On the Tour Bus – Chap 2

First time sex stories: On the Tour Bus – Chap 2

“Yeah,” Charlotte squeaked as Brian’s thrusting started to die down.

“I want to see!” Shelly said and suddenly the light was back on.

Charlotte looked down and realized for the first time that Brian’s hands hadn’t really gone UNDER her shirt. They had pushed her shirt up. His hands were wrapped around her globes of flesh, leaving only her nipples visible. She looked back toward the front of the bus, where the bus driver was staring back, either a smile or a grimace on her face.

Swallowing, Charlotte suddenly hoped that the driver would pay attention to the road so they wouldn’t all get killed.

Amber was sitting, legs spread, her pussy—and the seat beneath it—soaking wet. The girl was breathing hard, eyes closed.

Shelly’s mouth was wide open, but her eyes seemed like they were about to pop out of their sockets. Brian’s thrusting had stopped and he and Charlotte were both breathing even harder than Amber.

“You’re hurting me, Brian,” Charlotte said, not unkindly. She grabbed hold of the boy’s arms and took them away from her boobs, which were slightly discolored from the grip he had had on them.

“Sorry,” he breathed.

“It’s okay,” she responded, leaning back against him and letting her shirt fall down. The movement caused his still hard cock to penetrate her even more deeply and she winced. Still, she pecked him on the cheek before sliding off and saying, “Turn off the light.”

Shelly didn’t obey immediately, instead giving her and her sister plenty of time to ogle Brian’s softening penis. While they did, Charlotte bent over to pull up her panties and shorts, trying to ignore how wet she was. As she was bent over, she felt Brian caress the bare skin of her butt tenderly. With their reproductive organs separated, the smell of sex was far greater, and Charlotte could still taste Amber’s lip gloss on her tongue.

When the light went off, Brian stood and pulled up his own underwear and pants. Without a word, Jodee moved from her spot next to Brian and went back to laying in the aisle. Charlotte heard the sounds of Amber getting dressed.

“Thanks,” Charlotte whispered to Brian as they snuggled together on the back bench, both heads resting on Charlotte’s pillow. Both were warm enough without a blanket.

“Thank YOU,” Brian responded. “Was… was I your first?”


There was a long silence.

“You weren’t mine. I’m sorry.”

“Why are you sorry? I don’t think you would have been as good without… experience.”

“Well, you’re only my third. And I’m not sure that the other two times count. They were older women that kinda took advantage of me.”

“Mmmm… sounds hot,” Charlotte said, and although she meant it as a joke she found herself actually believing it. “You’ll have to tell me about it sometime.”


Charlotte was drifting off to sleep when Brian said, “Charlotte… does this mean you’re my girlfriend now?”

Thinking this over in her mind, Charlotte finally nodded. “Yes.” And, after a few more moments she added, “Thanks for not touching me when I didn’t want to be touched.”

She could sense his confusion, but she was far too tired to explain. Her thoughts drifted to whether or not she should get a morning-after pill and deciding that she wouldn’t. Let happen what would.

Her last thought before sleep took her was that the thumping and squishing sounds she heard must be coming from Shelly and Jodee.

Charlotte’s dreams that night were even sweeter than before, mostly starring Brian and her brother, Tim. Her favorite, and the one she awoke from, happened to also take place in her shower. Brian was somehow taking her pussy from behind while Amber kissed her, and Tim watched, rubbing his penis like he had been the day she’d walked in on him.

Her first thought when she awoke was that something was poking her in the butt. Her second was that she was horny again.

A small amount of light was coming from the bus windows, and Charlotte knew that if they were going to do anything that they’d have to hurry. They were probably almost to Vegas.

“Good morning,” Brian said, obviously sensing that she was awake.

“You’re poking me,” Charlotte giggled.


Instead of responding, Charlotte dug her bum into his hard penis. He groaned.

“I don’t think we have time.”

“Me neither,” she said, sighing.

“Yes you do,” a voice above them said. “At least, HE has time.”

Charlotte glanced up to see Amber looking down at them, her hair disheveled. She must have been kneeling on her seat.

“Just give him a hand job really quick.”

“You just want to watch,” Charlotte accused, laughing, slightly embarrassed. Amber smiled and shrugged.

“I didn’t get to see anything last night.”

“It would make a mess,” Brian protested. “I can wait.”

“It won’t make a mess,” Jodee’s voice said, and the girl was suddenly above them, too, holding out some tissues to Charlotte and giggling.

“We all want to see him… you know….” This last came from Shelly, who came and knelt next to her sister.

Amber bit her lip in a way that was sexy even to Charlotte, and Jodee knelt.

“I don’t know…” Brian said.

“I’m okay with it if you are,” Charlotte said, turning to face her new boyfriend.

“You’re okay with them watching?”

Charlotte shrugged. “That’s how our relationship started, right? It’s kind of a turn on for me. Guess I’m okay with other girls.” She laughed. It was something she’d never have thought she would be okay with, let alone like.

Without waiting for another word, Charlotte knelt by the seat, left hand clutching the toilet paper. With her right, she quickly undid Brian’s pants and started sliding them down. Not too much, though, just in case someone down the aisle could see what they were doing. Luckily, Jodee’s and Shelly’s bodies provided a good screen from any curious onlooker.

Once his pants were down a few inches, Charlotte grabbed hold of his underwear and yanked them down. Brian’s penis flopped out, softer than she’d expected.

Due to the increasing light, Charlotte had her first good view of her boyfriend’s member and was surprised that it wasn’t bigger. When it had been inside of her it had felt enormous, but it was only about the same size as her brother’s. In fact, it was a little thinner. His balls were contained in a hair covered sack.

Inspiration taking her, Charlotte brought her head forward and took the tip of the penis in her mouth, causing Brian to moan. She then realized that he hadn’t had a chance to wash since he’d been inside of her and settled with a quick lick of the head. It was a disgusting taste, but she thought she might eventually get used to it.

Regardless, she didn’t think there was time for that.

Quickly, she took her mouth off of Brian and, not really knowing what she was doing, started to jack him off with her right hand. He started to run his hands through her hair, something she’d always liked.

“Hey Charlotte?” Amber asked. “Is it okay if we give him a little… inspiration? The sun’s almost up.”

“What do you mean?” Charlotte asked, still stroking. She looked over at the other girls, who were all staring intently at her boyfriend’s penis.

Amber’s voice dropped as the voice of a girl several rows down said something about it being morning. “Can we show him our boobs?”

Charlotte looked over to Brian, but he only shrugged. “As long as I can see yours, too, sometime.”

Without a word, Charlotte let go of his dick and lifted her shirt, trying to make it stay in place. When it just flopped down, she quickly took it off, followed by her bra. The voices in the front of the bus were louder now, and she wondered if they were all about to get busted.

“You are so beautiful,” Brian whispered. “All of you, but especially you, Charlotte.”

She glanced up to see that Amber and Jodee had both lifted up their shirts and bras to reveal their boobs to Brian. Shelly was still in the process of doing so. Immediately, Charlotte thought that Brian was lying. Of all the breasts visible, Jodee’s were by far the biggest, although the areolas were probably a little too big and slightly oblong. Shelly had the same nipples, only on smaller breasts. Amber’s tits were tiny, as were the nipples, but they were rock hard. They were all doing their best to make sure that the people behind them couldn’t tell that they were revealing their breasts. This meant that their arms were all pressed together awkwardly, mashing their boobs together.

Charlotte grabbed hold of Brian’s penis again and started to rub it gently up and down.

“Harder,” Brian said, “Or this will take a while, even with this view. Here, like this.”

He took his own dick in his hand and started to pump it up and down with his entire fist.

“Mmm… good boy,” Jodee purred and they all giggled.

Taking her cue from her boyfriend, Charlotte took hold of Brian’s penis—now much harder—again and started to pump it nearly as vigorously he had. She was very conscious of her breasts bounding to this motion, especially the right one, to which Brian’s eyes kept settling.

“Someone play with his balls,” Amber said, and Charlotte nodded when Jodee looked to her for permission. Without further communication, Jodee let go of the left side of her shirt and started awkwardly massaging Brian’s balls. To Charlotte’s amusement, Shelly dropped the right side of her shirt and started helped her sister. She had a feeling that the younger sister had a crush on Brian.

All of them jumped in fright as a voice filled the bus.

“Alright everyone, we’re almost to Vegas,” the voice boomed. It took a moment for Charlotte to realize that the voice belonged to Mr. Hansen, one of the teachers, and that it was coming from over the intercom. It also took a moment for her to realize that Brian was cumming.

Gasping, she stared in wonder at the white liquid coming from his penis, forgetting for a moment about the toilet paper in her hand. This first load sprayed up, arcing until it hit the floor next to Charlotte’s leg. The second took her on the upper right arm. By the third, she’d regained her wits enough to press the toilet paper up to Brian’s penis, catching it and the remaining ooze.

“Holy crap,” Shelly said, her hand still on Brian’s balls. “That was awesome.”

Jodee had let go of Brian as soon as he’d started spurting, obviously afraid of getting some on her, but her mouth was slightly open in lust. Amber had a huge smile on her face, her nipples as hard as ever.

Brian was panting and looking at Charlotte with a grin. Charlotte grinned back, kissing him, her hand still catching sperm with the tp.

“I’m not sure what you girls in the back find so fascinating, but if it keeps your attention that well I should bring it in front of my classes.”

This was also Mr. Hansen, of course. Amber, Jodee and Shelly all jumped, trying to pull down their bras and shirts as unobtrusively as possible. As it was, Charlotte could tell that Shelly had failed in her effort. Her bra was bunched strangely under her shirt.

Charlotte pulled her goopy hand away and Brian started to hike up his underwear and pants, looking panicked.

“I know I would be more interested in orchestra if Brian would do that for us every day,” Jodee said quietly, and she, Amber and Shelly all giggled.

“Crap, what do I do with this?” Charlotte asked, holding out the toilet paper. She was starting to panic. She was still topless, and she now was so scared that goosebumps covered her flesh. Her nipples were stiff mounds on top of the soft flesh of her breasts. They trembled a bit as she shook.

Suddenly, an arm shot back to her. Without thinking, she handed the tp to Amber.

“Hurry!” the other girl whispered. “He’s coming!”

Suddenly, Charlotte remembered that Mr. Hanson would pace the aisle as he spoke, giving announcements, as he did now. She looked up to Brian in panic. Her heart leapt in her chest as she saw him proffering his coat out to her. His eyes told her how fast she needed to be.

Slipping on the coat backward, so the back covered her entire front, she leapt up and onto the seat next to Brian, scooting her bra and shirt under her seat with a trembling foot.

Looking up, she smiled at Mr. Hansen, who smiled back.

“Are you cold?” Mr. Hansen asked, not using the mic.

“Y… Yeah… I was just looking for this coat down there.” Charlotte said weakly. Then she shrugged, giggling. “Found it.”

As the teacher turned around and started giving instructions again, Amber turned around and showed the toilet paper glob in her hand, a look of “oh my gosh” on her face. Charlotte didn’t know what she did with the thing when she turned back around. Jodee and Shelly were both trying their hardest not laugh. Brian had his hand on her knee, obviously trying to be a comfort.

Completely enervated by Brian’s coat rubbing against her bare nipples, Charlotte giggled again and looked over to her boyfriend. His hair was a mess and his glasses were askew, but he was the hottest looking guy Charlotte had ever seen.

Quickly, she grabbed her pillow and set it across both of their laps. Then, as clandestine as she could manage, she nudged Brian’s hand up her thigh to her crotch. When he didn’t do anything, she elbowed him in the side.

“Right now? He’s coming back!”

“Then hurry!”

It was all the prompting he needed. With one quick move, he stuck his hand down her shorts and put a finger up her pussy. Singing a soft, high pitch note, Charlotte smiled at Brian.

He wasn’t really in the right position to be fingering her, but the very fact that she was on a bus, virtually topless, with a hot guy doing his best to pleasure her, made her as wet as she’d been the night before. As Mr. Hansen approached again, concluding his announcements, Brian sped up his fingering. Biting her lip, Charlotte smiled at the teacher, trying to look casual. He just smiled back and turned around.

As Charlotte slowly began to come to her climax, she noticed that Las Vegas was fully visible outside of the window. Figuring that no one would have a reason to come back there, Charlotte slouched down and let Brian’s jacket slip off of her arms to the floor, exposing her chest fully. She also moved the pillow.

Amber looked back at them to say something and froze with her mouth open in mid-word. She then smiled.

“You two are so hot together. We all need to hang out more!” Her smile broadened as she held up the semen-filled toilet paper. “In the meantime, I’m keeping this as a souvenir.” Instead of turning back around, she continued to watch.

Brian and Charlotte both laughed, and Charlotte felt an orgasm building. Jodee was busy getting her things ready, but Shelly was staring at them again, a silly grin on her face.

When Charlotte looked out the window again, she was surprised to see a minivan passing them a few lanes over. In it, she could see three boys and a girl, all staring at her. The oldest, one of the boys, looked to be about her brother, Tim’s age. Sunlight spilled into the bus, illuminating her skin perfectly for the onlookers. The window was just the right height for them to see her shoulders and breasts.

Smiling broadly, she waved at the gawkers, somehow thrilled to realize that the minivan was passing by very slowly. One of the boys waved back and the girl pointed, covering her hand as she giggled.

Charlotte arched her back, looking back at Brian, who was staring at the scene unfold before him with a dazed look while he rubbed her pussy.

“I think I just realized that I’m an exhibitionist,” Charlotte said, moaning with pleasure.

“Ya think?” Amber and Brian both said at once. They all laughed.

“It’s okay,” Brian said. “Anyway, I’m okay with it if you’re okay with me being one, too.”

“Mmm… that turns me on so much.”

The oldest boy in the minivan was craning his neck to be able to see her out the back window, his sister joining him. She waved again as they went out of view.

“Holy crap, hurry!” Amber said, laughing as the bus got on an off-ramp. “We’re going to be stopping like any second now.”

“Brian, show me yourself again. Please, just really quick.” Charlotte was on the verge of cumming, but found that she needed some inspiration just like Brian had.

Without arguing, he unzipped and fished around in his pants with his free hand. When it came out, it was holding his penis, hard yet again. Charlotte grabbed hold of it.

It was enough. As Amber, Jodee and Shelly all sighed in jealousy and desire, Charlotte spasmed. Brian reached over, probably belatedly, and grasped her left nipple in his right hand, twisting slightly. For a while, they stayed like that, his finger in and on her pussy and nipple, her hand holding onto his dick, their three friends watching in awe.

Finally, the orgasm died down and Charlotte came back to herself. Outside, the traffic had picked up and she’d probably given dozens of people a nice view. She squeezed Brian’s penis one more time. Reaching under her seat, she brought up her shirt and bra, just in time to realize that they were parking. Slipping the shirt hastily over her torso, she handed Brian the bra.

“This is YOUR souvenir.”

“But… I don’t have anything to give you,” he said, sounding genuinely upset. Still, he folded up the bra and put it in a pocket.

She pointed at the crusting glob of semen on her arm. “You gave me this. Not to mention everything that… you know… went inside.”

Charlotte had never walked around public without a bra on, unless you could count being in a bathing suit. It was invigorating, even though no one but those who had joined their little escapade had seen her. Brian was right behind her.

When they got up to the front of the bus, Charlotte remembered that the driver had seen them the night before. She wasn’t too worried that they’d get in trouble, of course. If the bus driver was going to bust them, she would have told Mr. Hansen a while ago and he wouldn’t have waited to scold them… or worse.

As Charlotte stepped up, the blonde woman looked at her and smiled.

“I’m glad you had a nice ride. Please cum again.”

Amber, who was right in front of Charlotte started to laugh uncontrollably, and so did Brian.

Since they were the last ones on the bus, when the driver motioned them to wait a moment, they did. She pointed to one of the many displays on her dash. One was a little monitor. The driver pushed a button a few times and then pointed at the screen. There, Charlotte saw a very clear view of the entire back seat. Swallowing, she looked back at the woman, her face draining of color.

“Yes, I saw EVERYTHING. This was probably the best drive of my career, thanks to you all. And it’s even better since the whole thing was recorded.”

“Oooo…” Amber said, her smile growing. “Can you send me a copy?!”

After exchanging email addresses and Amber promising to give Charlotte and Brian copies, too, they exited the bus, Brian bringing up the rear. As the bus pulled away, Charlotte found herself a little melancholy. Was it possible that nothing like this would ever happen again? In a way, it wouldn’t, because it would never be her first time again.

Then again… there was always her brother Tim. And Amber, Jodee and especially Shelly, all seemed eager to join in this kind of fun. She couldn’t forget about her sister, Rachel, either, who was already budding into a little lady.

With resolution to continue where they’d left off, Charlotte took her new boyfriend’s hand and walked with him down the street, her new-found freedom coming from more than just her braless chest.

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