Lonely Mothers Milk – Chap 2

Incest sex stories: Lonely Mothers Milk – Chap 2

Sleeping was somewhat of an issue that night. I kept tossing and turning in my bed wondering what was going to happen next, what will she say when she wakes up. My mind was going crazy with what if’s and questions. I finally fell asleep sometime between my thoughts and my tossing and turning. I slept for a good 7 hours before I was jolted awake.

I heard the garage door opening and closing. As I turned and looked at my iPhone docking station the time read 8:30am which was my Mothers normal time frame to go get her morning coffee and breakfast. I laid in bed staring up at the ceiling wondering what the hell I was going to say when I saw her. As I walked down stairs in my pajamas each step seemed like it took longer and longer.

As I finally reached the bottom of the stairs I looked left and right. I’m not sure why because I knew she was gone but I was still in such shock. As I walked to the dining room table, I grabbed the house phone and phoned my school pretending to be my Mother, letting them know I wasn’t going to be at school that day because I was under the weather.

As I hung up the phone I sat and inhaled deep, my clothes still smelling like her sweet juices that flowed out of her beautiful pussy. I instantly was turned on. I stopped myself mid thought.

My Mom would be home soon and what was I doing, just sitting in my pajamas getting turned on by the thought of my own Mother. I slowly stood up and in a slumped over manner walked to the downstairs bathroom with my head looking like a bobble head. I walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind me. I flicked the lights on. Seeing myself in the mirror brought all this into reality again.

I turned the shower nobs on to half cold and half hot. I proceeded to slide my pajamas off my shoulders and off my waist. As my breast and my not so impressive stick figure body came into view both my articles of clothing hit the floor. I unlocked the door and buck naked walked my clothes to the washing machine which was no more than 10 feet away.

I put my pajamas onto wash as I turned and headed back to the bathroom. I closed the door and locked it behind me. The steam was filling the room and I tested the water with my hand, which seemed to be perfect. I hopped in the shower and just stood under the steady stream of water as it hit my head and back. My hair now wet and slick with water as I ran my fingers through it repeatedly thinking of nothing in particular.

As I soaped up my hair, I began feeling like I forgot something. It wasn’t a big deal I felt but it was nagging me. I shrugged and finished my hair. As I started washing my body, I began to run my hands over my breast to lather them up. My mind started to wander and my nipples became erect immediately, to the point of hurting.

I stopped touching them and looked down at them. I imagined my breast producing milk the way hers did, how sexual, how lust filling, and I wanted that so bad I pressed on my areolas and nipples the way she had done in front of me last night, but to no success did anything come out. I snapped back into reality and washed the soap off of my breast, I finished washing myself as quickly as I could, and turned the shower off.

I stepped out of the shower reaching for a towel for my hair. I realized at that moment I knew what I had forgotten as I let out an annoyed scream stating simply, “TOWELS!” No one takes shower down here anymore so I forgot we don’t keep it stocked with anything besides the basics. As I beat myself up about not grabbing towels first I heard the garage door open and then close.

Shit she was home… what was I going to do now? I reacted fast and shut off the lights and fan inside the bathroom. I heard her footsteps walk past the door and continue into the kitchen with what sounded like bags. I waited a minute before cracking open the door and peering out. She was not in sight but I could hear her unloading the groceries in the kitchen opening and closing the fridge and cupboard as she put them away.

I slowly opened the door and walked out an inch at a time. My Mother’s never seen me naked before, I’m very self-conscious of myself and the thought of her seeing me fully naked, especially after what happened last night, terrified and turned me on all at once.

As I got to the T in my hallway that would either bring me to my stairs or my kitchen, I stopped and leaned around the corner peaking one eye into the kitchen. What was she doing? It looked as if she was opening up the brand new bottle of what looked to be coconut milk and dumping it all out. Maybe it was expired.

I figured it was time to sneak back up stairs and backed up slowly. Our downstairs hallway closet was smack dab right in the middle of the T intersection of our hallway, as I slowly backup up and went to turn around my foot grabbed the little spring metal door stopper, causing it to smack into the door and then into the wall, repeatedly, which made a noise so loud and annoying no one could miss it.

My Mother startled let out a little panic scream and then a little laugh. “Sweetie, I know you stayed home. Are you not feeling well today?” She walked towards the hallway and looked directly at me.

I was boned with nowhere to run or nowhere to go, I stood in all my nakedness for her to see. She laughed, “Baby, why are you naked?” She smiled as she looked at me lovingly in her online college schools t shirt that was 1 size too small. She always got a discount from the manager if she wore it to the coffee shop.

I looked at her puzzled. “Yeah, I’m sorry Mom, I’m just not feeling well today, but how did you know it was me?” I shyly asked. She laughed and turned back to the kitchen, “Who else would run only two things in the washing machine? I only know one person that wasteful honey.”

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  1. Kelsey says

    I loved this story; please continue when you can. My first time here so I’m going to explore some more. Thanks so much for sharing your experience.


  2. avix6042 says

    i love this so much.. i’ve got to jerk off at the end of these two chapters. but where’s 3 n 4??

  3. Tina says

    Hi –
    I’m a middle-aged woman, so I hope that doesn’t freak you out 🙂 I just wanted to let you know that I love your story so far, and hope you continue with it. I never had children, but if I always wanted to have a daughter so that I could share such incredible moments with her as you’ve written about. My breasts are much smaller (B cup), but simply imagining holding a daughter across my lap, her mouth latched on to my breast… well, it just does amazing things for me! I wish you all the best.

  4. animal99 says

    I used to have a girlfriend who asked me to suck her breasts, after she’d had a baby by another guy. At first I didn’t know what to expect but since she had big breasts, I thought I’d just get some cuddle time with her and her breasts. As it turns out, she was still able to produce “milk”… but not really. She really just enjoyed having someone sucking on her breasts.

    Since then I’ve had sexual girlfriends who I introduced to the idea of suckling on their breasts and I even made a couple of them come that way…. with no other touching or stroking involved. I later learned the breasts stimulate the same part of the brain that the clitoris does, Go figure!

  5. Crow says


    First of all, my condolences.. I’m sorry for your loss.

    Because of that I felt bad for getting turned because I wasn’t sure whether it was a *that* kind of story. But as I kept reading, I just couldn’t help myself, this was the kind of erotica I was looking for. Since this is real as you said, I can truly imagine it happening and it’s very hot – the incest between an underage girl and her mother made me even more excited. I hope I don’t throw you off, It’s good that it’s consensual.

    I’d love to hear more from you, and it’s great that you have the courage to face your feelings and share it.

    I wish you very the best

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