Slave Mom Tanya

Incest stories: Slave Mom Tanya. Author: Manpower666. Tanya is a sexy single mom with two teenage sons. One day, friends tell them that their beatiful mother is a neighborhood slut, who has fucked all their friends and most males in the area. Furious and ashamed, the sons decide to take a terrible revenge on their slutty Mom, and also get a piece of her sexy ass themselves. The boys rape their crying Mommy in all holes, blackmail her to become their sex slave and force her to sell her body. Don’t read this if you are not into BDSM.

This chapter is including of Dark Fantasy, Anal, Ass to mouth, Authoritarian, BDSM, Blackmail, Blowjob, Cruelty, Discipline, Domination/submission, Enema, Humiliation, Incest, Non-consensual sex, Prostitution, Rape, Sado-Masochism, Slavery, Spanking, Violence, Water Sports/Pissing theme.

Incest stories: Slave Mom Tanya – Chapter 1A – SLAVE MOM TANYA RAPED and SUBDUED BY HER OWN SONS

Author: Manpower666

Mommy was preparing dinner. It was a hot summer day and she was only wearing a bikini, as she had been tanning topless in the sun all afternoon. In between, Mom had taken a stroll in the garden and done a little weeding, bending over to present her perfect ass for her male neighbors.

Tanya (Mommy) was 45 years of age and possessed a voluptuous body that looked at least 10 years younger. She always had the full attention of her neighbors and their sons whenever she was in the garden, whether she did actual garden work or just strolled around topless without bra as she had done today. Mom loved to be a cock teaser. Sometimes she heard the clicking of cameras or excited whisper from young boys spying on her.

Her male neighbors could not resist glaring at the beautiful brunette strutting around, presenting her big tits and fabulous ass out in the open. She was an incredibly sexy MILF. Her female neighbors hated Mommy for the attention she attracted from their men and sons. Mom was the only single woman in the neighborhood, living together with her two teenage sons.

Incest stories: Slave Mom Tanya. Author: Manpower666.

In shopping malls, Mommy loved to suck cock in the men’s room. At work, she fucked her boss every day and several of her colleagues as well. At football matches, she rarely watched the game, as she was busy fucking fathers and their teenage sons. Mom was a true nymphomaniac and a slut. Her sons did not know about her sex life, but all their friends certainly did.

While chopping vegetables, Mommy saw her two big boys coming home from football practice and walk past the kitchen window. They looked at her in a strange way as if they were angry or something. Usually they smiled and cheered, but not today. She heard the back door open and shut. No greetings, Tanya thought? Then the boys entered the kitchen without saying a word and with very sinister looks in their faces.

“Hi boys! Dinner will be ready in half an hour! Did you enjoy your football practice?” Mommy said.

“No, not at all”, said Joe, the older son with an angry voice.

“Mom, we know all about you”, said Mike the younger boy in an equally angry tone.

Something is very wrong, thought Mom. “Did something bad happen at the stadium? And what do you mean, Mike?”

“We have just found out that you have fucked all our friends from the football team!”

“Yes, and our football coaches too”, said Mike. “And some of our friends from school”.

“And that everybody in the neighborhood seems to know that you are a FUCKING WHORE – except us”, said Joe.

Mommy was appalled. “WHAT….what do you mean? Don’t you accuse your own mother in this way!”

“Don’t lie to us, Mom. We have just seen lots of video clips with you. All our friends keep them on their phones and computers to watch. They all share them!” Joe said with a trembling voice.

“Video clips with me? What do you mean, young man!” Mom tried to sound like the authoritative parent, but inside she was terrified.

“You really wanna know? We have seen you sucking cock on Peter, Michael, George and several more”, Joe said indignated.

“Yes, and you have been fucked from behind by coach Hansen!” said Mike.

“And you have been fucked by many more! There seems to HUNDREDS of videos circulating where you fuck, suck and act like a real WHORE!”

“And videos where several boys fuck you! Group sex with our own friends! How could you do it?” Mike started to cry.

Mommy started crying as well. This was a complete disaster. “I…I did not know that they took pictures….” She whimpered.

“BULLSHIT! On most videos where you suck cock, you are looking straight into the camera and SMILING, Mom! You LOVE to be videoed! They all say that! Don’t lie to us! You are a FUCKING WHORE! ” Mike raged.

“It seems that everybody knows that! Except Mike and I. Apparently we are the only men around here who has NOT fucked you!” Joe said indignantly.

Mom was in despair and did not know what to say, except meak apologies. She suddenly felt very exposed, only wearing a bikini in front of these angry young men.


“I….I don’t know…”, she said defiantly, looking shameful.

“You have probably fucked so many you cannot even count them, is that it? YOU DIRTY BITCH!”

“D…don’t talk to me that way. I am your mother!” Mom tried to regain the initiative, but failed miserably.

“We are the only men in the entire neighborhood who has not fucked you, Mom. Not YET,” Mike said with a vengeance.

“Not yet? What….what do you mean, Son?”

“Firstly, you need to be punished for destroying our family reputation by being such a WHORE! And secondly, as we are the only guys around, who has NOT fucked you yet, we WILL FUCK YOU! We also want a piece of your ass, Mom! We are going to FUCK your slutty holes!”

“NOOOO! You cannot do that! Are you crazy? I am your MOM!” She protested in dismay.

Her two sons stepped forward with a determined look in their faces, twisted her arms around her back and forced their almost naked Mommy down on the floor in kneeling position and bent her over. They held her firm, despite her desperate struggling and shouting.


SLAM! Joe smacked her face. “SHUT UP BITCH! NOW YOU BELONG TO US!” SMACK! Another blow landed on her other cheek. Mommy could not believe this! Her own sons were attacking and beating her? Suddenly she noticed the big bulges both her sons had in their football shorts. OH GOD! ARE THEY REALLY GONNA RAPE ME???

They blocked their mother’s screaming by putting a cloth in her mouth and closing it with duct tape. Only unintelligible babble emerged. Mom’s arms were also tied up on her back with duct tape. She got terribly frightened, as she realized that her sons had apparently planned this attack on their mother in details.

Soon after, Mommy found herself lying on her stomack over the knees of her eldest son, who was sitting on a kitchen chair, while the younger son held her long legs firmly locked.

“A whore like you, Mom, deserves to be punished, so now you are going to be spanked!” Joe said and smacked his mother’s butt, leaving a red mark.

“UUUNNNNN! NONNGGGGG!” Mommy wriggled desperately, but could not move away as her sons held her so tight. Joe kept on spanking her in the most painful way, making Mom’s buttocks fiery red. Then Joe stopped.

“You know, Mom, Mike and I have decided to keep you as our personal slave. You have done so much harm to us by being the neighborhood slut, that we want revenge. For the future, we are the only ones who can fuck you, Mom! Is that clear?”

Mommy could not believe what she had just heard! Sex slave for her own sons! She shook her head desperately. Immediately, Joe resumed the spanking.


Suddenly, Mom felt her minute bikini panties being removed so her crotch was revealed. Joe continued spanking her. A hand groped her feminine parts. It had to be Mike. NONONO! THIS IS ALL WRONG, she thought in desperation. She had felt Joe’s erection pressing against her stomach ever since the spanking started. Mike stuck a probing finger inside her pussy.

“NNNNNNGGHHHH,” Mom screamed.

“JOE, MOMMY’S PUSSY IS ALL WET! MOM, YOU ARE SUCH A DIRTY BITCH!” Mike shouted in both anger and excitement. His cock was fully erect.

“So you like being spanked by your own son, you SLUT! Your pussy is probably wet all the time, bitch!” Joe said with disgust. He pushed Mommy down, so she sat kneeling on the floor. Joe forced her face down into his lab with one arm, and took a firm grip of her arms with the other, bending them upwards in a painful position. Mom was completely locked and her sons were about to rape her!

“Mike, you are my little brother and the last to leave this slut’s pussy, so why don’t you fuck her first. I will hold her, while you use her.”

“NNNGGGGNNNGGGHH!” Mommy protested in vain.

Mike dropped his shorts and revealed a big erect cock. Mom felt him grab her hips and something hard touch her labia. She tried to wriggle and flee, but only received some very painful spanking. Then Mommy felt her own son penetrating her motherly orifice, that had given birth to him. NOOOOO! THIS IS SO WRONG!

Mike started fucking his Mom slowly, like he was probing her vagina, and then increasingly violent.

“NNOOOGGGHHGG” Mom protested in vain, while her own son raped the shit out of her. Mike was a big strong guy and well endowed, and he fucked his mother hard, completely ignoring her inarticulate begging and sobbing. So did Joe.


“AARRHH, THIS IS GOOD!”, Mike moaned. “She is so tight and so wet! Mom, you are really a great fuck! I am going to cum in you very soon! You love SPERM, don’t you Mom? Everybody says so.” Mike mocked his mother while he raped her relentlessly.

Joe was getting very excited by now. He held his mother’s head and upper body with her big tits on his lap, and Mike’s aggressive pounding of Mom made her body move back and forth on top of his huge erection. His pants were wet from her tears, which made him even more horny. Joe really enjoyed taking revenge on his slutty mother. And he could not wait to fuck her great body!

Finally, Mike reached climax and ejaculated a huge load of hot sperm into his own mother’s cunt. She sobbed constantly by now and was lying still, apparently with no more energy left for protesting. Mike pulled out of Mommy’s motherly orifice and looked at her battered hole, from where his sperm was seeping out.

“Hey, I want a video of that! Like all the other guys in the neighborhood!” He found his phone and filmed his mother’s feminine parts and her whole body.

“Great shot, Mom! You look so slutty like that! Tied up and all.”

Mommy was heartbroken by her sons’ viciousness and humiliation of her.

“Now it is my turn! Mom, you are in for a really hard fuck!” Joe said and lifted his mother onto the dining table and placed her on her back with her duct taped arms locked under her naked body. He placed her long legs on his shoulders and ripped off Mommy’s bikini bra to let her big 38D tits roam freely. Then he homed in on her already battered pussy and continued the motherly rape.

Mommy was so wet. It was a wonderful feeling to fuck his own mom, and he looked triumphantly down on her gagged face, where tears were flowing, while he pumped Mom’s surprisingly tight cunt very hard. It was a pleasure to see her big tits swing back and forth while he pumped her, and Joe could resist the temptation of slapping then hard. Mommy wailed and sobbed behind the gag.

While being raped for the second time, Mommy shook her head like in denial of what actually took place with an expression of utter terror. She looked desperately into the eyes of her older son, begging him to stop, but Joe only laughed at her despair and grievance. He fucked his mom even harder, wanting revenge for the gross humiliation he and Mike had suffered today, when they found out that their mother had fucked most of their friends.

And what a sweet revenge! This was so good! Joe had only been with a few other girls, but he knew enough about female anatomy to appreciate that Mom had a superb cunt. Tight and wet. He groped her big tits and pinched her nipples viciously, making her squeal, and leaned over so her knees touched her shoulders and their faces almost met.

“Don’t pretend you doesn’t like it, bitch! You are SO WET! You are SUCH A WHORE, Mom!” he said to her gagged face. Mommy only shook her head and continued sobbing.

Meanwhile, Mike was videoing the fornication on his smartphone. He was growing another erection. Watching Joe fuck their mother so violently was extremely arousing. He wanted to fuck Mom again. He got an idea: Perhaps they could sell these video clips? Everybody knew about his mother being such a dirty slut, so why not profit from it? Perhaps they could even sell her as a sex slave?

Joe was on the brink of cummin’ and withdrew from his Mom’s cunt. He dragged her down on the floor on her knees and started masturbating in front of her face.

“I know you are such a SPERM SLUT, Mom, so here is my addition to your collection, you DIRTY BITCH!”

Joe shot his huge load on Mommy’s gagged face and her big tits. Mike filmed it at close range.

“LOOK AT THAT DIRTY BITCH! MOM, WE KNOW YOU LOVE TO GET JIZZ IN YOUR FACE AND ON YOUR TITS. THAT IS WHAT EVERYBODY IS TELLING US!” Joe yelled and smacked her face again on each cheek. Then he pinched his mother’s nipples making her wriggle and squeal in pain.

“Now I want a BLOW JOB, Mom!” Mike was ecstatic. Raping Mom was so great! “We know that you LOVE to suck cock and that you are SO GOOD. I have seen videos where you deep throat a really big dick. I want some that as well. Joe, hold her head so I can remove the tape and FUCK this bitch in her mouth”.

Joe stepped behind his kneeling naked mother, whose arms were still tied behind her back, and held her head firmly.

“Be my guest”, he said to his younger brother who stepped forward so his big erection was right in front of his mother’s face. “Everybody else around here have fucked this slutty mouth. We deserve it as well.” Joe removed the duct tape from her mouth in a fast movement, which was very painful for Tanya. Before he pulled out the cloth in her mouth, he took a firm grip of her brown hair and said with a menacing voice:

“LISTEN UP BITCH! The only reason we have for removing your gag is to FUCK YOUR MOUTH. It is not for allowing you to talk. IS THAT CLEAR?” He smacked her chin while Mike pinched her nipples.

“OWNNWNNNNGGHH” Mommy said in great pain.

“NOD YOUR HEAD to show that you will not utter one single word when this gang is out. DO YOU UNDERSTAND, BITCH? NOT A WORD!”

They slapped and pinched their mother again and she was forced to nod in compliance with their demand. Mike took a firm grip in her hair, pulled out the gag and stuck his big cock into Mommy’s little mouth before she managed to utter a word.

“NNAAAOOOUWWWW!”, she protested only to receive another clip over the ear. Mike grabbed the back of her head and forced his way into his mother’s orifice – all the way down Mommy’s throat. She gagged by the sudden invasion, but Mike force fucked her so hard that she had no time for further protest. Tears were running down Mom’s cheeks, while the big cock of her youngest son raped her mouth relentlessly, and she was coughing from the deep fuck.


Mike knelt down on the floor while keeping his mother’s mouth firmly locked to his cock. Joe knelt behind his Mom, lifted her ass and penetrated her cunt once more. Mommy was now tag teamed by her own two sons! How embarrassing and humiliating! Joe fucked her hard, as if he was in a frenzy, and smacked her butt repeatedly. OWW THAT HURT!

“SUCK THAT COCK, BITCH! DO IT BETTER! USE YOUR LIPS AND TONGUE, YOU DIRTY WHORE!” Mike yelled and smacked her hanging tits brutally. Mom did not think anymore, she had submitted completely to their gruesome dominance. She sucked her younger son the best she could, while her older son raped her pussy like a madman.

“Let’s switch positions. I also want to fuck Mommy’s mouth”, Joe suggested and so they did. During the few seconds her mouth was cock free, Mom could not speak, only cough from the raw rape of her throat. and inhale the air that her son’s cock had blocked for.

Joe’s cock was even bigger than Mike’s and Mommy could not swallow the full length, even though her son viciously tried to force it down her throat. Mom was close to fainting from the throat rape, gasping for air during the split seconds when the cock was withdrawn before moving back into her throat and blocking her airways.

Suddenly, Mommy could taste Joe’s precum and knew that he was about to cum. In a last effort she tried to withdraw her head before his climax but he held her head firm with his strong arms. He moaned loudly and filled his mother’s mouth and throat with hot sticky sperm.Mom coughed and harked so much that most of her son’s jizz was spilled on the floor.

Mike pulled out of Mommy’s pussy and grabbed her head by the hair. He stood in front of her and pushed his cock into her already sperm loaded mouth. She could taste her own pussy on her son’s dick. Her youngest son also wanted to cum in his mother’s mouth.

“Mom, I want you to keep my load in your mouth so I can see it, just like you did on those videos. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” He slapped her face and pinched her nipples. Then he gabbed hear ears and pointed her face upwards so their eyes met, his cock still between her lips. “DO YOU UNDERSTAND? If you don’t then I will RAPE YOUR ASS!”

Mommy looked absolutely terrified. Mike ordered his mom to continue sucking him, which she did obediently and with great skill.


His load filled her mouth, but Mom was very careful not to swallow or to spill anything of it. When he had finished unloading, Mike pulled out of her mouth.

“Now bitch, let us see the cum in your slutty mouth”. Completely humiliated, Mommy opened her lips to show she was indeed full of jizz from her own son. Joe had filmed the whole throat rape and zoomed in on her sperm load.

“OK bitch, now you swallow it all. NOW!” Obediently, Mom did as she was ordered to. Joe pointed at the floor where some of his jizz had ended when he raped her mouth.

“For the future you will never miss a single drop of our sperm when you suck us. Is that understood, BITCH!”

“But…” Mommy started saying but she was brutally interrupted by another slap on her cheeks.

“You only talk when you are ordered to! We now have videos, where you fuck with an underage kid, which is even your own son! Mike is only 17 as you may remember. That means several years in jail for you, Mommy, if we tell the police. Do you want us to report you for incest and sex with minors, Mom?”

Mommy was absolutely heartbroken by this terrible threat coming from her own son. She started sobbing.

“You bitch! Do not think that we will fall for your miserable female tricks. ANSWER ME! DO YOU WANT US TO GO TO THE POLICE?”

Mom shook her head ever so lightly and looked up at her two sons with tears and despair in her eyes.


“N..n..noooo, please”, Mommy said with a weak voice, bowed her sperm smeared face and burst into hysterical crying. This was the most horrible day of her life.


Mommy was in complete desolation. Her life had taken an unbelievable turn. But her boys were so angry at her, they had been SO BRUTAL and she did not want police involvement.

“Yes”, she said feebly.


Big tears started rolling down Mom’s beautiful face again, onto her big tits where they mixed with dried up cakes of her son’s sperm. She could see no way out and nodded meekly.

“SAY THAT WE ARE YOUR MASTERS, SLUT!” Joe raised his hand as if he would beat her once more.

“You…you are my masters”, she sobbed.


“I WILL DO ANYTHING YOU SAY”, Mom shouted in absolute despair.

Joe sat in kitchen chair again and clapped on his lab.

“Get up here, bitch. From now on you will receive a daily spanking from either me or Mike.”

Obediently, Mommy rose from her kneeling position and positioned herself on Joe’s lap.

“Now bitch, your daily ratio are twenty strokes. And you will count each and every one of them. We start now”. SLAM.

OOUUCHH! “One”, Mom counted.

SLAM. “Two”.


After the full spanking her well shaped butt was glowing red again. Mike kneeled behind Mommy, spread her legs and curiously fingered her little brown rose.

“Mom, we have seen many videos where you fuck in many different ways, but there were no anal sex, were there Joe?” Mike smiled viciously to his big brother. He smiled back.

“No, I don’t think so, actually. Mom, are you not into anal sex?” Joe asked. Mommy sniffed and shook her head. She was very fund of all kinds of sex – except anal. Mom certainly did not like her son’s interest for her little twinkie.

“WAUW! That means that you are an anal virgin! None of all the men in the neighborhood has fucked you in the ass. Is that right, Mom?” She nodded her tearful head.

“OK! Then it is only fair that WE fuck you in the ass, as this is the last orifice unspoiled by your slutty behavior! You are going to be our anal sex slave, Mom!” Both boys laughed viciously.

“Oh no, please don’t!” she begged. “It hurts too much. PLEASE don’t!”

Her arms were still tied behind her back with duct tape, and again her own sons stuffed the gag into her mouth and duct taped her lips. OH NO! THEY ARE REALLY GOING TO RAPE MY ASS! Mommy thought in despair. Mockingly, they also put duct tape on her pussy lips, closing her feminine orifice.

Her sons placed their sobbing mother at the end of the dining table, with wide spread legs and tied her ankles to the table legs. They put a rope around her arms, that were tied behind her back,and tied that robe to the table legs at the other end of the furniture. Mommy was now completely tied up and gagged. Only incomprehensible babble and whimper was heard from her mouth.

“Oh Mom, I really look forward to fuck your ass. You have hurt us so much by being a real whore, so now we will hurt you back a bit. That is only fair.” Mike touched Mommy’s asshole, that was pointing right against his massive cock. Both her sons now had full erection, enticed by their mother’s sexy body in bondage, her lovely whimpering and the thought of being the first to penetrate her virginal sphincter.

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So what happens next? What no lesbian ,beastiality,public humiliation?

Agree she should be forced to do family pet in all three holes yes ‘ve perfect revenge video yes,

I think you should not punish her.

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