Uncle Tim at my wedding – by Goodhardsex

2017 erotic stories :Uncle Tim at my wedding – by Goodhardsex. This is a fiction story I have created from my imagination. I hope you enjoy it and are not to critical on my writing skills. After all I am not a professional writer. I am working on more of the story and will continue […]

Sweet Young Hallie – by Don’sdick

Sex stories: Sweet Young Hallie by Don’sdick. everybody’s sweetheart learns….. Sweet Young Hallie. I still can’t believe what just happened. The young woman is sound asleep, facing me, her arm over my waist. Sex stories: Sweet Young Hallie by Don’sdick Genres: Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Older Male / Female My left hand is traveling up and […]

“Mistaken Identity” – by bae_xo

Incest story: “Mistaken Identity” by bae_xo. I have been writing some of these stories for a couple of years. I’m a single woman living in the SF area. None of these stories are true, they are mostly porns I wish existed Incest story: “Mistaken Identity” by bae_xo Genres: Dark Fantasy, Incest, Older Male / Female, […]

Grandpa’s Milk

Incest stories: Grandpa’s Milk. Author: John P. Dofyle. This is complete fiction. I am not a writer but I tried to organize my thoughts and eliminate incongruities. I know some scenes are slightly implausible, but hey- it’s fiction, right? Comments and constructive critisisms are welcome. The story is including of Fiction, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, […]

Spice it up

Incest story: Spice it up. Author: Yummy123. I’ve been gone for quite a while and I have been working on a few more stories. I will post the rest of this series soon. Thank you for all the positive comments. I enjoy reading them and I find them encouraging. I hope you enjoy and please […]

The Handsome Man Next Door

Oral sex stories: The Handsome Man Next Door. Author: sunflowers. This story is including: Fiction, Male/Teen Female, Older Male / Female, Oral Sex, Written by women genres. Hannah gets herself a taste of her father’s best friend and decides she needs much, much more. Oral sex stories: The Handsome Man Next Door Author: sunflowers A/N: […]

My new neighbors – Anna and her husband

My new neighbors – Anna and her husband. Author: Qlick. The story is including Fiction, Consensual Sex, Cuckold, Older Male / Female Genres. I learn that my nieghbors both have a fantasy, one that will lead me to fullfilling mine. My new neighbors – Anna and her husband – Consensual sex stories Author: Qlick As […]

Seducing Daddy

Seducing Daddy. Author: LaceyChains. The story is including True Story, Female/Female, Incest, Latina, Older Male / Female, Written by women Genres. How I seduced my father. I’m Lacey. I’m a twenty seven year old Hispanic girl. I’m 5’4”, curvy, with brown hair that reaches halfway down my back. Seducing Daddy (for Adult only – 18+) […]