Uncle Tim at my wedding – by Goodhardsex

2017 erotic stories :Uncle Tim at my wedding – by Goodhardsex. This is a fiction story I have created from my imagination. I hope you enjoy it and are not to critical on my writing skills. After all I am not a professional writer. I am working on more of the story and will continue […]

My First Bestiality Experience – by barbielez

First time story: My First Bestiality Experience – by barbielez. My first bestiality experience with a dog… All families have secrets. Some are small. Some are big. Some are so extreme minds are blown and relationships forever altered at the mere mention of them. That is the kind of secret my family had been keeping […]

DG Studio – by McAnnonX

xxx story: DG Studio by McAnnonX. This is only the second time I’ve written a story from the female viewpoint. Enjoy! “Hi. My name’s Kelly. I’m a professional model photographer and have my own studio.” xxx story: DG Studio by McAnnonX Genres: Dark Fantasy, Female / Girl, Female/Female, Male / Females, Threesome, Young That’s how […]

Life in Pieces – by Dark Triad

Incest stories: Life in Pieces – by Dark Triad. Beginning of series about the life of a twisted man and the lives he destroys along the way. Incest stories: Life in Pieces – Chapter 1: A Husband for her daughters – by Dark Triad Genres: Fiction, Blackmail, Coercion, Domination/submission, Humiliation, Incest, Pregnant, Romance, Wife, Young […]

Kyle Roberts Hypno-Therapy – by RLafayette

Incest stories: Kyle Roberts Hypno-Therapy by RLafayette. A professional therapist, desperate to find what’s wrong with her patient, decides to try hypnosis. Due to his age, a parent guardian is needed in the room, and unfortunately things get out of hand quickly. Incest stories: Kyle Roberts Hypno-Therapy – Chap 1 by RLafayette Genres: Science-Fiction, Female […]

Body Swap – by Rebecca Vaughn

First time xxx stories: Body Swap by Rebecca Vaughn. This is a story about a boy and a girl, Josh and Shelby, who swap bodies. I’ve never written something as unconventional as this, so let me know what you think and whether or not it works. For purposes of clarity, understand this: Shelby, the female, […]

Julie – by Red Czar

True sex stories: Julie by Red Czar. Julie was my first, and this is our story. This is the story of myself and Julie. Julie was my first. The story seems like it went on for a long time, but when it was over it seemed as if it had happened in a flash. Still, […]

Kassidy – by Red Czar

True xxx story: Kassidy by Red Czar. This is the beginning, Part 2 will follow. Since I was young, I was involved in gymnastics, so I spent many many hours in the gym working out. True xxx story: Kassidy by Red Czar Genres: True Story, Cum Swallowing, Teen, Teen Male/Teen Female, Young Most of my […]

Alyssa by Red Czar

True xxx story: Alyssa by Red Czar. Since Kassidy had a boyfriend, I began dating her best friend Alyssal. I had known Alyssa since we were probably nine or ten years old. True xxx story: Alyssa by Red Czar Genres: True Story, First Time, Teen, Teen Male/Teen Female, Virginity, Young She was one of the […]

Malpractice – by NeoDadachum

Bi-sexual story: Malpractice by NeoDadachum. Good readership of Sex stories., since a number of you have written to me that you can’t find the original Malpractice stories under my old account, Dadachum, I’ve decided to reupload all the first four chapters here. I understand not everyone might need this, I for one have no problem […]

Life With Aunt Jess Pt 1 – by hornykip50

Incest stories: Life With Aunt Jess Pt 1 – by hornykip50. This is a story of incest. Being that, if you are not comfortable reading something like this, I suggest you stop right now. Do not preach or voice your fake morals. After all look at the site you are on. It is your decision […]

Judge Cooke by – myra3808

True incest stories: Judge Cooke. Author: myra3808. This is a true account of spanking that fueled a lifelong desire. This does contain descriptions of events that happened when I was young. If this offends you please do not continue to read this. Remember, that you are an adult, and you have the right to make […]

Playing House – by Squirrelboy

Incest stories: Playing House. Author: Squirrelboy. A boy stays over at his cousins’ house and has the weekend of his life. This part is including of Fantasy, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Exhibitionism, First Time, Group Sex, Incest, Male / Older Female, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Teen Male/Teen Females, Threesome, Toys, Virginity, Voyeurism, Young theme. Incest stories: […]

My unexpected brotherly fuck – by booomfilms

Incest stories: My unexpected brotherly fuck. Author: booomfilms. It was probably the best night ever in my life so far. I’d like to tell you all about the time my little brother Fucked me. He just did it. Randomly, out of no where, came up behind me and Fucked me. I found out certain details […]


Incest stories: Sneaking. Author: SweetLuckyCutie. Family Secrets. When uncle Theo lost his job him & aunt Hazel had to move in with us. The story is including of Fiction, Blackmail, Blowjob, Incest, Male / Female Teens, Written by women, Young theme. Incest stories: Sneaking Author: SweetLuckyCutie They had 4 kids. 2 girls Raya who was […]

Movie Night – by UndeniableUrges

Incest stories: Movie Night. Author: UndeniableUrges. Can he control himself around his hot, young daughter? The story is including of Fiction, Incest, Male/Teen Female, Young theme. Incest stories: Movie Night – Chap 1 Author: UndeniableUrges Note – It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don’t be a […]

Everyone knows about the Operation but Daddy ~ 2

Incest stories: Everyone knows about the Operation but Daddy ~ 2. Author: wolfboyurges. In another draft Mommy enjoy’s watching the results of the surgury. The story is including of Fiction, Bi-sexual, Cheating, Consensual Sex, First Time, Incest, Voyeurism, Young theme. Incest stories: Everyone knows about the Operation but Daddy ~ 2 Author: wolfboyurges Mommy loved […]

Grandpa’s Milk

Incest stories: Grandpa’s Milk. Author: John P. Dofyle. This is complete fiction. I am not a writer but I tried to organize my thoughts and eliminate incongruities. I know some scenes are slightly implausible, but hey- it’s fiction, right? Comments and constructive critisisms are welcome. The story is including of Fiction, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, […]

Coaching a Teen Model

First time sex stories: Coaching a Teen Model. Author: stifflittlepoints. Emma was excited to model the new dress her Daddy had bought for her. Soon a neighbor wanted to follow up and take pictures of her at his house. There she found a slightly older boy, who took over the action and everyone enjoyed themselves. […]

Spice it up

Incest story: Spice it up. Author: Yummy123. I’ve been gone for quite a while and I have been working on a few more stories. I will post the rest of this series soon. Thank you for all the positive comments. I enjoy reading them and I find them encouraging. I hope you enjoy and please […]