Like a Good Neighbor – by T. Foxal

Adult story: Like a Good Neighbor by T. Foxal. Luke and Maureen discover one another, after both suffer breakups. This story is about a man, who is divorced and his neighbors daughter, and the fact that there is an 11 year difference in age, is no way a hindrance.

Like a Good Neighbor – Chapter 1A

by T. Foxal

Genres: Fiction, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Male/Female, Oral Sex, Romance

I’m Lucas, or Luke for short. I am now 45, 6’, 185 pounds, with sandy blond hair, and green eyes. I was divorced now for 2 and half years, after being married 14 years. My ex was 29 when we married and had two boys, who were 11 at the time we married.

Linda, my ex, got married young and then after 3 years of marriage, her husband just took off, leaving her to raise the twins the best she could. We dated for about 2 years before we married, so the boys were used to me and we all got along. I even got in to coaching them in baseball and always attended any function they were into. The boys could not wait to get out of the house. So when they both graduated, they both signed up for the service. Tom, going in the Navy, and Jeff, going in the Marines.

Tom is still in the Navy and is making it a career, and his brother is now out and living in North Carolina. He is married and has a kid. Before the divorce, we did not see the kids much, and now, I never see them, although I do get a Christmas card from Jeff.

For the most part we had a good marriage, and like all couples, we had our differences at times. But we always talked through them and never went to bed mad at each other. My ex was very sexual as well, and enjoyed most things sexual. She loved oral, both giving and receiving, except no cumming in her mouth. For the most part, we did it 3 to 4 times a week. She even liked watching porn, and would get real excited with girl on girl stuff.

We live outside of Pittsburgh, close by her parents, but mine live two hours away, and I really don’t see them much as it is. I did not get along with my dad all that well and it was best to just avoid them most of the time.

Our neighborhood is typical of most suburban areas. Most of the homes were built in the 20’s through the 60’s. Ours was built in 65, so it was old, but we took the time to update stuff as we could. We also got to know our neighbors pretty good and always attended the block parties that went on, or the annual Christmas party. 3 houses down from us was Bob and Angie, who are now in their late 60’s and have 3 grown kids of their own.

Their oldest, Jackie, is married with 2 kids. She is now 40. Their middle, Bob Jr., is 36 and lives in New York City, and they hardly see him. Their youngest is Maureen, or Mo, and she is 34 now. We got to know the kids a little but not that much. Bob and Angie, we did get to know pretty good. They would always invite us to any BBQ they would throw, and we would do the same. Bob is in sales, so he has the gift of gab, while Angie worked at the hospital.

Mo, is what Bob called is wild child. She 5 ‘6, with red hair, 34C breast, and weighs about 145 pounds. She doesn’t have the flat stomach like a model, but is still quite fetching, especially in a bikini. After 2 years of community college, she and a girlfriend, decided to move out to California. So we never got to see her much after that, until about 5 years ago.
As Bob confided in me, I guess the guy she was living with out there became quite abusive and used to beat her up. It was one of the relationships that the woman wouldn’t call the cops or anything. Bob finally talked her into coming home and said she could stay with them until she got settled and found a job.

At this time, Linda and I were empty nesters. We both had good jobs, although Linda’s was part time, and she really didn’t have to work because I made a good buck being a food scientist. Most times, during the warmer weather, we would be naked too, since no kids were around and had many a play time in our pool. We also did enjoy smoking pot too, which was like an aphrodisiac to us.

About the same time Mo moved back home, Linda had become friends with Sandy, a girl who also worked with Linda. She was divorced, no kids, was bad looking either. Her ex was loaded, so she really didn’t need to work and became fast friends with Linda.

They were always going out during the day, shopping, or lunches and stuff. About that time, I could also tell that Linda and I were slowly drifting apart and sex was becoming less frequent. I just chalked it up to a faze and figured it would pass. I came home a few times to find them sunning by the pool, wearing the skimpiest bikinis too. On those days, I would just look out by the pool deck and fantasize about doing them both. Sandy was a good looking woman. 5’6, 130, 36C and blond. My ex is 5’7, but only 110, very skinny, with 34B tits.

Linda and Mo started getting chummy back then too. Mo found a job that had her starting at 6pm daily. So I was treated to seeing her with my ex by the pool too. Linda would tell me after their visits how fucked up Mo was treated by her old boyfriend and how hard it was for her to admit she made a mistake. I think the 3 of them also did lunches together, but I never asked and was never told.

After about a year of living with her parents, Mo moved out and was living with some guy. My life also started getting worse. My ex and I hardly saw one another. She was always out with Sandy and our sex was down to maybe once a month. I finally confronted Linda about this. This happened about 3 years ago.

I asked her if she was unhappy with me.

“Luke, I love you, but I am not in love with you anymore. I am actually in love with Sandy” Now this floored me. “Really?” is all I could say at the time.

“Yes. I am so sorry, but I can’t be married to you anymore. I have been wanting to tell you for a long time now and was hoping you would broach the subject long before now.”

“Well, it’s broached. What do you want then?” is all I could ask. She surprised me when she said nothing.” I only want what is mine, but the house and all that is in it, you can keep.”

Two days later, she moved out, and 6 months after that, our divorce was final. The boys were totally shocked by this, but since they lived so far away, did not really get into the mess we had going on here. If Linda told them the truth then, I don’t know, but I felt that it was her job to explain it to them, especially the part about her turning lesbian.

I pretty much kept to myself. I would occasionally go to the neighborhood parties, but I know some of the neighbors would treat me like I had a sickness or something, since they did not know any of the particulars of the divorce. Only a few knew the real reasons. Like I said, I kept to myself, and for the most part, concentrated on my hobby, which is woodworking. I had been doing that for years and made lots of cabinets and furniture over the years.

The next holiday that was coming up was Christmas. I pretty much stayed within myself. I did visit a cousin that day and spent most of the day with them. Linda had been gone now almost a year and the divorce was final for 6 months or so.

New Years, I was invited to Bob and Angie’s, to ring in the new year. I wasn’t going to go, but then said, hell with it and went. Once there, Bob and Ang made me feel at home. Angie cornered me and asked if I could make a nice entertainment center for Bob. His birthday was in May. I said that maybe hard, since I didn’t do much in the winter. My little shop was in a portion of the garage, and it’s not the warmest place to work. But, I said let me draw something up for your approval.

Mo was there, along with her boyfriend. She was looking sharp too. She had on a midnight blue mini, that highlighted her legs, although her thighs were just a bit thick, she still looked good, and the top portion showed off her cleavage just right.

We stood in the kitchen and chatted a bit. “I’m so sorry to hear about you and Linda. “ “I never would have thought you two would split up.”

“Thanks, but that is life, and you just move on.” I asked her how things were going for her. She just said “Ok”, but really never said to much. I could see in her eyes she was not all that happy. Her Boyfriend was off talking to one her friends and not paying any attention to her.

Her sister Jackie found me and said, “Oh Luke, I am so glad you came. And, I am sorry about what happened with you and Linda.” Again, I said thanks. Then she looked over at Mo’s boyfriend and said, “What a creep. He is over there talking with that shank and not even bothering with Mo, or even hiding is flirting.”

“How come your sister always picks the losers?” Jackie laughed and said, “Yeah, I know. She’s always picked guys like him. Uses her for her money and what’s between her legs. He lost his job back in October and has made no attempt to find one. Piece of work that one is”

“I really have no idea why she picks the one’s she does. He must have a big package. That’s the only thing I can think of.” I sort of smirked when she said that. “What? Can you think of a better reason? Although I would never bed, the asswipe.” All I could do is laugh at that remark.

Later, just before midnight, I was standing with Angie and Mo, when someone started the countdown. When it reached twelve, Angie gave me a kiss, then sought out Bob. Mo was just standing there, looking at her boyfriend, who was locked in a kiss with that same friend of theirs.

I grabbed Mo and gave her a hug, then a simple kiss on the lips and said happy new year’s. She returned the sentiment and sought the ass wipe out. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and the two exchanged some words. I could see that Mo was visibly upset, and then saw her storm out of the house, with boyfriend in tow.

It was now April, and I started on this project for Angie and Bob. The cabinet was going to be 6 feet across, and 24 inches high. The bottom section would hold the cable box, DVD unit, and their surround sound. At the time they had a 46” Flat Screen, but I made this unit to hold a 60”, in case they ever wanted to upgrade at some point. It also would incorporate a mirror glass that would sit in front of the TV, there by hiding it, when it was off.

Since my schedule varies for me, i was off this one Thursdays around 2pm. So when I got home, I needed to take a few more measurements, so I walked down the street to Bob’s and saw that Mo’s car was there. I hadn’t seen her since new years eve. I pressed the doorbell and she answered.

Mo was wearing only a white, fluffy, robe, that came down mid thigh. I told her what I needed to do, so she let me in. As I was measuring she was asking what I was doing for her mom, so I explained. She thought that was real nice and would like to pop over and see how I did stuff like that. I told her to stop by anytime.

Then I asked what she was doing there. She said that her boyfriend and her were fighting a great deal and she just couldn’t take it anymore and asked her dad if she could move back, until she could find her own place. So that happened over the weekend, two weeks ago. I told her I was sorry it didn’t work out.

“Was for the best. He is a total asshole and has no idea how to be in a relationship.” I just nodded my head and she continued, “Yeah, his idea of a relationship is for the woman to cook, clean, and fuck him at beck and call.”

I shook my head and said, “Not the best way to go about that, that’s for sure.” She responded saying, “No it isn’t. I thought it was a two way street where you both pitch in and do things together. He just wanted a mother for all things, except the sex part. But who knows, maybe his mom used to fuck him.”

I had to chuckle at that one. She then excused herself saying she had to get going, so she could run some errands before heading off to work. I told her I would see her around and told her to stop by whenever she wanted too. As she headed up stairs, I kind of stared at her ass, which was swaying nicely as she walked up. Towards the top, I caught a glimpse of her naked ass. Either that, or she had a thong on. Who knew, but I did like what I had seen.

It was two weeks later, and I had most of the cabinet down, except for sanding and staining. I had the garage door open and saw Mo walking up the driveway. She came on in and looked the unit over. “Damn, you do good work. I’ll have to remember that if I ever need something.”

“Thanks, I love doing stuff like this, plus it helps kill time for me.” She asked if I was dating now and I told her no. What I left out was that I did date occasionally, but it mostly for sexual companionship. I was not looking for a relationship. Most of the ladies I dated didn’t want that either and were quite content in dinner and a fuck.

I asked how life was treating her now and she told me good. Her ex kept calling her and bugging her to come back, or at least meet and talk about stuff. But she did not want that. Then she asked, “Would you be ok with me coming over during the day, and use your pool, once it warms up? Like I did when Linda was still here”

“Sure. I have no problem with that at all.” Mo smiled and said “Great. I know one thing, the less time I have to spend at home the better.” I asked her why.

“Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love my parents, but as they say, you can never go home again.” She continued, “Mom still likes to treat me like some teenager. Always needing to know where I am and what time I’ll be home. Christ, I’m 32 and have been on my own for years.”

I laughed and said, “Yeah, I could see where that would suck. But I am sure she only has your best interest at heart.” “I guess you are right, but I need to find my own place, just for my sanity.” She exclaimed.

As she kept talking, I started to think, maybe I could rent her a room here. Hell, I have this 3 bedroom house. It is a bungalow style with a huge bedroom upstairs and two down. Mine is in the back, off the family room and it has two bathrooms. It would be nice to have another person here, although, with our work schedules, we wouldn’t see each other much. So after some more thought, I said to her;

“Mo, how would you like to rent the upstairs here?” “Really?” she said. “Yeah. That way you have your own space. You can have the upstairs, and your own bathroom. We’d share the kitchen though, and it even has the living room in the front part of the house. So you would not even have to see me, or even talk to me, if you so desired.”

“Wow. How much are we talking a month? Because most of the places I have been looking at, want an arm and a leg.”

I pondered it for a moment and said, “How does 250 a month sound to you? But, you have to furnish your own food and laundry stuff, and keep your side clean.”

“Hell for 250 a month, I’ll do your laundry and even cook once in a while for us.” I had to laugh at that and told her, “Nah, I’ll do my own laundry. I could never ask, or expect you to do that.”

“Well, can I think this over? Not that I can see a reason not too.” She said. “Sure. Take all the time you need. I’m not going anywhere.” She got up and kissed me on the cheek and said she’d call me. We exchanged cell numbers, and off she went.

I did not hear back from her until Tuesday evening. She called around 9pm. “I hope you weren’t sleeping” “No, just sitting here reading is all”. “Well, I have decided to take you up on the offer, if it still stands.” She said. “Yes, it still stands.”

“Great, This weekend good to move in?” I chuckled to myself, and said, “Anytime you want too. I’ll be home around 3 tomorrow, if you want to stop by and get a key.” “Great.” She said, “I’ll see you then”, and we hung up.

Of course my mind was racing, thinking of her laying out by the pool in her skimpy bikini’s, or even maybe getting lucky and seeing her partially dressed at some point. God, I hope I know what I am doing. But, it still will be nice to have someone around here.

We met the next day, and I gave her a key, and she gave me 500 bucks, thinking I wanted a security deposit. I told her I didn’t need the deposit, and she could have it back, or pay for two months instead. She opted for the two months paid. Later that day, her dad showed up.

“Luke, I sure hope you know what you are in for. She can be a handful at times.” I laughed and said, “Bob, I doubt I will see her much, with our work schedules and all. Plus, she is a grown woman, and I am definitely not her keeper.” Bob laughed at that statement, then wished me good luck.

Mo moved in over the weekend. I was correct too, that I really never saw her much during the week, and really not too much on weekends either, except in the morning, when she first gets up The one morning I was sitting at the island, in the kitchen, having breakfast and coffee, and Mo came down wearing only this black, silk, thigh length robe. God she looked hot as hell in it. All I had on was a robe as well, since I sleep nude. I used to go around nude all the time, but with Mo here, I thought it best to kill that routine.

She came and sat next to me and I asked her if she wanted coffee, and of course, she said yes. We both smoke, so she lit one up for herself. She asked, “Would you mind if my friend Jessie came over today and used the pool?” I was trying real hard not to look at her, since her nipples were sticking way out, through the thin material.

“Of course you can. You can use anything you want here.” She then hugged me and said “Great. I didn’t know how you would feel about strangers coming here.” I had to laugh and said, “They are only strangers the first time they come here. After that, not so much. Plus, if they are your friends, they should be welcomed here, unless they give a reason not to be welcomed after that.”

I had errands I had to run today, so I got dressed and got to them. I got back around 1pm, and noticed a car in front of my house, so I guessed it was Jessie’s. After parking in the garage, I went into the kitchen, then back to my family room, which overlooks the back yard and where the pool is located.

From the family room, you can access the backyard and pool deck, using the French doors. You can also reach the deck, through French doors that are in my bedroom as well. I looked out on the deck and saw the two ladies sunning themselves, and I must say, they looked great.

Jessie had on a tiny ass bikini, yellow in color, where Mo’s was black. All I could really see then was their back’s and asses, which weren’t covered, since they were a thong style bikini. I couldn’t help but stare, and could feel my cock start to come alive. Shit, it had been months since I had any sex, so seeing two scantily clad women on my deck, just about did me in.

Then the girls rolled over and to my surprise, took off their tops. Mo’s breasts were beautiful globes, with lots of freckles on them. Her nipples stood out proud, and from my vantage point, looked to be about ¾ inch in length, with pink areolas. Definitely not cupcake tits like my ex.

Jessie’s had to be a good 36C, with dark brown areolas, and dark nipples, although they didn’t stick out like Mo’s did. Jessie looked like she was pretty tall. Come to find out later, she is 5’8 and weighs a good 150, but not fat, but pretty muscular, and great legs and ass.

I was standing in the bedroom taking in the sights and then watched as the girls applied lotion to each other. Mo was softly rubbing it all over Jessie, taking her time on the girls boobs and nipples, and then Jessie recipicated and did Mo. Then I was shocked to see Jessie lean down and kiss a nipple and then suck it into her mouth. Fuck, I thought, and started getting hard.

I then thought, you shouldn’t be watching this, and if the girls knew, they’d probably be pretty pissed off. So I decided to leave and go out to the garage and work.

About an hour later, I saw Jessie and Mo walking down the driveway to Jessie’s car. Then Mo walked back up the drive and noticed me in the garage and came to me.

“Hi. I didn’t know you were home.” Mo said. I lied and said “Yeah, I got home just a bit ago and thought you guys were by the pool, so I didn’t want to disturb you.” She giggled and said, “You should have come and joined us.” All I could think to answer was, “Maybe next time”

We talked a for a bit then she said, “Well, I am going to nap for a bit, then I am heading over to the ex’s place. He wants to talk and I still have reservations about it. I didn’t even say yes or no, so I think I am going to just show up and listen to his bullshit.”

I asked, “Do you think that is wise? He sounds like a player, and a user.” “I know”, she said, “But I just want to hear what he has to say, but I know already, nothing will come of it.” I didn’t respond, but I knew nothing good would come of it.

A few hours later, Mo came down into the family room, ready to go for her talk. She was dressed nicely, with a pair of khaki shorts and then a pink tube top, and a pink shirt over that, but was buttoned around the stomach, exposing the tube top. She looked great and all I could think about were her tits and nipples. Mo left around 7pm, and I just settled in on the couch reading a book.

Around 8pm, I heard the front door slam and Mo came down into where I was. She had tears running down her face. “What’s wrong? Did he hurt you?

“Only my fucking pride. I get there and knock on his door. He opens it, wearing only a towel and I could see behind him, that shank who was at the new years party.” She cried a little more, then said, “Why do I do this to myself?”

I didn’t know what to say to her, but I did, stand up and hold her tightly to me. I stroked her hair as she sobbed and placed her head on my shoulder. This went on for about 5 more minutes, then she said, “Thanks for being here for me”. She kissed my cheek and said she was going to change. I asked if she ate yet and she said no.

“Let me order a pizza and we’ll eat together.” She smiled and said, “That sounds so nice, “ Then she left and about 15 minutes later, she appeared wearing that black satin robe.

The pizza showed up about 15 minutes later, and I got us beer too. I asked if she was up for a movie, which she said sure. She picked a comedy, and so we sat back, ate, and watched it. She was sitting next to me, with her legs folded under her, and I still couldn’t get the images I saw earlier today, out of my head.

About half way through the movie she asked, “Would you mind if I lit a joint up? I know you and Linda used too, but if you don’t want too, that’s fine”

“Go right ahead. I haven’t smoked some in a long time.” She got one out of her pocket and lit it, and we sat back and enjoyed the smoke. Now I don’t know about everyone, but weed makes me very horny, but I wasn’t about to try anything with her, especially in the state she was in. I did notice, it did calm her way down and made her kind of a touchy feely type.

As the movie played on, she turned more towards me and asked, “What the fuck do you men actually want in a woman? And be truthful. Because I have yet to find a good one.”

“Well, I can’t talk for all men, just myself Mo” She smiled and said, “That’s fine, but I really need to know”

“For me, I want a woman who acts like a lady, and not some tramp, when in public. I also want her to be a person who is their own person and not a follower, speaks her mind, and is open and honest and wants to communicate how she feels at all times.”

“I also want a lover. A woman who knows what she wants in the bedroom, or even out of it, but truly enjoys making love, and not fake it. But, there is times all men want their significant other to act slutty too.”

She giggled, and said keep going. “Ok. I mean a couple should make love often, but there are times they should let loose, and be like porn stars. Talk dirty when doing it and always, and I mean always, no matter if it’s porn time, or love making, tell each other what they like and dislike, and always try to please that person.”

“For me, my partners needs come first. Her pleasure is always at the forefront. But, as we all know, men will get off a lot easier than a woman does. That is why it is so important to make the woman your number one priority in bed, and actually, out of it. I had that once, but somehow lost it, and, to this day, not sure where.”

Mo stroked my face and said, “Oh wow. I have never had that in any relationship I have been in. Hell, I doubt I would know when I was being made love too. Fucked, yes, made love too, no.” “Linda was a fool for leaving you”

I just chuckled and said, “Oh well, as long as she is happy now, that’s all that matters.” Mo smiled at me and said, “That was nice of you to say that. But, I don’t have those feelings for that asshole.”

We sat and talked a bit more and the movie had long ended. I said I was tired and was going to bed. As we stood, Mo placed her arms around my neck and kissed me softly on the lips and said thanks, “you made my night a lot better.” She turned and headed upstairs to her room.

I went to bed then. My cock was about half hard and in need to some serious stroking, but for some reason, thought better of it. I was lying there, tossing and turning, thinking back today and the girls on the deck, almost naked. Damn they did look hot and I was also wondering, if they were bi, seeing Jessie sucking on Mo’s nipple like that. Oh well, something to ponder.

I was still awake, after laying down a half hour previous. My door then opened and Mo came in. “Luke, are you awake?” “Yeah I am”

“I couldn’t sleep and was wondering if you would mind if I lay with you? I just need to be by someone”

I kind of froze. I was naked, but she didn’t know that, but I stammered, “Sure. But I should tell you, I am not clothed.” Mo giggled and said, “So?” “Ok then, I just wanted to warn you”

I could barely see anything, but I saw her remove her robe and climbed in bed with me. She moved over close to me and put her arm around my chest and her head on my shoulder. I could feel her nipple press into my arm, so I knew then, she was naked as well. She also bent her one leg so it rested on top of my thigh. I am now thinking, she gets that leg any closer, she is going to feel my now hardening cock against it.

“Thanks Luke for being you and being so nice to me.” “Mo, you don’t ever have to thank me. I like you and if you ever need to talk, I’ll always be there for you.” She picked her head up and kissed my cheek.

“Luke? Would you make love to me? I mean really make love to me, so I know what it is really like?”

“Mo? Are you sure that’s what you want?” “Yes. I have wanted you for so long now, but after we talked tonight, God, I really need to know how it actually feels to be made love too, and not just fucked like some whore off the street.”

“Well one thing for sure, you are not, or ever had been a whore. To me you are a beautiful lady, and this will be a pleasure beyond my belief.”

With that, we started kissing. But I stopped and she asked, “What’s wrong?” “Nothing. But I don’t have a condom.”

“I’m good with that, I’m on the pill. I can’t stand those anyways, but we’re safe.” We went back to kissing and my hands exploring her body. She is a very passionate kisser, which is a huge turn on for me.

As we kissed, I rolled her to her back and started kissing and licking down her neck, then to her firm, but soft globes. Her nipples were so hard and awaiting any attention I could give them. I did not disappoint them, in this regard. I rolled them around my lips, and my tongue swirled around the nubs. Her breathing intensified the more I licked them. I then started sucking on one. As I did, she arched her back some, like she was offering them to me.


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