Hiking for Love – by T. Foxal

2017 sex stories: Hiking for Love – by T. Foxal. Mark and Carrie never met before, until an accident to Carrie, brought them together, and now maybe for good. 2017 sex stories: Hiking for Love – Part 1 – Chapter 1 by T. Foxal I’m Mark. 39 years old, single, a computer geek who is […]

Homeless – by senorlongo

Adult story: Homeless – by senorlongo. My boring life takes an interesting new twist. I was shopping with my wife one afternoon–a frigid day in early January. We had just left Walmart and I drove past a homeless man leaning against a stop sign with a handmade sign exactly like the one I describe here. […]

Hots for teacher – by righthandman

First time story: Hots for teacher by righthandman. This is my first story so only constructive criticism please. don’t be trolling dicks. No one likes a troll dick, wait nevermind I think I read a story here about troll fucking fetish. But don’t be a troll dick anyway! First time story: Hots for teacher by […]

How I Became Big Sister’s Sex Slave

Incest story: How I Became Big Sister’s Sex Slave. Author: geilkoekje11. This all started the summer I turned 18. My older sister, Karen, was home from college for the summer. Karen was 20 and had been away at school for awhile, so at first it seemed weird to be living with her again. The story […]

Hot box

Free sex stories: Hot box. Author: 1MTNMN45. This is a kind of preamble to a story line I have been thinking about. It is loosely based on some real people I knew back in college and some of their exploits. If you guys like it I will see about writing some more. I am not […]