First Time, […]

Feels Like the First TIme by melanieatplay

True story: Feels Like the First TIme by melanieatplay. I want to thank my friend and editor Pete. He always makes what I write sound better, and I can’t thank him enough for that. I’d also like to thank everyone who reads my work and offers their critiques and feedback. I always love hearing what […]

Lust Part 1 – by Nicky69

Cuckold story: Lust Part 1 by Nicky69. A story full of new sexual experiences that drove me to cheating on my husband, orgies, incest and many others. Cuckold story: Lust Part 1 by Nicky69 Genres: Fiction, Anal, Ass to mouth, Cheating, Cuckold, Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism, Threesome, Wife I have always been a very persuasive woman. […]

The Hypnoticon – by Hopeless_Addict

Adult story: The Hypnoticon by Hopeless_Addict. Paul Martin looked around his new office with a grin as big as the Cheshire cat’s; he was amazed how he had managed to get here in only a few weeks. Adult story: The Hypnoticon by Hopeless_Addict Genres: Fiction, Male/Female, Mind Control, Oral Sex Just over a month ago […]

Cowboy’s New Slave by jb_funn

Adult story: Cowboy’s New Slave by jb_funn. Hanna is a college educated black woman from Georgia. She is a healthy 30 year old petite woman, 5’4″ 105 pounds, beautiful brown eyes, black hair, and a sexy smile. Adult story: Cowboy’s New Slave by jb_funn Genres: Fantasy, BDSM, Bondage and restriction, Discipline, Interracial, Male / Females, […]

The New Economy by Mojavejoe420

Lesbian story: The New Economy by Mojavejoe420. “I’m afraid that’s right ma’am,” the mechanic was saying on my phone. “Seven hundred and forty eight dollars. And 57 cents.” Lesbian story: The New Economy – Chapter 1: The Cash by Mojavejoe420 Well, shit! That was about 700 more dollars than I had in my checking account. […]

Adopted by Kaire by bager

Adult story: Adopted by Kaire by bager. this story was wrote by Kenneth Hammond and I was hoping to know if he has all the stories he wrote posted on another site if so do you know wich one he still has some on here please let me know and thank you. and now the […]

Suck it and see – by s bishop

Adult story: Suck it and see by s bishop. a friendly holiday. my friends and I finally got round to having our cottage holiday. There were 6 of us in total, 2 boys, Cameron and Buzz, and 4 girls, me, Dannii, Gaby and Samantha. There were no couples in the group, but there was a […]

Secret Housewives Society – by CorysLife

Group sex story: Secret Housewives Society by CorysLife. “My name’s David and I’ve lived in the same neighborhood my entire life. There’s always been something kind of off about it though, like something is always looming in the darkness during the nights or something hiding in the woods. ” I said as I sat infront […]