Malpractice – Chapter 2: Practice With My Sister

Bi-sexual story: Malpractice – Chapter 2: Practice With My Sister

by NeoDadachum

My name is Matt Almquist, I live in a suburb on the west coast, with my mom and my two sisters. The other day, something strange had happened. I’d been at work, illustrating book covers and such, when I’d been hit by a terrible headache. I’d had to go home early and, after some rest, I got the most spontaneous blowjob from my beautiful teenage neighbor. I thought it might have had something to do with my headache, because afterwards it was still there, faintly, and it seemed to be aimed in some strange way towards her. It felt like, I don’t know, a link. The scary thing was, it didn’t stop the next day.

When I got up I could still feel it, it was like having a compass in my head. Only instead of pointing north, it pointed towards Denise. I don’t know how I knew it did, I just did.

Anyway, it was about 10 am on a Saturday when I got up. I walked down the stairs and noticed my younger sister Jordan sitting on the living room sofa, watching some Japanese cartoon. I don’t speak Japanese, but I could recognize some strange pronunciations of English words and names here and there.

Jordan was 18, but almost my own height. She was an old classmate to Denise, before the latter had switched schools for some reason. She had a nice, curvy figure. Not lean and athletic like Denise, but smooth, soft and plump in just the right places. Her breasts were quite large, though I made an effort not to stare. They might have been somewhere in the upper C-cup area.

She had a tattoo of a sleek red space fighter on her right arm, and dark blond hair that fell to her shoulders, with one single purple curl that fell down her forehead, that she had a habit to rearrange to behind her right ear. But it would always fall back. This morning she wore a plain gray t-shirt and a pair of red running shorts. Casual apparel, indeed.

“Morning.” she said as I strode to the kitchen to pour some serial.

“Hey,” I answered. “Where’s the rest of the household?”

“Mom had a thing at the office and Hannah’s spending the day on the beach.”

“With that Troy guy?” I snarled. Troy was this grade A douche who’d been having a ‘dating-not-dating’ kind of relationship with my eighteen-year-old sister for the past month. No one in the house except for Hannah cared much for him.

“Dur, hiya guys, wow man, what a rad crib!” Jordan spat out in a surprisingly accurate imitation of what the guy sounded like.”

“Wanting grammar besides,” I continued. “That guy has no business with our Hannah. He’s my age.”

“You’re not that old.” she argued, as I sat down next to her with my bowl of cereal.

“I’m twenty-one. A eighteen year old girl is too –“

“I don’t like the guy either, Matt. But Hannah’s a big girl. She can make her own decisions.”

“Yeah, in this particular instance, that’s sort of the problem.”

“Would you hook her up with one of your friends then?”

“God no. There’s still the age thing. And character-wise they ain’t much better.”

“Well, maybe then it’s men in general that’s the problem.” she said, trying to lure me into disagreeing with her.

“Don’t even dare, Jordan.” I said, waving my finger in a comical fashion. “Don’t try to trick me into saying ‘not all men’ because that’s a stupid and immature argument and I’m too smart for that.”

“Are all men that smart?”

“Watch your damned Naruto.”

Calling any given anime Naruto always managed to get on Jordan’s nerves. ‘Trash anime’ she called it. She only watched the good, intelligent anime like the Cowboy Beep Boop and Kurosagawagi-something. She gave me the death stare, and I returned it by aggressively eating my cereal in silence.

Then suddenly came a wave of dull, faint pain in the back of my head. I looked around, as if I heard a voice, and could almost see – or thought that I could see – Denise through the walls of our house, down the street, and through the walls of their house as well. It was weird, and the inside of my head tickled. The notion – the crazy notion – that I might have caused Denise to blow me the day before returned. And I wondered, might I have gotten some sort of ability? It sounded insane, I realized. But the prospect of mind control, it was just to tempting not to entertain just a little.

I turned to Jordan. I would try and see if I could make her do anything. Nothing sexual, like with Denise. She was my sister, for crying out loud. I tried to send her the thought

Raise the volume on the TV

But nothing happened. My eyes were drawn towards her chest, and I lost myself watching how it rose and fell with each breath. She noticed, looked at me and said.

“Bro, watch the TV instead, would you?”

I looked her in the eyes, and as she looked into mine that thought repeated itself.

Raise the volume

She shrugged off the fact that I’d been ogling her boobs and reached for the remote. I felt a faint, but distinct, thumping in the back of my head. Eye contact. That was it.

“Hey, Jordan.” I said. As she turned once more towards me, we locked eyes and as the guy with the fluffy hair on the TV fired a gun at some man with a bird, I sent her the thought: Put on something else

My head roused a bit, as if I had just drunk something with a kick. But Jordan held on to the remote and changed the input from the DVD to TV. She browsed the channels for a while until she settled for a rerun of Twin Peaks.

Jesus fucking Christ, I thought. I can control minds. Or at least make suggestions. I had no idea if I could make anyone think or believe certain things, but the stuff that had happened so far suddenly made sense. I got horny from talking to Denise the day before, and had somehow made her horny too. I had made a direct command, and Jordan had followed, not noticing that anything was off. This was amazing!

But, what if I made someone do something that made zero sense? Like making a nun curse, or make a republican say something intelligent? Something they would simply never do. Would they brush it off? Would they try rationalize it? Would they think they were crazy? Or could I make people think what I wanted them to think?

I just realized, that maybe Denise was being torn up about the blowjob she’d gave me. She probably wouldn’t have done that in any other circumstance; how was she supposed to make sense out of that? Maybe she would come to the conclusion that it ‘just happened’, like you sometime see in the movies.

(Mostly due to bad writing.)

I had to find out. But not now. I was just done with my cereal.

As I went to brush my teeth, I got to thinking. If I could change the way people feel, think and behave, that is, complete mind control, would I abuse that power? I’d often thought about whether I’d be a superhero or a super villain as a kid. Perhaps now that question had actually become relevant. I finished brushing my teeth, and decided I was going to conduct one more experiment on Jordan. I would try and see, if I could change her opinion on something – something trivial – using my ability.

I went back to living room and sat down next to her.

“Hey, Jordan.”

“What?” she said, not paying much attention. Agent Cooper on the TV was sitting around a fireplace with the fat guy from Stargate SG-1, talking about I don’t know what. I never followed Twin Peaks.

“You like this show?”

“I guess.” she said and gave me a glance, and then seemed unable to turn away as long as I looked at her. “Been so long since I watched it. I liked the first season, but then it just got weird, I think.”

You don’t care for it at all

“Or, when I think about it. It really hasn’t aged very well. Not my thing.”

I wasn’t quite satisfied. Could have just been her working it out on her own. I decided to be bit drastic. Just this once.

You like it when I see your breasts

“But hey, Matt.” she said as if just continuing with the conversation. “Seeing as no one else is here…”

“Yeah, what?” I played at being coy but on the inside I was freaking out because this might actually be working!

“Well… I…” she trailed off. Was she nervous? I could only guess how she as a person dealt with any given suggestion I gave her. I decided to give her an indirect hand. I started to stare at her big breasts as obviously as I could. This was getting weird, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t strangely exciting.

“I, um, noticed you were looking at… these.” she said, grabbing her boobs.

A part of me was screaming ‘Stop it! Get out!’ but another part of me was so deeply fascinated with the endless possibilities, that I just couldn’t help myself.

Now, Jordan was starting to massage her breasts through her shirt, and soon took the whole thing straight off, revealing her voluptuous bust completely free from any bra. She looked at me the whole time, with a shy smile.

“What do you think?” she asked me. “Do you like my tits?”

“Yeah, I do.” I answered, wondering how far I had the conscience to take this. I sent her another suggestion.

“Do you want to touch them?”

“Sure, sis.”

I grabbed hold of one of the luscious mounds of flesh and squeezed it, teasing the nipple with my fingers. Then I took her other boob in my hand and started massaging them rigorously. My sister moaned in pleasure as I went on.

I lost myself. My head started to ache, more seriously than it had since after my run-in with Denise. But nevertheless, I sent:

You are horny. You are immensely attracted to me

Almost instantly she shot out and grabbed me in her arms, kissing me passionately. Her tongue was superb, hot and violent. In small shock, I struggled to keep up with her. I kept massaging her tits as her hands ran all over my body, pulling my shirt over my head. She started kissing my chest, until she put her face in front of my crotch and nibbled on my hardening dick through my boxers. My head was starting to seriously hurt but I kept at it. I had my hands all over her, not sure what to do. I wanted to feel the softness of her breasts, to grab her by the hips, to touch the booty.

I had to stop before I did something I could never forgive myself for. But I couldn’t. My sister was seductively nibbling on me through my underwear. I could feel her tongue wet the fabric, and a bulge was soon totally visible. I was given some brief respite when she pulled away and looked me in the eye.

“God, I can’t believe we’re doing this…” she said in disbelief, obviously.

“Look, Jordan if you want to stop…” I said very half-heartedly.

“No way. You’re so hot, Matt. We… we don’t have to have sex. I mean, we shouldn’t. But could you…” she fell silent, and leaned backwards on the sofa, removing her shorts. I was shocked to see she’d not been wearing any panties underneath. “Matt. Please, use your mouth. I can use mine too.”

I think we can all pretty much guess at this point, that I’m going to hell.

I plunged down into her most holy of holies. I didn’t need to tease her or warm her up, she was already as wet as any I’d ever seen. She moaned loudly and aggressively, as my tongue did its thing on her. She started grabbing my brown hair, which was just long enough to be grabbed at all.

Her moans grew louder and louder until she arced her back like a bridge upwards and let out a howling sound. I pulled back, but she leaped forward, grabbed me, and stuck her tongue deep in my mouth. Next thing I knew, I was on my back, making out passionately with my sister. Again she started moving down south, kissing my chest, my stomach, until finally she removed my boxers and gently kissed my hard dick.

“Oh, this is so wrong.” she moaned, and licked the tip.

“I’m so sorry, Jordan.” I said, and gasped at the pleasure she gave me.

“Don’t be. I’m – lick – just as guilty as you.”

It tore on my conscience how untrue that was, and yet I couldn’t – wouldn’t – do anything to stop it. I could make her stop, maybe rinse away any guilt she might have when she got her senses back. Hell, for all I knew, I might had been able to make her forget it all. But I didn’t even try. To be honest, a part of me wanted this to only be the beginning. Some diabolical side of me was already scheming and plotting for my imminent harem. The idea was so tempting.

Jordan wrapped her lips around me, taking the whole of my dick into her mouth. Her blowjob was deliciously sloppy, not at all neat like Denise’s had been. She greedily sucked my cock, making slurping noises and fingering herself. She bobbed her head back and forth more and more rapidly, until she deepthroated me hard and kept the whole thing in her throat for about ten seconds. Then she slowly pulled back, giving concurrent suction to my rod. The noise was loud and messy, and then she pulled back and made a pop sound as her lips left the crown of my cock. Then she started sucking me aggressively again, jerking me with her one hand as she went.

“Jordan…” I said.

“What is it?”

“Can you do me with your breasts?”

She just smiled, softly kissed my dick, and pinched her own nipples for me. As her tender, beautiful boobs enveloped my hard cock, I felt like I was in heaven. She used her hands to make her tits squeeze my member, and in a couple of minutes’ time I came a mighty load on her face. Sperm stuck to her chin, and some fell down unto her breasts.

I was lost.

We sat there for a while, naked and confused. From her perspective, this must have all seemed really strange, but for some reason she wasn’t questioning the reality of it. She seemed to assume that she had indeed wanted all of it. She trotted into the downstairs bathroom to clean up, and as she came out I passed her on my way in. Our eyes met, and I knew I had to make some kind of amends for this.

You won’t tell anyone about this. You won’t feel bad or guilty. It will be a nice memory, but a secret.

“Hey, Matt.” she said as I was about to close the bathroom door.


“Let’s not tell anyone about this, okay?”

“Are you kidding? Of course not.”

“I don’t know what came over me…”

“Me neither,” I lied. “But let’s not beat ourselves up about it. As long as we can, you know, still be around each other.”

“Without succumbing to carnal lust?” she said jokingly. It was strange somehow, how much the same she was.

“Without it being weird.”

“Let’s just see it as a great source of inside jokes.”


With that I closed the door. I splashed some cold water in my face. My head wasn’t hurting at all anymore. Maybe reaching climax soothed it. In either case, I decided it was too dangerous around my family with this power. I needed to find some other way to… relieve myself. I thought of Denise, but why stop there? The world was full of beautiful women who weren’t related to me. With some proper practice, this power might just be the best thing that ever happened.

In retrospect, that last part is debatable.

As I stepped into the shower, I looked at the bathroom wall and could somehow perceive Jordan’s figure through the tiles. I felt a beating within the beating of my heart. Was she somehow linked to me, so that I could sense her presence?


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