Pleasuring a Granny Chapter 6

2017 incest stories: Pleasuring a Granny Chapter 6

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At the end of Carol’s holiday Part 1, in Ch. 5 of Pleasuring Granny, Carol had touched her first penis; mine. Gradually she had summoned up sufficient courage to wrap a hand around it and masturbate me. Brenda arrived back after visiting Doreen and said that she expected Carol would now have a lot of fun with the two of us. The result went as follows:
From the Diary of a very Happy and Fortunate man.

“There is no way I’m letting that monstrosity inside me, I’ll masturbate him, I may try and fellate him, but I will not fuck him, I think I’ll keep my hymen thank you.”

“Ah well, we have 10 days to sort that out.”

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Carol’s Holiday Part 2

“There is nothing to sort out.”

“Oh yes there, is! You said; I may try and felate him! That tells me that you are little more interested in that cock than you’re willing to admit to. Believe me, when the mood is right you will be very willing to do it.”

“Excuse me for interrupting,”

“Tim, don’t interrupt! Just get your kit off, and get in that armchair.”

I know when to give in gracefully and this seemed like the time to prove it, and it could be fun.

“Mom you’re not going to get me to…”

“I’m not going to get you to do anything my love, this is my playtime now. Make yourself a drink and get comfortable? I may be a while.”

It did not take long to get me erect, especially as Carol was sitting on the couch watching her mother stroke me then bending her head forward to kiss the tip of my penis. Brenda stood up and rapidly stripped before returning to my cock and slowly, slowly, allowing me to enter her hot mouth. Once the head of my cock was inside, she paused for breath, then lowered her head an inch before withdrawing completely away, and again took my cock in her hand and gave me a slow masturbation.

Brenda carried out this activity several times and each time she sucked me into her mouth my cock went a little deeper. This was marvellous and I had to resist the urge to interfere by pressing her head down, after all, it was her show.

When I managed to look away and observe Carol it was apparent that the show Brenda was putting on was having an effect.
She had abandoned her drink and was leaning forward, and watching intently and I could see her tongue moistening her lips as her arousal increased.

Finally, my cock was all the way in, it was down Brenda’s throat. She lifted her knees off the floor to enable herself to have a direct line to thrust along it then she began to give me the most fantastic face fuck. I was in paradise.

Much better was to follow. Brenda made sure I kept my semen to myself, what she did do was genius level psychology. She pulled away from me, gave me a lovely warm kiss, and then walked over to Carol. Without saying a word she took her hand and led her out of the room heading towards the stairs, as she passed through the doorway she put her and behind her and beckoned me to follow. I followed; I did not intend to miss any of this.

I arrived to find that she already had Carol across my bed and was busy removing Carol’s skirt and a very lacy pair of briefs. Having dispensed with them, she moved onto the bed alongside Carol and began to kiss her and fondle her breasts through the material of her T-shirt. After a while, her hand slid down over a smooth, flat, stomach coming to rest on her daughter’s Mons pubis and Carol’s thighs parted slightly in response. Brenda left Carol’s side and dropping to her knees, she spread carol’s legs wide apart and commenced to eat her daughter’s sex. Oh the sight, however short, of that smooth virgin pudendum before Brenda’s head obscured the view, it was so erotic that I damn near came there and then.

“Mom, I don’t want to do this with…aaahhh.”

Carol had ceased, almost immediately, to complain about my being present as her mom’s tongue found its mark.

What a sight. Carol’s long and tanned legs were high in the air and wide apart, Brenda had used her hands to keep her thighs back and apart thus placing the entrance to her vagina in an easily accessible position as she pressed her face against the smooth, fragrant, labium of her daughter.

Carol’s hands were holding her mother’s head in order to keep her face in that position and I felt my cock stir, and once again, slowly stiffen into a solid, aching shaft, and even though Carol was in the throes of ecstasy from her mother’s attentions, she was aware of my arousal. She managed to gasp out that this was what she loved so she still was not in any hurry to lose her virginity. Then I stood up.

Brenda’s bare backside was in front of me and I was going to put what I had into what she had and very soon. As I walked towards them, Carol’s eyes widened and she tried to sit up, but she was in no position for speedy movement so my hands were lifting Brenda’s bottom up before Carol could move. Brenda knew what was about to happen, so she opened her thighs as I slid my cock between her buttocks, and into her wet vagina. As I did this I applied gentle forward pressure to Brenda’s back, she took the hint and pressed harder against Carol’s sex and began to suck and lick Carol towards an orgasm.

I was still fucking Brenda with a steady rhythm when she reached behind her and touched my lips then pointed to Carol’s sex, I nodded and pulled out of Brenda, she stepped rapidly to one side as I dropped to my knees and had my first taste of a virgin vagina, albeit one in the process of reaching a climax. It was deliciously soft, and even through the aroma of sexual activity, fragrant. I knew I had to keep her from becoming afraid so I kept my hands close to her thighs where she could feel them, but as her sexual excitement increased, I suspect that she could no longer think of being afraid. I moved crabwise such that I could lay across her right hip and keep my mouth on her labia, then eased my left leg up and over her body to end in the classic 69 position.

I bent my arms to lower my body to hers so that I could now get my hands around those soft thighs and keep them wide apart as I licked and sucked her sex. By this time, Carol was in a frenzy of lust and in dire need of sexual release, but I prayed for a little more time as I felt Brenda’s hand take my cock and place the tip of it against Carol’s lips. She did no more than place it there and Carol did the rest. She opened her mouth and licked my penis and I could feel her vagina spasm as her climax began, and then she sucked half my fat, solid, cock into her furnace of a mouth.

She climaxed, and to my shame, so did I. I just managed to get my penis out of her mouth before my semen spurted out, splattering her face and T-shirt, but I doubt that she noticed as she shrieked and shuddered to a gigantic orgasm. I remove myself from her body and then Brenda set about lowering her sex onto Carol’s mouth to receive her share of oral satisfaction.

I took a condom from my bedside cabinet and rolled it on then I kissed and licked Brenda’s anus knowing that Carol could see me do it. Next, I inserted a finger into her anus, shortly followed by another one and Carol heard her mother groan and tell me to do it, now! I was now fully erect again so I complied thus enabling Carol to have a close up view of her mother receiving, and enjoying, anal sex.

I knew that this would be a step too far for Carol at the moment, but I thought that it might be a good idea to enable her to watch it happen because it may well be next on her menu as it didn’t threaten her beloved hymen. Carol lay under her mother and watched as my hardened cock entered her and she began to take the full length of my shaft. She also started to rub Brenda’s clitoris with one hand and her own clitoris with the other until all three of us came again, with more of a whimper than a bang, but still a very pleasant experience and one that I hoped would be repeated.

After a quick shower we returned to the lounge, Brenda and I were relatively smart, Carol’s T-shirt was a stained mess, and her skirt was crumpled so they would both need a wash and ironing. It was then I realized that I still hadn’t seen, much less felt, her breasts. Oh well, that was something else to look forward to.

I made steak and onions with chips for us all, and then Carol, who had remained very quiet throughout our meal, said that she wanted to return to Brenda’s cottage to change and consider the day’s events in peace and quiet so, having been given the keys to Brenda’s car, she left.

Carol’s holiday to be continued in Part 7

Brenda had told Carol not to expect her back until tomorrow, as she would stay with me for the night. Oh boy!

After Carol had left, I put my arms around Brenda to cuddle her and kiss her neck. This was a nice warm feeling and I treasured it, but my masculine urges will not stay quiet for long when I have a female body in close proximity. Undoing the buttons of her blouse I eased the garment down her arms until I was able undo the clasp of her bra’ then slid my hands back to lift the cups off her breasts and enjoy the erotic sensation of her smooth mounds as she pressed back against me. We stood in this position for a while just enjoying the sensations we were giving each other, than with a sigh she turned round within my arms and I could see the tears running down her cheeks.

“Brenda! What’s the matter? Why are you crying?”

“I’m sorry Tim, but I have to say something that I never expected to say to a man and it will ruin everything.”

“Oh dear, that sounds heavy, take a deep breath and then tell me.”

“I love you! I don’t think it, I know it, and what we have is supposed to be fun and lust and no strings attached sex.”

“Brenda, I realized that I love you ever since you told me about your relationship with Carol and her friend’s mother. Oh yes, and her friend. I did not intend to tell you this, but I have to say that it was easier for me because I can still have sex with other women without it affecting how I feel about you. I know I would never have to watch you have sex with another man because, believe me, that would hurt, and that has never entered my mind before. I am amazed that you could fall in love with a person like me, and I’m really happy that you have, but I do understand that it must be hard for you to have to watch me enjoy other women and If you feel that you must end our relationship because of this I will be extremely unhappy, but obviously I wouldn’t try to stop you.

“Idiot! I don’t want to end our relationship; I was frightened that you would. Do you really love me?”

“Yes I do. I have to say that this admission does not include an offer of marriage or even just moving in together. I don’t want live with you, I just want you to know how I feel about you, and I don’t want to change a thing.”

“Take me to bed. Please.”

When I finally entered her body we just lay and marvelled at the sensation of being really together. However things did get a little more frenetic on more than one occasion. It was a tiring night.

End of Chapter 6

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