Homeless – CHAPTER 9 – 10

Adult story: Homeless – CHAPTER 9

by senorlongo

I had purchased three tickets because it wasn’t fair to the other patrons to be squeezed because of Lady’s presence. Normally, I consider myself to be polite, well-mannered and respectful, however a woman in our row howled about having to sit next to our dog. “Surely,” she said almost at the top of her voice, “you don’t expect me to sit next to that…beast!”

“Don’t worry, ma’am. I’m sure she’ll be much better behaved than you’ve been. If you find it so objectionable why don’t you take the middle seats? Then I can put her in the aisle next to me and there will be an open seat between you and my wife.” I thought I was being perfectly reasonable, but….

“Absolutely not! I paid for seats on the aisle and that’s where I’m going to sit!”

“Okay with me; go ahead, dear.” Jennie stepped into the row followed by me and Lady last. We were in our seats when a gentleman next to Jennie commented, “I’ll be happy to sit next to your dog.”

“Thank you, sir, but after this woman’s rude behavior….” I let it drop, but I did spread a towel from the hotel on the floor before telling Lady to sit. The bitch continued her tirade even as the overture began. I knew how to shut her up. I gave Lady a command; she turned toward the woman, emitting a low growl and exposing her fangs. She never moved. She didn’t have to. The woman shrank back in fear. I whispered just loud enough for her and our other neighbors to hear. “I suggest you shut up. In addition to being a service dog Lady is also a guard dog that will react to any perceived aggressive behavior toward either me or my wife.” I backed Lady off and sat back to watch the show. Jennie took my arm and held my hand while I petted Lady with the other.

The woman and her friend got up at the intermission and a man behind us stood. “She’s not really a guard dog, is she?”

“Yeah, she is. I have a lot of money so either I hire bodyguards or have a dog. Having the dog is more fun, but not much cheaper. She cost me a fortune.” I turned back to Jennie and asked if she wanted a snack or a drink. She looked at me as though I was crazy. After the meal we’d had I must have been.

I had a pleasant conversation with the people sitting behind us. They were appalled by the woman’s conduct. One man said, “Your dog has better manners than she does. She’s been quiet and still through the entire show.”

“Thank you. She’s extremely well trained. We had to spend three days with her and the trainer to learn all of her commands. If I told her to she could and would take a mugger’s arm off at the elbow, but with us she’s as gentle and loving as can be.”

“Are you local or just visiting?”

“I used to work out on the Island.” I pulled a business card from my wallet. “I sold the company last year and retired to North Carolina. It was a great move; that’s where I met my wife. We’ve been married all of three days. I had business here so I brought her for a shopping spree.”

“Well, I love her dress and jacket. I hate to ask what it cost. Is that silk? It’s beautiful,” his wife added.

“I’m not concerned about the cost. Nothing’s too good for her. How about joining us for a drink after the show?” They agreed and we had a date. They were a very pleasant couple in their forties who had taken the train in from Jersey. I returned to my seat after introducing Jennie and myself to Charlie and Toni Blasi from Hoboken. Looking down the row I noticed that the rude big-mouthed bitch had not returned for the remainder of the show—no great loss as far as I was concerned.


Adult story: Homeless – CHAPTER 10

by senorlongo

An hour later, after an extended standing ovation, we had exited the theater and I was on my cell to David. He picked us up a few minutes later and I asked about a nearby club. “I know just the place, Dr. Preston.”

“You’re a doctor,” Charlie asked.

“No…just a PhD. Essentially, I’m a software engineer. I write software, most of which is quite involved. Ever hear of Software for Idiots?”

“Sure, our daughter used that to study for the SAT last year.”

“I wrote that program. In fact, I wrote all of them. There were only three people in the entire company—me, a secretary, and an accounts clerk. We worked out of my house, but I sold out to a major corporation last year. Mostly, they wanted an as yet unpublished program I wrote and was using. I can’t give you any more information because the conditions of our contract are secret. All I can tell you is that they paid me more than enough to enable me to retire. What do you do, Charlie?”

“I’m a union plumber—nothing compared to what you do.”

“No, I don’t agree. I actually know quite a bit about plumbing. I also know that society as we know it wouldn’t exist without plumbing. Ever stop to think where we’d be without the simple trap? Living in caves or huts with a life expectancy of forty would be my guess. My uncle owned a plumbing business out in Suffolk County for years until he passed away four years ago. I worked for him during my breaks all through high school and even freshman year in college then I was able to get work writing code for a software firm up in Massachusetts where I went to school.”

“Here we are, sir.” David pulled the limo over to the curb in front of a club that had a trio playing dance tunes. I thought it was perfect.

We had just ordered drinks and I made sure that our guests realized that they were our GUESTS. The rest of the evening was on Jennie and me. Our waitress had just left when Toni asked, “How long have you been married?”

“Three days,” Jennie replied. “Three wonderful days, but we’ve lived together since the first day we met.” Charlie and Toni looked shocked so Jennie continued. “It all had to do with how we met. I ran away from home when I was seventeen. My step-father was raping me three or four times a week and my mother was no help at all. She actually accused me of trying to steal her man—like I’d have any interest in a fifty year-old fat slob.”

“You couldn’t contact the police?”

“Unfortunately, no—he was the county sheriff. I knew when I left that I’d have to have sex with truck drivers and other men who picked me up. Over the five years I was on the road I probably screwed two hundred men. I did it to survive and that’s all I did–survive. Then, back in January I got a ride cross-country to Lumberton, North Carolina and the next day a Canadian couple gave me a ride to North Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. I slept in a shelter that night and went out to a shopping center the next day to beg money for my next meal.

“I was cold and tired so I sat against a stop sign post with my homemade sign leaning against my leg. That’s when Doug approached me. He was the kindest man I’d ever met. He took me to Walmart for some clothes and to his home to clean up. I knew what kind of man he was when he noticed that I had lice. He bought some shampoo and after I had taken a shower he carefully and patiently combed the nits out of my hair. I couldn’t believe that I could be so lucky. He threw out my old clothes and took me to a restaurant for dinner—the best meal I’d had in years. I stayed overnight in his guest room.

“It was horribly cold that night. Doug told me he’d feel terrible if he read that I’d frozen to death. The next day he took me to buy a warm jacket and I convinced him that his real motivation was that he wanted to fuck me. He insisted on using a condom which was good because we went to his doctor and learned I had Chlamydia which was cleaned up in less than two weeks. I know Chlamydia can cause sterility, but my gynecologist said you have to have it for several months before that happens. We obviously got it in time because I’m pregnant.”

“Is that why you got married?”

“No; Doug is a genius, but he’s a nerd and sometimes he can be so obtuse it’s ridiculous. I told him that he was the first and only man I had ever made love to. The others were just sex where I only lied motionless while they did their thing. Despite that he never realized that I was terribly in love with him. I had to threaten to leave before he admitted that he was in love with me, too. He told me he wanted me to stay with him forever and marry him. Although I don’t think he actually got it all out. He had just said ‘marr…’ when I was all over him—hugging and kissing him like there was no tomorrow. That was four days ago. We were married the next day and the following day we flew here to New York.”

“That’s some story, Jennie. You are so lucky. I don’t mean you were lucky to have to go through all that—lucky you found Doug.”

“Yes, I agree completely. Doug is rich, but that means nothing to me. I offered to sign a pre-nup, but he refused.”

“Sounds like your parents did a wonderful job with you, Doug.”

“Thanks, but it was all on my mom. I haven’t spoken to my father since I was sixteen. I had just gotten my driver’s license and I drove to Stony Brook University where he’s a chemistry professor. I walked into his lab to find him banging some coed. My mother knew what I’d seen as soon as I walked into the house. She’d known about his cheating for years. I never spoke to him again, nor have I had anything to do with him. I’ve offered to support my mom if she decided to leave him, but she won’t. Enough about us, tell us about you. How did you meet?”

“Ha! Not much to tell; we lived right next to each other in Brooklyn. We were best friends growing up. I was kind of a tomboy. Everyone knew we would be together.”

“That doesn’t always work, does it?”

“No, I’m sure it doesn’t, but our friendship grew into love while we were in high school. I’ve never dated anyone but Charlie and I never wanted to. We were married the day after we graduated from high school. I had a job as a secretary and Charlie had one as a plumber’s apprentice. We stayed in Brooklyn until I became pregnant then we moved to Hoboken. The city has gone through extensive urban renewal and gentrification—is that the right word?”

“Yes, it is,” I replied. “I know of several high powered executives who live there. It’s just a short train ride to Penn Station.”

“Yes, we know. That’s how we came in tonight. I wonder how long it will take us to walk there tonight.”

“Nonsense…we’ll give you a ride. This time of night it can’t be more than ten minutes out of our way.”

“Anyway, we have two girls. They tolerate me, but they love their father terribly. Where are you staying while you’re here?”

“We’re staying at the Plaza, Toni. Oh, it’s so beautiful there. We have a suite that overlooks the park. Doug had a meeting today so he sent me out with a professional shopper. That’s how I got this dress and about a hundred other things.”

Toni and Charlie looked at us in awe. “Don’t forget that Jennie had absolutely nothing when she came to live with me. I can and do take her shopping, but I’m a guy. I have no idea what’s stylish. I’m good with golf clothes, but that’s about it. Jennie…how about a dance?”

Jennie was in my arms a minute later as we shuffled between the bodies of the other dancers. I could see Lady keeping a close eye on us—making sure we were safe. I was sure she could cross the twenty feet separating us in about a second. We were shuffling along for a few minutes when I felt a tap on my shoulder. “Mind if I cut in?”

Jennie was shaking her head, indicating “no.”

“Sorry, but I do. I don’t mean to be rude, but we’re honeymooners. We want to be together. I’m sure you understand.” I turned my back and we continued our dance until he pulled my shoulder away from Jennie. This guy was younger and bigger than me and I was sure he could beat me in a fight. No problem—I pulled a silver whistle from my suit pocket and brought it to my lips. Lady was with us in a flash. Meanwhile, the other dancers had pulled back, leaving us in an empty circle about ten feet wide.

“Listen, pal—we’re not looking for any trouble, but if you want some my dog here will be happy to oblige. She’s a trained guard dog and she won’t hesitate if you threaten us in any way. There are plenty of women here who would be happy to dance with you, but my wife isn’t one of them. So, tell me—want to spend the night in a hospital with your arm hanging by a thread?”

“You can’t fool me. That’s a service dog.” I gave Lady the preliminary command—the same one I had used in the theater. Her growl was menacing and bared her fangs. He stepped back then turned and melted into the crowd. I led Jennie and Lady back to our table.

“What on earth was that all about, Doug?

“Well, Charlie—it seems some people don’t like to be told, ‘no.’ He wanted to cut in, but I wouldn’t allow it. If I had to guess, he probably thought I’d be intimidated by his size, but I wasn’t about to allow Jennie to be pawed by some stranger.”

Jennie leaned over to kiss me. “Thank you, Doug. I went for five years with men putting their hands all over me and I never want that again.” Then she petted Lady, thanking her, too.

We had a wonderful time, but around midnight I found I was terribly hungry. Turning to Charlie I asked, “What time did you guys eat?”

“I’m not sure, but it was early—like 4:30 or so.”

“Let’s grab a bite.” I asked our waitress for some menus and fifteen minutes later we had platters of hot food in front of us. Charlie and Toni had cheeseburgers and fries. Jennie had an open prime rib sandwich, also with fries. I had a corned beef sandwich with potato chips. Finally, around one Charlie said they had to go. I settled the bill and was listening to Toni thank us as we walked out the door.

All of a sudden I saw quick motion from the shadows off to my right. I couldn’t believe the asshole who tried to cut in would hang around this long. He raised his arm and that’s when I saw the knife. I managed to block him with my arm, but the blade sliced through the sleeve into my arm. Less than a second later I heard a scream. It was him reacting to Lady’s teeth clamped into his forearm just above the hand that held the knife.

When dogs capture prey they grab it by the neck and swing it back and forth to break its neck. Lady’s thrashing broke his arm so badly that I could actually hear it snap. Lady’s next move would have been to his throat, but I called her back. She’d hold him in place on his back until I released her once the police were on site. Luckily we had left at the same time as some other patrons. They had run back into the club to tell the staff to call the police and an ambulance.

New York City has a highly efficient police force. The first patrol car was on the scene in less than five minutes. My assailant, one Matthew Bradshaw, claimed he was just leaving the club when I sicced Lady on him. Fortunately, there were plenty of witnesses who testified that he had attacked me. I also had a bloody arm that required twenty-six stitches and there was the knife with my blood and his fingerprints on the sidewalk.

NEXT: the rest of our NYC trip; two great new friends


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